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  1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    I got teary eyed during 3PO’s line..
  2. Chris Harris Jr Trade?

    I wouldn’t have. Lol
  3. Chris Harris Jr Trade?

    I saw somewhere the Broncos think they’ll get a day 2 pick. I’d be shocked.
  4. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Yeah helluva pick but honestly if we rolled with nurk with this core, we’d be a playoff team. Probably not contenders as we are now.
  5. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    The Nuggets have done it the right way, build through the draft and added a few pieces via FA/trade. Granted they have missed out on some players i.e. gobert and spider Mitchell. Overall TC has done a phenomenal job, wish I could say the same with JE. Not a hockey guy but seems like Avs are up and coming?
  6. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Incorrect. Bolles would just tackle us to the ground.
  7. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    You are a fool. Unfortunately, you might take that as a compliment. key word was full rebuild like get rid of older vets and continue to stock pile picks which may turn into young cornerstone players.
  8. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Idk what else this team can do for Elway to realize that he needs to fully rebuild
  9. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Can’t wait for the Lock experiment. We just need to know if we have something or not.
  10. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Flacco is utter garbage.
  11. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 7

    Week 7: Kansas City at Denver Los Angeles Rams at Atlanta Miami at Buffalo Jacksonville at Cincinnati Minnesota at Detroit Oakland at Green Bay Houston at Indianapolis Arizona at New York Giants San Francisco at Washington Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee New Orleans at Chicago Baltimore at Seattle Philadelphia at Dallas New England at New York Jets Survivor: BUF
  12. Week 6 GDT: Titans @ Broncos

    Harris looks much better at his natural position. We should try and lock him up as well as Simmons
  13. Broncos Forum Pick'em & Survivor Week 6

    Week 6: NE at NYG Carolina at Tampa Bay Seattle at Cleveland Houston at Kansas City Washington at Miami Philadelphia at Minnesota New Orleans at Jacksonville Cincinnati at Baltimore San Francisco at Los Angeles Rams Atlanta at Arizona Tennessee at Denver Dallas at New York J Pittsburgh at Los Angeles C Detroit at Green Bay
  14. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    Oh I do. I forgot to add on the defensive side.
  15. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    Never. The joker is and will continue to be their best player.