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  1. There's a perfect way to handle this. If more than 8 teams have to postpone a game, week 14 becomes a bye week for the entire league except those teams. More televised football, minimal schedule impact, rewards teams that were disciplined about prevention
  2. Is he 15% too much at times? Absolutely. Is he still fun? Absolutely.
  3. Rodgers on McAfee's show every Tuesday is a wonderful time. Also AJ Hawk was so damn high during this interview.
  4. Holds against pass rushers go uncalled all the time, especially on stunts
  5. I'm more pro Pettine than most, but the Saints receivers after Thomas are straight trash and Cook left the game with an injury. That's hardly a tremendous achievement.
  6. Can we ban this dude from creating threads.
  7. Aaron Rodgers being a great QB in 2020 doesn't mean he wasn't a mediocre QB in 2019. The two barely resemble each other. Let's see if it stays the first time he actually gets tagged by a blitzer. Hopefully it does. Honestly, the fact that he allowed his game to degrade to the point that it did is a little troubling.
  8. I think you're right that prep time has something to do with it, but I don't think you're going to get anywhere near the progress in 3 months that some of these guys get in 8 years of track as a highschooler.
  9. We really haven't seen any reason to believe that Dillon is going to be a great short yardage back, and as much as we might look to see him, last night was a grown man's game. That was best on best football on just about every snap.
  10. The vast majority of teams rush 3 and drop 8 in a Cover-4 set in the redzone. That's the standard.
  11. There was a game changing blitz yesterday from Savage last night?
  12. Here's the thing about Lazard guys, and really all skill position guys. There's track background guys and there's basketball background guys. The track guys are always gonna run a .1 second faster on the 40 than the basketball guys just because their get-off is more technically sound. Lazard is as pure of a basketball guy as they come. Davante is another classic basketball guy. The 4.55/4.56 respectively on those guys don't mean as much as they would on a guy who is used to doing that sprint.
  13. As frustrating as 30 points is. They came into the game averaging 29. This could have been worse.
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