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  1. Sounds like the OL is really a mess, struggling to protect Lock. I hope Demar Dotson can help, but I think we need to seriously evaluate if the best way to protect Lock is simply throwing out our 5 best football players. Do you move Risner to RT and give Muti a shot at LG? Bolles, best C available, and Glasgow keep their spots.
  2. Hamler keeps showing up in highlights I've seen on social media. Not sure who the corner was but he completely dusted him, nice route. Guys just too quick.
  3. Loved what I'm reading from the practice reports on day 2. --Jeudy moved up into rotation with the 1's. Love this and honestly just glad that the coaching staff isn't playing hardball with youngsters, let the most talented players get the first team reps.. They're more important than ever with no preseason games. Still took 2nd and 3rd team reps too. Fine by me, reps reps reps! --Defense throwing the kitchen sink at Lock. I've read that they threw 4,5,6 man rushes and blitzes at Lock yesterday. Fantastic. He needs to see these looks and be thrown into the fire as much as possible. This is where young QB's need to get the reps and get comfortable. I take his completion percentage in these practices with a grain of salt because it's easier knowing you're not going to get hit. But 13 of 17 in 11's and then 6 of 7 in 7's is great to see. Means he's recognizing what's coming, running quickly thru progressions and getting the ball where it needs to be on time and accurately. It's this kind of progress that makes all the preseason hype easier to believe. Also, all the better he has to face these scenarios against his own defense, not going to see much more intimidating pass rush than that this year.
  4. You've lost me here. If Bolles could actually play they'd have picked up his 5th year option. I don't think they're declining that based on a rash of penalties last year, that's teachable. I agree we're stacked with talent at pretty much every position group on offense. But I hope your bullishness proves right on the OL.
  5. Re-post from the training camp thread... But I think a perspective that hasn't really been raised. ............................... So is his cap hit now just $150k? That's the real rub I guess, because it'd allow us to go make a trade. Ifwe're still charged the full cap hit on the season that's total BS and the NFL botched the amendment. While it couldn't have come at a worse position for this team, it's an opt out that may do wonders for the back end of his contract. Guy can play when he's healthy, he's just not healthy often enough. ................................. Not sure how old his kid is, but having an 11 month old at home, I'm admittedly more sympathetic to any opt outs than I prob would have been a year ago. Especially to a guy with a baby at home. Personally, I don't believe any of the research that suggests infants/toddlers can't get it or have more mild symptoms. With the varying degrees of symptoms, I wouldn't risk something as high risk as the NFL's terrible safety measures and game plan for this season. Football is going to be a disaster based on the setup, and the virus will surely run rampant through NFL locker rooms if they don't change to a bubble. I'm now genuinely worried that Lock's development can be stunted having no competent protection on either side. Which is the worst part of this all.
  6. So is his cap hit now just $150k? That's the real rub I guess, because it'd allow us to go make a trade. If we're still charged the full cap hit on the season that's total BS and the NFL botched the amendment. While it couldn't have come at a worse position for this team, it's an opt out that may do wonders for the back end of his contract. Guy can play when he's healthy, he's just not healthy often enough.
  7. So with MLB, NBA & NHL all officially opening back up, it's abundantly clear that the only way a full NFL season is going to be played is if they go the bubble route. I don't know how this works, or if the infrastructure is even available. Maybe a bubble per division and the first 8 weeks are all in-division games? Then there's a "travel bye" for all teams to relocate to their new bubbles and play their remaining schedules? Idk, glad it's not my job - but it's clear a traveling schedule won't work. Zero positive tests in the NBA & NHL bubbles vs 6 MLB teams on pause through the first 10 days of their season says it all. NFL must adapt accordingly. As far as players getting it goes... (Disclaimer: I don't wish it on anyone since the symptoms are so drastic/unpredictable from person to person). From a team and football/competition only standpoint, getting it right now is probably for the better. It sounds like there's not a full on herd immunity, and antibodies only last a few months, but guys who get it and kick it now may be less likely to have their season interrupted. Obviously I'd prefer no players get it and the league goes to a bubble system so the players are at a much lower risk-level (as seen in the caseloads of NBA/NHL vs MLB).
  8. With that out of the way, what's media access like for these practices? Any allowed in? Jacked up for this rookie class and thirsty for some reports!
