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  1. No. 2022 is $26.470.588 base salary, $19.173.568 signing bonus, $500.000 workout bonus. It's in the link I posted, or overthecap if you prefer.
  2. No, for 2022 it's 19M bonus and 26M base. You can lower the cap hit for the base salary a lot, depending on how hard you're willing to push it to the 2023 cap. For example if you convert those 26M to a signing bonus and add 3 additional years (that he will never see) you can push almost 20M to future years, that would be added to the already existing 8M cap hit for 2023. https://overthecap.com/player/aaron-rodgers/1085/
  3. Seen you post this many times today and I was indifferent but this one cracked me up for some reason
  4. I'm kinda impressed by defense other than the first drive... yeah the Bears O sucks but we've lost like 5 of our top 6-7 defenders or something, at least we seem to have a pulse
  5. It actually looked like a hit on the shoulder in one of the replay angles, not sure it was helmet to helmet
  6. The refs are just terrible, I don't think they try to favor one team or the other. They're just incompetent
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