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  1. labor shortage strikes again wow thanks guberment
  2. steelers showing that they deserve their 1-win status
  3. tbh big ben has looked like a chunky uncle his entire career
  4. no one should ever be calling the belt a "Discount Doublecheck" unless they are receiving a paycheck from State Farm (And I'd prefer if they didn't either)
  5. is it part of his contract that all his commercials have to be awful?
  6. undefeated regular season. Three straight playoff losses, culminating in a loss in the superbowl.
  7. I have payed zero attention to anything football related since the draft. Someone summarize the entire summer in one post pls
  8. lol NFL.com (and many others) are worthless for grades because they feel the need to make everyone happy. The lowest grade they gave for a team overall is a C and I counted a single one. Great to hear that every single team was above average at worst
  9. This pick will bolster our already-excellent ST units
  10. worst part is that if we win the SB we're going to have to have a pandemic every year just out of superstition
  11. in a more beautiful and just world that would have been Looney
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