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  1. It's a ******* work email account. It's not a personal account. It's not his personal life. Nobody is asking for the NFL to hack his personal Gmail.
  2. He was in his gap the entire play, blame the dumbass defense for having nobody containing the outside.
  3. The Raiders aren't in trouble?
  4. When you go on a #ArrogantAtheist rant and attack people's faith, they're going to come back at yours, in this case it's your belief that society is inherently evil and unfair and your chosen example was women's pay. Sorry your belief tenant is factually wrong, but don't throw stones at people's houses and then complain that they're throwing them at yours. I'm not even saying your belief is necessarily wrong overall, but if you're going to go on the attack and claim to be a man of facts and science, your facts better not suck.
  5. You're an engineer, you're seriously going to espouse the idea that there's a pay gap harming women considering the industry you work in? **** man, if we've got a woman who can walk and chew gum she's fast tracked to management. Comparing full time salary to full time salary ignores so many factors on the lower end of the pay scale, especially physical labor ability.
  6. 1. John Gruden resigned. He did not get fired. We can only hope it was out of remorse and shame and not because it was the only viable career move with his locker room rebelling. 2. This wasn't a situation where the emails were leaked by a hacker or something. The NFL discovered these emails in the course of an investigation into Bruce Allen. To not release these emails would be covering things up. 3. The Washington Redskins participated in human trafficking. They flew their cheerleaders out of the country, took away their passports and pressured them to schmooze with rich ticket guy
  7. Malkeith gave Odin in his prime a run. This shouldn't be close. Frigga is a bad matchup for Malkeith
  8. They do not. Kicking in the NFL has gotten amazingly good. Guys don't miss inside 45 anymore.
  9. Offsides prevention. Considering the game situation, not even a crazy call at the time.
  10. This RedZone defense has to be approaching an NFL record for incompetence. What the hell?
  11. He got absolutely cooked and was bailed out by an awful throw???
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