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  1. Mwil you are so scummy. Side with Nacho who changed his vote from you to me. To buddy up with him so he doesn’t change back. I’ve seen this in your scum game before. Please put your vote on me so I can hit the **** out of you.
  2. Nope. It’s time I step up for Town. We are very close to losing this thing. And I don’t trust anyone else to get this right. But I will. Gonna get me an MVP
  3. Well my BDL team needs him to play in a hurry so let’s do this thing
  4. Counselor I have a pretty good feeling I know who scum is and I’m willing to die for the hit.
  5. Week 3 GDT: Giants vs. Buccaneers @ 4:05pm EST

    When is Julian Love going to get some Love from the coaching staff?
  6. Week Three: Giants (0-2) @ Bucs (1-1)

    What’s going on with Bunting? Is he ever going to play meaningful minutes?
  7. So is Justin Layne just poo poo or what? @wwhickok looks like I’ll have to trade him to you in the off season
  8. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Oh yes I remember it now and then Ruskie posted the butterfly thing
  9. 2020 College Prospects

    Yeah Simmons has the skills to be a good one. Would definitely help fill a big need covering RB’s and TE in the middle of the D. He needs some space eaters for keep blocks off him though as his block shedding he is still working on. This is the type of player I am usually not high on but ends up being a better pro (I’ve missed on these type of LBers a lot in my scouting because I like my backers to be able to shift through the trash and not miss tackles but a lot of them improve on this in the nfl or fit a scheme that helps them there so I’m going to give Simmons a chance) Zach Cunningham was a similar prospect. Although Simmons is more athletic.
  10. I think it’s Forge as the SK and likely Touch is a big bad scum.
  11. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    It’s says 9-7 to me