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  1. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    AND if he doesn't he'll just say "I told you so". Win / win for @Outpost31
  2. Nick Perry 3 batted passes Clay a crucial sack Sackrell a couple of good TFLs They did just enough to have Gute ignore the position before the trade deadline IMO
  3. Mason Crosby Appreciation Thread

    Nice tackle, move him to safety
  4. We're going 6-1-(-1) vs the Rams then. I'll take it
  5. Extend Mike McCarthy

    Some of you are blinded by the success that emanates from Mike and can only draw your weapons in response when you should be kneeling.
  6. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Wasn't it you that spotted Rodgers asking to get the damn call during this game?
  7. Green Bay Packers Depreciation Thread

    Our offense is pretty talented IMO other than interior oline and backup TEs, which is kinda nitpicking tbh. We've restocked RB and WR pretty well considering our investment these last two years - judge is still out on the WRs but they're looking good at the moment. Ironically our defense could use an influx of talent even though we've been spending all of our premium picks on that side of the ball - 10 out of 12 picks in the first three rounds during the last 4 years were spent on defense. I chose 4 years because that's what rookie contracts last but the trend goes back to 2012.
  8. Three 100 yard receivers this game
  9. Some don't even care about their own tbh
  10. Extend Mike McCarthy

    I think we're achieving the right balance of jinx threads, optimism, frustration and heart attacks. This has the makings of a legendary season.
  11. It wasn't a comment on the amount of flags but rather their impact in the game. Just a random thought I had listening to the crowd cheer.
  12. It says a lot about the NFL that penalties are some of the most cheered plays
  13. Snapping with 2 seconds after a delay of game. WTF is up with that
  14. Keep Crazy Tony out of the field when the game is on the line please
  15. We take Adams for granted, need to appreciate him more. What a beast