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  1. First drive after the half was great, the rest not so much. Only got a FG out of a turnover in the redzone and then a bunch of punts.
  2. NFL and rules not even their rules experts can accurately interpret, name a more iconic duo
  3. Maybe they have low attendance so they let fans play ST to spice things up
  4. DAL on the opposite side of the spectrum for those that thought this was somehow MM’s fault
  5. I'd just amputate, pinky toe is useless anyway
  6. Losing Jenkins alone has ruined my night. Missing a FG, sucking for the whole first half, missing out on 4? INTs, awful non OPI calls have made the rest. Yes it was probably exciting for a neutral fan and I had some high points but overall I hated it.
  7. I ******* hated this game with every atom of my body. What an awful, awful experience.
  8. Have any of our top 10 guys not been out? Rodgers / Adams was just COVID but everyone else has been out with significant injuries… this year is cursed
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