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  1. You’re the sucker now. I just got $1,000,000 worth of consulting for nothing I’m going to take the million I just saved and invest it into a minor league football franchise
  2. Establish herd immunity before the season
  3. or they were in close contact with someone who did
  4. Neither King nor Burks is extremely inconsistent. King is good. Burks is bad.
  5. Tbh I do like this a lot better than getting 6 games out of him before the season gets scrapped in mid-october and then we’re back where we started
  6. I almost wanted to see the chaos that would fall out from a salary cap of like $125M with teams basically reconstructing vet rosters from the ground up. We'd probably be on the butt side of it though.
  7. Yeah the three vaccine candidates that are furthest along are all entering phase 3 trials late this month. Most experts agree it’s pretty unlikely they will be ready for distribution by November, let alone September. We’re still looking at early 2021 as a reasonably optimistic goal for shipping vaccines and spring/ summer 2021 for widespread availability.
  8. Agree with most of this. TNG has almost no narrative over a season. Kind of like comfort food of sci-fi. DS9 is more serialized and I think as a result has a little more character development but it was really at the beginning of the era of serialized television and if that overarching narrative is what you’re looking for, it’s not going to be the greatest example. I’ve started BSG two or three times and just never gotten to the end. I feel like it lures you in with the prospect of exploring survival and rebuilding a society from the ground up and then ends up turning into something
  9. O/U 10 dollars and 36 cents left in the rainy day fund after this financial year
  10. alternatively this is the page where we argue whether 666 really is the number of the beast
  11. I think it could plausibly be interpreted as threatening (and if someone showed up in my yard I'd probably feel threatened) but the standard of evidence requires that it cannot be reasonably interpreted otherwise. Since there's plenty of history of peaceful demonstration at public figures' homes (Alex Jones and Micheal Moore did it fairly often early in their careers and when I was in college, protesters demonstrated in the chancellor's front yard a few times a year). I think it's hard to make the claim that it is a threat beyond reasonable doubt when there's an established pattern that it eas
  12. They’ll have to convince a jury that the protest actually constituted a threat and not just a group of people advocating a position. I feel like that would be difficult to do beyond a reasonable doubt
  13. Have a hard time seeing this affecting his playing time at all. Good luck finding a jury willing to hand out felonies for lawn-sitting and with the league in the position that it is, there’s no way they suspend someone for participating in a protest like that. My Completely ignorant prediction is he ends up with a misdemeanor trespassing and maybe a league fine if they do punish him.
  14. If the season does get cancelled entirely I vote we find old games from the 2010 season on youtube, sync up the start time and still have GDTs at an agreed upon time
  15. You ever see the test videos of that Canadian dude who tried to build a bear-proof suit?
  16. Four different carvings of Jeff Janis imo
  17. To be fair while this sucks, we’ve had plenty of JBS guys in high office before so I feel like it’s also kind of always been like this. Though in this particular case the worrying thing is people close enough to the subject that they really ought to have first-hand experience contradicting all the Q nonsense yet they still seem to believe it
  18. Jeepers H. Creepers that point differential is brutal. Feels good to be the big brother
  19. probably a moot point because everyone will be watching from their living rooms anyway
  20. this would be so brutal for fans of teams that lose week 1
  21. I’m just proceeding under the assumption that we will go back to lockdown conditions like we saw in April sometime before the beginning of October. Also that they will not be nearly so effective the second time around. Also that we’ll be in this state of fluctuating restrictions for the next 6-8 months at least.
  22. please don't take away my cheese card, but Swiss does next to nothing for me. I thought for a while it was just because I had only ever had prepackaged sliced versions but I went to the nice grocery store and grabbed an off-cut of a $17/lb wheel of emmentaler and I still have a hard time imagining I'd ever feel the urge to eat it. Like it's not unpalatable, it just tastes kind of like nothing, but weird. I'll enjoy just about any other cheese I've tried. I just don't get why this is such a popular cheese? I usually like Gruyere quite a bit.
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