  9. If the NFL doesn't adapt and switch to a bubble system, there's not going to be a full season. Goodell needs to learn from the disaster that is the MLB season.
  10. Gotta think outside just their Broncos years. Ward was very good with the Browns, usually one of the highest graded safeties on an annual basis. A marquee free agent when we signed him. But yes, a decline starting in 2016 does leave a lot of decade left.
  11. I enjoy this type of article, even more right now. Several Broncos stalwarts earned high grades in ProFootballFocus Top 1010 of the 2010's. Broncos stalwarts: 7. Von Miller - The decades number 1 rated edge defender of the 2010's, there's really no competition for this spot. 12. Chris Harris Jr. - Seeing him in a Chargers uniform this year will make my stomach turn. He's turned into my favorite Bronco ever. The #1 slot cornerback of the decade, perhaps of all time? #2 overall cornerback of the decade, and #2 overall defensive back of the decade. 18. Peyton Manning - Greatest QB of all time as far as I'm concerned, just not his best decade. 85. Aqib Talib - Such a beast, I remember thinking there there was no way Denver was losing Super Bowl 50 after he took a penalty on what was really a dirty play in Super Bowl 50. It was the first time in the game Carolina was anywhere near the end zone and he pretty much ripped somoenes head off instead of letting them get in. It was a tone setting moment early in that game. 87. Emmanuel Sanders - He's just good no matter where you put him. Catches everything, so fun to watch, miss that guy. Broncos Contributors in the 2010's 14. Evan Mathis - Can't remember if he was in Denver for 1 or 2 years, but one was a Super Bowl year. Guy was so good and so consistent in Philly. Such a good get cheap off injury. 61. Brandon Marshall - Not sure if he even played with Denver in the 2010's or if his trade came before that. Not gonna look it up. Either way, beast. Making dinner and scanning through the article, might have missed some other guys with short stints with the Broncos. Thoughts on omissions? I thought Demaryius would have made the list. Boss Ward is a surprising omission, he was one of the better in the box safeties for a good portion of the decade.
  12. Chock it up to a kid being a kid. I get what you're saying, he's kind of a goofball, doesn't look like a natural dancer lol. But, I don't think he's the type to dance or rap when the teams down. Think of him as a guy who just wears his emotions on his sleeves, peeved when the teams down excited and goofy when they're up. He'll grow, he's competitive, but doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. I just see a guy who cares, and that's more than I've seen from any Elway draft pick at QB thus far. Honestly I've realized over the last few years, especially in the NFL, getting guys who care about winning and their on field performance when they're making this kinda money is half the battle. The quote about getting weapons in the draft but needing to go to work went a long way with me.
  13. Completely agree. Piggybacking off my previous post a little, but Elway appears to have found the QB he trusts, and he's surrounded him with dynamic weapons and a proven OC. Elway & every other GM who finds themselves with a good QB on a rookie deal, no doubt wants to use the "rookie contract QB" window to chase a title. While money talks, Lock taking a big leap will go a LONG way to help recruiting players who can help get us there.
  14. Music to my ears. Lock is my surprise pick. (pound on wood) He's going to surprise with the size of the leap he takes in year two. We're all expecting progression based on his 5 game sample size last year. I think we're going to get more than "steady growth" out of him. Of Elway's QB draft picks, he's the first I've been really high on, I was admittedly concerned based on some of Fangio's comments mid-year, basically the threat of not activating him at all in his rookie year. Once he got on the field, albeit with training wheels on, he looked the part. We've seen the investment in the QB position by Elway with Brock and Paxton, but it never translated onto the field like it appears to with Lock. Brock had moments of competence, but he played scared and just couldn't handle the pressure, everything about him on the field screamed anxiety. Lock on the other hand is fiery, into the game, you can tell he loves being out there and playing - I never saw even a speck of that from Brock. In short, Lock has intangibles that no Elway drafted QB has, he was dropping dimes when he was allowed to throw middle or deep distance, he has the pedigree, and the skill set. On the flip side of this, Elway has never gone all in on supporting a young QB the way he appears to be doing with Lock. Yes, we did have more weapons in place at those times with Demaryius and Manny in their primes. But to me his moves along the OL and at WR/TE through the draft, he appears to be aiming at supporting Lock and building around him. In short, Lock has Elway's confidence, no other young QB ever did. I'll also say, I love his comments after the draft. He was initially giddy, but this week shut it all down and said they've got to get to work and that it means nothing til they make things happen on the field. I also think the situation that the country is in now will benefit Lock. It's going to force him to do a lot more film study, self diagnosis, and learning Shurmurs playbook. I think having that extra study time is going to help with his self awareness, maybe cut down on some of the risky throws he's been willing to take that lead to turnovers.
