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  1. 2020 NFL Offseason

    We are about 1 month away from FA opening and the combine comes up in a few weeks so I'm starting a general offseason thread. Teams can start franchising players Feb 25 but that should be a quiet period for us. With the hiring of Joe Judge and Jason Garrett, that increases the chances we spend on Devin McCourty or Byron Jones, both of which I would be pretty happy with. McCourty is a high-character guy who has obviously won a lot. He's also from the area and could be a great mentor for our young secondary as a guy who has played CB and FS for many years. Byron Jones is a younger, more athletic version of McCourty. He doesn't have as much pedigree yet still will likely be more expensive than McCourty. Joe Judge is going to push versatility and both of these guys have it so I think there is a good chance we end up with one of them. The stars have really aligned for us to sign a legitimate pass rusher as well. There aren't typically as many big name rushers that hit the open market so we have some options. We HAVE TO come away with one of those top guys. I know it will be painful to have completely wasted a premium draft pick but we have to let Leonard Williams walk. There is no use tying up so much cap space in a run stuffer that pushes the pocket a little bit. If I'm the Giants I go with McCourty, Yannick Ngakoue and Isaiah Simmons at #4. Immediately makes our defense aggressive and versatile. In this situation I hope to grab on OT with our 2nd pick.
  2. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Please no trade back.. we will most likely have the opportunity to draft the top ranked OL, LB or 2nd ranked EDGE and might have an opportunity to draft the top ranked CB. Take the best of any of those and let's grab a slam dunk
  3. Giants Coaching Staff

    The writing was on the wall for jason garrett to come here for a while. I actually think this is a great idea. He should compliment Judge well
  4. Giants Coaching Staff

    I mean, the hire is not exciting but I feel as though Minkah being traded was more about knowing they weren't going to compete than a DC not knowing what to do with an ultra-talented CB/S... There was no point in keeping him if they aren't going to be competitive for a few seasons.
  5. Giants Coaching Staff

    McGaughey led a solid group last season. I'd like to see more explosion in the return game but punting, punt and kick coverage have all been very good. Rosas had some struggles but overall McGaughey has been good. Kitchens is interesting. Obviously the Browns were a dumpster fire under Freddie but he's an experienced coach, which Judge needs. DC will be very interesting
  6. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    I'm listening to the live press conference. He may suck as a coach but he has me ready to run through a brick wall lol dude is intense
  7. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    Whether the guy's ST units have had success means nothing. Can he inspire, can he manage games, can he lead. That's what matters and none of us know whether this is a good hire or not. The one thing I am happy about is that it all but confirms the head coach will not be calling plays. I think this is massively important.
  8. 2020 NFL draft thread

    I completely agree with most of what you said here. I just think we are "set" at one of the OT spots, one of the ILB spots and SS. If Solder is moved out of LT, he'll get a chance at RT. I have no clue whether he will work well there or not but the point is we won't be spending our assets this offseason on 2 starting OTs. Similarly, Ryan Connolly and Jabrill Peppers are going to occupy ILB and SS respectively. While our CBs have played better, I do think we are going to add a veteran starter so I'm adding CB to the list. That leaves 1 OT, 1 OC, 1 ILB, 1 EDGE and 1 CB as the starting positions we need to PRIORITIZE our assets around. In this scenario, I do not want to trade down because it's crucial we hit on our first two picks, and that's much easier at #4. I would take either OT, CB or EDGE at 4 (I'd rather not go CB but if Okudah is best available, I'm fine with it) and spend our priority FA money on the other two. With our 2nd rounder, we're looking at again OT/CB/EDGE + maybe OC. I don't see us spending big on ILB or $LB with either tbh.
  9. Dave Gettleman and the New York Giants

    I just don't get how you guys don't take into consideration what happened before DG got here. Reese spent biig time money on OV, Snacks, Jackrabbit and JPP all in one offseason. Their early returns were good but by the time Reese was out, they still had YEARS on their contracts and were not producing up to their value. The salary cap situation is bad this year but freed up next year, when we are finally ready to make the next jump. Of course DG is going to say he believed we could compete right away but this was always a rebuild and almost every big move he made was to get us to this offseason. Yes, signing OBJ to then trade him is a bad look. Yes, missing on Solder and Omemah hurts. This offseason is the make or break for him. Does he make the right FA signings with the money he has available to him? Does he make the right picks in this year's draft? And do his picks in the previous two drafts make the jump? If the answers to those are no, he's going to be gone but there was no reason to fire him when the plan was always to get to this point.
  10. Head Coach Search

