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  1. Broncos VS Texans GDT

    We’ve lost close games which tells me the team plays hard but the coaching isn’t there. I’m glad Elway’s draft this past year looks to be good.
  2. Broncos VS Texans GDT

    Looks like a bad injury for Paradis, reported as a fractured fibula.
  3. Broncos VS Texans GDT

    VJ sucks! He’s just bad from top to bottom.
  4. Broncos VS Texans GDT

    Maybe Chubb is what Ayers should have been.
  5. Denver Nuggets Thread

    If Beasley and Juancho can ever play consistently that’ll make our bench unit tops in the league. Monte has looked nice at times. Plumlee has found his role and he’s good at it.
  6. I saw online that the trade of DT marks the official end of the Josh McDaniels era.
  7. Thanks DT for everything! Probably should have been more thankful for his play. We needed to do this! Hope he can make some plays for my fantasy QB (Watson)!
  8. Latest Broncos rumors.

    I wa going to say the same thing. This will either be settled or changed to a misdemeanor (which is a cite and release in most cases).
  9. Your Denver Broncos will be on the road at Arrowhead Stadium playing the best team in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs. Date/Time: Sunday, 10/28/18 at 10AM PST Broadcast: CBS Venue: Arrowhead Stadium; Kansas City, MO. 54 Fahrenheit and wind speed is projected to be 13-15 NW. Records: Denver Broncos (3-4) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (6-1) I’llty to write up matchups later this week. Please share your thoughts below!
  10. Latest Broncos rumors.

    On NBC Pro Football Talk, Peter King made a theoretical trade between us and NO: CHJ for 1st rd 2020 picks I wouldn’t do it. CHJ means so much from a culture and playing aspect. He also suggested DT to NE, I’d hate to see DT in a pats uni haha but I’d do the trade for cap relief and more Sutton playing time.
  11. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | @ me w/ your thread title if you got one

    Even when Murray wasn’t hitting anything Harris stepped up. It’s nice to have 3 legit players and some nice depth.
  12. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | @ me w/ your thread title if you got one

    Yikes. Poor dude.
  13. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | @ me w/ your thread title if you got one

    What happened?!
  14. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | @ me w/ your thread title if you got one

    I really like this Raptors squad. It’ll be an exciting year for sure. Celtics look nice with Hayward back!
  15. Thanks to @Broncofan we have some GDT info below (it’s not plagiarism, unless we get caught, right?). Please share your analysis and VJ hate below! Also, share your excitement for Nuggets basketball! We finna make the playoffs this year!