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  1. anyone know how often coaches need a full 3 challenges in a game? I'm wondering if it's really a worthwhile move to use a challenge to turn a 1st quarter 2nd and 16 to 2nd and 10
  2. how can we be so bad at getting to the snap when there's no crowd
  3. Credit where credit is due: Detroit knows how to party https://mobile.twitter.com/kimrussell7/status/1306602573034594306
  4. At this point it might be more worthwhile for him to brush up on his salesmanship and the trim-level differences in new Volvos
  5. someone mentioned it live in the game thread, but his plant to freeze the linebacker is really expert there.
  6. barring a disaster, looks like ARI just beat SF. Love it.
  7. Starting with the last play of the third quarter, MIN had 3 more drives the rest of the game. All three were touchdowns and they clocked in at 1:16, 1:58, and 2:07. Each had a successful 2 point conversion. We managed to bleed MN for 1 timeout during that span. If we're going to play prevent, it would be nice if it actually prevented.
  8. Love proving to be best pick of the draft if it got Rodgers playing like this
  9. Packers could have broken 50 by now if they got their red zone offense figured out early.
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