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  1. Yeah, gotta wonder if the organization is just gonna say, "I don't value receiver that much. I'm not going to pay that."
  2. Will be very interesting to see. Might be that there's a trade agreement in place for next offseason. Might be guaranteed money. It will be interesting
  3. Cowboys: Under 9.5 (that roster isn't fixed. Counter point, the division blows) Broncos: Under 8.5 (still think there's some Rodgers bloat here and that division is stacked) Lions: Over 5 (I think they'll be scrappy and battle hard for Not Matt Patricia even if the roster blows)
  4. The only thing I'll caution is that the unders are going to be strange this year with the 17 game schedule. 7-9 looks a lot different than 7-10 to me. Point differential wise they were 7.5-8.5 last year. I'll leave you to wrestle with Julio Jones out vs Dante Fowler and Kyle Pitts in.
  5. Squamish and Whistler are amazing if you like the winter lifestyle.
  6. It's ungodly expensive and your Chinese better be on point
  7. I feel like this is a really round about way of saying that all their talent with the exception of Kirk and Hunter (and I'll say Tomlinson) is at the non-premiums?
  8. What in the actual **** is this? This is the dumbest collection of spin and bad data that I have ever read in my life. "3544 people have died following Covid vaccinations". So long as we're counting people dying from old age, car wrecks, suicides, and gunshot wounds? "Each year, more than 165 million Americans get the flu shot. There were 85 reported deaths following influenza vaccination in 2017". So half the population of the country got a flu shot. And 85 people died. You think that tracks with mortality rates? Of course it doesn't. It's just nobody ever wast
  9. Define: idiot? I think he was a loud mouth dumbass, observed that people really loved him for being a loudmouth dumbass, leaned super heavily into being a loudmouth dumbass, and is now paid obscene amounts of money for being a loudmouth dumbass. Is he an idiot or a genius? Hard to say.
  10. I love Connor McGregor fans. They're the dumbest bettors in sports and make it beautiful for the rest of us.
  11. Only disagreement I might have is that I think the front office would be willing to give some kind words in a press conference about how Aaron is a brilliant football mind and his opinion is valued.
  12. It's 2021 and we have a coach who's very aggressive at mid field. That's good, it's not great though.
  13. It was a charity golf outing. He's not Antonio Brown.
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