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  1. 2 round mock with trades & comments

    Bush is good, not great. I'd be upset with this scenario personally.
  2. 2 Rounds of Fun

    I didn't mention Devin Bush. Since you bring him up though, the obsession with him is nuts. I remember when Duke Robinson was the next great Steelers linemen to be taken in round 1 according to a ton of mocks that year and the dude went like round 5. Devin Bush will be good, not great. The hype is more media driven imo and I wouldn't be surprised to see him go round 2. I like Mack Wilson better tbh.
  3. 2 Rounds of Fun

    I like Williams at 20. Nasir Adderley is solid for round 2 as well. Nice. I would have personally ran to the podium in round 2 for Hakeem Butler since you have him available but the picks here are good.
  4. 2019 4 Round Mock w/ Trades

    The Steelers have come out and stated they don't think there are any corners in this draft that will help them immediately. They prefer to let the draft come to them as it is, and they're not trading up unless it's a once in a decade type player. He's a solid player and the other picks are solid for the Steelers but the trade up for Williams is all wrong.
  5. The Plunge Mock Draft #2

    Given Marquise Brown is AB's cousin and they seem fairly close to one another, he would be on my do not draft list.
  6. Trades, explanations, 1 round

    I'd be very disappointed with this pick. Not if we picked him in general, but to trade up for him in round 1. He's very talented, but anyone with questionable strength that tries to avoid the bench press terrifies me. His talent is round 1, the need for weight and strength brings him down to round 2, IMO.
  7. 2 Round Mock after Dez Bryant release

    Rarely as in not since 1967. It could happen, but I agree that it's extremely likely that it won't. I like the Ronnie Harrison pick, hate the Malik Jefferson pick. That or I love it, idk. I only say I love it because when a guy gets mocked to the Steelers incessantly, it's very rare they draft them. Then when it's incessant and they happen to be a grossly overrated player like Duke Robinson was back in like 09 and Malik Jefferson this year, that player falls off a cliff into day 3 of the draft where they belong.
  8. Controversial? NEW mock with trade

    Yeah the problem is Jamie Collins is an athlete who is actually good at football now and was in college too.
  9. Controversial? NEW mock with trade

    The fact that you're resorting to talking about the combine to make your case tells me everything I need to know.
  10. Controversial? NEW mock with trade

    He's timid, can't get off blocks, and lacks instincts.
  11. Controversial? NEW mock with trade

    He's too strong? He could be blocked by one of my freshman kids.
  12. Controversial? NEW mock with trade

    I said this in another thread, he's an athlete trying to play football. The Steelers place 4/5 of their draft eval on game tape, as they should, and his is awful. Outright awful.
  13. Mid APR Mock w/ Low # of Trades

    He's an athlete trying to play football. He is no football player. He's soft as charmin.
  14. Controversial? NEW mock with trade

    Yeah they do that for plenty of prospects. Including those they think are late round picks. Which is all Jefferson is.
  15. Mid APR Mock w/ Low # of Trades

    I'm just gonna have to spam it I guess. Malik Jefferson is absolute trash. He shouldn't be a first round pick, or even a day 2 pick.