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  1. All abouts the wideouts

    Five years, 80 million. Don't know what the guarantees are, but Cooks is a lot more accomplished than Diggs. I would think a Diggs contract would have to come in a little lower.
  2. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    So I guess Denver will win more games than Green Bay next year? Since their roster is vastly superior to the Packers'. Because if you think Denver's roster is better than the Vikings, then you can't make any plausible argument as to how the Packers will be better than the Broncos. Even with Erin back behind center.
  3. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    You know what's fun about this? Rodgers is going to be healthy this year, and the Packers haven't appreciably improved from where they were last year. So we'll get to see this play out in real life, and the results will be quite similar, Barr-ing another catastrophic injury. Outside of Rodgers, the Packers have a C-level roster. In fact, if you took out each team's starting QB, the Packers may have a lower half roster in the NFL.
  4. Madden(ing) Ratings!!!

    https://247sports.com/nfl/minnesota-vikings/ContentGallery/Madden-19-ratings-released-for-Minnesota-Vikings-roster-119703134/#119703134_2 All of the ratings for the Vikings have been released. Which players' ratings seem low to you? Do any seem high? I should note that I haven't played this game in at least 5 years, but I'm always interested in the ratings.
  5. Will the Vikings be Wayne's World...?

    I would much rather resign Waynes over Barr. I think he's going to make that jump into the upper echelon of NFL Cornerbacks this year. If Waynes becomes a top 20 CB, he'll be more valuable than Barr.
  6. How would things have changed...?

    We would have held his 5th year option, which means he'd be playing this season at a reduced rate. We would likely either be extending him, or had already given him an extension that would put him around the 22-24 million dollar mark, but that extension likely wouldn't have kicked in until next season. Teddy would have presumably played the 2016 season as well, and would have made some strides forward. In 2017, he would have been more familiar with the offense and had chemistry with the players on that side of the ball. That may have led to a more efficient offense. The team may have had about the same success in the playoffs. However, without Bradford's contract, we may have been able to add a couple more pieces on the offensive line, which was obviously our Achilles heel against Philadelphia. We may have already locked up Diggs and Barr as well. All in all, I think we would have had an even more complete team than we have now, but we would still be looking at giving Teddy a lucrative extension this year or next.
  7. How will the 2018 rookies fare this year?

    The good news is that we kept enough of the team intact where rookies don't need to make an impact this year. In fact, some were probably drafted with the thought of taking over for more expensive veterans next year and beyond. That said, Hughes seems to be exceeding the coaching staff's expectations. I think he's our CB3 right away and he'll contribute in the return game. Carlson is the other rookie who will have a substantial impact. Holton Hill may supplant Newman and/or Alexander as CB4, and will most likely be a big contributor on kick coverage. The others will be depth or PS players. However, I suspect that in 2019 and 2020 we will see 6-8 of these draft picks/UDFA's as significant plus contributors. If that holds, then this draft class will be outstanding.
  8. Blow it all up. Trade them all and build for the last year of Lebron's contract. On another note, I'm done with the NBA. Golden State could conceivably go undefeated and, barring injury, walk through the playoffs to sweep the Eastern Conference winner. What's the point? They need to break up the super teams.
  9. If I Were the Commish.....

    I'd also contract the Packers and Eagles...
  10. If I Were the Commish.....

    I'd do away with the National Anthem before games.
  11. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    How is Brooks Bollinger not on this list? He certainly played like #2...
  12. Who's breaking OUT this year?

    I think that Trae Waynes is going to break out and become a Pro-Bowler. He's improved steadily and will be angling for a contract extension. Waynes, Rhodes, Hughes, Alexander and Smith will anchor the best secondary in the league.
  13. I agree with this. An above average CB (which Waynes is, and then some) is of more value in today's NFL than a very good linebacker. Barr is not elite. Rhodes, Waynes, Smith and hopefully Hughes could be the NFL's next GREAT secondary. I'd rather have that than Barr.
  14. The Favre-Lewis play was fantastic. It's my #1. My #2 is the Minneapolis Miracle, and my #3 is Moss to Mo Hook and Ladder.