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  1. There is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, to support this. It’s an absolutely ridiculous assertion. It’s one thing to hate Spielman and Zimmer. It’s quite another to use that to invent fantastical scenarios that have zero basis in reality. Did JJ complain as a third option on LSU? Does he have any leverage? Has he shown any propensity whatsoever for causing problems? No. No. No.
  2. Yeah, there's some weird stuff in the NHL's CBA...sounds like the NFL could use that.
  3. To my understanding, he wanted both top pay and assurances the team would work to put guys around him so we don't waste him. They took care of the second point by buying out Parise and Suter to create cap room to compete for better talent. Also to my understanding, NHL contracts cannot be renegotiated until the final year of the deal, when the team and player can negotiate an extension.
  4. Yeah, the only two that really seemed to have a line towards immediate playing time were Darrisaw and Davis. I think most of the other picks were seen as guys who could contribute next year or on STs. Maybe not the best draft strategy if you want to compete, but we had so many FA guys on defense and entrenched starters elsewhere, it’s hard to see how the rookies get a lot of playing time.
  5. The Wild have signed Kirill Kaprizoz to a 5 year, $45 Million deal. I'm pretty stoked about that. That wouldn't have even put him in the top 20 for salaries last season. Can't help but think it's an excellent deal that will only look better in 2 or 3 years.
  6. My gut tells me the Vikings are going to lose by 17.
  7. I wish I could bring myself to cheer for a different team. so much.
  8. What a BS call. That was a 1st down. Absolute crap.
  9. This team and kickers. We should never kick. Ever.
  10. Vikings are moving the ball. Really surprising start to this one.
  11. Frankly, the TEs shouldn’t run a route against Arizona. The TE should shadow Chandler Jones and double team him all day long.
  12. Penalties are going to continue being a very big issue with this offensive line.
  13. The key players should have played in the preseason. They were flat in the first half. Darrisaw needs to get ready quickly. We can’t afford a full season of Hill.
  14. We had no business being in OT. Zim got out coached and our OL false started and held its way to 0-1
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