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  1. wait did the graphic credit a "scott" with the FG? did I miss something?
  2. not counting the jet sweep to lazard, I counted one attempt to a WR on that drive
  3. You can always tell which crisis humanity in your area is facing by the displays at the front of your local Home Depot. A few weeks ago I went and it was all generators. Now it's all fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. In years prior it would be N95 masks and half-face respirators but those no longer exist.
  4. at current prices, 60" is about where my sweet spot lands. Maybe up to like 72" if I was moving into a new place and not tied down to my current furniture/room arrangement. Past that, it's not worth it to me for the extra $$ and just dealing with the space it takes up, etc. As far as other selling points, I'm not sure 8k will ever been one for me. $k is an improvement over HD, but from the couch, it's a small one. HDR interests me but I'd want to see it in real viewing conditions before shelling out much for it. My current TV sucks at reproducing darks though. It just crushes the whole
  5. Seemed to me like he actually peaked earlier than that. He was the kind of player who will make a few splash plays to keep his name in consideration, but he just hasn’t had the consistency of play that you really need at the safety position. I think once he got the feeling that his stock was falling he kind of mentally checked out and just wasn’t committed enough to the game after that.
  6. Please please keep this thread open
  7. every now and then I'll go back and listen to Mastodon's old stuff. Blood and Thunder is still a classic. After that my tastes started shifting to being a little less proggy
  8. Frightened Rabbit is really good. Pretty sad what happened there.
  9. Yeah if I had to guess I’d say like 6. But that’s part of why I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m not getting invested in a season only for it to end abruptly in October. I’ll take it as it comes
  10. I am steadfastly refusing to get my hopes up about anything this season. Let me know if it looks like they’re going to trot onto the field come opening day
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