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  1. I think I'm in love with MLF. We talk about drops by Lazard or MVS, or maybe an overthrow from Aaron, and lost in that is that it's never that the play concept wasn't so good. We seem to always have good plays, receivers are open, and yeah sometimes execution fails but such is life. The offense just feels right.
  2. Pettine had some heavy traffic but he's now in the building
  3. There's a non trivial number of people here that can't praise Gute/MLF without trashing Thompson/MM.
  4. 2 easy ways to understand it: - Play all 3 choices in your head (door 1, door 2, door 3). If you don't switch, you will win 1/3 times (when you choose door 1). If you switch your choice, you win 2/3 times (when you choose doors 2 or 3). - Do the same problem with 1000 doors. You choose 1 out of 1000, then they reveal 998 wrong doors. Would you keep yours or switch to the other? It's more evident with more doors.
  5. While I obviously don't like the distraction, I can't help but feel happy that we have good enough coordinators to get some outside looks for HC gigs. When was the last time that happened? Philbin?
  6. What I'm saying is: if, according to you, they didn't want to play the game and Sudfeld is the worse QB that allows them to achieve that, why not just start him?
  7. Why play Hurts for 2+ quarters then?
  8. Kamara has 672 career carries so he’s missing less than 21 career yards to make it 5.00 avg. Massive stretch indeed.
  9. Apparently there were pre-game articles saying Sudfeld was going to play the second half so this is probably even less of an issue than it looks like.
  10. Found this: https://operations.nfl.com/stats-central/stats-articles/analyzing-defensive-pass-interference-fouls-in-the-nfl-and-ncaa/ Relevant quotes: It looks like there is more DPI in college than the NFL, and also more longer DPIs, so it looks like it does have some impact.
  11. No idea, and regardless, what would be the solution? How can you tell if a coach is resting players, trying to save them from meaningless injuries, making tactical decisions...? I remember many years ago when Popovich was fined because the Spurs rested their big 3 at the time (Duncan, Parker, Ginobili) on a prime time game at Miami game because they had a lot of wear and tear, it pissed me off a lot and I'm not even a Spurs fan. The league meddling and deciding which players are good or stars and forcing them to play can only do harm imo.
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