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  1. If the team has success this year, meaning deep playoff run, stability in the locker room, no dysfunkshin on the coaching staff. I see a year 3 from this tandem. That is a BIG if, but I do think Hunt WANTS to stay, and this year will determine how many eggs are in that basket.
  2. Looks like he was good at his assignments, finding and moving to the ball, and has busy hands when the ball gets in to his area. If he can maintain that, maybe he's covering the flats, get some work at safety, covers tight ends, or the number 2 in a pinch. His work gets easier if there is a pass rush, so again it all starts up front. One of those who guys can maybe "develop" if they are given the right chances.
  3. I'm opening two cans right now, so they won't hear me opening one.
  4. I just want to say, if somehow today we ended up with Chase Young and Trent Williams, I would call it a good day.
  5. I have a work meeting in 10 minutes, though they recommend I don't use video, so..."hair of the dog" it is.
  6. Did anybody else wake up drunk? Cause I totally woke up drunk. And this conversation made me reset my password so I could login, and ask.
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