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  1. Legends or QBs on their second contract only 😂🤣 not worth the money.. Think of all of those OBJ jerseys floating around out there.
  2. It doesn't seem like there will be too many shockers at the moment from what I can see. I guess Slayton has an outside chance of getting cut but I highly doubt it. The name I've been seeing the most is Ximines being on the chopping block and I wouldn't be shocked to see Julian Love get cut.. they just don't seem to value him despite his versatility.
  3. I'll take a nice 4:15 PM kickoff for opening day! Gives me enough time to get a solid buzz on. This game could look a lot different depending on what happens with Rodgers.
  4. If he's good enough where his degenerative injury starts to impact him down the line it's already a win because we will have hit on the draft pick
  5. I'm not saying the OL is in great shape.. we've drafted 5 OL in the last 4 drafts including 3 just last year.. we drafted 2 WRs over that same time including Toney this year.. and finally we drafted 2-3 EDGE rushers over that time other than Ojulari and none were higher than the 6th round other than Ojulari.. Last season no WRs could get open, we had no big plays and generated no pass rush other than LWill.. You can't solve every problem in one offseason so yeah, I'm fine with them not drafting OL because if we just continue to draft OL and hope they hit then a year down the road we'
  6. sooo you wanted them to go BPA but also draft for need?
  7. Man, what a fun draft as a Giants fan. So much intrigue as the Top 10 progressed. As soon as SF took Trey Lance, I knew Mac Jones was dropping to our pick and then some. His hype was inflated by the SF rumors and I never thought that hype was shared across the other QB-needy teams. Justin Fields dropping to our pick was a surprise though and the catalyst for a great trade. That future 1st is huge. I don't want to talk too negatively because I still have hopes but if Jones ****s the bed this year and it's time to move on, we now have the firepower to get up into the top 2-3 to get a QBOTF. But
  8. I've seen a lot of that as well. It just seems like a risk worth taking that an EDGE is still there in Round 2 as opposed to reaching in Round 1. Not to mention, I'm not convinced Judge and Gettleman see it as big of a need as the public does. IDC if it's OL or WR at 11 but both just seem like better value.
  9. I would take Desean Jackson's career any day
  10. I agree I would love to add a true EDGE defender to this defense to take it to the next level. I think the problem is nobody on the defense requires the attention of more than one offensive player so unless we're tricking the offense with schemes, we're not winning off the ball consistently. Yeah, somebody might beat their man on a given play but it's not consistent.
  11. I wonder if he'll return punts/kicks as well
  12. somebody smart on this forum said this was the way to go a few weeks ago seriously though, you can argue all day whether you think he's cooked or not.. that's totally fair.. from a numbers perspective, this makes the most sense.. hopefully he doesn't even need to play and Peart has things under control
  13. I guess that's the gamble. It's hard to see the Giants extending him for more than $8MM per year. A guy like him probably wants to go compete for a championship at this point and can probably get $8-10MM per year from a team competing for a championship.
  14. OL are an interesting breed when it comes to aging. Some hit a thick wall in their early 30s and fall off a cliff and then others play at an All-Pro level late into their 30s. And there doesn't seem to be too much in between that. Maybe it's just a result of the physical beating they take? In any event, extending Zeitler is a no-brainer to me but probably not for him. He's at the point in his career where he can probably get short-term deals with high yearly $$$$ for contending teams that are a piece away. Why give the Giants a break and hope we compete? Unfortunately if I'm him I
  15. Agreed he def needs to take a pay cut.. But the post June 1st cut adds $10mil in dead money to next year's cap. That might be their only option depending on what they're looking to do but they very well may just not spend on FAs this year, take the cap hit this year and start fresh next year. It's just going to leave the roster very thin this year. But totally agreed, the guy has to take a pay cut. It's just a matter of if they're going to find a happy medium.
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