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  1. Broncos Forum Pick 'Em & Survivor, Week 3

    Week 3: NY Jets at Cleveland Denver at Baltimore New Orleans at Atlanta Cincinnati at Carolina NY Giants at Houston Tennessee at Jacksonville San Francisco at Kansas City Oakland at Miami Buffalo at Minnesota Indianapolis at Philadelphia Green Bay at Washington LA Chargers at LA Rams Chicago at Arizona Dallas at Seattle New England at Detroit Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay Survivor: Houston (LA Rams)
  2. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    I like DT but he just isn’t making enough positive plays out there. He honestly looks like Dez out there. Just glad he’s not a cancer to the team.
  3. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Two game winning drives I’ll take but Keenum really needs to play better if we have any chance in competing in the playoffs.
  4. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    DT is garb.
  5. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Bad spot for us.
  6. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Ouch looked like that hurt for Paradis!
  7. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    The DT and Sutton drops don’t help albeit those were bad passes. That was some horrible 1H of offensive football.
  8. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    We’ll never be able cover TE’s..
  9. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Lindsay looks so nice doe.
  10. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Yup. Reminiscent of the Thomas pick last week. He may want to look off safeties for once.
  11. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Horrible hold but at least we got a nice hit on Carr. I think it may make him even more nervous in the pocket now.
  12. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Keenum needs to throw a better ball on that 3rd down.
  13. Broncos Forum Pick 'Em & Survivor, Week 2

    Week 2: Baltimore at Cincinnati Oakland at Denver Carolina at Atlanta L.A. Chargers at Buffalo Minnesota at Green Bay Cleveland at New Orleans Miami at N.Y. Jets Kansas City at Pittsburgh Philadelphia at Tampa Bay Houston at Tennessee Indianapolis at Washington Arizona at L.A. Rams Detroit at San Francisco New England at Jacksonville N.Y. Giants at Dallas Seattle at Chicago Survivor: L.A. Rams
  14. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    It’s a sloppy win but it’s also week 1. I’ll take it. We have to work on the turnovers and do a better job of preventing big plays if we want to beat the good teams. I was impressed by our OL and rookies the most. Lindsay is so fun to watch!
  15. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    Well this is what happens when you play sloppy, allowing teams to stay with us and then go ahead of us.