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  1. I can't believe someone said Jrue was a slight upgrade over Bledsoe. I thought we were over the Jrue disrespect. I've watch 80% of this man's games, he's still underrated outside of the knowledgeable circles. He was a huge get for Milwaukee, and a big upgrade over the choker that is Bledsoe.
  2. I'm gonna be so disappointed in you lot if you don't win my guy a ring with this team Y'all are stacked now, go get the chip
  3. Get my guy a damn ring @beekay414 Good trade for the Pels tbh. If Giannis leaves the Bucks just became the next Nets, Pels own 3 future 1st rounders and 2 pick swaps. I'll miss my guy Jrue, hoping like hell he gets his ring even if that makes it more likely Giannis stays and thus the picks being bad.
  4. Lowe's catching fire, and Snell's pitching a gem
  5. Pels hire Stan Van Gundy Don't love it but happier about it than I would've been many others (*cough* Jason Kidd *cough*)
  6. So close, with a patched together pitching staff that should be nowhere near a World Series, almost made it
  7. The Astros are the movie villain that just won't die
  8. Gotta love the prospect of the scrappy, lovable underdog reverse sweeping the evil villains
  9. Braves are a fun young team that remind me of the 2017 Astros, hopefully for their sake with less cheating
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