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  1. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    Probably take Jones, think he's a better natural runner and you can theoretically teach the blocking portion of it.
  2. 1. We shouldn't be trying to emulate the weakest unit on a weak team. 2. While I agree our targets are better than theirs all the way down the line, there's a lot to be said for having a genuine superstar to make the rest of the group look better.
  3. There aren't 31 teams with a true #1 CB.
  4. While he may be falling apart, the 1100 yard 8TD season over 14 games from the TE spot while being the #1 weapon happened last season. If you believe that we could put up 28 per game with Allison, you must have despised the Cobb and Jordy contracts. It was a lot more than offensive line issues. Teams stopped showing the receivers the respect they had to when Jordy was in the game. They got up in everyone's face and dared us to win deep and we just couldn't without a legitimate vertical threat. I do think the offense will be "fine". This looks like a 26 PPG offense. With a legitimate threat at that other boundary spot, this could be a 27.5 ppg offense. We're going to need the points this year.
  5. I like Adams a lot, but that's not a fair comparison. Gronk is a mismatch against literally every team in the NFL. You feel good about a #1 CB matched up against Adams. There's no matchup against Gronk that doesn't warp your defense.
  6. Jimmy Graham isn't Rob Gronkowski.
  7. Random Packer News & Notes

    Not willing to do that much work, but I will report that in 2016 the number was 2.91 WRs/snap. I think you can probably infer from there that we spread defenses out a lot more with Rodgers than Hundley. Looking at the run/pass splits, I think that's a valid observation.
  8. I'll take it as a compliment. I live in great fear that somebody is soon going to notice that I'm actually three gnomes in a trench coat.
  9. Random Packer News & Notes

    Was actually shocked with the infrequency we went 4 wide last year. We only averaged 2.77 WRs/snap. Probably doesn't help that we lacked depth there last year, but still expected a bit more.
  10. Did you watch any Martellus Bennett last year?
  11. Could easily see more targets for the TE. Wouldn't be hard for me to see that with Graham coming in and the return of Philbin that this is going to look a lot like the Finley offenses of the early 2010s. With that said, that sure as **** doesn't mean we should be all smiles at a big downgrade at boundary WR.
  12. Could easily be a forum meme.
  13. You typed the word, "think". What you meant to type was "hope without any sort of basis".