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  1. I honestly never understood these "the group of millionaires I root for is better than the group of millionaries you root for" discussions
  2. GB in 2020 was 7th in run/pass ratio at 45.7%, with 443 run plays and 526 pass plays Second in the league was the Patriots at 53.3% Adams had 149 targets in 2020, which is 28.3% over all 526 passing plays He also had 1374 yards and 18 TDs Therefore, if Green Bay was second in the league (let's assume the Patriots' 53.3% ratio, even though the Titans only ran it 51% of the time in 2018) GB would have had 453 passing plays instead of 526 Adams would have had 128 targets instead of 149, assuming the same target rate. It would be safe to assume his rate would actu
  3. It’s funny because just a couple of weeks ago I randomly remembered the radio DJ character from Ford Fairlane and tried to find more about him. I also watched half of a couple YouTube videos of him before shutting the thing off, wondering how the hell the guy had any type of success.
  4. Since we're into analyzing trends, don't you think what @Outpost31 posted a number of times about the cap hit of QBs for SB winners has something to do with how good their defense was? Like, maybe him taking over 20% of the salary cap by himself in 2021 has an impact on the quality of the defense.
  5. WTF I googled that name on my work computer, unexpected lol
  6. So let me get this right, your argument is that since the NFL pays the money upfront in the form of a signing bonus instead of paying through bonuses that may or may not be achieved, it favors the team? That's some wildly reverse logic there my friend. I would say it's a pretty objective statement that from a financial statement it clearly favors the players. If they can't stay motivated through their deals it's an entire different issue, you shouldn't need any performance escalators to do your damn job. In this case, Aaron Rodgers pocketed: 66.9M in 2018 (his worst non-injured seas
  7. Why would you think signing bonus rules favor the team? The player is pocketing literally millions of dollars just by signing a contract. He might never play a down for the team, be it due to injury, lack of ability or lack of interest, and he never has to return a penny. I'm honestly stunned that anyone would consider the usual NFL contract structures favors the teams.
  8. The Miami trio or the Buffalo trio? Both sets have teams I can’t see you rooting for
  9. My point is if you are willing to take him in the mid 30s it’s not a reach at all. A 6 draft slot difference is not that significant, especially when you add the loss of the fifth year option, the uncertainty that he will still be there and the fact that we don’t know if any mid 30s team was willing to trade up.
  10. It absolutely is. They said pre-Love Rodgers wasn't winning a SB, your counter was QBs with similar performances that did win it, my counter is their cap hit was nowhere near Rodgers'.
  11. Wake me up when any of those win a Super Bowl while having a 37 million cap hit.
  12. It's a huge distraction on arguably the most important day in the offseason, when the whole front office should be focused on the draft and not fending calls from the media about Rodgers not wanting to come back to the team. I don't know what's so difficult to grasp about this. Besides, talking about hurt feelings in a despective way while defending Rodgers... that's rich.
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