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  1. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

  2. Mike Pettine Defense

    We're going to have to wait a year for Clelin Ferrell.
  3. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    That's reasonable. Pretty uninspiring group of guys after Graham & Kendricks.
  4. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    If we are going to sign a veteran TE, I'd rather give Marcedes Lewis a shot -- he's healthy and can actually block pretty well.
  5. 2018 Packer DEFENSE Discussion

    Think Amukamara could be a potential option at CB. Perfect stop-gap/veteran depth guy...and I'd bring House back too. Let's not have CB depth be our demise in 2018.
  6. Defense Discussion [2017]

    and/or experience... which is why I previously stated that while I think he's a good DC, he isn't a great fit considering TT's approach to building a team.
  7. Defense Discussion [2017]

    As opposed to our complex scheme being exposed by mediocre offenses because of communication errors/breakdowns in coverage?
  8. Defense Discussion [2017]

    I don't doubt that Capers is a good DC given that he was experienced, veteran players across the board. However, I've long maintained that he's a bad fit in GB with the roster turnover and lack of FA signings that TT brings in. His schemes are too complex for young players to grasp, and I think that's why there's so many communication errors. Also, as silly as it may sound, I hate that he sits up in the box. I'd love to bring in a young, high-energy, passionate DC who gets his guys fired up on the sidelines. I think after this season it's time to move on. As somebody pointed out there are young pieces to build around. Lets find somebody with a simple scheme who can maximize the talent he's given.
  9. have people who complain about TT's drafting ever looked at other teams classes? I hate over-reaction sunday/mondays. Last week it was should we trade Rodgers, this week it's should we fire McCarthy....
  10. Kenny Clark needs some love

    I saw this tweet. Was pretty obvious that he was giving up/getting out of harms way. Maybe we can work out a deal for another teams 1st round bust in exchange for him. I'd rather see Pipkins/Hawkins on the field at this point -- at least we know that they're going to compete.
  11. Defense Discussion [2017]

    If we do end up with a top 10-15 pick and can add a blue chip defender, this defense has the potential to be elite for a few years. Add in the fact that we should have plenty of draft capital, and I think our window is wide open for the next 5 years.
  12. Kenny Clark needs some love

    It's obvious that Clark and Martinez are the two most improved players on the team.
  13. Packers Forum Week 5 GDT - Packers vs. Cowboys

    Pass Pro. I want to see more Jones -- I think there's a real chance that he's the best overall RB on this roster.
  14. Week 4 Postgame: GB 35 • CHI 14

    So it's House and King on the perimeter and Hawkins in the slot going forward, right?
  15. GDT Week 4 - Bears @ Packers

    Exactly. I think Rip plays a big part tonight too.