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  1. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I do think Johnnie Dixon and Mcclaurin are going to add value as 4th and 5th receivers in the league for a while
  2. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Are you sure? I definitely thought wr was in his top 5 QB, pass rusher, corner, tackle, wr Im pretty sure that was the order
  3. That’s my reasoning too I’m going to say it was retaining Adam Henry I really how our receivers are developing I want to get him another piece of clay
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    But I wouldn’t put it past him. Tyreek, Edelman, Michael Thomas, Robert Woods, Groningen, Kelce big playmakers left all found after the first round but if Metcalf is there at 17 I would be very happy but I’d put my money on d line right now
  5. In no order Green Bay Packers - Matt Lafleur Cincinnati Bengals - Zac Taylor Miami Dolphins - Brian Flores Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Bruce Arians Cleveland Browns - Freddie Kitches Denver Broncos - Vic Fangio Arizona Cardinals - Kliff Kingsbury New York Jets- Adam Gase My order goes 1. Freddie Kitchens- Only candidate to have proven success with his franchise QB. Has brought in a great staff and has a ton of talent and cap. 2. Adam Gase - Has a franchsie QB with experience helping QBs previously. Darnold will help him keep his job for years. Tannenhill made him look worse than he is. 3. Bruce Arians - Great experience but has to “fix” his potential QB. Is also older and I’m concerned how long he’ll be in the role. 4. Matt Lafluer - Has a HOF QB and also brings in different ideas from Kyle/Mcvay. Has a pretty strong defensive staff but he himself has no proven success, but did have to deal with a hurt Mariota all season so we really don’t know. 5. Kliffs Kingsbury - Hopefullly has his franchise QB, was a QB himself, and has proven to see QB talent and develop it, but no real HC success to this point. 6. Zac Taylor- I put Zac above the other coaches because Dalton is actually serviceable. I think he can improve that offense in Cinci and bring life to that stale culture. Cinci is fairly talented might just need fresh mindset. 7. Brian Flores - Not a very lengthy resume, but apparently Miami understands they’re tanking for 2020. This is why I put him above Fangio. He’s going to have the time to find his franchise QB and my guess is Caldwell will be good being the OC there for the near future once they draft their guy next year. I think he’ll be given that needed time to potentially succeed. 8. Vic Fangio - Proven track record defensively, but has no real franchise QB. I’m concerned about their offense. I think he’ll be fired within 3 years unless something drastic happens at QB they’re not winning enough games with Case for him to keep that job.
  6. @Mind Character A lot of coaches say the same BS and do something different All Haley and Hue said last year is coaching to the players strengths we all see how that turned out a lot of coaches say that but only a few actually do people are creatures of habit and stick to what worked in the past he’s also the dude that signed Sam Bradford and hired Mike Mccoy Im skeptical of the hire right now but he was probably the best available
  7. Browns set to hire Steve Wilks as DC

    lol I was reading this page from the bottom down only saw this post and I knew you were talking about Jim O Neil 😂
  8. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Yeah this draft outside of d tackles is pretty wack it’s a pretty bad draft in general similar to 2015 but no where near as bad as 2013 there will be a few players though
  9. Around the NFL and General discussion

    I keep saying this in the General section they fooling themselves if they think they can be a constant championship team with Dak I like Dak I really do but they got a better chance trying to go after Drew Lock or Will Grier even hes just not good enough as a passer
  10. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    How does Jon Gruden trade that guy
  11. Browns set to hire Steve Wilks as DC

    Gosh man that what I keep hearing about this guy I think this is going to bite us for a year until there are some better candidates in 2020
  12. Browns set to hire Steve Wilks as DC

    I wish there were some Panthers/Cardinals fans on here I'd love to get an opinion on him
  13. Jets on Verge to Hire Greg Williams as DC

    I think they'll be fine I hope you guys have a rangy FS