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  1. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

    Oh I agree. I liked both those games... but thats just 2 within the last 5 years... most posters couldnt name more than that... and thats what disgusting about them... I mean read earlier.... they say "im all about defensive games" but couldnt state more than a few over the last 5 years Oh and btw... just checked the play by play on the bears vs eagles game most on this forum thought it was boring... your thoughts?? Im just saying... fans 'STATE' they like defensive struggles... but their statements appear otherwise... which makes me believe that I dont believe that they actually do.. lol fans
  2. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

    I liked it... the Defensive Line of both teams brought it! Im not going to be one of those guys that say "i like defensive games... but thought it was boring" because anyone that have said that cant reference a game like that within the last 5 years. If they can I dare them to state a couple... and a couple that they though "was entertaining" I doubt they can. Fans are brutal like that. I simply dare them to do that. Guarantee you they cant. Either way... I thought it was close... and that 1 play could determine the game... 1 play did... and it was the bomb to Gronk. Like KellChippy said... "it wasn’t boring to me. Every drive was tense because a touchdown seemed like it would end the game." I simply guarantee you they cant name 5 "defensive struggle" games within the last 2 years. Even though people say they love "defensive struggles"
  3. Best Young QBs for future

    I like gunslingers so im rooting for Mahomes... just not sure though. Unsure about Trubisky. Wentz seems like a sure thing. Thought Joey Harrington was going to be great so what do I know lol
  4. Raiders, Bears Reach Agreement on Khalil Mack Trade

    Might be a dumb take but I get why both teams did what they did. Raiders prob felt paying Mack as much as a QB might not work - Bears felt adding an All Pro DE will do wonders for them. Raiders get 2 1st rounders and dont have to spend $141 million on 1 guy. Not saying Mack doesnt deserve it... just saying that if the NFL is a 'business' then you have to expect that teams will be making 'Business' decisions one way or another.
  5. What would you offer for Khalil Mack?

    Mack getting payed a #1 QB... its tough... I wouldnt do it especially if I have to spend 141 million. That being said... theres a reason why they are front office heads and not me