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  1. It's spread by droplet action, meaning you can contract it by being coughed or sneezed on (doesn't have to be directly, just means that particulates expelled during the cough or sneeze have to come into contact with your mucous membranes). The most common way that diseases are spread via droplet transmission isn't direct contact with droplets, though, it's contact with objects or surfaces that those droplets have landed on. The virus can survive several hours on surfaces. But droplet transmission does mean that it doesn't spread long distances in the air. It settles in the immediate vicinity (
  2. Can I get a list of credible news sources please?
  3. I love this idea because we know Blake’s avg tackle depth is like 4.8 yards so apparently on a typical play he’s meeting the ballcarrier like 1-5 yards in the backfield and just getting taken for a ride
  4. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2880648-report-nfl-considering-delaying-2020-free-agency-until-after-cba-vote
  5. That’s why he created coronavirus imo
  6. People are currently running around my work in masks and disposable lab coats so until further notice, I am remaining in my locked office. If anyone has a tech issue they can fix it themselves.
  7. What are you talking about? $5611 is easily enough to buy a clean-title mid-2000s Honda civic
  8. I’m in the boat where I’m not actively looking for a QB but I’m taking one if presented. Rodgers becomes cuttable after 2021 if you have a guy on a rookie contract to take up the reins.
  9. Jimmy Graham is TE2 caliber. Vet min guys are TE4 caliber.
  10. Yep. He was the #16 TE in the league in yards. That’s not vet min territory. Vet min For TEs puts you in the tier mostly filled with guys who are getting 2-digit yardage totals.
  11. my point is that in her role as Judge Judy, she’s not a real judge. The litigants have signed arbitration contracts and she is just an arbitrator who has been dressed up in a robe and works in a studio made to look like a court room. She hasn’t worked as a real judge since 1996 and even then the gulf between the kinds of cases she presided over and the ones a supreme court deals with are massive. It’d be like hiring a lube tech from Jiffy Lube as head of the DOT. She’s so misqualified for the job that age doesn’t even enter the conversation as an issue for me.
  12. If you’re willing to nominate a small claims arbitrator whose last experience at the real bench was as a family court judge in 1996, I’m not sure age really matters.
  13. I’d say there is no way this is possibly true but I’ve learned better than that
  14. If you’re in a place that hasn’t been hit with COVID19 yet and you need hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes, now would be the time to get it. We had our first case reported last week and by Friday every target or walmart that I tried in the city was completely sold out. If you can’t find any, try gas stations or convenience stores. As far as food and other supplies, you could tell shelves were a little barer than usual but they still had plenty of stock available.
  15. A bold stance towards doing sharks tbh
  16. Create a prospective poll to weigh opinions on the creation of a Hooper poll?
  17. I’ve got a shipping container and like 12 lbs of nutmeg lets get lit
  18. I always thought average was like 5-1/2
  19. San Franciscans don’t have a toilet for that
  20. Seems like most people were mocking him returning around $3M per and he got $4M per. The extra 1M isn't going to cripple anything.
  21. See I’m imagining a situation where they were trying to Weekend at Bernie’s a scarecrow filled with the good stuff around
  22. prime opportunity for a vet min prove it deal imo. Worth a tire kick
  23. I’ll say a good strip sack edges out a pick for me. Also maybe a safety. I love the novelty of a safety. Also I might just be a weirdo but I’m always rooting for a tie whenever other teams go into overtime unless I hate one of them. just because it’s rare and weird
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