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  1. I mean he’s better at blocking than Kyle Trask is at playing QB...
  2. Okay once again Kyle Pitts can block damnitt!
  3. Is this where we all defend our draft picks!? Kyle Pitts can block damnitt!
  4. Good thing you drafted all those edge
  5. His career has to be finished at this point right?
  6. And so is the life of a poor soul like me
  7. If you have a good edge for trade I have some good picks for trade holler for a dollar
  8. Are you happy I gave Lawrence additional talent in the draft?
  9. Okay my not completely garbage trade block. Looking for 2022 picks or RB, OT, OG, C players. WR Tyler Boyd TE Dawson Knox Edge Sam Hubbard INT Foley Fatukasi S Ronnie Harrison
  10. On Kelvin from Chad Forbes Worst Character award should be awarded each season. But the NFL media is way too beholden to the Agents. In my time evaluating NFL Prospects... Kelvin Joseph CB Kentucky has the worst character I’ve encountered. He’s off 20 Boards. Probably means he will end up an all pro for @SirA1 definitely worth the risk at that pick regardless.
  11. Oh good glad I got a couple of those guys then
  12. If I didn’t already have Burrow with so many premium picks I would have selected another QB as well.
  13. I like Mac Jones as well. I think Gotham will be very happy with that pick in the third.
  14. To be fair if I had the number one pick I’d pick Lawrence.
  15. Vertical means nothing if you aren’t a good ball player
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