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  1. I actually like Lauri long term at the 4 next to Mobley we’re going to need another shooter out there with the starting 5. Garland can’t be the only one. we need a legit 3
  2. I cant take us seriously till we get a legit small forward Okoro needs to be playing the 2 This roster construction is so delusion
  3. I would guess Tua 2 first round picks a second and a second that could turn into a first if he is an all pro or pro bowl something like that
  4. I think with his chemistry with the second and his experience in the offense team this could be manageable game. Even if he does well it think we’d try to go back to Baker next week regardless, but for one game I think we might be able to get about 20-24 points. We won’t be able to do more than that.
  5. I think the kid will be a HOF Super Bowl wining Quarterback. I think people are sleeping on the Cardinals as a serious Super Bowl contender in general this year, but in regards to Murray specifically I see people are not giving him his due. I think he’s got to be top 4 right now in the MVP conversation, but going forward I see him and Kliff having a ton of success and Kyler breaking a ton of records. I think he’ll be a first ballot HOF QB. I’d love to see what other think to get an idea of the general community’s thoughts.
  6. @NudeTayne bro brace yourself if they stay healthy Kyler is going to the HOF and will absolutely have a better career than Baker. And the thing is bro is won’t be close. I under how seeing people live can really make an impact, but don’t forget to take into account that was a divisional game and SF has game planned for him multiple times. They’re going to be more prepared than your average team. Kyler is a hall of fame quarterback bro. He’s going to be great for years.
  7. This is what I’m saying people are really sleeping on the Cardinals theyve got too many all pros of their team man I’m telling you. Go through their roster and they’re built to give any team problems. They didn’t even have Chandler Jones out there today Vets like Hopkins, AJ Green, Hudson, Watt, Chandler Jones, Budda Baker, and now Ertz Then add Young guys like Kyler, Rondale, Byron Murphy, Zaven Collins, Isaiah Simmons cmon man. They are absolutely one of the most talented multi dimensional teams in the league. Getting to the Super Bowl is tough
  8. I’ll also say the Cardinals are a Super Bowl level team. The have an ability to spread you out that only maybe the Chargers can compare with. No one has that much speed with a quarterback like that.
  9. Gotta give DPJ and Clowney ups Baker has fight Felton is a solid punt returner that’s it
  10. I won’t give you that Stefanski, Stump, Callahan, and Chad O Shea are all highly regarded throughout the league. we just gotta stop going 5 wide so much. And we need to figure out who our FS is. JJ3 didn’t play FS primarily with the Rams. So we gotta figure out whose job that is.
  11. That’s exactly what I was saying at the start. Like wtf are we doing Stefanski is a great play caller but sometimes he overthinks man like wtf are you trying to accomplish by doing that
  12. If Andrew Berry doesn’t trade Odell I’m seriously going to start questioning his ability to be a functional GM
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