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  1. kicker can't be the first to touch the ball. Why are they trying to block the kicker?
  2. Tell me more about this very productive backup defensive tackle
  3. I know one thing about this packers defense, and it's that if you want to score on them, you have to earn it.
  4. fully expecting Dillon to get two carries tomorrow (one called back due to penalty)
  5. what if we just keep cycling through new DCs to ride those bumps into the superbowl
  6. yeah GB showed for a quarter that they were capable of controlling the game, and then tailspun. 49ers game last year they looked inept start to finish.
  7. I know with perfect clarity that we will lose the NFC Championship by 4 scores
  8. maybe it would slow down the pass rush if they didn't line up already knowing down to the second when the ball would be snapped
  9. but then you feel the comfortable grounding affect of watching two DBs bounce off a WR on his way to a first down on a bubble screen
  10. was Rodgers touched before the end zone? I think knee down is a moot point
  11. how do you not know what that TD dance is? get better announcers tbh
  12. of course they are going to wipe out the play when Dillon gets the ball
  13. ARTICLE 5. FREE KICK CROSSES GOAL LINE. It is a touchback, if a free kick: (b) goes out of bounds behind the receiving team’s goal line;
  14. Tampa’s going to be up near 90 this weekend. Could see another one of those games where GB’s just cramping up the whole time.
  15. "It's time to move on from this coach" is a weird thing to get out of a 15-1 season and one of the best offenses in league history, even in retrospect.
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