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  1. S Landon Collins to be signed by Washington

    He'll wear 26.. He did at Alabama
  2. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    I'm not familiar with the cap rules now for traded players but honestly, eating up 10+% of the cap for someone not on the team isn't worth it, even for 1st rounders.
  3. FA Possiblities.. (Post Vernon Trade / LC let go)

    I don't see us spending any money on another WR.. Maybe a vet minimum type of deal but I think we roll with OBJ, Shep and Corey Coleman. If we spend anything on offense, it should be RT. If I had to guess, you'll see a middle of the road FS signing later in FA, we'll be in on edge rushers but not max spenders and CB depth.
  4. Cardinals QB Josh Rosen available?

    You forgot Eli Manning for $23mil
  5. S Landon Collins to be signed by Washington

    This has to be the most painful thing I've seen as a Giants fan.
  6. RB Jonathan Stewart's option DECLINED

    Again, he signed before they drafted Saquon. His salary took up about 2% of their cap. Stop making it seem like $3mil broke the bank. That contract is the definition of a low risk signing. How well did it work out when the Giants relied on a 5th Round RB being the RB1 with Paul Perkins? Assuming Wayne Gallman could carry the load would have been the dumbest move Gettleman ever made.
  7. S Landon Collins to be signed by Washington

    It really doesn't make sense. Is this a situation of Gettleman not prioritizing the position? Landon is a great player and teammate. Why would you NOT want a guy like him around? And who are you replacing him with?!
  8. RB Jonathan Stewart's option DECLINED

    Why? At the time they signed him, the only guy on the roster was Gallman. Even if you believed in Gallman to be a #1 guy we needed depth, veteran or not. He also had proven himself to be able to handle a full workload up until last season. It was a very low risk move by Gettleman. Take a look back at the RBs available at the time and tell me who you would have rather signed.
  9. S Landon Collins to be signed by Washington

    I'm so tired of these types of reports with everything.. you have to cut through so much clutter just to get real news. The facts are very basic. The Giants will sign him long term or franchise him. They are not letting him walk. Every report before the tag is applied or he signs long term are irrelevant.
  10. LB Connor Barwin to be released

    No surprise here.. Still a worthwhile signing that I would do over again.. Need to continue to take chances on high character veterans that can contribute while this roster gets better. Didn't pan out for him but the idea makes sense.
  11. 2019 Opponents

    Dare I say, it seems like a manageable schedule?
  12. The season will mercifully end today and the Giants will obviously go into the offseason with a ton of questions. Before you all jump down my throat, this isn't a post about how I think Eli Manning can win us a SB next year. It's about taking a look at the possibilities and why keeping him one more year may be better for our sustained success. 1. The Giants are NOT drafting a QB in the 1st round, and they shouldn't! The value isn't there, they have too many other holes, I just don't see it happening. Edge rusher, safety, OL can all be options. It's not the typical Giants nature, but they'd be smart to trade back if there's no value and try to stockpile picks in next years draft so they have the ability to move up. 2. It doesn't make sense to cut Eli Manning. IMO, the only QB worth starting over Eli is Teddy Bridgewater and you're probably paying him a decent amount ($10+mil and at least 2 years) to come here. Eli's passing attempts have SIGNIFICANTLY declined in the 2nd half of the season, and that's a good thing. The offense runs through Saquon Barkley. 2019 is the last year on Eli's contract and the Giants are not going to resign him. Bringing in a journeyman QB and expecting him to do significantly more than what Eli can do just isn't realistic. 3. The second argument for keeping Eli is while he creates a lot of cap flexibility, there aren't a ton of FA options out there worth using that cap on. We've seen the negatives to spending big on FA from a couple years ago. His cap should be used to retain our core. If you can get Landon Collins resigned this offseason without cutting Eli, than do it and the cap relief happens in 2020. Again, spending big on FA this offseason doesn't make much sense. 4. Speaking of Landon Collins, let's go over some priority FAs. Collins tops the list, followed by Jamon Brown? Josh Mauro? Mario Edwards? They may be decent pieces but we shouldn't have to break the bank on any of our own guys this offseason. In 2020, you'll need to pay Sterling Shepard, a starting QB (likely a veteran stop-gap for whoever out QBOTF is at that point), BJ Goodson depending on his value at the time and Riley Dixon depending on his value at the time. 5. Back to our filling out our roster, the priorities to me are pass rush, RT and FS. We'll need an add'l RB but this should come very cheap as Saquon carries so much of the load and Gallman is a good backup. The WR corps could continue to be overhauled but at what investment? We barely use 3rd receivers. Sounds like a mid-round draft pick + more of Corey Coleman and Fowler types if you ask me. The OL will continue to be addressed. You have to assume they'll push to resign Jamon Brown and Jon Halapio is an ERFA so he'll be back. RT will be the focus. The pass rush has to get better. I think it's very likely we get an EDGE with our #1 pick. Interior lineman and somewhat set with young talent. ILBs are set for next season and it's not likely we'll spend big on CB. BW Webb or someone similar will fill out a group headlined by Jackrabbit once again and Sam Beal finally coming in. Haley will also have a spot. I don't see a scenario where they let Landon Collins go so this is about finding his partner. Michael Thomas had a nice season. I'd love an upgrade there but at the end of the day they can probably get by with him and taking a flier on a mid-round pick. It's frustrating to be in QB limbo but the fact is we're going to be there with or without Eli next season. It doesn't matter what FA we buy this offseason because they'll be cap casualty candidates by the time our QBOTF is on the field. Let's grin and bear it for one more year and hope Saquon can lead us to the playoffs.
  13. Yeah how does that happen? The dude has been a complete non-factor.
  14. I suppose we have to take this win with a grain of salt but you can't change the fact that this team has won 4 of 5 games and have been playing quite well. This is a flawed team, don't get me wrong but there are some major positives to consider as well. The OL continues to improve with only 2 sacks yesterday. Eli is quietly having one of his better years from a RAT standpoint, which of course only means so much but he is a game manager at this point. The defense looked good as well but again, that has a lot to do with the offense they were playing. Regardless, a lot of young guys continue to get valuable time. The formula to win moving into next year is quite obvious: (1) be efficient with the ball and let your playmakers (Saquon, Odell) drive this offense and (2) continue to focus on the defensive front 7 on defense. The next 3 games are a real barometer for what this team will end up as this season. Were they a bad team that happened to get some easy games down the stretch or an underperforming roster in transition that figured it out as the season went on?