  15. I wasn't able to do my regular amount of draft research this year, so these grades have nothing to do with who we passed up on. As far as I see it these guys are Broncos now whether we agreed with the pick in the moment or not and I'm basing my grades off their potential, how they fit, the dynamic they add, and if they can contribute quickly in some way. ---------------------------------------- Jerry Jeudy: A+ -- Everything about it is a slam dunk. We didn't lose assets with a move up, he's the drafts best receiver, high ceiling and prob the highest floor, most importantly, if Sutton were to go down the Broncos would have zero capable receivers. This pick solves a lot. KJ Hamler: B+ -- Initially I didn't like this pick. Short receivers relying on their speed tend to bust more often, and I generally don't like using premium picks on the profile. With a little bit of time to digest, and think through the pick, I get it. The offense clearly needs top end speed, Hamler provides a needed field stretcher to create space and keep DB's from cheating up. Just by keeping opposing DB's honest, it's going to help the rest of our offensive weaponry. This grade is less about the player and more about how his skill set can make life easier for Sutton, Fant Jeudy, and the RB's. OH and if he can be a dynamic returner and give our offense field position advantages that I feel like we never have, huge win. Michael Ojemudia: D+ -- I can't get on board with this one. He's toolsy, from a size/speed perspective, from what I've read he flashes on tape sometimes. The reason I can't get around this one is that we've drafted this profile in this spot so many times and have failed to develop it. DB's who come here need to be abundantly talented like Roby's and Justin Simmons, or have a Mamba Mentality/chip on their shoulder like Chris Harris to overcome our inability to properly develop these mid round CB's. Just my take, hopefully this guys got the mental fortitude to become something. Other side note, idk how he projects to zone and have to just trust Vic knows what he's looking for. Lloyd Cushenberry: A -- Pretty confident this guys gonna start from week one and start for years. Smart, instinctive, crazy long arms, love the profile, love the fit, fills a need. McTelvin Agim: B -- I have questions, a top 20 recruit why did his stock slip to this level? Work ethic, or did OL's prioritize coverage towards him - I've heard the latter. Either way, it's a very intriguing, moldable package. I trust Kollar with development, and this guys got athleticism, and the scouting reports say he can get into the backfield while being a big body, you can never have too much of that. Big Al: B+ -- Wasn't sure at first. A few good points came up in this forum. Most importantly, he has the athleticism for the offense to (hopefully) not skip a beat if a Fant injury were to happen. Really good production in his time with Lock. If he cleans up the technical aspects of his game, route running, etc, he could be the developmental mid round type of TE that emerges as a pass catcher. Honestly, if this guy pans out, the. Broncos offense has so many combinations that create mismatches that it is straight up scary. Justin Strnad: B- -- In round 5 I care mostly about contribution. This guy doesn't sound like someone who will become a standout on defense, but he should make the roster and immediately contribute on special teams where he's apparently a stud. On the d side, I've read play speed is much better than timed speed and he's a zone fit. Netani Muti: A+ -- When I was doing the PFF draft simulator this guy was always showing up as a suggestion in round 2/3 so I read up a bit. He seems like the iOL version of Tua. If he's healthy, he's going to be good. Big if, but this isn't the 5th overall pick, it's the 181st. I get the fall, 300+ pound guy with multiple Achilles and foot injuries is going to fall no matter what. Everything I read said this guy is pretty athletic and flattens people. I want as much competition as possible along the OL, I think creating competition raises performance and doing that in front of a young QB who we want to be the franchise guy is every bit as important as getting him weapons. This pick injects more talent into that competition. Derrek Tuszka: C- -- it's a flier, I get it. Maybe he contributed as a special teamer, maybe he's an effort pass rusher. It's tough to find a path for him to make roster as far as I can see. ---------------------------------- Overall I give this draft an A- Elway and co did a great job picking offensive players who will help Lock's development, make the offense more dynamic, and open things up for our studs. It all makes sense when you put the puzzle pieces together. The one miss, in my eyes is that Elway failed to add any competition at OT. Excited for where this team is heading.
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