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  1. DT Collins breaks foot

    Nope Bill Walton was an MVP. Collins can’t hold his sweat rag.
  2. It’s fine. I accepted it. Just don’t like this individual not owning his action.
  3. You approved something you weren’t supposed to. It’s cool. If you don’t want to just own your act that’s fine, that’s just who you are I suppose. I said it was my fault didn’t I?
  4. It is what it is. My fault for 3upping him this soon before FA and his for doping. You shouldn’t post in the transaction thread approvals if you aren’t on the committee.
  5. Well all you need is three correct? Saw PR and said screw it.
  6. I didn’t know that and it’s too late now. Funny thing is never seen so many of y’all approve something so fast once that news broke out. Well done guys. Bravo.
  7. Talk about timing. Stupid Ingram. I’m going to need someone to take over my team.
  8. Long Beach uses last 3up Mark Ingram 4yr/16k contract 1 year left BDL deal 1yr/ 3400
  9. Can I still 3up one of my impending free agents?
  10. Long Beach uses last 3 down on Abry Jones 1yr/2000
  11. Swiggity Swooty I’m coming for that booty
  12. Official Broncos Forum Draft Thread

    I was just pointing it out
  13. A Way Too Early 2019 Mock v.2.0.

    No AJ Brown in the first?
  14. Mine is updated already chumpo