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  1. How far does he get dragged on a typical play?
  2. Got to say–wisdom or not aside, this is probably the least exciting pick we could take. Unless we're trading AR before the season* *we aren't
  3. Can't be worse than the tattoo I already gave myself with a sewing needle I'm doing fine, why do you ask
  4. really thinking about cutting my own hair tonight. Gonna be a disaster
  5. Hello everyone can you hear me? I can hear you. Hold on, my microphone’s muted. How about now? Great. With the 30th pick in the 2020 Draft, the Gre——- y P———- ck To— -—-my ——-—-——, Uni——ty of ———
  6. 6/10. Won't say I'll never do it again, but probably not any time soon. Felt weirdly intimate imo.
  7. Gonna try 3 tomorrow morning. Will report back in.
  8. ahh, I see the bears have hired FF posters as cap consultants
  9. Saw some news going around regarding Joe Buck. They could do better.
  10. I'd caution that this doesn't necessarily mean that individual players are performing better after year 5. This could just as well be a case of survivorship bias. Legitimately good running backs are continuing their performance, while some of those who rode for 4 years behind a good line then got scooped up on a trial basis in FA aren't getting the start their second year into that contract. Or at least that's one possible version of the story.
  11. I want pig cheese so bad. I would do anything for pig cheese
  12. SSRIs can be a bit annoying but aren't terrible to be on for anxiety. Especially right now when I feel like the lockdown situation makes a lot of the side effects somewhat less impactful on daily life. For me, they made me drowsy but didn't necessarily help me sleep. This isn't medical advice but when I'm really struggling to sleep I'll just take a benadryl or two. I try never to do it too often or make a habit of it, but sometimes I just know that if I don't, I'm not going to sleep that night.
  13. I got bad news for you about 1, man
  14. I second this, especially the project part. I have pretty bad anxiety and have been on and off medication for it. I’ve just been using this as an opportunity to start/finish projects I’ve been meaning to do or have had half-finished for a while now. Pulled a bunch of cable through the walls for future tech upgrades at home. Built a drawer system/ sleeping platform for camping in my car. Working on finishing the workbench I started building in the garage like a year ago. Been learning guitar. Going on a bodyweight workout and run every night. Just try to keep your body and mind running on somet
  15. In my defense, I've been an idiot for a long time
  16. While we’re remembering Gmo’s exploits, lets all go ahead and pour one out for his old tweets, none of which can be posted here due to forum rules and common human decency
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