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  1. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    Conor Williams is the guy from Texas AAA is referring to. He looks good from what I’ve seen and read (not much). My understanding is that injuries this year have him in the early 2nd round, but after last year he was a top 10 guy. Mike McGlinchey from ND is the top tackle in the class. His stock as a top 15 guy has held steady since last year where he was projected if he came out. Quentin Nelson is a day 1 difference maker at G too, also from ND. Two guys projected in second round right now who I’m really intrigued by are ... Maurice Hurst... 45 QB pressures on the season leads the nation. That sort of production typically translates very well. Never been a fan of early round running backs, but Kerryon Johnson running style is so much like Le’Veon Bells that it intrigues me. Not sure if he can do what Le’Veon does as a pass catcher, but think he’ll be a value.
  2. Random Thoughts

    stadium tour booked!
  3. Random Thoughts

    I think I'll probably just stay safe and use NE. Their used-rate among my opponents is over 70%.
  4. Random Thoughts

    Yea see this is the vacation stuff I'm worried about cuz I didn't even know it was Peterman time again lol. I like that setup better. Jets do tempt me this week though, they're playing pretty well lately. A lot of that success has been through the air though, and while Robby Anderson's been nice, not sure he does much against the no fly zone.
  5. Random Thoughts

    I actually just look for consensus among cbs sportsline computer model, the pro football focus picks, vegas line and then I read Evan Silva's matchups column to see if the mismatches make sense to me. Here's the shape I'm in. Don't have to make two picks until week 16 Used: PIT, OAK, GB, SEA, PHI, WSH, TEN, CIN, NO, LAR, JAX, ATL, LAC Best available: NE, MIN, DAL, CAR, DET, BAL, NYJ, BUF, KC My Optimal Schedule: Week 14: DAL @ NYG ... considering NYJ @ DEN, BUF vs IND Week 15: DET vs CHI ... considering MIN vs CIN Week 16: CAR vs TB, BAL vs IND ... considering NE vs BUF Week 17: MIN vs CHI, KC @ DEN ... considering BUF @ MIA
  6. Random Thoughts

    Made it to Denver. Still alive in that huge money survivor, feel that's at risk now being on vacation.... like a feeling that I'll slip up!
  7. Week 12 GDT: Broncos @ Dolphins

    Picking in top 5 is rare for this franchise, so we'd better get the QB while we have the premium pick. I know there are other needs but in a solid QB class at the top any pick but QB is a mistake. This years team's a joke. Didn't watch the game, but to get blown out by Miami, who by the analytics is the worst team in the league is a low point. Broncos will lose out, and that's honestly what they need to do. Bring on the L's. I'll be in town for the beat down that the Jets will surely put on em next week.
  8. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    I'm very wary of a QB whose teammates dislike him, that's a bad sign right there. Honestly, with that, Rosen is on my do not draft list. Darnold would be awesome. One slightly scary situation though, is Lamar Jackson is gonna end up a top 5 pick. Scouts see a 4% jump in completion % year over year, electric running ability, and he'll throw well for scouts because every NFL QB Prospect throws well to receivers with no defenders, and the scouting community will vault him into the top 5. While I want a franchise QB, I fear our situation at the tackle position could ruin whoever we draft.
  9. RUMOR: Vance Joseph to be let go?

    David Shaw would be a dream scenario, but hasn't he said a few years in a row now that he's not interested in leaving Stanford? It's a shame that we picked the wrong "hot coordinator" because that's mostly the only way you reach the promised land or develop a dynasty. Constantly recycled NFL head coaches are for the most part worthless. They haven't figured it out, most likely won't, and the game is moving in a new direction that they're typically unwilling to adapt to. Teryl Austin has been the best candidate, imo, the last two times we've interviewed for head coaching candidates. Not even sure he got an interview this last time around.
  10. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    Me either, but fan bases of those bad teams that we're to play are saying the exact same thing. There's a few coin toss games is all. The good thing is a couple of the teams in front of us may not look to the QB position this year... SF and NYG. Those picks could be up for grabs, Denver will finally be in reachable distance.
  11. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    Not when you look at the trash that Denver faces to close out the season... Denver will finish season, unfortunately with 4-5 wins.
  12. Who’s Worse - Vance or Mac?

    Why? He's a 5th rounder who was overhyped by the media going into the season and hasn't been able to hack it when it matters. He needs to get out of his own head if he wants to have any kind of career in this league. The defense for sure resents the offense at this point. No surprise there's fights breaking out.
  13. Who’s Worse - Vance or Mac?

    Speaking of soft, yeesh. McKenzie needs to honestly just be told to leave the team and come back next year for OTA's and Mini Camp with a rejuvenated mental state. Whatever flashes he'd shown in training camp, he's not the same player, probably not the same person anymore. Seems like a guy in major need of a mental break. It's a bit of a shock that this team is this bad based on how the season started... but prior to that early season success this is pretty much what I expected. This team is poor on both lines and that's finally shining through. DL still better than expected, but if you're going to roll out low-talent QB's you better have an OL that's not going to get your QB killed. The OL play is pretty much exactly to expectations this year. We were set up from the beginning to have a sieve at right tackle... Menelik Watson was Donald Stephenson 2.0, not going to magically turn into something he never was just because he came to the Broncos. If a marginal QB can't be kept clean they'll look like a 3rd string or college QB, and if that is the case very few teams can be good.
  14. Random Thoughts

    Towards the end of the year they'll probably need to go to 2 per week to get it down to 1 final survivor. Of the final 92 that went into this week, 50% took the Chiefs today, I took the Jags. Another person took the Dolphins. So out of about 2,500 I've made the final 45... Getting very interesting!
  15. Random Thoughts

    Yea I've got the jags penciled in for this week. I've got the rest of my year mapped out. Trying to be prepared for when we start to pick 2 teams per week. Pool is down to 92 though!