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  1. but then you feel the comfortable grounding affect of watching two DBs bounce off a WR on his way to a first down on a bubble screen
  2. was Rodgers touched before the end zone? I think knee down is a moot point
  3. how do you not know what that TD dance is? get better announcers tbh
  4. of course they are going to wipe out the play when Dillon gets the ball
  5. ARTICLE 5. FREE KICK CROSSES GOAL LINE. It is a touchback, if a free kick: (b) goes out of bounds behind the receiving team’s goal line;
  6. Tampa’s going to be up near 90 this weekend. Could see another one of those games where GB’s just cramping up the whole time.
  7. "It's time to move on from this coach" is a weird thing to get out of a 15-1 season and one of the best offenses in league history, even in retrospect.
  8. He's washed. He had a good run but he just failed to adapt and now the playbook has gone stale.
  9. if you would like some more I can share a really interesting one about a middle aged woman's opinion on homelessness in my city
  10. it'll be even worse by the superbowl. Defense is going to have to really tighten up
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