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  1. Just started playing It Takes Two with the girlfriend. It's a pretty damn fun co-op game.
  2. We have so many picks + young players and it's lottery protected, I'm really not pressed about giving up the 1st. Hate the deal we got for Lonzo but we were never gonna match that so I guess we didn't have leverage.
  3. 1. Kevin Durant 2. Giannis Antetokounmpo 3. Kawhi Leonard 4. Steph Curry 5. LeBron James 6. Luka Doncic 7. Nikola Jokic 8. James Harden 9. Joel Embiid 10. Anthony Davis
  4. Going to limit it to one per series. 10. Grand Theft Auto V - Really all of the GTA series is excellent, with the exception of 4. I'd go with V specifically due to how I've put the most time into it. GTA Online is of course fun in spite of the microtransactions out the ***, but I mainly play for the sandbox. 9. Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Hadn't played a Zelda game since Wind Waker but this one got me right back into it. Switch in general was a big comeback for Nintendo and it was of course led by this game. The list of open world games that truly make me want to explore them is a
  5. Just took a look through the list and some of the write ups - someone really loves them some BioWare games. What a fall from grace they've had. My personal top 50 list would be a lot of games from the late 90s to mid 2000s and then a lot of games from 2011ish and on. Kinda fell out of video games in that in between time and still need to play for the first time a lot of games considered classics released in that time, like the Mass Effect trilogy. Maybe I should do at least a top 10!
  6. You're in the tax and you guys traded most of your tradeable assets to the Pels for Jrue. You could make a mid tier move like you almost did last year for Bogdan by trading DD and change for someone, but yeah it's practically impossible for you guys to make a big move without trading Jrue/Middleton which... is pretty safe to assume lol.
  7. Giannis and KD the 2 best players in the league right now. Kawhi was the only other one with an argument but with yet another injury who knows. This year was the coronation of Giannis, so happy he got to do it with the Bucks and my boy Jrue.
  8. Not surprising. CP3 has had moments but he's been below what you expect of him and then Payne has been awful. Though part of it just feels like the Suns becoming too reliant on Booker and losing the ball movement that helped make them so good.
  9. Anyone who has ever slandered Jrue must apologize right now. @beekay414We never lost faith in my boy
  10. Yeah, he's not mentally weak like a Bledsoe, someone who's gonna wilt under the pressure. Shot's off but he doesn't let it bother him, he'll always give you elite defense and good to great playmaking, whether he's going 4-20 or 10-15.
  11. His shot is so inconsistent and more often that not these playoffs it's been off, BUT you think CP3 is having easily his worst series of the playoffs by coincidence? Jrue is making the old head work constantly and putting the clamps on him, chasing him all over through screen after screen. Jrue's offense has been hard to watch but tbh he's kinda equalizing it on the other end. Both CP3 and Jrue have had one good offensive game each (1 and 3, respectively).
  12. That Giannis block was insane. My (for some reason) unwavering faith in the Bucks is still paying off, they got this series. I don't know why over these last few years I've continued to believe so much in the Bucks, choke after choke and dumb performance after dumb performance, BUT #Bucksin6
  13. As a neutral observer who was fully prepared for some Scott Foster shenanigans tonight, the game wasn't badly reffed. Giannis shooting 17 FTs happens when your whole strategy is to hack him in the paint and make him beat you at the line lmaoooo. If he shot 8 FTs instead he probably has more points cause they're just letting him score. Sucks Scott Foster made Booker miss all those shots though
  14. If Giannis both plays and at least looks relatively normal then I've got the Bucks, but with all the uncertainty I'm going Suns in 6. I still believe in you though, Bucks. Have for 3 years for some reason, keep it going for my boy Jrue.
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