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  1. With every game the Yankees blow in devastating fashion, I am getting more and more pumped for football season! I missed most of the first game so I'm looking forward to seeing the team tonight. Out of nowhere, the DE spots seem to have become the most interesting position battle on the team. There are A LOT of guys for only a few spots and they all have benefits and drawbacks. The Giants seemingly have 4 DE spots locked up with OV/JPP/Okwara/Moss, which means previous roster guys (Wynn, OO) and some new contenders with legitimate NFL experience (J. Williams, D. Taylor). Will they keep 5 DEs or 6? It probably depends on Avery Moss. If he can show that he is ready to contribute in Year 1, they can get away with 5 but if he needs time to develop they may need to carry 6 guys. Regardless or 5 or 6, I'd expect #5 spot to go to either Kerry Wynn or Jordan Williams. They need a versatile guy who can play inside or outside, which means we could be short on pure pass rushers. The Giants have to be really strategic with these DL roster spots as none of them figure to be practice squad candidates. I'll be looking for 1 or 2 of them to make some noise tonight. Other than that, it's really important to see this offense start to move a bit better and finish in the red zone. I'm very nervous that we'll be hearing a lot of "same old giants" this season if they can't get themselves right on offense.
  2. Giants Training Camp

    Is it just me or is this the least drama-filled camp we've had in a long time? And it's great! We are mostly healthy, have no major question marks except for the OL, and there just seems to be such a positive energy around this team right now. *knocks on wood* I'm a little disappointed that no #4 corner has really separated himself thus far. It seems it'll be Michael Hunter by default right now.
  3. I don't want to overreact either way off of PS1 but a few observations : 1. Glad Rosas hit both his kicks. I don't want this competition to turn into a controversy. Have to give the young kid the job and see where it goes. 2. BJ Goodson looked as fast as advertised. He made some mistakes but took steps in the right direction. 3. This DL is deep and talented. We are going to be great on D. 4. Please no Josh Johnson. I don't get it. He has no experience and looks lost out there. He provides no value to this team except maybe as a speedy qb on the scout team, which does not warrant a 53 man spot. Give geno the job and hopefully we never have to use him. 5. OBJ didn't play and still the NFL social media accounts posted about him dozens of times. They are so thirsty for some Odell 😂😂
  4. 1st Official Unofficial Depth Chart

    I'm really excited to see him too. Has had positive reviews so far and should see a good amount of time with Keenan Robinson out
  5. Training camp battles

    jeez, didn't realize how bad he's been
  6. Training camp battles

    Add Rosas vs. Nugent to the list. I'd love to see Rosas win and have some continuity at kicker for a few seasons. Nugent is a fine kicker, but I have to pull for the kid!
  7. Training camp battles

    Have to think it's Darian Thompson's job to lose. I love what Adams gave us last year but I think that is his ceiling. 4th CB is probably the second most interesting battle. Backup QB shouldn't matter (fingers crossed). Maybe RG but I don't think it's much of a competition right now.
  8. Giants Training Camp

    Banged up already lol
  9. Undrafted FA S Jadar Johonson retires

    Have to respect it. Seems like a few players were surprised by the recent CTE report. I'd expect a few more, scary stuff
  10. Giants Training Camp

    There's honestly no excuses this season. We are as good as anyone on paper. We have a tough schedule but we have weapons everywhere. Limit the mistakes and this could be a very fun season. As far as training camp goes, I'd love to see our running game working well. That would be a huge plus going into the regular season.