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  1. I agree. For every Desean Jackson there is 5 John Ross's. And we need a bigger guy that can go up and make a contested catch. I also agree defense 1st and WR 2nd in the draft will have a higher chance of success. I think our pick at #11 comes down to WR, CB and EDGE. The problem is there may not be a premier EDGE there. The more I think about it the more I talk myself into one of the top CBs and just solidify that secondary for years to come.
  2. Yeah, I think the argument is not replacing Leonard Williams at his position but replacing his production at other positions. The Giants had <10 sacks TOTAL by EDGE players this season. Williams's run stopping can be replaced at his position but the sacks would need to come from other positions realistically. It's a tough argument both ways. Rookie WRs have produced a lot over the last few drafts but there's still a risk of busts. Just ask the Eagles lol
  3. A friend who lurks on this thread asked me the following question yesterday: if Leonard Williams and Allen Robinson cost the same amount of money and you can only have one, which do you take? It's close but I think I'd go Allen Robinson. He's the type of WR we're missing. Taller, big-bodied receiver that can make the tough catch. He's consistently produced despite not having a good QB. That leaves us with the ability to go either EDGE or CB at 11. Thoughts?
  4. If you look at Daniel Jones's season-long stats, it looks bad but there are some silver linings. I think he showed marked improvement throughout the season. He threw one interception over his last 6 games and we all know that was a well-thrown ball that Engram should have caught. That despite being sacked more this year than last year. And this all coming with WRs that just were not getting any separation and an OL that was consistently giving up pressures. There were surely many bad throws that could have been interceptions so I get that you can't take away INTs that weren't his fault but eve
  5. Allen Robinson is at the top of my FA wish list but it's probably not the most prudent. There are no slam dunk EDGE guys at #11 so we should probably be spending our FA $$$ there. It's been proven that you can find impact WRs in the first two rounds.
  6. Xavier McKinney is getting PLENTY of snaps even with Ryan and Peppers on the field. McKinney and Ryan both do a little slot coverage here and there and three safeties are often on the field at the same time. I look at it this way: they basically are set at safety now for at least 2 years. Next year you have all three, then you have to make a decision on Peppers. If Peppers re-signs, Logan Ryan will be probably be done after year 2 of his deal. If Peppers doesn't re-sign, you have McKinney and Ryan back there. McKinney and Ryan will be FAs at the same time. I assume best case scenario is Pepper
  7. We really don't deserve to be salty over it.. have to win more than 6 games and it's very easy to look back over the season and say shoulda, coulda, woulda (e.g. Evan Engram dropping the game sealing TD against these Eagles in Week 7). But that was just a bad look on so many levels. You spend a 2nd round pick on Jalen Hurts and while not playing great, he's playing his heart out and has a chance to make a name for himself with a gutsy win and you sit him for that guy? And claim you wanted to get him some reps? Why? If Jalen Hurts or Wentz starts Week 1 next season, either should go take a
  8. Especially since there is no way Daniel Jones is 100% by Sunday night. Whether it's him hobbled (most likely) or Colt McCoy under center, this offense is significantly inhibited. We really only put up points when defenses have to account for DJ running and the running game in general getting going. Take that component away and the WR can't create separation on their own, the OL can't pass block long enough, DJ/Colt can't get through their progressions and the defenses key on the run game. Our offense really does suck lol but I don't place it all on Garrett. Our #1 WR should be a #3 and that's
  9. I think our defense matches up well against their offense.. It's going to be a question of how much of a hole our offense puts our defense in. If we steal one here it's going to be a tight game that the defense wins. I fully expect Daniel Jones to start again but I think they'll get more creative with their playcalling. Getting the ball out fast, etc. Ultimately, I think their defense overwhelms us and we end up losing by 7-10 points.
  10. Exactly, this is my only gripe. I'm not saying he hasn't been great and is extremely valuable on this defense. I just think he's going to end up costing too much.
  11. Yep, I think they're gonna end up paying him at this point and he's had a very good season. But I do think it'll end up being a mistake
  12. Beating Seattle, Arizona or Baltimore would be shocking, even with DJ.. we have to beat Cleveland and Dallas and hope that's enough to get to the playoffs.. it's been fun to watch and I think they'll be competitive in the games but we're not ready to beat the good teams
  13. I agree with everything you're saying except for the WR point. Going forward saying, "I still think David Sills can do good things for us..." is not good enough. We have to put people in that WR room that he has to beat to earn his playing time.
  14. I think the larger point is you can only spread your money so thin. To pay Leonard Williams as much as he will want effectively makes him your pass rusher. Leonard Williams is not Aaron Donald so let's not pay him that way. Do you not think we can find a more disruptive pass rusher than Leonard Williams? We also had a very good run defense before Williams was even on the team. That has not been the problem. Tomlinson and DLaw more than plug the middle without Williams. McKinney is an unknown at this point. He played over top and in the box at Alabama. Personally, I'd rather Ryan/McKinney
  15. Leonard Williams is having a good season but even at his younger age, he is far less valuable IMO than Logan Ryan. You can find Williams's production more easily. He's not making the entire defense better. When you look at our FA list, he is not my top priority.
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