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  1. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    Gets him isolated on the safety and away from Xavien Howard. Even uses the little pick by Graham when the safety jumps outside to be open. I really don't think this was a coaching failure, execution failure by Graham and Bakhtiari
  2. NFL News & Notes

    Feel like Jordy on a vet minimum contract would be a net positive on getting the young guys caught up with Rodgers, and may very well be an easy transition into coaching for him, if he has any interest in it. Don't think the Raiders would waive his rights if he wanted to come back and could still play, but who knows with Gruden.
  3. Mike Pettine Defense

    Not CWood, but a lot will likely depend on how the rest of the season and free agency goes. If Wilkerson gets resigned and the young DL show something, you can probably consider going after one of the edge guys. If you're not loving your top 3, you almost have to go with the DL. Jones is also sorta the guy you'd be looking for physically, long and quick. Might be time to look into trading Daniels as well. Man's a good player, but he's fighting this thing for all he's worth. He was better off in Capers' scheme and lord knows that wasn't a natural home for him. I also don't think you're going to be looking at a guy like Dee Ford at 6'2 250. Too short and too light. I think you're more likely going to be looking for bigger edge guys, though depending on how he's feeling about Clay/Fackrell, he may want to get one locked in speed guy.
  4. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    I really don't think so. I think that's exactly what was called. The Dolphins correctly read that Adams in the backfield is an "empty" look from a protection standpoint. They brought the linebackers into the A gap, so the offensive line had to account for them. 6 rushers vs 5 blockers. That forced the shift to the left call by the offensive line which necessitated the TE stepping in to block the 6th guy. Graham just blew it. Also worth noting, Bakhtiari also probably would have given up a sack there if Graham didn't. Lesson in the long term, keep Williams in the backfield on pressure downs.
  5. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    https://imgur.com/a/FwLbrAO.gif Potato quality
  6. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    The All-22 goes up Tomorrow. I'll post all the drive killers. Luckily there's not too much for me to do on that this week. I'll confess, I kinda liked this one. I thought it was well drawn up. Can't run a timing offense when your QB won't throw timing balls.
  7. Mike Pettine Defense

    1. Again, give you credit for the attempted misdirection. You're really trying to work off of not answering Cwood 2. I haven't posted a gif of Eddie Lacy in probably 3 years. What the hell are you talking about?
  8. Mike Pettine Defense

    Ducked that question like a professional troll
  9. Mike Pettine Defense

    Maybe you're a bit more comfortable with that second Safety in the box as a blitzer a bit more. Not seeing a huge difference from an edge rusher perspective, maybe a few more pressure sacks but I'm not seeing it.
  10. Mike Pettine Defense

    We really only see the wide splits when the game is over. Even in standard pressure downs, we tend to blitz rather than spread everything out. Maybe that would change, but so far it hasn't been the case.
  11. Mike Pettine Defense

    Pure speed rushers would get massacred in this look. Those guys are situational only with this scheme. The edge guys will get to pin their ears back when we get a big lead. That's just not Pettine's game. Never has been.
  12. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    Really getting scared at how many people want to let Rodgers pick the coach. This is not something that has great historical precedent
  13. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    Wouldn't shock me in the least if Jones had more wheels than all of those guys
  14. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Sounds like Jordy may have a season ending injury and he just wants to GTFO of Oakland.
  15. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    Different when it's a receiver on a box defender like that. In order to stop WRs from killing safeties on every run to the outside, they put in a bunch of rules for any offensive player away from the line of scrimmage, no helmet to helmet, no going low, and what appears to be the generally enforced, no kill shot blocks, even though there's no written rule against the last one, sorry ESB.