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  1. please don't take away my cheese card, but Swiss does next to nothing for me. I thought for a while it was just because I had only ever had prepackaged sliced versions but I went to the nice grocery store and grabbed an off-cut of a $17/lb wheel of emmentaler and I still have a hard time imagining I'd ever feel the urge to eat it. Like it's not unpalatable, it just tastes kind of like nothing, but weird. I'll enjoy just about any other cheese I've tried. I just don't get why this is such a popular cheese? I usually like Gruyere quite a bit.
  2. in There Will Be Blood, are we supposed to hate Eli Sunday/the preacher kid? because I do and I'm not entirely sure why.
  3. Pickleball is possibly the worst sport ever invented. "Hey what's the one thing you hate the most about ping pong? Getting to hit the ball once and then having to go pick it up off the the ground again? what if there was a sport was like that except you have to trudge across the entirety of a high school gym on the way?" This is why badminton is king amongst racquet sports. No matter how hard you hit it, no one ever has to walk more than three steps to pick it up.
  4. Lol different worlds here. I’m lucky to get down to 79 with both AC units on full on hot days. The summer I moved in I’d have triple digit temps inside with the AC running. That was before the old unit got replaced and I added a second portable one.
  5. Really got to limit the screen time with the young ones these days. An hour a day max then throw em out back of Nitschke complex to play with sticks and make a tire swing.
  6. If you want to know what kind of bear it is, climb a tree. If it's a black bear it will climb up after you. If it's a brown bear, it will knock it down. Black bears can have a pretty wid range of colors. like you said, black, brown, and also reddish cinnamon, white (kermode or spirit bear), and there's a very rarely seen silver-blue population known as glacier bears that live in the fjords of the Alaskan panhandle and BC. Brown bears can be black but it's pretty rare. Typically brown with lighter tips on the back that give it the characteristic "grizzled" look (which may or ma
  7. 1. Wolverine 2. Mountain Lion 3. Narwhal 4. Fisher 5. Canada Lynx
  8. makes sense to me. just wait until the topic of Rodgers' collarbone structural integrity comes up and you'll see how many medical experts we have in here.
  9. I do wildlife photography and spend a lot of time around wild animals. Bears, wolves, venomous snakes. I'm always respectful of their wildness and give them space but the only ones that have ever really made me nervous are Bison. Everything else wants to steer clear and give humans a wide berth. Bison don't care one bit and will just go wherever they please, knowing they could smoke you in a second if you act up. Bull Elephant Seals are probably second in that category that I've experienced. I have watched a few people walk right up to a black bear or bull rocky mountain elk to take cell
  10. have to wonder why the deal fell through and my first guess would be medicals
  11. What's the difference between being eaten, devoured, brutally devoured, and eaten alive?
  12. White shark is more dangerous than an orca by temperament, but if an orca wanted to do you in, it's a far more dangerous threat. Bigger, stronger, faster and far smarter than a white shark, plus they hunt in packs. https://www.businessinsider.com/great-white-sharks-afraid-of-orca-whales-2019-4?op=1
  13. it haunts me to see the Green Bay Packers listed with the same SB odds as the Buffalo Bills
  14. we already have one and it can be found here nailed it
  15. Under current rules someone else has to touch the ball before kicker can
  16. Jk on the other hand is guaranteed to get caught up trying to pass a fake ID at a liquor store one of these days
  17. What is a play that constitutes zero EPA because WAS should probably try it
  18. reminds me I have to renew my registration.
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