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  1. Exactly. I hate his contract as much as the next guy. And I have been advocating for drafting first round quarterbacks once every few years since the rookie wage scale came into effect. But the simple fact is that he is earning his money right now. He is being paid the going rate. I don't think we can say that Kirk has definitively lost a game for this team since the second or third game of last season. He has definitely put them in a position to win a lot of those games. That was always the knock on him before.
  2. It opens up a roster spot for a guy who wasn't even playing special teams. I think there's a good chance we look to add a cornerback.
  3. A 4th round pick... Absolutely crazy.
  4. Requiring a Super Bowl win to be considered elite is laughable, as is saying Tarkenton wasn’t elite because he failed to win one.
  5. Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson were never elite, I guess.
  6. He is in the Pro-Football Hall of Fame. As are Dan Fouts, Warren Moon and Dan Marino. That is the very definition of elite. Guess we should just kick them out and call it the "Hall of Guys Who Won a Super Bowl."
  7. It's not an arbitrary number. It's the number of TDs Kirk Cousins currently has. That's why they picked it.
  8. Can he really be thought of as elite? When he plays like he's elite? Yes. Cousins played on a dumpster fire of a team in Washington for several years. The talent around him was bottom-half and the team was always involved in one scandal/distraction or another. Jay Gruden was a trash coach. Last season, Cousins was again playing at a very high level, but the defense was historically bad. Football is a team sport. Period. At the end of the day, not even Tom Brady could have willed last year's team to victory. Kirk has done everything you could possibly ask him to to win each and every game this
  9. Over the past two season, Kirk Cousins has played at a near-elite level. The stats, overall, reflect that. He most certainly has not been the problem with this team over that time. There is an argument that his contract is an issue, but it’s the going rate. You pay it, or you roll the dice on first round QBs. I’m not opposed to that at all (as my posting history will back up), but you can’t say definitively that there are 8 QBs playing better than Kirk Cousins has since the start of last season. That’s not cherry-picking stats. It’s evident from his game-tape.
  10. Cousins passes the eye test this year. With flying colors. The stats are starting to come in line with that. It's time to give him his due.
  11. Yep. And while Joseph has missed a couple big kicks, he’s been fairly consistent. The kneejerk reactions to kickers has not served Zimmer well. Ride the storm and see if your ST coach can work some magic.
  12. How so? Not to be contrarian, but I'm just not up to speed on how the gameday/COVID elevations work now.
  13. Man, that would be amazing. I wouldn’t be opposed at all. However, I’ll be surprised if our first round pick is anything other than a Cornerback. Not that I want that.
  14. https://vikingsterritory.com/2021/general-news/armon-watts-is-2021s-pleasant-surprise-on-defense I know you don't always notice good lineman play, but this is still very surprising to me.
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