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  1. Forum by Forum Mock Draft - Pick 5

    Quentin Nelson
  2. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    Lmao Todd Davis is like the crazy girlfriend Elway can’t seem to let go of. prob knows it’s bad but can’t quit it.
  3. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    It's weird to draft a guard that high, but we're talking about a generational talent in Nelson. I liken it to the boost the Cowboys line saw the year they added Zach Martin. The surrounding pieces aren't as good as what the Cowboys had, but if you draft Nelson you're elite at the position for 12 years.
  4. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    The pursuit of the higher end tackles leads me to believe the front office LOVES Quenton Nelson. He'd be the 5th and final piece of the OL rebuild if a RT was found in free agency. With that piece in place, it gives a young QB a much better chance at success. Hopefully they've learned they need the line in place if they want to develop a QB successfully.
  5. Broncos rumors

    Just the names that we're linked to leads me to believe this front office is much more prepared than they were last year.
  6. Broncos rumors

    TJ Carrie would be a strong buy! I wonder where Nigel Bradham is going. That guys gonna get paid with how bad the market is for linebackers.
  7. Broncos rumors

    Anyone hearing anything interesting regarding Broncos?
  8. Broncos rumors

  9. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    CLE does have a good OL, Stephenson is a terrible signing though, he can't play any position at an NFL level. The other guy they just grabbed though, Hubbard, from the Steelers is a good get. He graded pretty much average at right tackle last year, but he can play all 5 positions. CLE is in on Solder too, makes me believe it's the end of the Joe Thomas era.
  10. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    With the pay cuts he was taking last year I thought for sure there would be no market for him once he reached free agency. Still not sure why there was a market for him lol.
  11. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    Not saying that's what our plan is... just think if a window were to open where the Broncos would be legitimate contenders again it would be no sooner.
  12. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    Nailed it. Oh and there's still cap room to address other needs and depth. Room that wouldn't have been there if we signed Cousins.
  13. Broncos rumors

    LOL the Redskins got Alex Smith a deep threat
  14. Broncos rumors

    The fact that the front office is actually making calls on multiple tackles has me encouraged. Checked in on Jawuan James and Solder. Been like a 4 year wish of mine to have a complete OL lol.
  15. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    Ummm... take him. Keenum isn't going to make us pass up if one of the top 2 QB's is on the board. We are the Bears of last year, sitting at 5 instead of 2. If Trubisky went 1 the Bears woulda traded back. He was there at 2 so they took him. Glennon just bought the Bears time and gave them the option to trade back. That's all Keenum is. Why's this so hard?