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  1. Week 13: New York Giants @ Oakland Raiders

    Okay so Geno Smith is afforded every excuse, any negative stat is null and void. Eli Manning is accountable for every pick, every sack and every fumble he's ever lost and gets no credit for any numbers because he's had better weapons. Got it.
  2. Jerry Reese Fired

    It's all somewhat subjective based on how you define a hit vs. a miss. IMO, your job as a GM is to evaluate talent to draft good players. Overall, there are FAR more misses than hits across the league. And if you were a contributor for multiple years, either on the Giants or subsequently other teams, that should be counted. 2007: Aaron Ross, Steve Smith, Zak DeOssie, Kevin Boss (before injury) and Ahmad Bradshaw were all good picks. 2008: Kenny Phillips, Mario Manningham 2009: Hakeem Nicks, Will Beatty (arguable but was our starting LT before injuries derailed him) 2010: JPP, Linval Joseph 2011: Prince Amukamara (arguable, can see either way but he's still in the league contibuting albeit not to the level he should be based on where he was drafted) 2012: David Wilson cannot be judged, nothing else in this class (very bad). This is the class that should be in their primes right now and is a big reason why we had to spend so much money last year. 2013: Justin Pugh, Johnathan Hankins 2014: Odell Beckham Jr., Weston Richburg, Jay Bromley, Nat Berhe and Devon Kennard. Very good class. 2015: Landon Collins, Bobby Hart (a borderline starter in the 7th round is a hit). Ereck Flowers is right on the edge of complete bust. There is still time but I don't see him turning it around. 2016: Mostly jury still out but Eli Apple, Sterling Shepard, Darian Thompson, B.J. Goodson, Paul Perkins and Jerell Adams have all contributed early in their careers. Based on where they were drafted, none of them can be considered misses (YET). 2017: Obviously very early but Evan Engram, Dalvin Tomlinson, and Wayne Gallman look good so far. David Webb is impossible to judge, and Avery Moss hasn't done much but is getting time, which is a good sign. This is just one component though. At the end of the day, we had too many subpar seasons and he is responsible for the hiring of McAdoo. Jerry Reese is a class act but a fresh start is needed. Let's hope we hire the right guys.
  3. Ben McAdoo Fired

    Really hard to believe that 4 months ago this guy could do no wrong in NY. I was one who was wrong about him. I loved his attitude when we were winning last year but that same attitude did not sit well during adversity. The move had to be made and I'm glad they broke protocol and did it midseason. That had to make a statement to the fans and to the players. Hopefully that statement is heard loud and clear, and we get the right guys in place moving forward.
  4. Jerry Reese Fired

    Jerry Reese has many good moments as GM, but he had to go at this point. He survived one coach firing, got to choose his own and it went down as a colossal failure. He made some great signings last off-season that propelled us into the playoffs. By the end of each of those contracts, the guys will be overpaid but it doesn't change the fact that he hit on each of them. You can argue his draft record both ways, it's just a matter of perspective. In my opinion, you need to hit on the middle round guys to have a chance in this league and we just haven't done that. All of that being said, he is being fired because of McAdoo and McAdoo alone. The way this thing has gone down this year is almost unfathomable, and it has nothing to do with our current record. It's the communication breakdowns, the loss of the locker room, etc.
  5. Week 13: New York Giants @ Oakland Raiders

    @celestial What exactly are you arguing? That Eli is bad? That Geno should be our starting QB? That McAdoo doesn't deserve to be fired? In another thread you argued that QB Rating, TD/INT ratio and completion % don't matter, yards per attempt does. Then to justify Geno Smith's performance (which you claim was MUCH better than his Jets days) you use completion % and QB Rating. His completion % was 0.4% better than his career average. His RAT was 11.6% better thanks to no picks (a positive on his day) and his yards per attempt which you love so much was 5.89 YPA, which is almost a yard per attempt shorter than his career average. Eli's YPA by comparison, is 6.10 YPA on the year. 1 game is not enough to judge Geno either way, but since it's enough for you to make crazy claims that they wouldn't have scored 17 points with Eli, Eli would've been sacked on every play that Geno threw the ball away, and Geno looked SO much better than his Jet's days, here are the stats. Geno Smith: 58.3% completion %, 5.89 YPA, 1 TD per game, 2 TO per game, 84.5 RAT, 39.2 QBR Eli Manning: 62.5% completion %, 6.10 YPA, 1.27 TD per game, 1.27 TO per game, 84.1 RAT, 42.1 QBR If you're making an argument that Geno Smith is better for this team than Eli Manning, that's your opinion and that's fine but stick to one argument.
  6. Week 13: New York Giants @ Oakland Raiders

    Such a hard game to watch. Gotta love Evan Engram though
  7. Geno Smith to Start

    @mattbags2313 preach brother! was literally thinking "this dude has to be a troll" before I read your post. The "winning pedigree" and "Hundley would do well here" is what really gave me a chuckle. Do you get credit for "winning" as a TE coach? That's what he was the only time he was on a Super bowl winning team. Brett Hundley is 1-4 as a starter with a 61.4% completion percentage with 5 TDs and 7 INTs, good for a 73.3 rating with Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb as his WRs. Eli Manning is 2-9 with a 62.5% completion percentage with 14 TDs and 7 INTs, good for a 84.1 rating with Sterling Shepard, Roger Lewis and Tavarres King as his receivers. Eli has not been good this year and deserves some blame but the steaming pile of garbage this dude is claiming is laughable.
  8. Week 13: New York Giants @ Oakland Raiders

