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  1. I like it. Clearly Denver felt that you couldn't get every need in the draft. Instead, they obviously went in with a clear and deliberate plan to get Drew Lock some help.
  2. Overall, I'm relatively ok with the pick. I am not sure he is the pick I would have made. I had Irv Smith rated higher than Fant, but Fant is a solid player and they got decent value for him.
  3. https://www.9news.com/amp/article?section=sports&subsection=nfl&topic=denver-broncos&subtopic=mike-klis&headline=fangio-bringing-in-bears-outside-linebacker-coach-brandon-staley&contentId=73-4e41403c-9d71-4733-87a2-c12c0abe00b5&__twitter_impression=true Klis seems to think the Broncos will end up interviewing Scangerello after all. Les Shapiro says the interview is probably tomorrow
  4. For Denver, this is perfect scenario. However, I just can't see a scenario where Daniel Jones realistically falls to Round 2. I think someone will draft him in Round 1, even if it means trading back in to Round 1 just for the extra year of control.
  5. I'm still trying to figure out what I think about Daniel Jones. He is the only one who I would probably consider in round 1 since Herbert is going back to school
  6. I believe anything under HC is just considered "assistant" so it is not technically a promotion unless they want to make him asst HC I think
  7. It really is. It goes back to the idea "If you take care of your people, they will take care of you." DO you wonder why Andy Reid always has good assistants? Its because he cultivates great minds, encourages them to explore and then when they are found to be ready prepares them for the next level. Therefore, young innovative minds want to work for Andy Reid. If we adopt this model then we can start to develop a pipeline like Andy Reid. It comes down to focusing on people not just the final product. If you do focus on the people correctly, the final product usually takes care of itself
  8. True, but I suppose you can say that about any young innovative mind. But if we want to modernize the offense its a risk we have to take
  9. Don't know too much about him but interesting
  10. Just a thought, if we are specifically looking for HC experience, what about Jim Caldwell. Granted others may have more innovative minds but if we want to look for that 2nd HC to help Fangio he could be an option
  11. I don't disagree with the decision not to bring back Kubiak. If he was going to bring back Dennison and others, it showed this offense was not going to evolve. It was the right move. However, the problem is how is this just coming up now. Like 2 weeks ago when they first mentioned Kubiak would be back, how did they not have the conversation then? There is no reason this should play out in public. Its water under the bridge now. The question is who can we move on to?
  12. This was Klis a short while ago. This is the arrangement I think is most beneficial.
  13. This is the key IMO. Elway is throwing all his chips on this one. If this fails Elway is going out with everyone else. It definitely could work. I don't object to Kubiak's presence. I think he can be a valuable resource. However, as many have said, there has to be clear lines of delineation. Hopefully, that will happen
  14. HAHA... hopefully we can get Mike Singletary interesting. "Can't Do it"
  15. This is where I tend to go. I do think they need to modernize the offense. However, if you talk to McVay, he basically says his offense is based off of the Shanahan/Kubiak offense. So its not like the the system needs to be scrapped. It just needs to be cleaned up. Hopefully, they can bring in a young mind to help shape the offense
  16. Interesting. I thought both position and coordinators were technically considered "Assistants" so they could block.
  17. Absolutely. That is on Elway. That is definitely a risk. However, I think it will be a risk regardless of Kubiaks position. Lets just hope Elway actually lets the coach do their job. Vance Joseph was way over his head and deserved to be fired. However, in many ways Elway set him up for failure. Hopefully he doesn't do the same this time
  18. I like Kafka too. For me the big question is if Andy Reid will let him go in division to Denver.
  19. You are not wrong. However, I am not panicking until I see what the dynamic is. If Kubiak is " Offensive Consultant" or a general " Offensive Assistant" then it is not a big deal. Other teams have these general assistant positions and there are no issues. I do agree that with Elway there does need to be a clear chain of command. However, for me it comes down to the execution not the existence of Kubiak in the position.
  20. I think this is a great way to use Kubiak. He has had success and has a wealth of knowledge. This allows Denver to take advantage of this and still modernize their offense
  21. Im not sure that Kubiak is going to be the OC. Several Denver writers have all said that he will be back in some fashion but not necessarily OC. They say it is more likely he has a general Offensive Assistant Role and help to mentor a young OC and helps the HC with game management etc.
  22. With all of the talk about HC's. It may be beneficial to start discussing potential staff hires. I know that everyone has assumed that Kubiak is going to be the OC. However, that has never been specified. Renck, Shapiro and Klis have all said several times the Kubiak coming back does not specifically equate to him running the offense. They all have suggested that it may be more of an overarching, general Asst HC job where he helps the HC and a young OC. That model makes the most sense to me. They can evolve the offense and still take advantage of Kubiak's knowledge and expertise.
  23. We'll in that case he definitely should not be the guy. But I do think we will see a young OC with more cutting edge tendencies and let Kubiak mentor them.
  24. I hadn't heard of that. If that is the case then that would eliminate him. But the overall point still stands
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