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  1. I'm blaming Rodgers' injury on Goodell's presence
  2. falling on an outstretched arm like that is a great way to break a wrist or separate a shoulder
  3. I'm speaking about the rest of the rule. "Use his hands or arms to materially restrict an opponent or alter the defender’s path or angle of pursuit." Care to show me any down of football that does not include a player using his hands to alter the defender's path? Clearly something other the plain text of the rulebook has to be used to adjudicate.
  4. This. I watched the first half or so of the video and I was taught in 2005 as a high school LB (not exactly a state of the art program) that that wasn't holding so it's not like it's a new thing that refs aren't calling this holding. The problem here is that the rulebook is incredibly vague on this point. Watch any play and then go to the rulebook and look at the rule; knowing the wording of it won't do a thing to help you decide if an act that you just watched is holding. The other problem is that while we'd like to think that it should be, the rule book is not really the exclu
  5. I really hate Amazon's new crowdsourced approach to delivery. UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. have keys to the gate to my building but since Amazon is employing a bunch of randos, they have no way to get in and so the packages don't get delivered. As far as I'm aware, there's no way to request a delivery by conventional carrier. Guess I'll just have to start getting it delivered yo a locker.
  6. Great article. Thanks and completely agreed.
  7. win probability chart for the game. That's 98.2% for Dallas with 1:18 left
  8. Not buying this approach. Dallas got so few drives because of the offense they ran. They don't get to be awarded points for successfully running a TOP control offense against us and then get awarded again because they didn't have as many drives as other teams get. I'm not going to argue with anyone who wasn't satisfied with the defensive performance because I wasn't either, but this approach doesn't do it for me. If they had played a game to get more drives in, there would have been added incompletions, sack opportunities, etc. that all allow for changes of posession. You get the time you're a
  9. The relevant rule is Rule 8, section 7. It does make a distinction between a backwards pass (including one that hits the ground) and a fumble, though it does not specifically mention backward passes in the article on fumbles inside the 2 minute warning. I feel like I've seen lateral plays at the end of the game stay live after the ball hits the ground, but the rulebook also considers a snap a backwards pass, and I feel like I've seen botched snaps inside of 2 minutes called dead when recovered by someone other than the QB. Depending on who is considered to be the one who fumbled, the player on
  10. you don't really want to know the answer to this
  11. I responded to the 4th and 1 thing in the NFL Gen thread, I'll quote it here:
  12. I think regardless of how it's written, in practice the forward progress rule is is that you get the furthest forward spot that you have while in contact with an opponent. The language of the rulebook specifically talks about being held or restrained, but there's lots of circumstances where that wording doesn't really apply that are still treated as forward progress (being hit by a shoulder tackle that knocks you backward but doesn't hold or restrain you still entitles you to forward progress, for example, even if it just causes you to run out of bounds on your own volition, while moving backw
  13. I get the concern for montgomery and empathize with it, but if the doctors clear him to play, I trust them on this. If they have a reputation for anything it's being conservative
  14. Seems like the best possible outcome given what we saw. Very good news.
  15. Trevathan reportedly said he didn't think he hit Adams in the helmet.
  16. Rodgers and evans both said the hit was dirty but what really set them off was the Bears celebrating it
  17. MM didn't say much about the Randall issue. Said it was an internal matter and that they are working through it. Diarrhea then.
  18. There was a picture of him alone on the bench with House before he left. Not quite sure what to take from it, though.
  19. I actually was kind of expecting a blowout but I didn't say anything beforehand so I relinquish any bragging rights. Thursday games have a tendency to turn into blowouts and it wasn't going to be us getting blown out by CHI.
  20. Jones is a much better fit for our ragtag OL than Williams was. I still have hope for what Williams could do with a more complete OL, but he wasn't doing anything with what he was given.
  21. Obviously, the biggest thing is Adam's injury here. Wishing him the best on his recovery. Discuss
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