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  1. Week 6: SNF: New York Giants @ Denver Broncos

    DJ Fluker and Brett Jones being in a lineup has played a part as well. It's a little bit of everything but at minimum, execution has been better. Maybe that is scheme, maybe it's a change in preparation/technique during the week. Let's not overstate anything either. They need to show something for a few more weeks before this is anything more than an anomaly. The rest of this season is all about determining whether we have a RB of the future moving forward. Perkins has really fallen back and even though it's injuries keeping him off the field, you have to believe Darkwa and possibly even Gallman have already passed him. Aside from that, we need to determine who our WR2 is going into next season. OBJ and Shep are locked in. I'd rather not bring in another vet on a short-term deal. The Marshall signing looked great at the time but this is now 2 years in a row where we have an older WR past their prime trying to make one last go of it. It's not working in this offense. I'd love to see Lewis or Rudolph take the reigns there but I think Lewis is the only realistic expectation IMO. Rudolph is feeling like a return man / WR4 that can make big plays for us vs. a #2 guy. All that being said, it's great to see that back on the right side of the W-L column. Monday's are a lot better when the gmen win on Sunday!
  2. Giants Draft Talk

    I would love to grab Saquon Barkley in the draft but if the right QB is available when we pick, I think we have to take him. He doesn't have to start right away but despite our current record, we are not the Jets, Browns, etc. Our roster is much better but what you can't afford to become is a team with no QB.
  3. The Backups have Arrived

    One thing is for sure: we are definitely going to know a lot more about our 2018 WR corp by season's end. Let's hope they impress and we head into 2018 with OBJ, Shepherd, Lewis, Rudolph and one final big bodied WR at a grand total of like $10mil against the cap
  4. Week 5: Los Angeles Chargers @ New York Giants

    Which heads would you like to see roll?
  5. Week 3: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

