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  1. 1. Gotham- Kayvon Thibodeaux Edge Oregon 2. Seoul- Kyle Hamilton S ND 3. Cancun- DeMarvin Leal INT TAMU 4. Berlin- Derek Stingley Jr CB LSU 5. Antartica- Aidan Hutchinson Edge UM 6. Seoul (from Hungary)- Evan Neal OT Bama 7. Cuba- Kaiir Elam CB UF 8. Camden- Sauce Gardner CB Cinci 9. Raleigh- Andrew Booth Jr CB Clemson 10. Anchorage (from DV)- George Karlaftis Edge Purdue 11. Rome- Treylon Burks WR Arkansas 12. Anchorage- Jordan Davis INT UGA 13. Lancaster- Matt Corral QB Ole Miss 14. Camden (from NOLA)- Jermaine Johnson Edge F
  2. Edge, corner for trade? Hit up your guy Salisbury Steak
  3. I actually am pretty bummed I missed a vote on that Berlin IC game. It would have been tied right now...
  4. What else is there to do on vacation?
  5. Crap I missed that one. But I did get all the rest I think. So I did my part. No regerts!
  6. Plan against yourself! You can do it!
  7. I’d normally volunteer for this but I just don’t have the time anymore
  8. @RedGold our game doesn’t look to be too popular with the fans
  9. Yep complete failure over this way. Where’s the bridge?
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