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  1. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    Passer rating most definitely does not favor bulk stat padding. Passer Rating is an even congregation of TD%, INT%, Completion Percentage, and Y/A. None of those stats favor bulk stats.
  2. Packerraymond Mock Finishing the Off-season V3

    Could be, that quicker slot guy is going to have to be a tough SOB like Cobb though if he's going to get to hang out in there.
  3. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    There's definitely the possibility that the small sample size plays a part, it might also be that the route tree in the slot is different than the boundary and he has issues tracking the ball over his shoulder leading to more drops on the vertical routes that are more common on the outside. Could be that he saw more tight coverage on the boundary. Lord knows he has a tendency to wear these CBs and isn't the best at pulling away from them. Could be in the slot that he gets more opportunities to zone bust and settle in rather than trying to make a contested catch. I don't think anybody knows the answer.
  4. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

    Rodgers is a top 8ish QB(good luck trying to parse out QBs 4-13 right now) who will be 38 years old and making 36 million dollars next year. His fundamentals are pretty much broken leading to very average ball placement, he doesn't play within the offense with disturbing frequency, he avoid the middle of the field like the plague, his deep ball is horrendous, and his cautiousness regarding interceptions has spiraled out of control to the point that it's become detrimental to the team. Also, this Packers fanbase put up with almost a decade of non elite QB play from Favre. We know exactly what an aging diminishing QB looks like.
  5. Because nobody has run the T formation since Joe Gibbs killed it
  6. Packerraymond Mock Finishing the Off-season V3

    It's not about listed. We've been through the combine. He objectively measured at 70 and 2/8 inches tall.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Not sure. It should be. Pettine may be comfortable with the LB who can play on the line in the pressure packages, but we also played 1100 snaps of Lowry/Lancaster and didn't get any production. why would you want a space eater when you can try for a guy who actually is productive?
  8. Tyler Ervin back on 1 year deal

    I was kinda interested to see how many more buzzwords we could get. I just got "Out-Athleted", but Ray is probably going to get pissed at us enough already.
  9. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    FASCINATED to see how that's going to work by the way. That might be the last situation I would have picked to send him to lol
  10. Tyler Ervin back on 1 year deal

    The fact that people are going to fail to appreciate the dude that was maybe the best athlete in the history of the NFL is amazing. If JJ Watt could throw, that would be Cam Newton.
  11. Tyler Ervin back on 1 year deal

    Just so that we're clear:
  12. Tyler Ervin back on 1 year deal

    Yes, after you changed what it said. And I'll be honest, even that isn't great. Diminishing his achievements to just being athletic is dumb and insulting. Cam Newton wasn't and was never just a raw athlete. He was a guy leading an NFL offense at a damn high level for a number of years.
  13. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    That would mean signing King to a 1 year contract for the value of the 12ish highest paid CB in the league. That's a lot.
  14. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    We weren't going to get the 7th from Goodson anyway. Too many bigger contracts were signed.