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  1. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Considering the Pels thread has, unsurprisingly, devolved into Celtics vs Lakers package discussions, I'll say as a Pels fan I think what the Celtics can offer is very easily superior. It's just a manner of what they actually decide to offer considering the risk of Kyrie leaving. I'm not a big fan of Lonzo or Ingram. I like Ingram a lot more than I like Lonzo, but still not huge fans of either. I'll take Tatum any day of the week. On top of that the Celtics can offer Brown, Smart, the Grizzlies pick, etc. Now, I don't expect them to offer ALL of those, but they can offer some of them. I think the most likely packages each of the suitors will offer is something like: Celtics: Tatum/Smart/Grizzlies pick/Future picks Lakers: Ingram/Kuzma/#4 pick/Future picks (but they'd HAVE to offer Lonzo as well to get him, no chance otherwise) Knicks: #3 pick, DSJ, Robinson, Knox (clearly the worst offer so far, they'd only have a shot if the Pels FO is convinced RJ is a future star) Then I guess you got a dark horse like the Clippers if they want to pair Kawhi and AD who could offer SGA, Galinari, Shamet, and the unprotected Heat pick which is definitely a decent offer, but no guy that screams future star that really moves the needle on that offer. I could only see them taking that if the Celtics back out and the Lakers don't offer Ingram AND Lonzo, and even then they might not. So, to give a non Celtics/Lakers fan perspective on this and talking purely from a Pels fan's point of view, I'd take the Celtics offer any day of the week. I only think the Lakers can beat them if the Celtics back down due to Kyrie. Pels can walk away with a starting lineup of... PG: Smart SG: Jrue SF: Tatum PF: Zion C: Um... Okafor? Lol, this would clearly be the weak spot. Would probably sign someone. .... and it'd be nuts. This is a team that is prooooobably not good enough to make the playoffs right away (borderline though) which would give them 2 lotto picks next year between their pick and the Grizz. It sets the Pels up really well for the future. Celtics are definitely the best deal imo.
  2. 2019 NBA Finals - (1) Golden State Warriors vs TBD

    For the first time since they added KD, I will bet against GSW. Bucks in 7. (If the Raptors manage to win this series, which I really doubt, then I renege on that previous statement and would have GSW beating them in 6)
  3. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    That's actually a very intriguing idea, but I think the Pels do due to the injury concerns and Embiid not really fitting Zion's timeline as much as someone still on a rookie contract like a Tatum or Ingram. Obviously Embiid is way better lol, but taking the contract, injuries, and timeline into consideration I don't think it'd be worth it over a big package with more players and picks in addition to the headliner.
  4. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    If they trade with the Knicks just to pair Zion up with his buddy then David Griffin is dumb as all hell. You only do that trade if you're convinced RJ will be a star and better than Tatum or Ingram, has nothing to do with them being friends. For the friendship??? Dude is in NOLA for like 8+ years, he's got plenty of time to build others and I'm sure he'll be more likely to stay if they're a winner (that can offer him the super max) more than anything. You don't plan 8+ years down the road by drafting the dude's college friend, c'mon now....
  5. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    Lol? Jrue is worth way more to this team than that. #6 in this draft is trash. The only way they trade Jrue is if they get a player with all star potential as the headliner. And if they can't (I don't think they will due to Jrue's contract) then he'll just stay and be the leader for this team while Zion comes into his own.
  6. 2019 NBA Draft Thread: Little Declares

    I was told Zion looked like he got hit by a truck when the Pels won #1.... In what world does this man look anything but happy/shocked?
  7. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    IDK, I've seen reports that the Saints were Tom's baby and the Pels are Gayle's baby. Obviously she'll want to keep the Saints legacy going due to it being Tom's and being so longstanding, but if it's too be believed then she likes basketball/the Pels more than she does football/the Saints.
  8. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    Which Benson? Gayle hasn't been owner for long and she's been pumping money into the team. She's been a great owner thus far. Loomis doesn't do anything with the Pels anymore. Griffin is running the show. Though you are right he is technically Griff's boss.
  9. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    Wait, huh? In what world does David Griffin not care about winning a championship? What has he ever said that points to otherwise? And how does Gayle Benson pumping money into new facilities, a FO overhaul, new analytics department, new training staff, etc suggest she only cares about not losing money and making the playoffs?
  10. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    This is the fairest take I've seen here. The Pels absolutely blew it during AD's tenure. But that was also a completely different FO, Mickey Loomis from the Saints was running it and then he stepped back and Dell Demps didn't do much better. They hired David Griffin as EVP, let him bring in his own FO. Gayle Benson has been pumping money into new facilities for the team. This isn't the Pels that wasted AD, literally everyone is new. The owner, FO, coaching staff, etc are all different from the one that drafted AD. They shouldn't be preemptively judged as wasting Zion when we have no idea how this FO will do. Hell, they're actually off to a great start to a rebuild with Zion and Jrue/AD/whatever trade packages you get for one or both of them.
  11. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    It's honestly insane to me how much the NBA relies on luck. The fact that the Pels went from a very uncertain and confusing future to one of the brightest in the NBA with Zion, Jrue, and a ton of assets from an AD trade is insane. Just due to the bounce of some ping pong balls.
  12. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    David Griffin, Zion, Jrue, soon we'll have one of Tatum/Grizz pick+ from the Celts, Morant or Barrett/Robinson+ from the Knicks, or Ingram/#4+ from the Lakers. I went from having no faith in the future of this franchise to psyched as all hell pretty fast. Someone pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming. Hopefully Griff doesn't screw up Zion like Dell did AD. I got faith, the man knows what he's doing. And Gayle Benson is a great owner. Things are on the up.
  13. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    @MookieMonstah What year is the Grizz pick? Next year? If so that's a nice asset. Definitely think a package built around Tatum and that pick (that's not all though obviously) gets it done.
  14. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    There's so many possibilities AD stays and we have Jrue/Zion/AD (least likely outcome imo) Trade AD to the Lakers and get Jrue/Zion/Ingram/Lonzo/Kuzma/#4 (it's a lot but they don't get him if they don't give that up) Trade AD to the Knicks and get Jrue/Zion/whoever Memphis doesn't take of RJ or Ja/Robinson (and Knox but I don't have a lot of faith in him lol, worst case he's a throw in with potential) Trade AD to the Celtics and get Tatum+, a lot of pieces the Celtics can add around Tatum but he's obviously gotta be the headliner or no deal. Every outcome is good for the Pels, some are just better than others.
  15. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    Yeah there's no way it's rigged for AD to stay in a market like NOLA He's probably out anyways and the Pels get to jumpstart a rebuild with Zion and Ja/RJ if they trade w/ the Knicks or Zion and Tatum+ if they trade with the Celtics. #4 for the Lakers isn't that good and doesn't move the needle much, but it does help what they can offer obviously. Pels hold all the chips now. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO