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  1. worst part is that if we win the SB we're going to have to have a pandemic every year just out of superstition
  2. in a more beautiful and just world that would have been Looney
  3. Crosby showing Scott how a real specialist gets work done on return coverage failure Can we stop doing this please?
  4. now MVS is holding onto too much. Dial the hands back
  5. I have a feeling he'll always be that kind of player. Giving explosive results but also leaving a frustrating amount on the field.
  6. How is that the pass that MVS manages to hold onto?
  7. embarrassing TD there if you're the lions.
  8. Hate clicks. It's how a lot of people in the media industry keep a job.
  9. if we win, this is a first ballot HOF GDT
  10. JK scott is grounded. Not allowed to hang out with the other local teens outside the 7-11 tonight
  11. imo they're the balding dude who shapeshifts into someone else's mommy figure to provide lactation fetish spankbank material No I'm not going to explain
  12. kicker can't be the first to touch the ball. Why are they trying to block the kicker?
  13. Tell me more about this very productive backup defensive tackle
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