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  1. Smart approach w the pass rush aging out. A “no fly zone” secondary will help Von as he loses a step.
  2. The other good thing about this pick, it sets our offense up to run to setup the pass rather than the opp way. Thats a big deal when Lock/Teddy are throwing the ball.
  3. im philosophically opposed to RB in first 3 rounds, but i actually understand it, and am with this one. The roster has small holes on offense (RT) and defense (ILB, SS a year from now), and one gaping hole at QB. Knowing you’re going to get sub-standard QB play, you need explosive playmakers around that sub-standard QB. WR check. TE check. RB ehhhh. The kids a complete back and i expect this pick to make a difference in a lot of areas we sucked last year, 3rd down, sustaining drives. You need to ground and pound when you’re stuck with Lock/Teddy at QB. MG3 is declining and can’t
  4. massive amounts of cold water being thrown on this now.
  5. Guy just won MVP and this franchise cant develop a QB. Don't overthink this.
  6. Didnt Paton basically come out and say no one has asked about Lock? To me that means he holds no value in a trade.
  7. Another argument for Fields is Teddy is probably good enough as the starter in this offense to take Denver completely out of the range to draft an upper tier QB next year. Fields is there you’ve gotta grab em... still could see them passing.
  8. It’s a really good trade, imo. 6th is nothing, doesn't really impact the cap, expiring contract, phenomenal character and a pro that will be a good influence on this young room. It’s all been said in posts prior to this. The trade gives Paton flexibility that didn’t really exist at pick 9, the options were pretty much wait for a QB or trade up for a QB. I was hoping to see some aggression in moving up for a QB in the first round. Now I think its just a matter of who falls to 9, if Fields is available i hope we dont pass. If all that’s left for QB’s is Mac, please do pass. Ha
  9. I believe Mac to 9ers mostly due to Chris Simms take on Shanny wanting a QB immediately ready. Believe Simms and Shanny are buds. Not what i would do, but a guy could hope. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Fwiw Kiper made it sound like the first 3 picks are locked in and Lance and Fields will be the QB’s left. Count me in for Fields.
  11. Haven’t caught up to replies but want to jump in on the Fuller news. So, going blind on the forums opinion on George Paton, but I think his first free agency has been a massive success. 1. Get some cornerback help ✅ 2. Re-sign our studs ✅ 3. Manage into a favorable cap situation. ✅ —— #3 assumes spotrac’s cap tab is updated and accurate. Not saying this is a finished roster, but I like what’s been done to this point, especially while maintaining a favorable cap situation that makes paying a QB (if one becomes available) possible.
  12. I agree, I think you throw the kitchen sink at Houston and go get Watson. Here's my rationale. With Lock at the top of this depth chart, we're going to be spending at least one first round pick on a QB in the next year or two. It could be multiple firsts in order to move into position to get our guy. So that's potentially two firsts for another unknown. Deshaun Watson is 25 years old, there are 10-15 good years left in his career. The Broncos have 4 of 5 starting OL spots filled for the next 4-5 years. We're set to stage the best line we've had in a decade. See poin
  13. Honestly, cuz theres not an alternative with any better upside. Its that simple. Only realistic option I can think of is Darnold. short of trading into the top 2, this franchise is stuck in QB purgatory.
  14. Vet will surely come in but if a vet is coming in to compete, it better not be some journeyman who we already know the outcome. Bring me a vet with upside. A former good prospect who was grossly mismanaged. Bring me Sam Darnold to compete.
  15. Honestly, theres nothing wrong w that. Especially when the core of our offense is almost entirely under 25 years old. Lock’s got what 9 games in Shurmurs system? Familiarity, time to mature and study his faults. Time to gel with his receivers, every one of them this year who is basically new to him. Sutton, Jeudy, Hamler, Fant have still never been on the field all at the same time. Four of five of our OL you can write in with a Sharpie for the next 4 years. This is the first time in a decade you can say that about Denvers OL. Giving this another season to all come to
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