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  1. One other element that comes into play in lambeau re:crowd noise is temps. I went to one game in lanbeau, it was October and Bout 36 degrees and most people were wearing mittens. Go to SF in december and it’s most likely in the 50s and no one is. Means appause noise is pretty muted in in GB compared to warmer climate and indoor stadiums. Definitely a factor too imo
  2. Extend Mike McCarthy

  3. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    imo Payton should have let Brees get #500 tonight. Now he'll get it off in Baltimore in a away game.
  4. pretty sure we had like 200 yards in the first half
  5. guess I'm watching the eagles now
  6. I blame Fackrell
  7. This is not accountability
  8. may be getting jaw xrays
  9. lets be honest, this might as well be a 14 point game because we'll need 2 TDs. No more FG attempts
  10. i dont care whose fault it is, cut bradley, have JK kick the rest of the night
  11. god I hate not seeing Perry blow up stafford there but I guess that's 2018 NFL