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  1. With which part do you disagree? I'm surprised at a couple people who've posted stating there are potentially potential candidates not employed by NFL teams with whom the Vikings could talk. Who are these non-NFL people that we want to talk to as GM candidates which makes firing Rick now worthwhile? @CriminalMind "not necessarily tied to a team or already tied to a team" @Cearbhall "I do not believe that 99.9999999975% of GM candidates are currently employed in the NFL."
  2. Based on the fact that they didn't, you have to assume that word from other GMs was there was no way they would take the contract as-is.
  3. "Guys that are currently employed by NFL teams" would be 99.9999975% of GM candidates, right? You can't talk to them yet so why create the havoc of firing your GM mid-season? If it is just in the spirit of anger toward Spielman then the Wilfs have to take a step back from that anger and run the business like a professional organization and wait until the season ends.
  4. How would you interview and hire a qualified GM candidate during the season?
  5. It could be my violet-tinted specs, but overall the roster seems reasonably talented (in comparison to the rest of the league). There were some misses at CB and decisions in roster construction could be argued both ways (OL investment, but every team under a cap has to have a weakest unit so...), but overall I like Rick's style of taking 10-15 lottery tickets from each draft. Part of this view is that I don't hate Kirk and think he is a QB worth putting/continuing to build an offense around (strengthen OL or utilizing a scheme less dependent on boots and establishing the run first). I'm
  6. Yes, they were. Good enough for their draft position(s) enough to warrant 5 years 67.5 million and 3 years 42 million second contract offers (Jets/Bengals). One could try to argue they weren't, but teams outside of the Vikings offered those deals so that has to be some sort of external (and moderately objective) proof of value, right?
  7. Based on OTC/sportrac re: Cobb's contract, the full base salary of 8.XX million is fully guaranteed this year. If Houston restructured it pre-trade to pay out a portion as a bonus (Texans eat that cap over N years) then I think GB would have to "overpay" relative to Cobb's value (higher than a conditional 5th, IMO, if texans ate a majority of the salary). If Houston traded the contract as-is then GB probably gave up dryer lint for him, but then they owe him the 8 million and I doubt the GB front office really wants to pay 8 million (this year or in future voided years as part of a restructured
  8. He wants to choose his exit timeline from the Packers. He doesn't want to get "Favre'd" (different situation but the same), however, the Love pick complicates that. My guess is his ordered preference is: 1- Play and retire in GB once he is ready to retire 2- Choose his landing spot now where he can play until he chooses to end his career We'll see over the next month how palatable it is for him to play 1 more season for GB before picking his landing spot.
  9. What was the hit taken in ease of retaining Hunter next year? Is the roster bonus some "poison pill" where if he plays well but not spectacularly that the Vikings can't just elect to pay him the 18 million roster bonus plus some league minimum per game checks to see him 2 years post-surgery? I guess nobody knows what the structure of "year 2" looks like right now.
  10. You're going to want to implement a "hiring problem" styled online algorithm. You set a "sample" size, k, which is equal to the number of days left until 11/21 (173) divided by Euler's number (2.71). k~63 days. Chart the prices for the next 63 days, then on day 64 through 172, buy tickets if that day's price is lower than any price seen in the first 63 days. If no price is lower, then buy tickets on day 173.
  11. Absolutely agreed. As a free agent WR, which team represents the convergence between "best" QB situation with the "worst" WR depth chart?
  12. KC did throw 115 more passes than the Vikings last year. If I were a free agent WR with those two landing spots available, assuming similar money, I would take the KC offer to be their #4 WR vs our #3.
  13. I'd think the Prescott-led Cowboys would be the 2021 East favorites. WFT's defense looks good, but their offense should be relatively bad.
  14. His career qb rating and the body of work over the last 5 seasons for a 38-39 year old QB. If you're talking about flipping Cousins for picks, I suppose I'd rather roll with the rookie or let Jameis go out and throw 1 for 1 tds to ints than to watch Fitzpatrick waste the season being exactly statistically average.
  15. I don't care what the organization does at the QB position as long as it doesn't result in us having to watch Fitzpatrick take snaps for our team. Looking at the list of available free agent QBs, I'd have to take Jameis Winston as the bridge to the rookie.
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