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  1. What a beatdown going on in Buffalo. Mac Jones needs some WR's to throw to.
  2. Today is Matt LaFleur's birthday. Nice present he got from Rodgers.
  3. Maybe he got it from Jake From State Farm and Mahomes will test positive too.
  4. Very unimpressive night for Vikings offense.
  5. Man, that collision is everything the NFL doesn't want to see on kickoff returns. A guy slamming head first into somebody's knee. One guy with a concussion, the other with a season-ending knee injury. A few years ago when they changed the kickoff rules, my recollection is that there were some owners who wanted to just eliminate the kickoff return altogether. I wonder if that discussion might get revived.
  6. Hard to predict what will happen in the offseason. Right now though, he does not sound like someone who wants out of Green Bay.
  7. They have 4 TE's on the roster, and one on the PS. I doubt we'll see a trade.
  8. LaFleur sounded emotional and tired in his PC. Good thing this team has some time off. I think everyone's a bit drained right now, especially after seeing more players go down.
  9. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32397143/in-wake-jon-gruden-resignation-offensive-emails-raiders-qb-derek-carr-says-open-everything-nfl-teams-correspondence No word yet on whether Carr also thinks the private emails and texts of players should be made public. I'll wait.
  10. I don't see any NFL team hiring him. He's not worth the baggage. He's 22-31 since returning to he Raiders. He hasn't won a playoff game since he won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's defense. There is however a lot of trash sports journalism out there. Someone will likely hire him.
  11. That's not tampering. If it were, here would never be any trades in the NFL. Now, if they contacted Rodgers to ask if he'd be interested in coming to San Francisco, that would be tampering.
  12. With Rodgers missing the last 2 Packers Steelers games with broken collarbones, this will be his 1st appearance against Steelers since Super Bowl XLV.
  13. 37 second drive as seen from the stands.
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