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  1. 2018 Packer DEFENSE Discussion

    Think Amukamara could be a potential option at CB. Perfect stop-gap/veteran depth guy...and I'd bring House back too. Let's not have CB depth be our demise in 2018.
  2. Defense Discussion [2017]

    and/or experience... which is why I previously stated that while I think he's a good DC, he isn't a great fit considering TT's approach to building a team.
  3. Defense Discussion [2017]

    As opposed to our complex scheme being exposed by mediocre offenses because of communication errors/breakdowns in coverage?
  4. Defense Discussion [2017]

    I don't doubt that Capers is a good DC given that he was experienced, veteran players across the board. However, I've long maintained that he's a bad fit in GB with the roster turnover and lack of FA signings that TT brings in. His schemes are too complex for young players to grasp, and I think that's why there's so many communication errors. Also, as silly as it may sound, I hate that he sits up in the box. I'd love to bring in a young, high-energy, passionate DC who gets his guys fired up on the sidelines. I think after this season it's time to move on. As somebody pointed out there are young pieces to build around. Lets find somebody with a simple scheme who can maximize the talent he's given.
  5. have people who complain about TT's drafting ever looked at other teams classes? I hate over-reaction sunday/mondays. Last week it was should we trade Rodgers, this week it's should we fire McCarthy....
  6. Kenny Clark needs some love

    I saw this tweet. Was pretty obvious that he was giving up/getting out of harms way. Maybe we can work out a deal for another teams 1st round bust in exchange for him. I'd rather see Pipkins/Hawkins on the field at this point -- at least we know that they're going to compete.
  7. Defense Discussion [2017]

    If we do end up with a top 10-15 pick and can add a blue chip defender, this defense has the potential to be elite for a few years. Add in the fact that we should have plenty of draft capital, and I think our window is wide open for the next 5 years.
  8. Kenny Clark needs some love

    It's obvious that Clark and Martinez are the two most improved players on the team.
  9. Packers Forum Week 5 GDT - Packers vs. Cowboys

    Pass Pro. I want to see more Jones -- I think there's a real chance that he's the best overall RB on this roster.
  10. Week 4 Postgame: GB 35 • CHI 14

    So it's House and King on the perimeter and Hawkins in the slot going forward, right?
  11. GDT Week 4 - Bears @ Packers

    Exactly. I think Rip plays a big part tonight too.
  12. GDT Week 4 - Bears @ Packers

    McCarthy will have something up his sleeve. Here's my guess. Lane Taylor goes out to LT, Patrick comes in at LG, and McCray stays at RT.
  13. Kevin King Time?

    Problem with this is, of course they will look good against the Bengals, because everyone looks good against the Bengals right now...but the next elite offense we play will burn them again. I'm starting House and King on the outside, Rollins in the slot, and working Hawkins in a little to see what you've got with him. Move Randall to safety and see if he can be any more effective there.
  14. FIRE SOMEONE! Atlanta Post Game Discussion

    I might be one of the few who don't think the sky is falling right now. It's week two. It was their home/stadium opener. Considering all the circumstances, I at least understand the loss. It will be paramount to not lose games against teams we should beat going forward. If we want to beat the Falcons in the playoffs, it will need to be at Lambeau. Luckily for us, they play in a good division. Hopefully the coaching staff continues to play King and Jones. We need as much speed and athleticism on the field as possible. Get those guys going now, deal with the growing pains, and when the playoffs roll around -- you might have have something. Was disappointed in HHCD as somebody previously said. Obviously he can be borderline elite, and we've seen that, but it seems every once in a while he has a game like he did last night. Brice also appeared to miss a bunch of tackles.
  15. Week 2 GDT - Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons

    would be huge if both Bakh and Bulaga could start and Murphy would be available as a swing tackle in case either of them tweak their injuries.