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  1. Honestly we should be happy we’re 4-2 we’re still so young half our defense is out and our offense is still new we faced adversity and lost pick yourselves back up and keep fighting Steelers might just go to the Super Bowl
  2. But he’s gotta to know that by now. By his talent alone he’s a leader on the team. Our players feed off his energy So if you throw a tantrum it’s a distraction. Great teams don’t have emotional ups and downs week in and week out. Passion is great, but uncontrolled emotion does not win Superbowls.
  3. Yo I will say this no one had seen this Odell since being a Brown which is why you came back to the site
  4. Exactly hes still too aggressive to me at times fake punt going for it on 4th against the bengals instead of taking 3 and going for it on 4th today he trust them more than I do
  5. But bro that’s the issue his whole time with us has been consistent up and downs instead of consistency one week we love him one week we don’t that doesn’t happen with Jarvis and that doesn’t win championships I’m good moving on. He’s a great player but I want consistency in production and attitude
  6. Yeah those missed holding calls were horrible
  7. That’s what I’m saying. He’s just not worth it. he’s good but I just think throughout the entire year he’s going to have too many ups and downs. He did well run blocking though. I feel like if we do keep him they have to get him organically involved early. He’s got to feel like he’s participating and is a threat. If he doesn’t feel like a threat he checks out and then that holds back out entire offense
  8. It’s really our safeties that are the problem Sendejo is playing more than we wanted him to losing Delpit hurt bad
  9. I think it’s a good idea I mean the stadium is huge. they have at least have some fans like it there is more than enough space to be socially distant and still have some fans. I mean having the entire stadium empty to me doesn’t make sense if a restaurant or mall can have people.
  10. Idk man I’m not giving up on Baker yet he’s been put in a tough situation it’s a long season Odell is the one I’m worried about
  11. Patriots were the first team I thought of. its a win win honestly. we need defense help next year bad the safety play today was horrendous HOW THE HELL DID THEY LET MARK ANDREWS BE SO OPEN
  12. I’m watching Robert Woods he looks like twice the player I’ve seen out of Odell since he’s got here we gotta trade him soon man while we can still fool people on his value
  13. Nick Chubb didn’t get enough carries so you know we lost
  14. I’m tired of him His energy and body language he gives off is holding us back. he’s not worth the headache. I’d trade him before he losses his value. Let’s speed up DPJs development and really focus on our TEs and RBs. I’m ready to let him go if he’s successful somewhere else so be it. But he’s just not a fit here
  15. Me and @Mind Characterwanted Darnold...
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