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  1. If the Nuggets choke this I'll never forgive them, make a series out of it at the least
  2. That is a series losing game right there They make their free throws, they get the rebound, AD misses the shot, any of those and they leave 1-1 and very much so in the series. That's a backbreaker for Denver.
  3. Our defense is much better than Vegas' (that's gonna feel weird to say for a while) but our offense might be struggling for a while without CGM. I can see a 24-17 ugly type of win.
  4. Heatles > Kyrie/Love Cavs > current Lakers >>>>>>>>>> first stint Cavs, 2018 Cavs, last year's Lakers
  5. Lakers in 6 but I'm definitely not counting the Nuggets out
  6. It was about KD, it's from last year's first round
  7. It's good for hardcore NBA fans when inorganically built teams like the Clips (*ahem* or Lakers) don't win the title, though the NBA ratings office might be feeling a lil sad. Who cares though, I'm glad to see teams built from the ground up (Nuggets, Bucks) or with organically built cultures (Heat, Raptors, even the Celtics) succeed more than just "yeah we got a star player cause we're LA".
  8. Lakers obviously favored but the Nuggets are playing with house money which is a dangerous thing
  10. I'm glad AD is no longer on the Pels so I can not feel bad about the fact that Jokic is the way better player, man is insane Nuggets are just the better team than the Clippers at this point
  11. 95% of basketball fans from LA are gonna be Lakers fans and we don't really have too many bandwagoners here, so prob not Good end to the half for the Nuggies, Murray looks like he's playing Utah again
  12. Week 2 pick: 49ers Feels good to not be one of the 1/3rd gone immediately for once
  13. As great as Kawhi is and has been, Jokic has been the best player in this series, and you always got a chance when you have the best player
  14. Marshon Lattimore is literally Mike Evans' daddy 2 career games with 0 receptions, both last year vs the Saints Today with 5 mins left? 0 receptions
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