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  1. Packers wanted a camp arm, we got a camp arm with a name.
  2. In fairness I fail to recognize any Walter Football scouting report as legitimate.
  3. Who could imagine that different offenses might look for different body types at position. Crazy.
  4. If there's anything people with narcissistic tendencies like more than not being consulted, it's being consulted and then ignored.
  5. I've read a lot of ignorant bull**** in this thread, and I've let a lot of it slide because there's no point in arguing against dug-in dumbassery. But I am not going to sit here and listen to anybody slander Boromir. Boromir is a god damn legend. Think about the absolute bull**** that the state of the world was in at the start of this trilogy. Sauron was building his massive army in Mordor, and playing his shadow games, and nobody was doing anything about it. The dwarves of Moria were dead and the other powerful dwarf nations were afraid to stick their head out of the ground. The elves w
  6. Wait, people think this wasn't a leak from Rodgers' camp???
  7. Last WR spot on the team is determined by the ST coach in most franchises
  8. This is an absolutely insane post from the second paragraph on.
  9. He's not, the team could easily move on from him in 2022 and 2023 is painless. This entire deal is because Rodgers wants the dead cap for the Packers cutting him to be cost prohibitive out to 2023 (or 2025 depending on who you believe)
  10. Probably time to shut this thread down. Nobody's going to top this trainwreck.
  11. ^^^ Okay seriously, there are forum rules that specifically state posters aren't allowed to advertise there own off-site work. Why does Michael Rodney get to keep advertising here for free? @Packerraymond @CWood21
  12. June 1st is an important date in the league year because it's the first day in the year that the rules allow you to split the financial penalties of a release or trade between the current league year and the next league year. If Rodgers is cut today, the full 38 million dollar penalty falls on this year. If we wait until June 1st, 21 million hits this year, and 17 million hits next year.
  13. I swear to Christ if Mcafee and Aj Hawk have any kind of insight into this and they're serious that two major things bothering Rodgers are not trading for Will Fuller and cutting Jake Kumerow, I don't know how Gute didn't laugh him out of the room.
  14. There's a long and dusty stretch of road that separates "listening to your QBs opinion on a player he played with" and "informing your QB on draft picks". Let's ask a hypothetical scenario: Gute tells Rodgers that he's looking at drafting a QB in 2020. There's absolutely no guarantee that Rodgers doesn't leak it in the hopes that other teams leap us and prevent us from drafting one. There's absolutely nothing stopping him from demanding a trade then and there.
  15. It's not that he doesn't have the COD ability, it's just a bit short of what you usually see out of a guy who isn't going to play on the outside. You'll still need to cover him with a CB. But if you're going to play serious reps in the slot in this offense you're going to need a fair amount of "want to" when it comes to throwing yourself into those (not) crack blocks on the backers.
  16. Chiefs lost this off-season: Eric Fisher, Mitchell Schwartz, Sammy Watkins, Bashaud Breeland, Alex Okafor, Damien Williams, Damien Wilson, Austin Reiter, Anthony Sherman, Kelechi Osemele, Tanoh, Kilgore, Wisnewski, Mike Pennel, picks 31, 94, 136, their 5th round pick next year and Leveon Bell. They got: Orlando Brown, Joe Thuney, Jarran Reed, Austin Blythe, Blake Bell, Jerrick McKinnon, Michael Burton, and the Ravens 2nd round pick next year. +++ Rams lost this off-season: Jared Goff, Michael Brockers, Austin Blythe, Troy Hill, Malcolm Brown, Gerald Everett, Derek
  17. Stokes is a classic back end of the first round shot on a premium. Flawed prospect with an extremely high ceiling. We'll see what the staff can do with him. Myers is a ready to go Interior lineman prospect that doesn't quite have the athletic profile to be elite in any fit, but the sky's the limit here, especially if a one of the handful of Guard prospects turns into something to his right. Rodgers is a middle of the road slot-only type. The change of direction isn't what you like to see at his height, but he's built strong and is tenacious. You need the bulldog in that slot in this
  18. And what happens when you communicate your plan to your QB and he throws a fit about it? Do you let him cry himself out like a toddler, or do you capitulate to his demands? Nothing good comes from involving players in roster decisions.
  19. Manning was so self entitled he very likely traumatized a woman via sexual assault as a joke at Tennessee. Brady was so full of himself that he and his team imploded. Brady leaving the Patriots is the "bad" outcome of the Packers/Rodgers current situation. Brees is so full of himself that he frequently conflates himself with the city of New Orleans. Ben Roethlisberger: Manning's issues on steroids. Eli Manning was so full of himself that he thought he was above the rules of the NFL draft. Brett Favre: combine all the above into a perfect douchebag cocktail.
  20. If Love is good enough to be a diva at 36. We're extremely lucky. The QBs good enough to be divas at that age are the top of the spectrum when it comes to professional athletes. They either deteriorate enough that they're not worth keeping around at contract anymore, or it gets nasty.
  21. How was this supposed to be managed? This was never ending amicably.
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