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    Why can’t they do anything with Mike Williams
  2. This is the first game our offense clicks Browns 34 Dolphins 21
  3. I think if it has to be definite my money is on 6-7 games they can’t give it the same weight as Hunts suspension which was 8
  4. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    Bears offense is just sad man I really feel bad for Bears fans its depressing just watching them The city of Chicago deserves better
  5. SNF Week 11: Rams v. Bears

    I'm a Browns fan and I would be really sick to be a Bears fan you guys just have no hope with Trubisky, but you can't get rid of him its pretty sad. It helps me to appreciate my stupid team
  6. I really think we should win out. even without Garrett we still have a ton of talent. We can even keep out Vernon this week. we just gotta start clicking on offense. Browns 28 Dolphins 16
  7. 2020 Head Coaching Candidates

    They ended up coming back what’s wrong with him? i thought they looked great against Dallas
  8. Around the league discussion

    I still think Kareem is a RB and we should use him as such. He should have a full back paving the way for him too just checked teams with full backs Chiefs, 49ers, Seahawks, Vikings, Packers, Saints, Cowboys, Ravens, Bills the majority of playoff teams are playing with a fullback I just don’t get why we are so stubborn or feel like we know something the rest of the NFL doesn’t.
  9. Around the league discussion

    I want a full back as a huge part of our scheme. we think we’re the Chiefs when we should think like we’re the Vikings we should think run first play action. A full back I think would work really well with Chubb throughout the game
  10. Around the league discussion

    A fullback would pave the way for Chubb and Hunt. Look at our red zone execution a legit fullback could help that
  11. Around the league discussion

    I think us not having a full back is on stupid I literally get jealous watching other teams have full backs why tf don’t we have one. It’s so dumb
  12. Pick from Texans via Duke

    Hopefully we can use it to trade up for the OT from Georgia
  13. I’ve said it before he’s the best player I’ve ever seen wear a OSU jersey honestly him and Chase Young to me are top 7 Buckeyes of all time
  14. Ehhhh honestly I’m concerned that he’s going to keep his job when he shouldn’t if we win out. We literally have a pushover schedule and could possibly win out on talent alone. If Freddie looks good I’m open to keeping him but I’m not holding my breath.