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  1. 17 hours ago, gopackgo972 said:

    lol NFL.com (and many others) are worthless for grades because they feel the need to make everyone happy. The lowest grade they gave for a team overall is a C and I counted a single one. Great to hear that every single team was above average at worst

  2. On 11/9/2020 at 3:56 AM, AlexGreen#20 said:

    Nah, if the Packers are anybody from the Boys, they're Maeve. Super powerful, but just not quite powerful enough to overcome Homelander (the roving band of pain in the *** NFC one shots that keep popping up). While also being older, disillusioned, and prone to sitting on their hands lol.

    imo they're the balding dude who shapeshifts into someone else's mommy figure to provide lactation fetish spankbank material

    No I'm not going to explain

  3. 1 hour ago, Leader said:

    Ryan Wood -   Aaron Jones said he was confident he could play through calf strain in Houston, but Packers aren’t expected to push him. The plan is for Jones to not play v Texans, per sources. Jamaal Williams and AJ Dillon will have increased roles, and Dexter Williams was called up for depth.

    fully expecting Dillon to get two carries tomorrow (one called back due to penalty)

  4. 2 minutes ago, deltarich87 said:

    Bucs were better and earned the win but I still don't get the same vibes this game that I did when GB played the Niners. Final result looks similar but I'd expect a closer matchup if GB faced the Bucs again. Of course, the problem today was that the question marks this team had after the NFCCG were all on display again vs a quality opponent, and that's what gives you pause in thinking they can make a legit postseason run all the way to reaching the SB


    yeah GB showed for a quarter that they were capable of controlling the game, and then tailspun. 49ers game last year they looked inept start to finish.

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