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  1. Expectations for the Broncos this season?

    I agree, I don't think thats outside the realm of possibilities. I'm becoming more confident in the OL - I think we could be decent 4 across, but have a turnstile at RT. The D is going to regress though, I think we're going to get run all over, and this is not a good division to have that problem in.
  2. Broncos RB DeAngelo Henderson

    I think at draft time we all kind of wrote this pick off. "Another short speedy guy" was a typical theme by that point in the draft. No one was really happy with the pick at the time of the draft. I want to take this opportunity to do some further digging on DeAngelo Henderson. Every fantasy article I read he's Denver's "under the radar" or "fantasy steal." The MJD comparisons are also becoming more prevalent. So what has changed since the draft? We've seen one impressive game. We've heard solid reports from camp, and we've had time to settle down from our snap reaction at draft time and really look into his measurables and college production. With what we know now, he looks like a pretty impressive prospect, and the "steal" label is making a lot of sense. So how have your opinions changed on this prospect? What are your new expectations for DeAngelo Henderson? I almost wouldn't be mad if Jamaal Charles didn't make the team and we got to see more of DeAngelo this year.
  3. Broncos @ Bears GDT: Preseason Week 1

    I actually think we're in pretty solid shape on the interior of the OL. Allen Barbre hasn't gotten the reps yet, but he probably ends up the starter at one of the guard spots. An interior of Barbre-Paradis-Leary is a formidable group. The Barbre trade didn't get much mention but it was one of the better moves this offseason, he graded out above average on a good Eagles line last season. If/when he enters the starting lineup, he shouldn't be a liability, which for this OL is huge. I'm also intrigued by McGovern, loved him as a prospect and if he can beat Barbre out for a starting guard job I think that's saying something. Garcia should be our 4th guard, it should take two injuries for him to enter back into the starting lineup once things get straightened out - by that I mean Paradis back, and Barbre or McGovern starting.
  4. Broncos QB Battle

    He did need to get one top shelf guy, that's for sure. But relative to the rest of the leagues cap space, the space the broncos had (seemingly a lot), wasn't much. Also, Elway was probably smart to not blow his load on position players last offseason in case a QB didn't emerge and he would have to pay a FA down the line. He knows QB is key to SB success... SB50 was a complete anomaly, almost never does a team win with a weak QB and great d. Twice in 20 years that's happened.
  5. Broncos QB Battle

    Not that I want to play the long game, but this defense needs at least 3 improvements in the front 7, looking at NT, DE and ILB. That doesn't account for depth needed either. The run defense is porous as currently constructed. This teams further off than just a QB from competing for Super Bowls.
  6. Broncos QB Battle

    Problem is the roster surrounding those QB's cannot compete for a Super Bowl. Does Elway spend the money knowing the surrounding pieces will get him to mediocrity and a cap situation that will take years to fix? Idk.
  7. Musing From Broncos Training Camp

    I agree, and part of that is scary. Our front 7 has fallen so far from the SB run. I think Bolles-Barbre-Paradis-Leary is decent. Right tackle will remain a mess. I wonder if any interesting camp cuts will happen at the tackle position.
  8. Broncos QB Battle

    Time to get Phil Simms back in the booth! Nvm that's more annoying than our QB situation.
  9. Musing From Broncos Training Camp

    Without Wolfe which line is worse? Dead serious.
  10. Musing From Broncos Training Camp

    Yea he definitely seems like the type of guy who doesn't want to sound the alarm to the media.. like he's not trying to cause panic, even though it's just football lol. Barbre may be shaping up to be the most important acquisition of the offseason.
  11. Random (Deep) Thoughts

    Going to lock this up, but I will add the schedule to the first post of the "intro" thread.
  12. Broncos @ Bears GDT: Preseason Week 1

    Let's be honest, did we really think going into this season the team had any chance of impressing, hell any chance of improving was a long shot. The front office did as close to nothing as possible to fix the teams most glaring weaknesses. OL was addressed with Leary, but there were 4 gaping holes on the OL. Watson was a Stephenson level signing, a hope and a prayer, but he's never done anything in this league. This left us handcuffed into Bolles in the first round (which I'm not mad about). The scheme change should allow the unit to show improvement, as the majority of the bodies on the line were running a scheme under Kubiak that didn't fit their skill sets. DL and the porous run d was addressed with an aging Domato Peko, really just a big body at this stage, and Zack Kerr who we all put our hopes in. Guy couldn't get playing time on the Colts perennially bad DL. He's going to come here and start and bring our run d back to legitimacy? The offseason moves, or lack thereof signaled that we're entering a rebuild. If the front office were serious about competing for a championship this year they'd have paid the rental price for Sheldon Richardson. With that said, I don't think a rebuild is the wrong move. Cap wise last offseason the team was in a weird spot where they had money to spend, but relative to the rest of the league that money wasn't going to be well spent, as they couldn't compete with offers for the best players. Instead Elway threw darts at guys like Peko, Kerr and Watson, who realistically were never going to solve the teams problems. Better to build the financial war chest than get into bad long term deals. However, as fans we'll just have to suffer through more mediocrity.
  13. Broncos @ Bears GDT: Preseason Week 1

    Not noticing an OL is typically a good thing lol... means they're not killing the team.
  14. Broncos @ Bears GDT: Preseason Week 1

    Agree. He's got tools but I never trusted intangibles or the football mind being there at all. Obvious bust candidate at the draft.
  15. Broncos QB Battle

    How's the saying go? If you have 2 QB's then you don't have 1... That's where this franchise is at, I think.