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  1. I thought the same and I kind of went down a rabbit hole watching him a few nights ago. For as big as he is Butler is really ****ty vs press & tight coverage. Thinking that is why he fizzled out in Arizona and while I think he has potential, I also think the Packers have enough of those big bodies with as much if not more potential.
  2. If that triggers people then they need to get a grip
  3. Kind of nice not having to worry about Diggs anymore. Thanks Vikings
  4. Been a while since I've been on here...Who's this retard?
  5. I don't disagree with Josh behind far behind, but if he actually thought that House wouldn't have been put in the game over him when King left the game.
  6. Dont forget those filthy sewer cats that are stuck in Detroit. **** them too Edit: I'm sad I cant like my own post. This is one of my best tbh
  7. Don't care about any different settings/scoring things so have at it.
  8. @Outpost31 it will say draft room open and you just click join. It's easy/straight forward
  9. Saw this yesterday on twitter before team stream sent me the notification and was all:
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