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  1. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Gardner Minshew is an interesting player. I am obsessed with QB footwork. I really think it correlates to success and it’s something that can be worked on and I think it is a big reason why we have seen many jumps in success of players. He has a lot of tools but he will need someone who can work on his footwork as he often completely stops dead in the pocket at times for a half second to even a whole second before he throws. His better throws are when he keeps his feet active, and he needs to be more consistent with this. It is more difficult for average college DB’s to read because they can’t see the feet often times but what it is doing is tipping Dlineman when to put their hands up into throwing lanes. Also the more skilled DB’s in the league are going to be able to read his throws because as his feet stop he has already turned his upper body and shoulders towards his target. Lucky for him he has pretty good ball placement. If he can work on these mechanics he could be something.
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    I am pondering this myself
  3. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Something bothers me about Herbert’s footwork and I’m trying to pinpoint it. I think it might be the extra elongated step back off his back plant leg before he throws that I feel is costing him a half a second and that is valuable time in the NFL. But what do I know.
  4. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Although it does appear he will stay in school
  5. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    I’m taking Dwayne Haskins if he comes out. So there’s that. Gotta prepare for life after A Rod
  6. A Crazy Round 1

    Is this bad?
  7. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Some quick notes on Jones on just two games of tape. Kid is fearless in the pocket and steps up. Good deep ball placement. Stronger throwing to his left than right. It appears he gets more velocity on throws to his left as far as outs and similar routes. It doesn’t matter what hash the ball is lined up on. I don’t think this is an arm strength issue. The games I watched were after his collar bone injury so could be that or looking at his footwork I could see where he isn’t balancing his feet as well when he throws to the right. Not a pressure issue either. Fairly accurate passer and is able to look off coverage. Ill have to watch more.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    Darrell Henderson Jr. is hands down the best RB in this class IMO. He has amazing balance, he is explosive, and powerful enough with very good vision. When he hits the hole he hits the hole. Only down side is the size, and seeing how well he can hold up at the next level.
  9. This one was the difficult one the score reflects what I thought. Seoul I trust more since Reshad Jones will probably just pull himself out of the game
  10. The Jizz have more fire power than the entire Civil War
  11. Cuba loses for the same reason I gave the peckers their first W last week... secondary issues
  12. Mahomes the magic man would need a better supporting cast to win this one against Gotham. Gotham gets the W
  13. I trust Alex Smith more and I like Camden’s defense in this matchup.
  14. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    I’m taking L’s like my name was La’el Collins
  15. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I need to scout them out to get a better feel. But I do feel that I was right about Baker. We will see in time though.