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  1. There basically two types of "guaranteed" money: Signing bonus: this is money that was actually already paid to the player at the time of the contract signing but its cap is spread over 5 years or the length of the contract, whichever is shorter. If you release/trade a player before that cap hit has been accounted for it's accelerated to the current year (or part to the current and part to the next if it's a post June 1st cut). This does not have any impact on the receiving team if there is a trade, 100% of this is on the trading team. Future guarantees: if your contract includes a
  2. Average TOP 10 contract from OverTheCap: Position Top 10 LT $17.198.750 RT $11.883.000 RG $11.273.000 C $10.734.060 LG $10.296.100 However, the differences start much higher and then RG, LG and even RT go way down while Center stays pretty much flat: This can be easily seen in the 10th contract for each position: Position 10th contract LT $14.500.000 C $9.500.000 RT $8.125.000 LG $6.200.000 RG $5.400.000
  3. When will artists realize that the Halftime Show isn't the moment for freaking ballads. Half of the European viewers just fell asleep and will wake up in the morning not knowing what happened.
  4. That Wiki bit means he was DC in the 2007 and 2008 seasons, not the 2007-2008 season.
  5. Goff had more guarantees than just the signing bonus, Detroit takes 43M in guarantees. They go to his next team if traded but it’s a huge deterrent for any team considering trading for him.
  6. It's not a heartbreaking Packers loss if there aren't 15 egregious mistakes and we could have gotten away with any combination of 14 of those.
  7. There were hundreds of things that sucked today, as is customary in the NFCCG, but it absolutely sucks donkey balls to end it all with a ******* terrible call after the one in the Rodgers' pick wasn't called and literally changed all the momentum in the game. I'm with Outpost, I don't even know why I spend so much time in something that just puts me in a terrible mood for days. I should do something more productive with this time.
  8. Did you see me say King's shouldn't have been called? Or do you think #13's surname is " Lazard"?
  9. Are they trying to make this even more heartbreaking? I can't take it anymore
  10. I mean, I hate the term "mental midgets" but there's certainly something about the Packers and the NFCCG...
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