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  1. Welcome to the 53 man roster, Trevor Davis
  2. Gb defense really living in their backfield. Need to clean up the tackling still
  3. Not hating this defense. Neet to finish the tackles though.
  4. Didn't watch live, but Lowry seems to have been impressive. All the cutups I've seen make it look like the offense could really come out on fire. Defense... we'll have to wait and see. I think with a little more time together they can shape up and this can be a 12-4 team by the end of the season. If the offense gets the right amount of reps in preseason and comes out ready to go, I'm not too worried.
  5. Agreed. WRs struggled to get open, but Rodgers struggled to hit them when they did get open and OL struggled to give enough time. RBs struggled to hit what holes were available. I think Nelson's absence has become a convenient scapegoat for a full systemic failure of the offense that year.
  6. I wish it wasn't a bold prediction that Matthews would end up with 10+ sacks lol
  7. wait where is this coming from? Davis has 3 catches to his name
  8. we can embed tables into posts now? I'm genuinely excited about this
  9. Your life Username: Cakeshoppe Age: 26 State you were born in: California State you live in now: California Something unique about you: my family possesses what we believe to be the last remaining piece of president FDR's 52nd birthday cake Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: about age 13 (2003) What made you become a fan: My brother started playing for the high school team and my 4th grade teacher had given me a GB hat after he took a trip to WI so when it came to pick a team I went with that Favorite current Packers: Ty Montgomery All-tim
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