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  1. Longtime Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen has passed away.

    A very sad day, a day that we were expecting to come sooner than later. Not looking forward to the ownership battle that has been looming for awhile. Rest In Peace Mr. Bowlen!
  2. Sucky ending but it’s something new! Can’t help but feel terrible for Klay. He’s probably the only warrior that doesn’t get on my nerves.
  3. Idk, gotta watch out for those silent ones.
  4. Terrible to not get a shot there, throws it away. Smh
  5. He’s also playing hurt. But he does need to shoot better.
  6. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (06/07/19)

    I actually liked it too but so many hate on it. It did have a lot going on so I could see a lot of ppl not liking that.
  7. Kawhi Leonard's ALL TIME STATUS??

    I’m surprised no one made fun of you for spelling title(s) as tittle(s). Ive been a huge Kawhi fan from the time he played at SDSU (my alma mater). It’s been amazing watching him grow as a player from College to SA and now with TOR. I think he could be in the top 10 when it’s all said and done but his quad/leg injuries really make me skeptical that he’ll play elite ball for 3 or more seasons.
  8. I wonder if he’ll be 90-100% when he comes back.
  9. Agreed, he’s trying to get a rhythm when he should go with the flow.
  10. Finals experience. I kid, I kid.
  11. Siakim has been money this 3rd qtr.
  12. Raptors need to grind on offense, slow it down and shoot high pct shots. They’re trying to out finesse one of the greatest finesse teams.