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  1. Preseason Week 2 - GDT vs. Pittsburgh

    Just read the reports that Rodgers will be playing in a blindfold this game? Bad idea. I get it but he needs to be thingking about the team. Too much ego.
  2. Wide Receiver Outlook

    You mean Kum?
  3. http://www.espn.com/blog/green-bay-packers/post/_/id/45370/packers-rookie-cole-madisons-agent-plan-is-still-to-play “The plan is still to play,” Colin Roberts, one of Madison’s agents, told ESPN.com on Monday. “At this point, he’s still dealing with a personal thing like Brian said.” “We don’t expect Cole back anytime soon,” Gutekunst said. “This will take a little time for him to deal with. We’re fully supportive of what’s going on. “He’s dealing with an issue, and when that issue is resolved, then we’ll get back to the football part of it. We’re in constant communication, and in full support of him at this time.” does not seem like he will be returning this season. Personally, I’m continuing under the assumption that he is retired and any return will be a pleasant surprise.
  4. Who do you think allowed this all to occur? You think Reggie’s move to oakland was just allowed to happen? You think any of this could have just happened without some shadowy figure pulling the strings? Ted’s arms have grown long over the years. His arms have grown long.
  5. Monty may have been seen as a potential RB hybrid, but he was still practing w/ the WRs, in the WR meetings, and listed on the depth chart as a WR. IMO if they had truly seen him as a back at that point, they wouldn’t have carried 4 other backs on the roster.
  6. I should mention punt team is completely out of order. The footage I found started after the snap. Gunners should be correct. I know the team has put starters on FG teams in the past
  7. NFL News & Notes

    I mean at this point how can you not root for GB lite?
  8. Here's what I've been able to piece together from highlights of thursday's game: (Positions are approximate except FG and FGD, and numbers are sometimes hard to read so probably not 100% accurate) P: 81/21/51/56/35/43/45/39/59/34/ 6 FGD: 37/27/93/94/90/97/73/51/35/31 42 FG: 84/77/68/64/x/x/70/78/55 6 2 KO: 41/36/45/58/42/6/91/46/59/1/28
  9. Nice to finally have a GM that will bring in a Playmaker
  10. I mean there is a giant sign that says Lambeau Field
  11. Keep in mind that ST value doesn't just mean gunners. They need line bodies for FGs, and FB/LB/TE bodies for KO/KOR and P/PR blocking/coverage. I haven't tracked ST lineups since 2015 but here was an example of what the composition of the units was: KO: Rollins/Clinton-Dix/Ripkowski/Banjo/Ryan/Richardson/Elliott/Goodson/Shields/Janis Crosby KR: Banjo/Ryan/Palmer/Starks/Elliott/Richardson Kuhn R.Rodgers/Tretter/Ripkowski Montgomery Onside Receive: Quarless/Ryan/Tretter/Palmer/Kuhn // Richardson/Ripkowski/Elliott Adams // R.Rodgers Hyde P: Goodson // Richardson/Palmer/Quarless/Goode/R.Rodgers/Elliott/Clinton-Dix // Janis Banjo Masthay FG: Sitton/Bulaga/Barclay/Raji/Goode/Tretter/Lang/Walker/Daniels Masthay Crosby FGD: Shields/Hyde/Elliott/Peppers/Daniels/Raji/Neal/Matthews/Clinton-Dix/Hayward Palmer
  12. Do you sell the Hundley stock while it is high?

    Hundley has put down plenty of good PS tape before, but faied to deliver in the regular season. I don’t see more PS tape really changing any team’s opinion of him
  13. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    Good move at the beginning by 17, but that’s also preseason effort at the end by 21
  14. Do you sell the Hundley stock while it is high?

    Recently saw some reports that prior to last season, one scout had Hundley’s trade value at arout a 4th round pick. He said it is now nothing.
  15. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    If we’re voting, I prefer post-game threads. Much better for peeople who weren’t online during the game or missed it and are looking for a recap