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  1. I am loving this off season. Paton is killing it and this might be my favorite move of them all. Hard not to root for a guy like Kareem! Haven’t posted in awhile.. like a year plus.. I have a lot to catch up on post wise.
  2. Too bad Clowney signed with the Titans. Could have used him now.
  3. I’d feel more satisfaction seeing NE lose but I know it’ll be a totally different NE team.
  4. He had our prior drafts at #8 and #18 (2018 and 2019). Even mentioned the 2019 draft could have been higher on his list but there was a log jam of teams and just didn’t value some of the players like others did. He’s been pretty accurate in his write ups.
  5. I forgot we have a 1st rd draft pick this year, I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked at any prospects. I’ll have to defer to everyone on here.
  6. I feel like I haven’t talked Nuggets basketball in forever, well, sports talk in general so this is nice. I think Denver got lucky with the season being paused or cancelled. Denver was not looking good at all following the trade deadline. All season, the team was inconsistent with stretches of really good and sloppy play. We never had that killer instinct this year like we did last year. As far as players, I liked the growth I saw from Murray but I cannot help but think this dude will never fully unlock his potential, he just can’t shoot a high pct from behind the arc and cannot
  7. You aren’t let down during season 4. Much of the same.
  8. This years draft I did not follow as closely as I would have liked. Looking into how others (PFF, SI, FF, etc) have graded Denver’s draft has me really optimistic for the future. Last year provided us much needed hope and the offseason+draft has me super excited for this season (unless covid19 lingers well into the year). Based on my limited knowledge from quick research and the YouTube film reel, I love the Jeudy, Hamler, Agim, Muti and Tuszka picks! I’m iffy on Ojemudia, Albert O and Cleveland picks. I’m shocked we didn’t make any trades but pleased for the most part of all selectio
  9. You must not get out much, huh?
  10. Muti can heal up/learn for a year+ since we have potentially 3 legit IOL.
  11. The highlights of Muti driving defenders into the ground is awesome!
  12. I’m going to mess up spelling these names all season.
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