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  1. I do get this sentiment and I guess you can consider Toney a bad pick position-wise but we were screaming for playmakers. Imagine not having Azeez? Imagine not having Robinson? I'm not saying they're great players but these are premium positions of need as well. I think they have drafted pretty well the last two seasons, just not enough to erase a horrible 3+ years before that.
  2. There is a 0.00001% chance we draft a QB earlier than Round 5 this year and probably not at all. A new GM isn't going to do it either.
  3. I hate that Jones is out but honestly I still like our chances against Miami. Our defense should be able to significantly slow their offense and give Glennon a chance to do just enough. To me, this has ugly win written all over it.
  4. It'll probably be Martinez, Rudolph and Shepard that get cut to free up cap space. Bradberry is enticing due to the savings but he's too important. That CB room gets really shaky really quickly if he's gone. MLB would also be dicey but Martinez doesn't make enough impact to justify the cap hit. Rudolph is at the end. Maybe the offer him a pay cut since Engram is probably gone too but I wouldn't hate having them roll with Kaden Smith and some young classic TE types. I don't see them cutting Logan Ryan. Not enough cap savings, he's a leader on the team and they're not bringing back Pep. If
  5. I agree they need to get pressure but I think that's more a personnel issue than a DC issue. They are a top 10 defense in several categories and probably middle of the road overall. Perhaps their most impressive stat is being 6th in the league in Passer Rating against. I also don't think Judge is gone after the year. Perhaps it's an apologist mindset but I still think he's getting killed from factors before he got here personnel-wise. Those early season losses to WFT and ATL - IMHO - are a result if the talent not being quite there. Coaching can keep you in games but they can't overcome
  6. I know it's easy to look at the stats and say Kitchens did no better than Garrett but I disagree. There were far more plays that had a "chance". More crossing routes, more catching the ball in stride with a chance to turn it upfield, etc. The run game is still a disaster and there are two things at play here. The first is the OL is truly atrocious. They can't move bodies at all and even that would be fine if they actually picked up their assignments but they're getting beat so badly most plays don't even have a chance. That being said, Barkley stops way too much. He looks unsure and I don't th
  7. It's funny this is one of the biggest lines of the week but there seems to be a large contingent that think we have a legitimate shot. Fact is we have to win these games at some point. Leave it all on the field no playing conservative. Have to think Golladay finally has a big day.
  8. I love the optimism but I'm not ready to anoint McKinney as an elite talent off of one good game. Azeez and Roche have been nice starts so far but they are not game breakers yet and I don't think tip the scales in this one. Tampa's clunker came a week too early and it's hard to see them lose three in a row when they're mostly healthy. That being said our defense has been playing better and this is the big test. I could easily see them playing a good game and giving the offense a chance to steal one, but I wouldn't be on it. Tampa Bay 28 / NY Giants 17
  9. Philly has been quietly playing better. You definitely can't pencil in the two games against them as Ws.
  10. A few beat reporters mentioned Isaiah Wilson's progress getting in shape in their practice reports today and it leads me to kind of ask what the best case and worst case scenario is with this offensive line? I think the best case is Peart starts at RT the rest of the way and shows enough to compete for the starting job next season. Isaiah Wilson has a strong camp and win the RT spot. Peart becomes a quality swing tackle, which to me is his ceiling. We draft iOL with one of our 1st round picks and 2nd Rd pick. Gates and Lemieux come back and we go: Starters: Thomas / Lemieux / Gates / 1st
  11. I love the fact that we have to rookie EDGE rushers finally making some plays but to say that it's solved would be a huge mistake. Neither of them is a #1 guy but if we hit on one top end guy the combination of the three can be a very good EDGE room. As of now, I go EDGE with the first of our 1st rd picks and OL with the 2nd 1st rounder and our 2nd rounder.
  12. It's not hate on Stanton honestly.. he's great right now but he still has soooo many years left on that deal. Getting out from under him let's us go after younger, more dynamic guys. I get it, the Yanks should be able to just buy every player ever but it's not feasible.
  13. There is just absolutely no point in keeping Garrett at this point. Give the reigns to Kitchens and who knows maybe you catch lightning in a bottle but Garrett is what he is. It’s not going to get better and he’s not making the individual players better either.
  14. Oh and I’m over the Judge’s game management. Give DJ some timeouts just once? They’re always burned on missed defense alignments.
  15. Defense played a hell of a game but there was never any doubt on how this one was going to end. DJ played an okay game. Not good, not horrible but not enough to win. Hard to blame him though he’s literally getting crushed on every drop back. When he can get the ball out his receivers are falling down, dropping balls, not looking. Everything is off. Even though the D played well they still can’t finish. They play mostly clean all game then start jumping offsides, missing assignments, etc. It’s so hard to watch.
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