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  1. A. I do not understand why people believe saying we are keeping Cam will help his value. No matter what the Panthers say there will be teams willing to trade for him. If that's the case why say or put any player on trade block. The Panthers are waiting to see how Cam looks after he heals up and then they will make their decision. My guess is they keep him for this year.
  2. I like what I am seeing from our Recievers. I think we have a good blend of size(Funchess, Olsen, Ian) and speed(Torrey, Byrd, Samuels,CMac,Wright). I thought the run blocking was solid but the pass blocking was TRASH. Cam looked better this game just had 1 bad read which will always come with Cam. Our defense I’m worried about. I’m so tired of seeing our Corners 10 yards back, Rivera said it’s because there was no gameplay but I’ve seen this during the regular season too. Safety is a need and I think a BIG need. I wish we would sign Eric Reid but we are not the team to make that kind of move.
  3. It's been pretty dry over here but that is to be expected since much hasn't happened besides Cam workout videos on Instagram. But it is time to for Training Camp, So let's use this thread of any news or position battles going on. What position battle or player you are most looking forward to? For me I'm looking at which speedster stands out at WR and also the development of Cam having a full offseason healthy finally. I'm nervous about our CB2 and Safety competition because I believe those are our weakest spots on the team still.
  4. I agree we need weapons but I don't believe we will go WR because we just drafted Samuels(who was looking good before the injury) and the slight emergence of Byrd. I definitely would love another tight end to groom. Also I don't think we will sign a LT in FA since we already committed a lot of money to Matt.
  5. Since it’s pretty dead in here thought it would be great to talk about the draft. Even though we are having a great season I believe we still have a lot of holes on this team on both sides. We will have a late first and wanted to know who you guys think we should be eyeing. Also which needs you think should be addressed in the draft or free agency. As far as needs go I think it goes 1.LT(I know we locked up long term but he’s the weak link on Offense and think that we have a top tier line if that was addressed) 2. Safety preferably strong 3. DE(depends on how much they l
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