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  1. 2020 Draft Talk

    Honestly, with this draft and all of the Coronavirus stuff limiting prospect interaction/pro-days/scouting, I'm only trading down. That holds true for every round. The Draft is a crapshoot as it is, and this year it will be even more. Volume should be the name of the game. More tickets to scratch off, so to speak. As to the thought of using both 1st round picks on offensive linemen, I'm all for it. Cousins accounts for too much of our cap. We have to get more out of him, and Zimmer is going to have to get more with less on the defensive side of the ball.
  2. That's absolutely terrible.
  3. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    So change an entire roser of players with contracts that carry cap penalties to make one WR happy? That sounds like your solution. This team did make the playoffs and win a game with that antiquated philosophy of the coaching staff, did it not? And I'm sorry, is Diggs in the same league as Calvin Johnson, Jerry Rice or Randy Moss? What happens when he doesn't like the next scheme? Change it again?
  4. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    So those who hate the trade and the fact Diggs is gone, I ask you this: What was your solution?
  5. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    TO was a great WR that teams got sick of having, despite the talent. Single handedly sidetracked multiple teams. Antonio Brown was a hall of fame WR who singlehandedly sidetracked three organizations in a single year. Diggs has been pulling this crap for two seasons now, and he’s shown no signs of improving that behavior. Only a matter of time before he held out or became more volatile. Things weren’t changing for him here. How did you see it ending? In the end, the Vikings shipped out a toxic situation and got a great haul for him. That’s not ignorant. It’s truth.
  6. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    Why? Because they shipped off a guy who didn’t want to be here? Who believes his own press clippings? Who may not even be the best receiver on his own team? What did this organization do to Diggs that was soooo bad? Good luck with Josh Allen. Lol.
  7. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    And if he keeps being a little whiny twit and distracts the players and coaches? His schtick wore thin. That was his fault and his alone. Good riddance. He can go be a diva in obscurity with an inaccurate QB and play for an irrelevant organization. Let’s see how long it is before AB Jr tweets his way out of Buffalo. This is a better haul than we could have hoped for.
  8. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    Glad Diggs goes to an even worse QB.
  9. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    He should love that lol. Poetic.
  10. Discuss Diggs’ “Drama”

    Good Riddance. He's turning into AB Light.
  11. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Diggs is a moron.
  12. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Then next year's 5th haha
  13. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    O'Brien is the GM now, but I think he's completely in over his head.
  14. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I guess we will have to see how Free Agency shakes out, but I would like to see this scenario play out: WAS drafts Tua Miami drafts Love Vikings trade 4th round pick to WAS for Dwayne Haskins Vikings trade 5th round pick to MIA for Josh Rosen Vikings use 1st round pick on LT Vikings use 2nd round pick on DT/CB Vikings use their 3rd round picks on DT/CB/S/OG Kirk gets a year to audition for Free Agency behind a better line. Haskins/Rosen sit for a year, battle in camp next year after a year of familiarity with the system.
  15. Laying the Smacketh Down - XFL Talk

    I hope the league doesn’t fold. They are doing some legitimately good things. The good news is that they know what was working, and what wasn’t. So maybe not having the operating expenses for the rest of this season will allow them to come out stronger next season.