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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    Still 15:00 in the 1st quarter, Bud Light commercial
  2. AG20 Mock Offseason V2

    I like how other mocks make even round 7 guys sound like all-pro locks and you make everyone look like a scrub with maybe some upside lol
  3. NFL to try new onside kick rule for pro bowl

    Mike McCarthy would punt.
  4. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    They have to be smart and good route runners so they can mindmeld with Rodgers and pull their breaks at the exact spot he's expecting them. Any other physical traits won't matter if they don't possess this ability.
  5. High Mock

    He was waived/injured. No one claimed him and we didn't reach an injury settlement so he went to IR. The assumption is he will be let go.
  6. First half offense: Drive 1 (5 plays): 12 yards passing, 13 yards running, punt Drive 2 (5 plays): 14 yards passing, 3 yards running, -13 yards sack, punt Drive 3 (3 plays): -2 yards passing, 6 yards running, -10 yards sack, punt Drive 4 (6 plays): 23 yards passing, 28 yards running, fumble (ball at SF 25) Drive 5 (3 plays): 19 yards passing, 0 yards running, interception (ball at GB 30) Drive 6 (3 plays): -1 yards passing, 2 yards running, punt Was the defense absolutely putrid? You're goddamn right it was. Are you winning a NFCCG with this offense? Not a chance.
  7. Sure, scoring zero points in a half with 2 turnovers, one of which gave SF the ball at our 30 yard line, is perfectly acceptable QB play, it's only the defense who's to blame.
  8. As an appetizer, found this in the General Board:
  9. Sure, that's terrible, and I'm complaining about that already in other threads. Doesn't mean the offense didn't suck, SF running at will over our defense doesn't mean we can't score points of our own between their drives.

    Close this thread and burn the hard drive it's stored on
  11. Last night is not in PFR yet but I will try to compile this later, good night sweet prince
  12. Rodgers absolutely deserves blame when we were down 27-0 at some point. If we were on the other side, we would say we shut him down and all those numbers were garbage time yardage and prevent defense, and you know it.
  13. Fire Pettine

    People here talking about average DVOA.... I think we've had enough defenses that have an average DVOA and then give literal records in the post season. Last night is the third highest rushing yardage game in the playoffs since 2000, the first being also Green Bay vs San Francisco (I don't even need to tell you which game, right?). It was also the second highest rushing performance by a single player in the playoffs EVER, the first being a game in 1986. Frankly, after this game, we could be #1 in regular season DVOA and I wouldn't give a ****. Last night was absolutely inexcusable as a DC. EDIT: sources (last night is not updated yet but you can check 285 total yardage or 220 single rusher yardage and see where they place) https://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/tgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=game&year_min=2000&year_max=2019&game_type=P&game_num_min=0&game_num_max=99&week_num_min=0&week_num_max=99&temperature_gtlt=lt&c1stat=rush_yds_opp&c1comp=gte&c1val=250&c5val=1.0&order_by=pass_td https://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/pgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=game&year_min=1950&year_max=2019&season_start=1&season_end=-1&pos[]=QB&pos[]=WR&pos[]=RB&pos[]=TE&pos[]=OL&pos[]=DL&pos[]=LB&pos[]=DB&is_starter=E&game_type=P&career_game_num_min=1&career_game_num_max=400&qb_start_num_min=1&qb_start_num_max=400&game_num_min=0&game_num_max=99&week_num_min=0&week_num_max=99&c1stat=rush_yds&c1comp=gt&c1val=150&c5val=1.0&order_by=pass_td
  14. With 205 yards, Mostert already has the fourth highest rushing yardage ever in a playoff game. Let's shoot for #1 folks, go big and go home!
  15. they're afraid of the comeback
  16. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/rush_yds_single_game_playoffs.htm 4 of the top 50 rushing records during playoff games are against us, 5 after tonight (which could very wel end up being the highest ever, we're only 50 yards away). EVERYTHING IS FINE THOUGH
  17. This is my new avatar and I'm not changing it until Pettine is fired
  18. Seriously fire Pettine right now. Don't let him stand on the sideline like a ******* idiot
  19. I know I'm not particularly level headed during games but I really think this is a fire-worthy game by Pettine. They keep doing the same ******* things over and over and there is absolutely no change from us. Maybe I'm just not savvy enough to see that we changed the alignment of the DL or something but if we're doing something, it's clearly not working. I refuse to believe that this team's ceiling at run-defending is 12 ypc.
  20. Technically I could have played QB for the Niners tonight and it wouldn't have made a difference
  21. Well it won't be for a lack of avatar changes that's for sure
  22. All of them touchdowns and we shut them down 28-27 Let's go
  23. The bar was set at 27-10 last week
  24. lol all of that for 8 yards