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  1. Gerald McCoy / Ndamukong Suh?...

    I would for Gerald McCoy but not for Suh.
  2. RT Mike Remmers signed by Giants

    Simultaneously completes the OL and adds swing tackle depth with starter experience in Chad Wheeler. Now you just have to hope this group can meld together quickly as 3/5 of the OL have not played significant snaps together.
  3. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Haha that was all sarcasm my friend.. I'm with you lol
  4. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    So you're telling me we got great value at #6 instead of #1 ?!?!?!?!!
  5. DT Dexter Lawrence selected by Giants @ 1.17

    FWIW- it never really seemed like Bettcher had traditional edge rushers in Arizona. He had a bigger DL and it seems like that is what they are trying to build with these picks. Now you have Lawrence, Tomlinson and BJ Hill up front along with some rotation. It's a very deep unit. The question becomes whether it's enough to generate pressure without top edge rushers, which will probably still be a big struggle.
  6. CB Deandre Baker selected by Giants @ 1.30

    I liked this trade up. Go get the top CB on your board and get his fifth year of control. Stabilizes that position after major question marks going into the draft.
  7. S Landon Collins to be signed by Washington

    He'll wear 26.. He did at Alabama
  8. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    I'm not familiar with the cap rules now for traded players but honestly, eating up 10+% of the cap for someone not on the team isn't worth it, even for 1st rounders.
  9. FA Possiblities.. (Post Vernon Trade / LC let go)

    I don't see us spending any money on another WR.. Maybe a vet minimum type of deal but I think we roll with OBJ, Shep and Corey Coleman. If we spend anything on offense, it should be RT. If I had to guess, you'll see a middle of the road FS signing later in FA, we'll be in on edge rushers but not max spenders and CB depth.
  10. Cardinals QB Josh Rosen available?

    You forgot Eli Manning for $23mil
  11. S Landon Collins to be signed by Washington

    This has to be the most painful thing I've seen as a Giants fan.
  12. RB Jonathan Stewart's option DECLINED

    Again, he signed before they drafted Saquon. His salary took up about 2% of their cap. Stop making it seem like $3mil broke the bank. That contract is the definition of a low risk signing. How well did it work out when the Giants relied on a 5th Round RB being the RB1 with Paul Perkins? Assuming Wayne Gallman could carry the load would have been the dumbest move Gettleman ever made.
  13. S Landon Collins to be signed by Washington

    It really doesn't make sense. Is this a situation of Gettleman not prioritizing the position? Landon is a great player and teammate. Why would you NOT want a guy like him around? And who are you replacing him with?!
  14. RB Jonathan Stewart's option DECLINED

    Why? At the time they signed him, the only guy on the roster was Gallman. Even if you believed in Gallman to be a #1 guy we needed depth, veteran or not. He also had proven himself to be able to handle a full workload up until last season. It was a very low risk move by Gettleman. Take a look back at the RBs available at the time and tell me who you would have rather signed.