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  1. to be fair, at least it's better than seahawks fans who can't name a player who left the team before 2012
  2. Does anyone remember the thread last year about some conspiracy where GB and DET would hypothetically take knees all game long to play for the tie and keep Washington out of the playoffs?
  3. Twitter is saying D. Randall was benched and is not on the field or the sideline right now. What's the deal with not even being on the sideline?
  4. really wish Lang was still on this team to put 59 into the ground.
  5. That Adams hit is so hard to watch, and Nelson's reaction is really rough. He was calling for a medic immediately and he clearly wasn't feeling great after the TD. Really hoping the best for Adams. Just brutal.
  6. Lololol at the man changing out of his bears jersey
  7. Have to think any break from this disaster of a game helps the bears. This has been truly awful for them so far
  8. Getting audio on amazon now but it's dropping out. Reddit here I come
  9. anyone not getting sound trying to watch on amazon? My dad and I are not getting sound and he lives in a different city. I've tried multiple devices and I'm not getting sound
  10. yeah, I started following football in 2003 and CHI has sucked pretty solid since then. I'd much rather see them succeed than MIN or DET
  11. Put him in one of these bad boys: (quite apt, given the opponents)
  12. first guess would be make sure the url ends with .gif. Lots of sites give you the link as .gify these days and it doesn't always play well with embedding. Usually it's easy enough to just delete the "y" off the end and it will play fine, depending on the host.
  13. They certainly did in high school. My brother had to get his wrist re-taped because they didn't like the tape the trainer had used. I was unlucky enough to have a ref question whether I was wearing a tailbone pad, so he called all the other refs over to prod the area until they were satisfied that I was wearing one (they never actually asked me if I was or not)
  14. My thinking is that your outside hand is most important when playing OLB, so a cast on the inside hand would be preferable.
  15. yeah but it's not like he did a decent job but they did a better one. He came flying in, didn't break down or keep vision on the hips, just stuck out his arms as he flew by. It's high school level stuff that he's missing on there.
  16. Wish we had a QB with good ball placement on the run
  17. OverallI liked Romo quite a bit. Some of his trying to predict the play at the line came off a bit self-serving but I get that someone like him has probably had that drilled into themfor 20 years at this point. His on-air presence could be a bit more refined (and will probably get there with practice, but he's clearly very knowledgeable.
  18. I think people get a little too caught up with the gameday stuff when judging coaching. I see McCarthy as a gret-excellent coach tues through sat and an average-above average coach on sundays. It would be cool if we could bring in an OC who is really great at the gameday stuff to compliment him but I don't think it would really make a whole lot of difference the way the coaching heirarchy works in practice in GB
  19. Currently predicting that the seahawks don't make the playoffs this year. They still have a nasty defense but that offense is downright bad. 0 tds in their first 6 quarters of the year and averaging less than 3 points per quarter. Also, quite the fall from grace for lacy from his 2013/2014 form. I like the guy but it just seems football isn't his thing anymore
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