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  1. Zion just had his worst game in a long while and he still put up 29 on 50% shooting. His defense is a lot closer to serviceable now than the turnstile he was before, and because of it his on/off numbers have soared. He's gone from -1.3 to +3.7 just since ASB. NAW, Kira Lewis Jr, and Jaxson Hayes are all young players who have looked much better for us since the ASB and have formed a bench unit that not only isn't getting destroyed like before, they're actually doing really good and consistently beating other teams' benches. This team still needs to learn to close games though. Really bad
  2. Yeah he's not good on defense but that's why we gotta surround him with good defenders, he doesn't solo make us the 29th defense.
  3. Zion became underrated somehow just because people got fed up from the hype I'm assuming Man is already playing like a top 10 player and future MVP. He hasn't even played a full season's worth of games yet. He's ridiculously efficient and I'm watching him grow as a point forward and initiator every single game. He's straight up special and is going to be even better than hyped to be. He is literally unguardable, he bullies anyone from weak defenders to your DPOYs in Gobert. I thank Adam Silver and the ping pong balls every day. Also as a Phoenix resident with a passing interest in th
  4. Lonzo keeps playing like this and the Pels straight up have a big 3 for the future Need to get rid of Bledsoe and get some defense on this team. Offense isn't the problem even with the Zion/Adams frontcourt.
  5. Best thing SVG ever did was unleash Point Zion on the world Has the double effect of making Zion's game that much better but also making Lonzo a better fit on this team since the guy can't play anything close to a half court PG Defense has begun to look better in spurts but still has awful collapses at times (that Phoenix 4th quarter yikes). If Bledsoe hadn't regressed so much on defense it might look a lot better with him, Zo, and Adams around Zion/BI but instead Bledsoe gets abused and Adams can't defend the 3 pt line but now has to because Bledsoe dies when he goes through a scree
  6. Still unsure on NAW but I'm being sold on Kira, he looks good in what action he gets. Zion becoming a big playmaker, Lonzo hitting his 3s again. Team looks good.
  7. Zion is becoming scarier and scarier Mans had 7 assists in 21 mins tonight, after consistently hitting high assist totals (especially relative to his previous performance) in the past 6 or 7 games He's playmaking and it's doubling up as helping make him more efficient since he's passing to the open man when defenses form a wall at the rim, and with his GOAT touch at the rim he's still shooting a cool >60% in this time as well
  8. Zion is unstoppable, man has the best touch at the rim of any big man ever, one of the top all time regardless of position tbh
  9. I don't care how good the Nets offense is, they're not winning a title with a defense like theirs. It's just not happening. They have a chance to improve though with some mid season acquisitions, I don't really see how it'll change their defense drastically enough to shoot this high but maybe it'll be good enough with how good their offense is. They might make the Finals because of the East not being as strong at the top, Bud's Bucks are chokers until proven otherwise and I'm not fully sold on the Sixers yet, but I wouldn't see them beating the Lakers or Clippers with this defense. Hell,
  10. He makes some good passes he just needs to make more of them and learn how to pass out of the constant double/triple teams he'll keep seeing in the paint.
  11. He really hasn't been jumping out of the gym so far this year. Going for layups way more than dunks now and seems to be working on his landings. Would still like him even slimmer though, if not for health purposes then for defense.
  12. Lonzo looks so much better this year, even after the massive shooting improvement he made last year. Suffocating defense, actually being able to play in the halfcourt and within the 3 pt line.
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