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  1. You always hating on my guy. You wanted to trade for him at one point muffin top.
  2. Guys I think you need to trade me another pick
  3. lol the fact you even thought you crossed my mind is cute
  4. Was one of my top 5 favorite players in the class. Just had some other guys I like there too that play more prominent positions. But I decided to go with my guy but it was a tremendous back and forth for a while.
  5. Sorry guys. I’m getting ready for work will pick soon. Someone can trade up if they’d like
  6. Anchorage trades 2022 4th and PFA2 Cuba trades 5.8 @MD4L to confirm. Wouldn’t be a draft if I didn’t trade a future pick.
  7. I’ll throw in my PFA 2 outright to sweeten the pot.
  8. Someone should take a 2022 4th from me. My team is so young you know it will likely be a top 5 pick in that round in 2022.
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