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  1. Sunday was fun and all but we're not winning this game. I don't see our offense doing much against the Eagles defense. We'll probably have a costly turnover or two. Boston Scott will run all over us. It's just one of those deflating games
  2. IMO they should sign Logan Ryan over Jabrill Peppers this offseason. Ryan is obviously older but he has some good years left after transitioning from CB to FS. He is a proven leader on and off the field. I think Peppers is what he is at this point and while he's okay, he's not making us better. I really believe Ryan makes the secondary better. If they re-sign Ryan, they're a CB and EDGE away from having a respectable defense.
  3. I only want one thing from this game: no 3-and-out or turnover on the opening drive. Yes, that's how low the bar is at this point
  4. And now most likely Nick Mullens, no Mostert or Coleman.. McKinnon is a good RB but this 49ers team is HURTING. The Giants could've easily been 3-0 looking back on how winnable those games were but this is who we are. Hopefully we can pull this one out
  5. I've been waiting to see more analysis on him from this week. On the surface it seemed like he had a clean game again. If I'm thinking of the miscommunication play you're referencing, it seemed like someone else's miscommunication. He had Mack and the interior guy both on him. Hernandez had clearly picked someone else up and Thomas had to make a choice. That play was puzzling but I haven't seen anyone else mention it. We could also be talking about different plays though. Seems like a lot of empty stats to me. Talented enough to make some nice plays when we're playing from behind and he can just use his athleticism but he's not consistent. Makes boneheaded plays, we all know he can't block well, idk. I'm kinda over him. Just give me a gritty guy that can make some key catches and keep the defense honest. I'll give comeback player to Fleming. He was on Mack often as well and held up. Relatively quiet game from him, which they desperately need. You have to wonder if the Nick Gates experiment may be over in another few weeks though.. It's frustrating man. On one hand, you have the ball popped into the air for an easy interception but a trend is a trend at this point. He has to stop double-pumping in the pocket (that's what she said). If the OL was better, sure take a couple extra seconds but you don't have that OL. Two reads and bail unless you're in desperation mode. But on the other hand this dude is deadly accurate. He's not throwing errant Eli INTs. When he has time he consistently throws a perfect ball.
  6. I think they'll keep him around at 6-10.. should they? that's debatable but I think they would
  7. watching the games yesterday made me more excited for tonight.. on tv, it looks like any other year.. the games were competitive, not significantly sloppier without preseason.. we still may suck but it'll be fun to watch them flying around out there.
  8. Unfortunately, all of these were true last year and we still sucked! But yeah, I'm in agreement. Essentially multiple players need to make a jump for us to be competitive. We may steal a game or two that we shouldn't win but we're in the 4-6 win territory.
  9. Dalvin Tomlinson is an interesting choice. Haven't heard much about him being super vocal or anything. Good for him though
  10. I don't know if it's just how the reporters are positioning it but training camp seems way more intense/competitive this year. Who knows if it will translate but it provides a little hope that they're headed in the right direction
  11. He seems to be making a lot of plays.. I don't think he'll take a huge leap to #1 and I'd probably avoid him in fantasy but he should be effective
  12. that had to be such a tough decision for him.. he may never get another look.. Love is a below average corner so he can't be the solution.. logan ryan is the popular choice but i don't see that happening
  13. I'm so desensitized to all of this at this point lol
  14. They have to sign someone now. There is no way you can go in hoping Sam Beal is the guy.. And you don't just throw Julian Love back over to CB.. If he is going to be an impactful player he has to be a rover.
  15. No brainer, let's hope Engram can stay healthy!
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