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  1. MMA Thread

    Oleinik made that look very business like
  2. MMA Thread

    Showtime was outclassed that entire fight. He looks cooked.
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Extremely difficult to tell. The thing about Hill was that football was never really his first priority. It was his second sport in high school behind track. His senior year of highschool was all about making the World Junior National Championships. He ended up with a bronze in the 200m and a gold in the 4x100 relay in Barcelona. But he basically didn't show up to class. Combine horrible grades with horrible standardized test scores and not even Georgia could get him on campus. So he goes to Garden City Community College. And he plays really well, but it's hard to put a grade on a guy at the JUCO level. So he does his two years in Kansas and gets back on the recruiting trail. In February he signs his LOI to go to OK State. He has a really good year where he was on display in all facets, but was never really the bellcow at any position. December 12th, he losses his damn mind and beats the hell out of his pregnant girlfriend. He gets kicked off OK State and ends up at Western Alabama where he just doesn't give a **** about lower tier football, and doesn't do much to stand out. He just mentally wasn't right and it shows. +++ So the NFL really got to see him for one year in Power 5 football. It was a good not great year, and that year ends with him beating the **** out of his pregnant girlfriend and then sleep walking through another season in the lower ranks. Had Hill done his thing and gone immediately to OK State where he spent his first year as a return specialist and then his next two years as the stud all purpose guy that he is, and hadn't gotten in any legal trouble, I don't think there's any reason to believe he couldn't have been a late 1st - late 2nd round pick. ****, Tavon Austin got drafted 8th
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Tyreek Hill's physical ability had nothing to do with his draft stock. You had to be down with a player who beat his pregnant girlfriend.
  5. 3. Yes . . . You started this conversation by criticizing my responses to another poster. The conversation was about the dude lying about McCarthy exclusively featuring Montgomery. The Montgomery aspect of the conversation becomes exceedingly relevant when you evaluate the context of what is happening around you. 3b. In games 7-13, when Jones was back playing in the swing of things after his injury/suspension, and before he got hurt, Jones carried the ball 14 times per game and was targeted 4 times per game. He averaged 5.48 yards/attempt in those games. In 2019 Jones is averaging 14.8 carries per game and 4.25 carries per game. Jones' usage on a per/snap statistical basis hasn't changed, and truthfully hasn't changed from a tactical standpoint since Adams came back from his injury. You're going to accuse me of weaselly responses, and then say, "Well I know that targets and carry numbers say one thing, but I'm going to reject those two pieces of relevant statistical information and instead judge how much a player is playing based on YPC. An absolutely ridiculous response. The majority of a fanbase isn't going to criticize a coach when the team is exceeding expectations in his first season. LaFleur has done a lot of good and different things with this offense and this team, but realistically our offense hasn't gotten better. It looks different, but it's still an average group. 4. What is the difference between saying it 5 years in advance vs. 2 years in advance vs. 7 years in advance. In this hypothetical scenario (because I'm not calling for LaFleur's firing) If LaFleur never wins a Superbowl with Rodgers, do I get to be like the Capers haters who claim to have been calling for Capers firing since 2011? 5. You seriously don't think that the professional relationship between Rodgers and McCarthy was toxic? Did you miss the Bills game where Rodgers got up on the podium after a shutout win and proceeded to blast the offensive game plan? We've had plenty of worse offensive outings this year than that Bills game, but instead Rodgers has praised the defense in those wins. Rodgers wanted McCarthy gone. Define "wanted someone fired"? You never take pleasure in someone being fired, especially a guy like McCarthy who contributed a lot to the organization and always conducted himself with class. I wanted McCarthy fired in the sense that I think his message had gone stale in the locker room. I wanted McCarthy fired in the sense that I didn't think that this combination of roster, QB, and coach was going to be successful in the future. I didn't want McCarthy fired because I thought he was a bad coach or because I was vindictive. 6. The overall rankings in TOP are pretty pointless because the middle is so jammed together. The offense is averaging 9 seconds more per drive. It's averaging .1 plays per drive fewer. The idea that the TOP is somehow having an impact on this defense is laughable. TOP is determined almost exclusively by # of plays ran. That comes down frequently to 3rd down percentage. Alternatively, maybe backup QBs just kinda suck and blaming the coach for the backup QB sucking is pretty unfair. Hundley had a 3-6 record as a starting QB with the Packers. That's a 5-11 record stretched over a 16 game season. That was with a defense that was 26th in PPG allowed. Missed in all this is that Rodgers went the next year 6-9-1 with a better defense than what Hundley got.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    How do you know you have your guy if he's not playing? You're not going to try and win a championship the guy's rookie year. More than likely there's going to be some 6-10 seasons as we try and find that guy.
  7. Motion across the formation always tells you man or zone. But the argument that this defense is pretty damn transparent is a fair one. Ultimately this defense is going to come down to whether we can cover the in breaking stuff man to man, and if we can avoid the complete collapse on the zone looks.
  8. No excuse for Adams to take a snap out of the slot the entire time we're in 11. Hope we don't compromise by running more 12
  9. Great video. I do think the problem is overstated a little. But he is right, the 49ers absolutely murdered our man coverage with their in-breaking routes, and Alexander truly did biff hard on that long TD to Kittle. Also, you gotta know throwing Martinez on that cover sheet was classic clickbait lol.
  10. https://giphy.com/gifs/cravetvcanada-easter-cravetv-2A4BGNtYCtpB5HgZjN
  11. So . . . Are you here to talk about poop, or?
  12. ^^^ Those are the two arguments. We gave up 21 points on a TD off of a fumble. A blown coverage on Kittle for 61 and Tramon getting killed across the middle for 41. Limit those. Take advantage of Jimmy G's tendancy to give you a couple each game. Hope the line has figured out how to block a Bosa, pray like hell our interior isn't going to embarass itself in blitz pickup again, hope Davante and LaFleur can scheme up some magic, hope Rodgers is landing his shots, and hope we get lucky and Jones breaks one. A lot has to go right for us to win this thing, but it's definitely not impossible.
  13. Why don't MVPs win the Super Bowl?

    There's a 1/16 chance that the MVP will be on a specific contending team
  14. Why don't MVPs win the Super Bowl?

    Obviously this isn't the best way of looking at it, but think about it in this light. You've got 16ish teams that are playoff contenders. Let's be generous and assume that the MVP has to be on one of those 16 teams. There's a 1/16 possibility that a team will win the SB. There's a 1/16 possibility that the MVP will be on a team. 1/16 X 1/16 = 1/256 = 0.4% chance of the MVP being on the Super Bowl winner. That's cutting it down to 16 teams.