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  1. If you get a contributor on offense or defense in the 3rd round you're very happy. Of the 34 players drafted in the 2015 NFL draft, only 21 are still in the league. There are 3 people that have made a pro bowl. Tyler Lockett (1), David Johnson (1), Danielle Hunter (2). Among those 34, over the course of 6 seasons, there have been 56 seasons as the primary starter. 56 primary starter seasons out of a possible 204. That isn't being a good starter, that's just being there. Of the 34 drafted players only 19 have ever been a primary starter.
  2. This. Game film isn't hard. A decent understanding of the concepts gets you most of the way there. The hardest part is putting in the work. What percent of snaps do you need to win the hands fight on to say a guy has good hands? Hell, an All Pro LT probably allows 2 sacks in 600 pass pro snaps. A trash LT probably allows 10 in 600. That's a difference between a .33% failure rate and a 1.6% failure rate. You need a ton of reps to parse that out, and that's something as concrete as play outcome and not as arbitrary as a characteristic.
  3. It always comes down to the mathematics of it. Would you rather have a 9% chance of winning for 3 years, or a 15% chance of winning in year 1, and a 5% chance of winning in years 2 and 3. *Exact percentages being estimates
  4. That's what I get for only looking at one source I guess. I'm seeing what you're saying elsewhere now.
  5. If you convert that 21.5 over, you save 14 this year and he then has a cap hit of 47 million next year. Sure, you can restructure it again, but that makes 2023 miserable.
  6. I thought Rap Sheet was reporting that it wasn't?
  7. It's really not. Dude wants an extra year added with three years left on his deal.
  8. You do need to ask in order to convert base salary into roster bonus unless that language is specifically in the contract, which it wasn't in Rodgers' case. It just typically doesn't matter because the player will say yes in literally every instance except potentially this one. This could be a situation where the Packers want to convert base salary into roster bonus, but Rodgers' won't agree to it unless they add in another guaranteed year. So both sides have the goal of making more cap space, but neither will compromise on the extra year. Therefore we don't get extra cap space
  9. Neither Lowry, Thornton or Daniels were run plugs. Montravious and Jolly were closer, but still weren't pure in the fit. You seem to be looking to fill these spots with superstars. In the case of run plugs and RBs, you don't need them. Cheap and adequate is the goal. Lancaster (in a run plug role, not a 50% of snaps role) and Jamal Williams, with contract in hand, are tremendous bargains and help teams win.
  10. There's no such thing as a guaranteed win with Favre as your QB. There's always that 10% chance he's going to throw you out of a game.
  11. Not saying they're wrong at all. I'm fact I agree with the plan. Just pointing out that our ST Coordinator are frequently working with guys picked for them for another purpose. In essence that's what ST coaching is, but the disadvantage that ours face as far as unit building is a bit more significant.
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