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  1. Skip the defense then. The offense was rather entertaining.
  2. The Chargers run a very bifurcated franchise like the Packers did in the early years of McCarthy and Capers. Staley will run the defense. Steichen will continue to run the offense. The Chargers felt that Herbert's growth might be stunted if they keep swapping coaches for Herbert (something that's happened back to his Oregon days) So they'll take two more years of development, hope they turn Herbert into the apex Tannehill and hope the defense and the offense mesh on Herbert's rookie contract. . . Is what Chargers defenders will say. Chargers detractors will say that Spanos is ju
  3. It makes sense. Now get me Tramon as Slot 2 and move Amos back to the deep half lol
  4. Can it realistically get worse than Redmond?
  5. Swear to god if I watch one more completed 3 yard arrow route to the left side, I'm gonna stab somebody. It's like the Rams only came into this game with 5 plays. Good grief.
  6. Somewhere in the middle. Tramon will VERY LIKELY be signed. The Packers sent the jet to go pick him up and bring him to GB. That's a very good sign. Nothing will be official however until paperwork can be processed, and the league office is closed until tomorrow.
  7. You're right, it's probably closer to 50/50. Looking at the 2 minute drill he played 4 in the box, 2 out, but the 2 out were inside the 10 yard line. I have to imagine redzone supersedes 2 minute drill but I'm not 1000% sure.
  8. I'd be lying if I said I really had a great read on what either of these guys do. Both of them are fatties. Harrison played 3 snaps that I saw (first 3 plays of the drive): 2nd quarter, 3:29 1st and 10 from the Rams 25. Their 11 personnel against our 2-4 nickel. Lowry as the other DL. Lined up as the 1T, ate a double nicely but Lowry did a lousy job handling a combo next to him and Akers ran for 6. 2nd quarter, 2:50 2nd and 4 from the Rams 31. Their 11 personnel against our 2-4 nickel. Lowry as the other DL. Lined up as the 3T, got absolutely killed on a combo block. As b
  9. Redmond is still playing Slot 2 in the coverage/pressure packages, and that makes up the majority of his snaps.
  10. Absolutely. This entire update in general was bad. Things were perfect before.
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