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  1. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    You Collin Sexton Haters really need to give the kid some props lets get Zion Barrett or Culver and keep building
  2. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    1. Egotistical 2. Terrible job of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the team 3. Can’t work well with others 4. Terrible in game awareness 5. Pretty much anything a coach would need to do he was terrible at.
  3. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    Hahah dont get me started
  4. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I’m cool on Butfict. That’s just too much personality
  5. I went Allen Williams Metcalf I think with losing Barr they’ll want to make sure they get some pass rush
  6. K Hunt suspended 8 Games

    Le’Veon will be worth one to the Steelers I think Hunt could eventually for sure.
  7. Losing to the Knicks is unacceptable I hate seeing Lebron like this something has to change
  8. K Hunt suspended 8 Games

    Do you guys think Chubb is the 100% for sure starter once things get rolling?
  9. Around the NFL and General discussion

    I think we like Stanton and want to have a 3rd QB slot for a drafted player. No reason to take Stanton away from Baker. Fitz would’ve been nice but I’m ok with our situation right. Now. I’d also be open to giving Ereck Flowers a long in training camp. See if he can be developed as a RT potentially. I know he’s sucked but he was a first round pick and is still young

    I don’t think a trade up is going to happen unless Jets would take 37 free and clear. Thats why I believe they’re putting out all this smoke.
  11. Pick 49. DT Jeffery Simmons Mississippi Jeffery Simmons is a top 10 talent. But we all know has character problems in his past. Along with the ACL he drops to this pick. He will bring a powerful dynamic force eventually, but we may be able to let him sit out the entire year. I don’t think he’ll be pressured because we have OBJ. Pick 80. WLB Vosean Joseph Florida After watching film on positions I wasn’t worried about before I’ve developed a draft crush. I think Joseph is going to be a Deion Jones level star. He’s so fast, explosive, can rush the passer, and come downhill and play the run. He’s got to be more consistent but I think he can be a Jaylon Smith type linebacker after a year of grooming. He’ll take over for Kirksey who we will probably cut next offseason. Trade a 4th and first 5th rounder to Dallas to move up back into the 3rd. Pick 90 . CB Julian Love Notre Dame. I don’t think he’ll fall this far but I’ve seen a lot of sites have him in the third and if so I want to go get him. I think he’s the best cover corner in the draft. Just pure man coverage staying with a receiver I feel that he’s the best and will be a steal in the draft. Plays the run, stays with his man, makes plays on the ball, and has solid size. I think he’ll develop into a strong outside corner. Trade two 5th round picks to Atlanta to move back into the 4th. Pick 117. CB/S Amani Hooker Iowa I think he falls to the 4th like Desmond King did. I’m not sure if he’s a full time starting strong safety. But I am confident he’ll at work be a solid nickel safety which is almost as important. Pick 189. WR/KR Mechole Hardman Georgia Deep Threat 4.34 forty. I think we can groom him to be our poor man’s Desean Jackson in Monken’s offense. Pick 221. QB Gardner Minshew Washington State Baker Jr. Hopefully he never plays anything outside of the pre season, but seems like he’ll be good for the QB room.

    Do we really have the most popular player in the NFL on our team? Yo where is Callaway going to play? He was our X last year do you guys think he’ll move to split end?

    But Daniel Jones sucks I like Lock 17 would be fair for him but man passing on Haskins at 6 would just be so dumb

    I think all this Giants not wanting Haskins is ALL SMOKE I think they just want to make sure no one jumps them at 6 give that idea they don’t want him that’s what I’d do too. They can’t be that dumb

    I’m going to work on you guys