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  1. Y’all been holding out on the bagels?
  2. I’ve lost 22 pounds in 7 weeks. Y’all proud of me?
  3. The Best Super Bowl Victory & Why?

    The first Super Bowl victory by far
  4. Long Beach Sub 500 cuts our first complete draft bust! Roderick Johnson
  5. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    Can someone give me an update on how Dalton Schultz has looked?
  6. 2018 OTA's

    I pointed this out after we drafted him that pass protection was about all I saw on tape that really stood out.
  7. Yeah we already discussed that
  8. I’m still open to some trades.
  9. Welcome to Long Beach EJ Gaines
  10. Welcome to #starship14 Bashaud Breeland. You actually have a BDL team even though you don’t have one in real life. Smh
  11. BDL 2018 FA Week 3 - DB/DL/LB

    3 years 6375 $2125 per
  12. BDL 2018 FA Week 3 - DB/DL/LB

    EJ Gaines 4000 2 years 2k per
  13. BDL 2018 FA Week 3 - DB/DL/LB

    CB Bashaud Breeland 3000/3 1000 per year
  14. BDL 2018 FA Week 3 - DB/DL/LB

    Shouldn’t Verrett have a higher per year based on his fifth year option? If not Long Beach Offers Jason Verrett 3000/3yrs 1000 per year