    Rhule is obviously the hot name for us, though I won't pretend to know enough to have an opinion. Everything I've read seems really positive though. I see McCarthy as a very possible choice.. I think the Giants have always valued head coaching experience (minus McAdoo) and he is an offensive guy that can capitalize on the talent we have on this roster immediately. He wouldn't be my first choice but it just has Giants written all over it to me. idk enough about Kris Richard but one of the guys I have my eyes on in FA is Byron Jones. I think he is the perfect guy for us to spend our big $$ on in FA. He's still young, fast and versatile. Can play a little CB and FS for us and be the new veteran leader of the secondary. If Kris Richard gets the job, I think prying him away from DAL could be much more of a reality. I just don't see Bieniemy or Wink getting the job tbh. I think they're going to go offense minded again and I don't think KC's offense is the kind of offense Gettelman and NYG want to run.
  11. 1. Agreed.. point is 2 years is not enough time. Just like you're saying I can't claim that draft picks are hits yet, you can't claim they are busts. 2. Agreed, mismanaged. 3. I get it, what would you have rather him done? Keep doubling down on Nate Solder? 4. Early signs are positive because Saquon is a top 5 back, Jones looks like he can become a good QB, Dexter Lawrence has looked good, Darius Slayton has looked great, Ryan Connolly looked like he belonged albeit in a very small sample size until he got hurt. Those are all guys I specifically feel good about. Additionally, Julian Love, Will Hernandez, Lorenzo Carter and DeAndre Baker have shown at least some hope. Not that I feel good about them but that they are definitely not busts yet. You do not feel good about Jones and Slayton?
  12. 1. How did he create the cap hell? He did not sign JPP, OV, Ellison, Jackrabbit or Snacks. Yes, he created short-term cap hell by getting rid of many of them but now their salaries are off the books going into 2020. 2. Signing OBJ to trade him was definitely a bad move, agreed there and understand what it did to the cap this year. What do you miss about Vernon? He never surpassed 8.5 sacks with the giants. Markus Golden will beat that this year. That was a bad signing by Reese. 3. He made two long-term 'aging veteran' signings: Solder and Tate. I do have problems with both of them. 4. Fair enough on investing too much on DTs. Neither Snacks nor Williams deserve to be paid top dollar and I'm not saying that as a knock to Snacks, it's just about the position. My point was more in response to "giving away 3rd round draft picks like candy".
  13. I agree with you on the head coach and it needs to be addressed. Shurmur just seems lost out there from a game management standpoint and they're having trouble developing players at many positions. As far as roster management / cap management, I completely disagree. 1. He was put in a very tough cap situation. A lot of high-earning guys who weren't producing and - let's face it - not winning. So he cut bait on a lot of guys. 2. Of the people he let go, tell me who he has gotten rid of that you are missing.. OBJ? Okay, but we never won with him and he isn't exactly lighting the world on fire elsewhere. JPP? It's easy to say that now but none of us wanted to pay him. He had 1, 7 and 8.5 sacks from 2015-2017. We were all down on Richburg and Pugh. He hasn't really misjudged guys he let go. 3. Sure, you can say he hasn't replaced all those guys either, which is where I'm saying he hasn't done a great job either. But chances were it was going to get worse before it got better. They had to get younger and had to cut salaries. He's not going to hit on everyone he goes after. Solder has not worked out. Remmers was a stop-gap guy and an improvement over what was there before. Same goes for Zeitler. The Golden Tate move is questionable to me, and the injuries haven't helped. Markus Golden has obviously been a pleasant surprise. It's a mixed bag for sure. 4. As for giving up draft picks, he's also acquiring draft picks. In his two drafts, he has had 6 picks and 10 picks respectively. In 2018, he also used a 2019 3rd round pick on Sam Beal. In 2018, 4 picks were in the first three rounds. In 2019, 4 picks again were in the first three round. The jury is still out on the majority of these guys so we can debate them all day long but at least early signs are positive on many of them. At the end of the day, winning is all that matters and they have not done that at all yet. But Shurmur is far more obviously in over his head than Gettleman is.
  14. I didn't think it would happen but I'm now convinced Shurmur is gone.. Gettleman, I highly doubt. I understand the frustration with the Leonard Williams trade but some of the other things claimed is revisionist history. JPP was not a big impact when he left the team. Good for him for turning it around but none of us were slamming it at the time and there was nothing to suggest he would be able to turn it around. Gettleman has also drafted well. We can debate RB at #2 all day long, I get that. But it looks like he hit on 2/3 of the 1st round picks this past year, Ximines is TBD, Love Connolly and Slayton all look like good picks, some of whom may turn out to be great picks. Lorenzo Carter seems good enough to at least be a rotation guy and while Hernandez hasn't taken the next step, he's far from a bust at this point. Not saying Gettleman has been great but the dude has done enough to get a third year.
  15. Also, they're going to give Connolly a shot to be the main ILB. They'll sign a veteran for depth and probably look for more of a safety in the box approach. We're not drafting an ILB high