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  1. Sure. If you think one of them is Mahomes-esque. But if you have reservations, it’s tough to give up that much. So I guess my answer is “yes, but you had better be sure he’s your guy for the next 12-15 years.”
  2. Looks like I’m eating crow instead of Turkey this year...
  3. Yeah. Because those last two playcalls were terrible.
  4. True, but those last two play calls were horrendous.
  5. I wish I had picked a different team as a third grader. Being a Vikings fan just sucks.
  6. WHAT THE F WAS THAT BS???? To hell with Zimmer and Kubiak. They would have been great coaches in 1993.
  7. Yup. But it's cool, because the Cowboys did it.
  8. That's another BS call. The refs are horrid today.
  9. Because Cook caught it, I guess. Such BS.
  10. That is a bullsh** call. Absolute BULL.
  11. Agree. And they look more Blue than Purple
  12. Not a hold. Also, holding should only be a 5 yard penalty.
  13. Jefferson is going to be a Top 10 WR next year (if he isn't already).
  14. Actually, and coming from a guy who knows a thing or two about appellate review, not one of the replay challenges has a chance of being overturned. There are multiple points of contact showing that the receiver landed in bounds with possession. The head referee has already stated that both feet and a hand landed in bounds. So even if the replay official acknowledges that one hand landed out of bounds, it doesn’t undo the other three points of contact. Succinctly stated, Coach Tubberville has wasted his challenges and the viewers’ time. It’s over.
  15. I don't disagree with this take, mostly because of the three HOFers, but I don't think Blackledge, Eason, or O'Brien would be given the opportunity to start for as long as they did these days. Different climate.
  16. "Armslingin' Sammy" is apt... I'm not sure Cutler could have ever been special. He just didn't seem to have the level of "I give a crap about winning or losing" to be great. I think on some level, a successful QB has to have the attention and respect of his teammates. I don't know that Jay ever did. The "Smokin' Jay" memes were amazing though.
  17. Well if you're challenging that you actually completed the pass because some guy in the upper deck with season tickets caught the football and claims that he is actually part of the team and in bounds, then...sure, I guess technically that's a challenge. You're going to lose that one every single time, but it's a challenge.
  18. I think that depends on how serious the Saints are about Taysom Hill being an actual Quarterback. I think he comes back next year (barring a deep playoff run) to try to go out on "his terms." However, at his age, "his terms" aren't necessarily realistic.
  19. I miss Blasingame. My biggest training camp man crush since Chris Walsh, many moons ago.
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