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  1. 5[150]: Kinsley Keke [DL; Texas A&M]

    Lancaster is never going to have the pass rush that will make it reasonable to take Clark off the nose.
  2. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#25)

    True, though Bak required a season ending injury to the incumbent starter.
  3. Packers signing Former Bears Safety Adrian Amos

    No, keep an even head. this thread is starting to look like the Josh Jones hype train from his rookie year. God was that thing out of control.
  4. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#25)

    When was the last time a second round pick started Day 1 as a rookie? Hell when is the last time any non first round rookie started at anything other than one of the offensive skills? Martinez?
  5. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#25)

    Man's starting in the base at CB today (could be different when/if) King gets healthy, and that's probably the only reason he's not starting at Safety today.
  6. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#25)

    Dare I ask, why?
  7. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#25)

    This is Tramon and I'm not sure it's close.
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    If combination blocks are zone blocking, then everything is zone blocking.
  9. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Ironically, the "Low hanging fruit" approach was taught in the second week of my MBA Program. AKA there's no reason to not do something that could potentially have tangible results (even small ones) when the opportunity cost is nothing. Nobody is saying that Rodgers drew significant numbers to the show, but all it took to get him there is a conversation with his agent.
  10. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Step 1. HBO let's it be known that Rodgers is in the episode. Step 2. People who otherwise wouldn't be, are curious about Aaron in the show. Step 3. People who otherwise wouldn't pirate the episode, do so. Step 4. People who pirated the episode enjoy it and buy the Blu-Ray box set or some Ghost plush toy.
  11. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Duh HBO is subscription based. But we're also talking about the most pirated show ever and one that's doing very well in it's ancillary revenue streams. If viewers didn't matter for the show, they would be reporting subscription numbers, not viewers.
  12. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Didn't need it, but didn't hurt. Even if you pull 10k more viewers, because he's in it, that's not nothing.
  13. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    I don't see the comparison. This was a business arrangement. He got to be an extra, Game Of Thrones got to talk about how he was in it and try and steal more eyes. Half the cast ripped this thing. The actors who played Jamie, Tyrion, Bran, and Dany have all gone on record saying it was terrible. I'm sure there are more, I haven't been looking.
  14. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Even I can't get on Rodgers for that. The last two seasons sucked.
  15. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    The CBA prevents it up until the last year of the contract.