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  1. Some 14 and 17 round pick love from Anchorage for an upcoming pick? I think so.
  2. Well Ram had a great sim season last year to match his real life success. Hopefully Nelson can do that this Sim season.
  3. How many years in does the draft position not matter if a player is good? Like Quenton Nelson hasn’t given up a sack in what over 30 games and was picked 6th overall. Yet he gives up 10 sacks in the Sim.
  4. I’ll let him explain his “movie logic” before I speak for him.
  5. Haha Tammy bullfrogged on my kicker
  6. I had Sweat top of my board since my last picks.
  7. I am really interested to see how Sam Hubbard is going to do in the SIM. Second most tackles for a Dlineman last season after Cam Heyward in 15 games and 8.5 sacks. @SirA1 what do you think since you drafted him last year? He probably won’t do anything knowing my luck. But as SirA1 said I think it’s fun to see how a guy does in the SIM for the first time.
  8. If they’ve played in a game correct?