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  1. Gonna do a deep dive this year into whose dad married each poster's wife
  2. Around here, it's a really spotty thing. Some neighborhoods everyone is wearing a mask and stores won't let you inside without one. Other neighborhoods and out in the country I get weird looks (not like dogging you looks, but more of surprise or quizzical looks) coming into a store with a mask. Both my county and the next county over have directives that masks should be worn in public There's a really interesting (to me) history behind this idea. On one level, it's kind of the basic idea behind all protest. On another there's a kind of very specific implementation that can be tr
  3. Now to be fair, I think most lawyers practice significantly less than 2/3 of the law and if your divorce attorney claims to also be a constitutional lawyer, you should probably get a new one.
  4. I think the important takeaway is that QB is the only position that adds wins (without regard for the situation). A good QB can drag a bad team to an 8-10 win season. Even a DPOY-level pass rusher can't do that. In the right situation, other players can provide great value by plugging roster holes, etc. They just don't have the influence to add wins by themselves. If you have a good overall team on cheap contracts, adding some star power can do great things. But if you have roster holes, blowing a bunch of resources on one guy is still going to leave you a team full of holes.
  5. By launching mice at a force meter and measuring acceleration?
  6. Says he doinked a bears field goal. I’m onboard.
  7. Anyone have experience with plumbing? I have an in-line valve in galvanized threaded pipe that broke and will need replacing. Never done this kind of stuff before, but seems to me that since there's thread's on both sides, it's more complicated than just buying a replacement valve and threading it in. valve is of this kind: This is at a place up n the mountains, so I won't be able to get a good look at it until I'm already up there. I'm just going off memory since the last time I saw it was when I discovered it was broken in November (water has been shut off over the winter up
  8. it was 93 here today. I was sweating before I even left for work. It's goddamn hellish. And it'll be 15 degrees hotter this summer.
  9. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/great-depression-had-little-effect-on-death-rates-46713514/ I'm not so sure that economic depression will actually translate into the mortality people are talking about in this regard. I'm also not sure that a running economy will do much better than a stagnant one in the face of thousands of deaths weekly. The goal would be waves of shorter, smaller-scope measures, in order to avoid the widespread lockdowns we have now. But I doubt we'll be getting through the fall without some kind of social distancing measures in place. Yep. If you
  10. We won't have a vaccine for another 12-18 months and progress on treatment has been slow. At present, the only strategy we have is to do widespread testing and contact tracing hope that they can catch a flare-up and do small-scale lockdowns before it becomes big enough to put whole regions/countries under again. Antibody studies so far suggest that the number of cases is way higher than we thought, but they tend to point toward something in the single digit range, like 4%. Maybe higher in NYC. Definitely not 40%. And most experts are being very cautious about how to interpret th
  11. The earth's not flat or else it couldn't be hollow
  12. this draft is Gute threatening to turn the car around and drive home on Rodgers in the back seat imo
  13. I've been self-medicating on cinny toast throughout the draft tbh
  14. seems like no one is quite sure if Kim Jong Un is actually alive right now. Wild times.
  15. I was gonna say, this dude is a ghost. deep cover.
  16. they cannot possibly be showing kicker highlights right now
  17. Goodell thinks that if he puts enough footballs in the frame, people will think he likes football
  18. "See, I've never killed anyone... Technically one guy"
  19. toss those RAS charts out the window, boys. AthletesFirst roster is your new GB draft compass
  20. Gute masterfully continuing to disguise who the packers really want so they won't get scooped up
  21. the good news is that everyone who was loudly complaining about Martinez racking up unearned clean-up tackles will be thrilled to see Martin fail to rack up unearned clean-up tackles.
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