    He will definitely get his licks on Eli, there's no avoiding that. My guess is our RBs will be staying in on most pass plays picking up the rush. This is a classic division game where the opposite of what is expected happens (and this time it's wishful thinking on my part) so I wouldn't be shocked if the Giants come out with a great gameplan to keep Eli upright. If I'm the Eagles I am very worried about OBJ in this game. Another week of recovery on that ankle and he is going to try to put this team on his back. With your secondary banged up, you could be in for a long day in coverage.
  6. I don't think it was intentional but definitely a bad play. Can't put somebody in harm's way like that.
  7. Finally have a few minutes for some more detailed thoughts. Let the rambling commence: 1. I agree with all of you on the play calling / coaching. Said it last night as well but McAdoo has to take a lot of blame here. He did to open his post-game press conference last night but then immediately went to placing blame on other players like Eli. This team is way too talented to look this bad. Yes, the OL blows and it's ruining the whole offense but they are not taking corrective measures to help that. It seems like they run a stretch play with Perkins on 1st down 9 times out of 10. It goes nowhere and ruins the down and distance. We are almost never in 3rd and 3 or less. Gameday management is one this but player development is just as important and there doesn't seem to be any on the offensive side of the ball. 2. I think Eli Apple is getting unfairly criticized after last night. He got picked on in the Dallas game and played poorly but he had one bad play last night. That's really it. Did he give up a few catches for minor gains? Sure, but he wasn't getting exposed last night. Remember, he's still very young and teams are not going to throw at Jackrabbit or DRC very much so he's going to give up plays here or there just based on the volume of balls coming his way. He is REALLY good in coverage on at least as many plays as he has lapses on. 3. It didn't seem like it live last night, but looking back the defense played really well. They gave up a bit too much in the ground game, which was surprising but overall they held a legit Lions offense to 257 total yards and they did so without Jackrabbit and BJ Goodson. A rookie UFA played every snap at MLB last night and they held this offense to 257 yards... Think about that. They gave up 3 scoring drives. The first TD drive started at the DET 46 and ended in that bad play by Eli Apple, which was a killer. Their second TD drive started at the NYG 29! And it was after only being off the field for one play. They were on the field for 6 straight minutes by the time they gave up the TD. Finally, Prater hits a ridiculous 56 yard field goal. I can't fault them in this game at all, honestly. 4. Perkins needs to be benched for Darkwa. I know I'm not alone on this one but it needs to be repeated. He just can't create for himself. He doesn't run with power and he doesn't have great speed so he really is useless without holes to run through. Might as well see what Darkwa has and maybe it forces defenses to respect the run at least a little more. 5. Evan Engram had a great game. The penalty was annoying, he says it was unintentional. I don't have any reason not to believe him but either way, I'm not gonna kill him for it. Look back at that game. Without him there was essentially zero production on offense. I'm looking forward to seeing him become an even bigger part of this offense, and he needs to be. 6. Nobody is really talking about it but Darian Thompson made a few BAD plays last night. He is virtually invisible in this defense, and that is by design but if you're being allowed to just drop back and keep everything in front of you, you have to make the big plays when the opportunity arises. The second TD to Ebron is on him. He needs to be able to cover a TE, even a speedier one like Ebron. Then Stafford makes one of his few bad decisions of the night lobbying one up into double coverage and DT makes a terrible play on the ball. Should have been an easy interception with him having deep contain. Instead, the ball is almost caught by the WR who ended up behind him on the play. I am usually an optimistic fan, having seen two Giants teams that had looked really bad end up winning the SB. But there is no sugar coating anything here, the Giants have given us literally zero to be optimistic about. Based on what we've seen the second half of last season and the first two games this year, how can we possibly expect this offense to turn it around? The fact is, we're only a game behind the rest of the division so a win next week and this 0-2 start can really be put behind us but I sure won't be going in with any confidence whatsoever.
  8. It seems a lot of the time the WR are getting no separation, which is insane given the talent at the position. But defenses don't have to respect the run game and with OBJ hobbled, there are zero WR healthy that can get deep. It seems every time the OL makes a positive play, Eli blows it and every time Eli makes a positive play, the WRs blow it. Ugly, ugly, ugly.
  9. This game is an embarrassment, win or lose. McAdoo has to take a lot of blame for not having his team ready. Cockiness and smug answers is all good and well when you're successful. Have to take ownership of this.
  10. Moving the ball now and it still looks so ugly. No separation. No time to throw. No holes to run through and even when there is Perkins has very little burst. Haven't had this little confidence in a loooong time.
  11. Panic will set in if we go three and out again here
  12. I'm guessing everyone in Detroit is pitching tents because Golladay had a fluke great game last week. I can't wait until you all need to take cold showers when him and the rest of your offense gets shut down on Monday night.
  13. The whole Odell getting paid argument is completely ridiculous in the first place. He has years of productivity and moments that have built his resumè as not only the best player on our team, but one of the best players in the league, period. The man is going to make multiple truck loads of money and the Giants loss to the Cowboys Sunday night has NOTHING to do with it. A potential loss to Detroit on Monday night will have NOTHING to do with it. People seem to always make these crazy accusations about him. The dude has been a gamer for us since Day 1. When we were terrible his first year, he was one of the only guys visibly frustrated with each loss. And we called it "immaturity". Please. Odell does and has always cared more about winning than anything else. There is no conspiracy theory of him dogging this injury for money or anything else. He wants to be out there. As soon as he can realistically be out there, he will be. Of course the dude wants to get paid as much as possible, as soon as possible. But he's done nothing out of the ordinary in that pursuit. He skipped optional team workouts over the summer. Who cares?! If he felt he was in more control of his health training on his own, so be it! He showed up on Day 1 on training camp with no complaints and worked his *** off all August until he got hit low and got hurt. What more do you want from the guy? Just ridiculous
  14. Have I mentioned I hate prime time games? The narrative is obvious here. (1) Does Odell play? All signs point to yes. The extra week was wise, despite the fact that we obviously could have used him against Dallas. This season is a marathon, not a sprint. We need him to be right. (2) Please let this OL have a good game to ease our concerns. The defense should be okay against this Lions offense. Stafford is playing at a high level but we have one of the best secondaries in the league and they should stop him. Contain Theo Riddick out of the backfield and our defense should be fine.
  15. 2017 Captains

    Casillas is a veteran who has been on winning teams before. He was also the captain last year so there's something to be said for continuity. Tough to say who the vocal leaders are behind closed doors but as w4rrior723 points out, Snacks has said publicly that he wouldn't accept. I also think it's mostly someone in the back 7, who is seeing most of the field and can line guys up. LBs usually have the headset helmet. He is very easily the most worthy LB. That being said, it's only a matter of time before Collins is the defensive captain.