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  1. I'm up and working at 3:31 AM but you just made my life a little bit better @FinneasGage, thank you
  2. QB Brock Osweiler retires

    This is my only memory of him (fortunately I guess)
  3. You can bust out some tunes then bust some lips. Remember to get a beard and sleeve tattoos for maximum effect
  4. Yeah Rob Zombie, a dude with a banjo, another with a small... mandoline? a singer trying to act tough, a drummer with a 70s mohawk, and I can't even tell who the 6th guy was. The cringe is real
  5. Most passing yards in any Q1 in Stafford's career, Dom Capers giving up records again
  6. It's a Lions fan, Super Bowls are so foreign to them that some of the nuances (such as one team winning or losing the actual SB) are lost on him.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Younger actually