    As upset as I am over the Eli benching, this is the most anticipation I've had for a game in well over a month. I'm sure nobody wants to see Geno as QB1 next season but there is a good chance he can be. Odds are Davis Webb won't be ready Week 1 even if he does impress over the next 5 weeks. Giants won't want to start a 1st rounder Week 1 and if Eli is not the guy, the cap savings for cutting him are important to this team. That leaves Geno as the most likely veteran to hold this team over until Webb or [1st rounder] are ready.
  9. CB Janoris Jenkins to IR

    Really hoping his regression truly was injury and not lack of effort. I know a lot of guys in the locker room quit this season but Jackrabbit is important to this roster for the next few seasons so we need him to come back strong next season.
  10. Geno Smith to Start

    Very very sad day as a fan. Eli doesn't deserve this and he is definitely not to blame for where we're at this season. I loved his quote. He very obviously is pissed off but explains in a great way that the streak does mean a lot to him. So much so that he doesn't want to just keep it alive officially without "being the guy". Dude has an incredible amount of pride and I think he made the right choice. As far as the argument of Geno vs. Davis Webb for Sunday, they are absolutely doing the right thing here. There are 5 games left. That is more than enough to get a legit sample size of both QBs. The Giants stand to save $9.8mil against the cap if they cut Eli in the offseason. That means they need to evaluate Geno AND Webb to determine if either can hold down the fort / become the man long-term. I'm hoping they don't cut Eli and give him the job back in 2018 because I believe he will give them the best chance to win next year regardless of who ends up on the roster but they are giving themselves the option of much greater cap flexibility. But anyone who is happy about this move is not a true Giants fan. Eli deserves to be playing and deserve all respect from the organization and fans.
  11. I know this win means nothing but it felt good to see them win. It definitely didn't look good and you have to acknowledge the fact that KC also didn't show up but I don't want to see a dumpster fire. This franchise is too proud for that. The top draft pick would be nice, for sure. But I'm glad the guys get to celebrate this one.
  12. I did not get my wish.. However, let's play some GOOD/BAD for the hell of it. GOOD: Sterling Shepard - I will be honest that I thought he'd get bottled up having to be a #1 guy but the dude is putting in max effort and making big plays. Gives me more confidence in him than I have had. Getting him some big time reps this year will (hopefully) only make us better next year when we are at full strength. Evan Engram - This one is obvious. The dude keeps scoring TDs and that is extremely important. We have three legit weapons in the passing game. Orleans Darkwa - Do I want him as my long-term starting RB? Absolutely not. But he is running hard and falling forward. Having that type of guy that can come in a put a game away (if we ever actually have a lead) is huge. He deserves another contract. BAD: Roger Lewis III - These games are proving that he can't be our long-term 3rd receiver. Maybe this should be in the GOOD category because we're figuring it out now? Either way, he's not getting open, not putting up any numbers. Maybe his ST abilities keep him on the roster but he's not not looking like the answer on offense. Janoris Jenkins - No need to elaborate here. Ben McAdoo - Also no need for elaboration but it's his attitude toward his suckiness that really enrages me. Stop being such a prick. OV/JPP - Don't care how beat up you are. If you're making that much money, there is no excuse for no sacks in three straight games.
  13. Call me selfish but for one lazy sunday afternoon, I'd love the Giants to give me some entertainment and dominate. Without the Yankees in my life, the Giants are all I have and they're doing more damage than good
  14. Giants' GM Jerry Reese: 'I'm the reason we're 1-6'

    It's easy to debate the OL and somehow relate it to whether Reese/McAdoo should or should not be fired but it's not even close to just the OL so that's truthfully an old argument. In 2015 we had a historically bad defense, spent a lot on it last season and they had a very good year. Now another year later, with all the same guys, they are one of the worst units in the league. Of course, the injuries play a part here but we have no depth and the team obviously was not ready to play yesterday. It's certainly a little bit of everything that is contributing to this horrible season but that's all the more reason to clean house and bring in a fresh perspective. I'm not a big "clean house" guy in general because solid organizations understand the importance of continuity but it's been too much. No more promoting from within (McAdoo) and bringing back coaches from the glory days (Spagnuolo). Give us something completely fresh. I was all-in with this team and still can't believe we're this bad but it is what it is. We have a few cornerstone guys to build around but we need to reset the rest.
  15. Week 7: Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants

    @Kip Smithers We are definitely not set at WR. We have an all-world WR and a No. 2/3 WR depending on how you value Shep, who has had some really big games and some clunkers. Need at least one more legit WR and it has to be someone who can play on the outside. If next season started today, your WR corps is OBJ, Shep and Roger Lewis on the outside. That seems dangerous to me. Safety I can agree with you only in the sense that they are going to give DT another shot as the starter. CB we will need depth behind Jackrabbit and Apple. LB need to be overhauled completely, except for maybe BJ Goodson. Definitely need depth on DL, particularly in the middle where we only have Snacks and Tomlinson going into next year. QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, LB and CB are all in play early in the draft.