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  1. I have so many "What are you talking about?" moments on this site when people refer to Adams without a first name and I forget that the lesser one exists
  2. you can get your jerseys now for 30% off. I'll be waiting til the last second to sn*tch up a Women's size XXXXL Lenzy Pipkins jersey at a clean 90% off. That's how you grab a deal folks. edit: swear filter is dumb
  3. ehhh, 31 might technically be above average in the mathematical sense, but not in the way people here really use it. "Average" probably refers to guys in the 24-40 range or so. if the 51st percentile is "above average", then you really can't refer to anyone as being average.
  4. interview rules changing. looks like teams can no longer block coordinator-level interviews for assistant coaches.
  5. This is the QB for the Lions we’re talking about here.
  6. I watched Prometheus having seen none of the other Alien films and in that context, it was profoundly confusing.
  7. I will say this on the side of loosening restrictions: in any health intervention, you have to account for fidelity. The ideal situation (purely from a transmission standpoint) would probably have been to say way back at the beginning, “everyone has one week to prepare, then go inside for three weeks and only leave if you work in a hospital or need urgent medical care”. Obviously that’s not actionable for too many reasons to count. But in liue of something like that, it’s better to have looser restrictions that are actually followed than stricter restrictions that are not followed. You could s
  8. Is there anyone actually in the shutdown-until-vaccine camp? I’m not, no one I’ve ever talked to is, and public health officials certainly aren’t. The viewpoint that I think is far more common is to have stricter rules in place until the virus stabilizes or reaches a decline and to have less stringent measures, with the possibility of local tightening to prevent outbreaks from getting out of control. California seems to be everyone’s model of a strict lockdown state and right now we are transitioning into limited retail and dine-in eating on a county-by-county basis.
  9. As much as I’d like to in a different venue, let’s actually not talk about that person in this one.
  10. the trouble with rural areas is that they are lower risk of infection, but much higher risk of dire situation if infection does hit. Around here, a lot of rural areas have like single digit ICU beds for the whole county. If a retirement home in one of those counties gets hit, they’re horse****ed
  11. **** it. I'm all in on Looney. Jersey time. YOTTO.
  12. Gonna do a deep dive this year into whose dad married each poster's wife
  13. Around here, it's a really spotty thing. Some neighborhoods everyone is wearing a mask and stores won't let you inside without one. Other neighborhoods and out in the country I get weird looks (not like dogging you looks, but more of surprise or quizzical looks) coming into a store with a mask. Both my county and the next county over have directives that masks should be worn in public There's a really interesting (to me) history behind this idea. On one level, it's kind of the basic idea behind all protest. On another there's a kind of very specific implementation that can be tr
  14. Now to be fair, I think most lawyers practice significantly less than 2/3 of the law and if your divorce attorney claims to also be a constitutional lawyer, you should probably get a new one.
  15. I think the important takeaway is that QB is the only position that adds wins (without regard for the situation). A good QB can drag a bad team to an 8-10 win season. Even a DPOY-level pass rusher can't do that. In the right situation, other players can provide great value by plugging roster holes, etc. They just don't have the influence to add wins by themselves. If you have a good overall team on cheap contracts, adding some star power can do great things. But if you have roster holes, blowing a bunch of resources on one guy is still going to leave you a team full of holes.
  16. By launching mice at a force meter and measuring acceleration?
  17. Says he doinked a bears field goal. I’m onboard.
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