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  1. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Would view it as a joke. You would get much more than a 6th round pick for Powell straight up, probably more a 7th. So your trade proposal is essentially NYJ Receive 2nd Pick NYG Receive 3rd Pick + 6th Round Pick + 6th Round Pick
  2. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    My dream scenario is convincing the Browns they have to trade up to #2 to get Barkley. It's very Madden-esque but let's say we want Rosen. Browns draft Darnold #1 and we are betting that the Jets are in on either Allen or Mayfield. We pick up extra picks and still get our man at #4. In the off chance the Jets do take Rosen at #3, we get to draft our favorite player of the other positions (Chubb, Nelson, Fitzpatrick, whoever). It's obvious the standard play is you go get your QB and for good reason. If you don't have a QB, you have NO shot. But with no clear ranking of these QBs there is so much intrigue and a good chance the Giants actually move down.
  3. I mean, we have no natural EDGE guys on the roster so this signing makes sense. Familiarity in the system, and depth at a very needed position. Let's just hope they didn't overpay...
  4. OT Nate Solder signs with Giants

    Scary hearing "highest paid left tackle" but we need to spend to turn this thing around and it is massively important to see if Flowers can excel at another position on the line. If he does, we can actually retain a draft pick. Solder comes from a top-notch organization so hopefully he will bring some leadership and professionalism.
  5. Giants sign Jonathan Stewart RB

    Always liked Stewart but he's not an impact guy anymore and won't be running behind much of an OL. He'll be the defacto starter (unless we end up with Saquon) but will lose snaps throughout the season. This is just Gettlemen adding guys to the locker room that he is comfortable with. I do think it's worth noting that the locker room seemed to be more split than was really reported on. Stewart is apparently a high character guy that should help with that.
  6. C Brett Jones to receive 2nd Round Tender

    No brainer.. they can't afford to lose him and a lesser tender gives the Giants no compensation if he leaves. Let's hope he can continue to improve and become a quality starting center
  7. 49ers sign C Weston Richburg

    Hurts to see a quality OL go but of all the OL positions, center is the only one where we have a competent replacement. Couldn't afford to overpay for Richburg.
  8. Norwell Jilts Giants, Elopes With Jags

    I think it becomes a situation where we should be a little stronger on D.J. Fluker. He is the definition of a "hog mollie" and should still come very cheap compared to others on the market. He can be a stopgap while we find better solutions.
  9. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Who said that LMFAO
  10. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    If we were only moving back a few spots I could see it but our roster is not void of talent. We don't need to stockpile picks and getting possibly the top guy on our overall draft board is more appealing to me.
  11. 2018 NFL free agency

    Doug Martin available now. I'd give him a prove it contract to have some veteran experience on our depth chart.
  12. Eli stole the Superbowl Again

    This truly was the gem of an otherwise... difficult super bowl. Eli is so good
  13. Minute Mock 1/27 4 rounds

    If we draft Shaquem Griffin, we'd be playing at a 7.5 finger deficit on defense, which is not ideal. In all seriousness I don't know the eligible players well enough to judge this mock draft. Definitely hits on our needs, which is good. I'm not crazy about drafting yet another RB in the mid-rounds. We're just filling up the roster with warm bodies at RB IMO. I know there have been some big hits at RB in the middle rounds recently by other teams but I'd prefer to sign a veteran RB instead. We need some experience at the position.
  14. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    I know we never trade back but it is possible this year. It all depends on their evaluation of the QBs in this draft. A QB is getting taken at #2 but if we don't fall in love with any of the guys, we will get a king's ransom for the pick.
  15. Jack Del Rio favorite to become DC

    I would love this hire as well. The more head coaching experience in our staff, the better IMO. We need guys with strong leadership skills after the locker room was a mess last season.