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  1. Teams whose Super Bowl window is open and closing/closed

    Saints are closing unless Winston becomes some perfect fit in Payton's system and carries the torch well enough, because the team around Brees is pretty young and super talented. But if Taysom Hill is our future at QB then...
  2. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    Man, my test took about 5 days to get results. And it was positive too. You think they would be in more of a hurry to get that information out but whatever. Arizona has been pretty incompetent at handling this lately anyways.
  3. 2020 NBA Draft Thread

    It's still good. Not as good as I was hoping considering how good it was talked up to be, but he's still a good defender.
  4. NCAA Tournaments To Be Played Without Fans

    Plus this is the country that has elected politicians saying grandma might have to die for the economy, country's boned. I currently have covid right now, Arizona is in especially rough shape. I've been quarantined at home and damn near never left the house but someone I live with gave it to me instead, couldn't avoid it even when living like a recluse unless I was even more of a recluse in my own house from someone I didn't know had it.

    The Pels are just playing their next 8 games, minus the 8 missing teams. And an extra Grizzlies game was pushed back to the next opponent, the Wizards. But that hasn't stopped all the conspiracy theorists from crying rigged for Zion.
  6. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    I make fun of the Astros myself so I'm ahead of the curve.
  7. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    Lol Astros will play the Dodgers 4 times this year, that'll be fun
  8. 2020 NBA Draft Thread

    Going into it the Anthony Bennett draft was probably weaker. In hindsight it did have Giannis in it and Dipo was better than expected, McCollum was also in it, still pretty bad overall. We'll see how many hidden gems come out of this one exactly.

    Yes. Fauci says the bubble plan is good and Silver just had a meeting with team officials yesterday where he addressed the rising cases in Orlando and said they're still going ahead and trust the plan. It'll definitely start. Now, if there's a huge breakout among players when they're there then I can see it not finishing, but they'll attempt it.
  10. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    AD will never be the #1 on a championship team, he's the best 2nd star in the league, but still a 2nd star. The Pels rebuild with AD was similarly incompetent to Minnesota's with KG and KG did far better carrying that squad than AD did ours. But tbf the one time we did have a really stacked team in 2018 and swept the Blazers, we just ran into the most OP team of all time in the 2nd round. Still, I'll take KG in all 3.
  11. How many PG's were better offensively than Steve Nash?

    And Curry is even better. Curry is the greatest shooter of all time and it's not even close. His volume + efficiency combination is so unmatched it's crazy. Nash is a better passer, obviously, but the difference in their scoring is bigger than the difference in their passing. It's not even about disrespecting Nash, if I had a 2nd favorite team it would probably be the Suns. Nash is one of the best PGs of all time, but especially offensively. I just think we've kinda gotten too used to how good Curry is. He's absolutely changed the game. Curry is probably the 2nd best PG ever after Magic.
  12. How many PG's were better offensively than Steve Nash?

    Maybe Curry? Curry is definitely above him on the all time PG list and it definitely ain't because of defense.

    To me it just reads super sarcastic. "Oh if LeBron wants to play then we're going to play because the NBA bends to LeBron's will" kind of thing.
  14. Astros cheat-Lunhow/Hinch fired-Manfred clueless

    Tbh I don't care. It's not something to be proud of or be ashamed of, I'm a fan. I didn't participate in it. I'm glad they got caught cause I'd rather this stuff not be in the game, but otherwise I don't care. You can't erase the memories of watching your team win a World Series, I'll definitely still look back on 2017 fondly. Just the truth. Now all there is to really hope for is for the damn MLB season to actually get played and then the team can try and shut out the noise and just win.
  15. This years champion

    I can respect this opinion for sure. I just think it would be hard for me to not see it with an asterisk if important players on contending teams are getting sick, but especially on the top 3. I otherwise wouldn't put an asterisk at all due to everybody dealing with the same circumstances, so I hope that nobody on the contenders gets it. I hope no one gets it at all, but that seems unrealistic to hope for.