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  1. Still blaming Rodger Goodell's presence for all the injuries
  2. Callahan imo. I think we roll with Hundley starting unless he really disappoints over the next 4 weeks or so. If he goes down, it's hopeless. Tank and go in for the pick.
  3. Hundo needs to deliver 5 wins to keep us viable for a wildcard. I think that's feasible as long as the rest of the team doesn't give up. They've tended to do that when Rodgers isn't on the field/playing well.
  4. Honestly, I'd like to see a bit more of Davis and Janis in now.
  5. 2013 all over again Hundo time, we've been saying he's starting quality for a while, time to put it to the test
  6. Rodgers' 2013 injury was to the left clavicle. This is a right shoulder injury
  7. Thought it would be useful to have a consolidated place for Rodgers injury discussion instead of having to fish it out of the GDT. updates: 10/16/17: ----------------------------------------------------------- If you post any important news in this thread, tag me so I can add it to this post for easy digestibility.
  8. if we have a preseason QB in, go all out and throw in 83
  9. Yep. Really doesn't feel like a tie game right now. Hopefully this gives Hundo some confidence
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