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  1. Joe Barry just finished his PC. Talked quite a bit about the importance on the nickel corner position. I was glad to hear that because I think the Packers have tried to get by with lesser talents at that position for a while. Also talked about the ILB's needing to be guys who are instinctual. Probably bad news for Oren Burks.
  2. Depends on how good of a Tackle they think he can be. If he's a top notch Tackle, sure. But if he's just going to be average, I'd rather put him at C or LG where he can be a Pro Bowl player and try to find my top notch Tackle elsewhere.
  3. He was moved to IR in October. Don't know what the injury was. At Oregon QB was always in shotgun or pistol so Hanson was going to have to learn some adjustments. I doubt Packers are looking for him to be a starter in 2021.
  4. Runyan had 160 snaps, 0 sacks, 1.5 pressures, 2 bad runs, 0 penalties. And that was coming in cold off the bench. I think there's every reason to think he can play LG at a pretty high level. Less certain about RT. My guess is the starting RT will be an inexpensive FA pickup or a high draft pick. I think Jenkins will be the C and Runyan the LG.
  5. Out of the 3 big money guys (Jones, Linsley, Watt) they can likely only sign 1. Of the 3, I think Watt has the most potential for additional impact. You lose Jones you can replace him with Dillon. Different type of player but a stud nonetheless. You lose Linsley you can replace him with Jenkins and don't miss a thing. You sign Watt and he replaces Dean Lowry.
  6. I'll be very surprised if Packers don't have a RB other than Dillon getting significant carries. In 2018 when MLF had Derrick Henry, Dion Lewis got 155 carries. In 2019 Jamaal Williams had 107. In 2020 Williams had 119. There will be a significant 2nd back. Might be Williams. Might be a FA pickup. Might be a rookie.
  7. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30963821/nflpa-demaurice-smith-tells-agents-collude-offers-ensure-teams-not-limiting-salaries-source-says
  8. I'm okay with him bouncing a lot as long as he can pummel when he needs to. He averaged 5.3 YPC. If he can accomplish something like that, I don't care if he does it by turning cartwheels. Although I wouldn't recommend it.
  9. In the case of Linsley I think it means goodbye. If they're still looking to sign Jones, it might make sense they haven't talked to Williams since there's no way they are going to sign both. If the Jones talks fall through, I suspect they might show some interest in Williams.
  10. PFF rated Patrick Queen 89th out of 90 qualifying LB's. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-5-disappointing-rookies-from-2020-jeff-okudah-andrew-thomas-patrick-queen-isaiah-wilson-henry-ruggs. Biggest reason being 22 missed tackles. Queen might develop into a good player, but he would not have made the Packer defense better last year. I wonder if he would have remained in the starting lineup.
  11. No. If they trade him before June 1 they will have 8M dead money. After June 1 it would be 4M in 2021 and 4M in 2022.
  12. I agree that there is reason to believe Dillon can be a big play guy. Last year Jones and Derrick Henry had the same number of 40+ yard runs - 4. Jones, Henry and Dillon all ran about the same 40 time. Of course there is more to breaking big runs than flat out speed, but a Dillon running at full speed is as good a bet to break a long one as Jones was.
  13. Could Watt be more affordable than some people think? https://www.si.com/nfl/packers/news/watts-quiet-free-agent-market-could-benefit-packers “He’s not in a hurry because he’s not getting the offers he wants,” a source said. Werder reported Watt’s priorities were a quarterback, supporting cast and money, in that order. However, the longer Watt remains a free agent, the less the chance he receives anything even in the ballpark of the $17.5 million he passed up by being granted his release from the Houston Texans 10 days ago. At the time, a source bel
  14. Overthecap offers an explanation. I can't quite figure it out, but it does seem the 2021 salary cap would affect it. https://overthecap.com/franchise-transition-and-rfa-tenders/ Franchise and transition tenders are calculated by adding the respective tag numbers, divided by the sum of the salary caps, from the previous five seasons, and finally multipled by the current season's salary cap. Franchise tag figures are based upon the top five salaries at each respective position, while transition tag figures are based on the top ten.
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