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  1. Once again, Chris Myers, Gregg Jennings and Brock Huard with the call. I thought they were okay last week. Northwest Wisconsin gets the Viking game. https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2020&wk=2
  2. There's really not much difference in average salary between an elite (Top 5) RT vs. G. LT is a different story. I suppose you move Jenkins if you feel it's easier to find G's than RT's. The question is whether you're convinced Jenkins can be as dominant a player at RT as he appears to be at LG. Personally, I like the idea of having 2 dominant players on the same side of the line.
  3. Bak/Jenkins/Hanson/Runyan/Wagner. Unless Turner gets better, I don't think he's back. Packers can save 3.5 M by cutting him after this year. He's not worth the money unless he takes a pay cut.
  4. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/ryan-pope/e0K1PAmHsu
  5. Well, you know, Lane Taylor was once a UDFA. At any rate, if he is signed, it's unlikely he'll be on the 53. Jake Hanson or Zach Johnson would likely be elevated from the PS. As a lifelong Catholic, I'm all for bringing in Pope.
  6. About the only injury news we'll get out of LaFleur is when they release the injury reports starting Wednesday. But I think it's really hard to put a timeline on this type of injury.
  7. If it comes down to keeping Jones or Bakhtiari, I think it has to be Bakhtiari. It not so much about who is the better player as it is about who would be the most difficult to replace.
  8. I think he's T.J. Lang. I'll be surprised if he's not the Packers starting RG next year. If not this year.
  9. Barnes looks like a guy with the instincts to play LB. Burks has always looked like an athlete trying to play LB. Strange to me that Barnes was so overlooked coming out of UCLA. Sure he's a little undersized, but so are a lot of coverage LB's in the NFL now.
  10. With the makeshift offensive line, I'm sure the TE's/HB's were doing a lot of blocking. On 78 offensive snaps, Tonyan had 48 snaps, Lewis 32, DeGuara 24, Sternberger 12, and Lovett 1.https://www.acmepackingcompany.com/by-the-numbers/2020/9/14/21436016/packers-week-1-snap-counts-robert-tonyan-does-the-heavy-lifting-at-te That comes out to 1.5 per snap. Elsewhere, Barnes with 15 snaps compared to 3 for Burks. Not due to injury either since Burks had 18 ST snaps. Redmond had 24 snaps, mostly as dime LB.
  11. Noticed Ngakoue had all zeros except for one QB hit. Was that the play where someone pushed Rodgers after the play was over?
  12. To be honest, you need to see an eye doctor.
  13. Today was the most points Packers have ever scored in a season opener.
  14. The Rams uniforms make my eyes hurt.
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