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  1. The offseason DL thread

    idk that mysterious "illness" he has is suspicious. If I were the conspiracy type I'd say they were keeping him healthy and looking for a trade partner. Although I believe JJ was one of Gutes guys in that draft. Maybe he'll be more patient with him than we think.
  2. The offseason DL thread

    Thanks again. A donation was made to the cause you suggested. It would definitely be more fun to get a player back for JJ. Possibly another under-achieving high round draft pick?
  3. The offseason DL thread

    Sure, but there have been a few players over the past several years they've failed to get any compensation for. Not blaming anyone in particular, just the FO as a whole have done a poor job at this it seems. Maybe I'm wrong, just my $.02. It will be interesting to see how Josh Jones is handled. They should be able to get something for him. He's still an elite athlete with positional versatility on a rookie contract.
  4. The offseason DL thread

    Definitely gives some context for why Mike Daniels was released. You gotta give these young guys some reps. Still, it's pretty shocking that they weren't able to get at least a late round pick in return for Daniels - especially with all the reported interest in him.
  5. Packers Training Camp 2019

    I think Greene and Redmond both make it. The Burks injury likely makes the numbers work because I'm sure they'll go thin at ILB to start the season.
  6. Packers Training Camp 2019

    MLF wants Lambeau to get louder.... So here's my suggestion. Sign Kaep. Our backup QB situation instantly improves and all the boomers in the stands give up/sell their tickets, letting some new blood (who actually want to be/enjoy being there) in the doors on game day. It's a win - win.
  7. Packers Training Camp 2019

    Josh Jones mysterious "illness" has to just be Gute putting him on the shelf and waiting for the right trade partner, right?
  8. A few predictions about the MLF Offense

    To be fair, weren't the Titans ravaged by injuries at the position? I would hope that MLFs offense is at least somewhat tailored to fit the personnel he's given.
  9. NFL Gamepass: Who's got it?

    This is probably still possible with a VPN.
  10. Mike Daniels released

    Ok, I guess that makes sense. Locking up Lowry gives them a legit 5T for a few years. Keke has versiatilty between the two techs as well.
  11. Mike Daniels released

    I don't know if this has already been addressed, but the thing that confuses me most about the decision to cut Mike Daniels, is the Packers supposed interest in Malik Jackson earlier this spring. If it was really about the cap savings and letting the young guys get a chance, why offer Malik Jackson a deal that would have at the very least been equivalent to Daniels' deal? I guess they had no idea they would land the Smiths, Amos or Gary -- but it makes me question whether they had doubts about his play going forward.
  12. Gute's Amazing Roster Purge

    As in Marwin Evans? He's a Seahawk.
  13. I bet GB to win the SB, Here's why (Defensive version)

    I guess it depends which way Rodgers goes. If he buys-in and plays within ML's system, I could see 10+ wins. If all that we gain is a better running game and still have Rodgers playing backyard, low-efficiency football, I could see 7-9 being the case.
  14. I bet GB to win the SB, Here's why (Defensive version)

    Agreed, I think they're probably a year away from really competing yet....9-7 or 10-6 should be considered very successful for 2019.
  15. I bet GB to win the SB, Here's why (Defensive version)

    I'm not even going to read the rest of your post when you start it off like this. Why are you unable to engage in civil discourse? I lurk often and I notice this is a reoccurring issue with you. Even if you have a better understanding of the game than others, why must you be so arrogant? It's obnoxious. I bet you're super fun at parties.