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  1. Would love to see Robert Martin make the team but it's not going to happen.
  2. RB Saquon Barkley selected by Giants 1.2

    I don't understand why people think this would happen. They think Eli Manning still has a lot left and that they can win with him. If they are wrong, they'll be picking near the top of the draft again anyway. They are going to see what they have in Davis Webb and won't even think about another QB until they have an answer there. Everyone thinks Hernandez is the guy. They are guaranteed either him or Landry and I would be happy with either.
  3. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Now rumors of a trade down, which I do not believe. The only benefit would be to stockpile future picks for an eventual trade-up to grab a QBOTF. Other than that, you have to grab your top guy at #2 IMO.
  4. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Well, we are a little over 8 hours away and all signs are pointing to Baker Mayfield being the #1 overall pick. Hard to believe but if it happens, good for him. Dude has a ton of passion and has done nothing but perform well during his time at Oklahoma. Question becomes, are the Giants crazy enough to pass on the "safest" QB prospect in Sam Darnold to take Saquon Barkley? I hope so! Truly though, the Giants have seemingly stumbled into the perfect scenario. Their top QB prospect and top overall prospect are both sitting there for them. Whichever philosophy they choose to operate under, they are getting their guy. This draft starts to get really fun if the Browns take Mayfield, the Giants take Barkley and all of a sudden not only do the Jets get their choice of the consensus top 3 QB prospects, but the Browns phone is ringing off the hook for #4. Have to love draft season!
  5. Predict The Pick v.2 - 2 - Giants

    Following my heart with this one and voting for Barkley. He would just be so beloved by Giants fans. The idea of him, OBJ and Evan Engram creating match-up nightmares is too much to pass up for me.
  6. Bell + 1st for Beckham?

    Agreed, I probably wouldn't do it if I were the Browns. And yes, your point on Barkley is 100% why I wouldn't take Bell either.
  7. Bell + 1st for Beckham?

    I'd rather have Barkley than Bell at this point. Bell has far less tread on his tires these days and Barkley would be far less "expensive" not having to give up OBJ. I hate playing in these ridiculous hypotheticals for the most part but since this story won't go away, I was thinking about it and I would actually consider the following: CLE receives: Odell Beckham Jr. NYG receive: 2018 1st Round Pick (No. 4) 2018 4rd Round Pick 2019 1st Round Pick It's a lot for Cleveland to give up and you could easily call them crazy if they did this but at some point they have to cash in the picks they are accumulating and hit on talent. This would set Cleveland up to still take the QB of their choosing at #1 and have OBJ and Landry for him to throw to and sets us up to take a QB at #2 and Barkley at #4. If the Jets change their plan and go Barkley at #3, we still take Chubb or Nelson #4. This obviously sets us up with a big void at WR1 but if you look at Shurmur's MIN offense, they turned two later rounds / undrafted guys into big time receivers. We would still have Shepard, Engram and Barkley in this situation as well as our QB of the future. Those are still pretty good weapons and all of them under control for a few more years at least.
  8. S Mike Thomas, Dolphins, signs with Giants

    Seems like a good little pick-up. They are clearly looking for leadership / high quality personalities. Thomas reportedly has that and some good experience.
  9. I am definitely not an evaluator but I don't think they are definitely a weak class. I mean, we're talking about 4 of them going in the first five picks potentially. The Jets already moved up to make sure they get one of them. I think Darnold is tarnished by the "USC QB" stigma and people are overreacting to Rosen's "attitude problems". The injuries are definitely a cause for concern but I'm not so concerned about the concussions. There are a ton of measures in place to protect a QB. The odds of a concussion derailing a career are probably lowest for QBs. I can understand not being sold on Josh Allen but then again, Carson Wentz came out of nowhere and was only highly rated based on his physical traits. There are concerns with all of them but they are being discussed because they have huge positives.
  10. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Would view it as a joke. You would get much more than a 6th round pick for Powell straight up, probably more a 7th. So your trade proposal is essentially NYJ Receive 2nd Pick NYG Receive 3rd Pick + 6th Round Pick + 6th Round Pick
  11. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    My dream scenario is convincing the Browns they have to trade up to #2 to get Barkley. It's very Madden-esque but let's say we want Rosen. Browns draft Darnold #1 and we are betting that the Jets are in on either Allen or Mayfield. We pick up extra picks and still get our man at #4. In the off chance the Jets do take Rosen at #3, we get to draft our favorite player of the other positions (Chubb, Nelson, Fitzpatrick, whoever). It's obvious the standard play is you go get your QB and for good reason. If you don't have a QB, you have NO shot. But with no clear ranking of these QBs there is so much intrigue and a good chance the Giants actually move down.
  12. I mean, we have no natural EDGE guys on the roster so this signing makes sense. Familiarity in the system, and depth at a very needed position. Let's just hope they didn't overpay...
  13. OT Nate Solder signs with Giants

    Scary hearing "highest paid left tackle" but we need to spend to turn this thing around and it is massively important to see if Flowers can excel at another position on the line. If he does, we can actually retain a draft pick. Solder comes from a top-notch organization so hopefully he will bring some leadership and professionalism.
  14. Giants sign Jonathan Stewart RB

    Always liked Stewart but he's not an impact guy anymore and won't be running behind much of an OL. He'll be the defacto starter (unless we end up with Saquon) but will lose snaps throughout the season. This is just Gettlemen adding guys to the locker room that he is comfortable with. I do think it's worth noting that the locker room seemed to be more split than was really reported on. Stewart is apparently a high character guy that should help with that.
  15. C Brett Jones to receive 2nd Round Tender

    No brainer.. they can't afford to lose him and a lesser tender gives the Giants no compensation if he leaves. Let's hope he can continue to improve and become a quality starting center