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  1. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Yeah noone is even close as a pure athlete like Lebron not real and the craziest thing is he’s never been in trouble one time NOT ONE TIME!!!!!! like wtf this guy is a robot
  2. 2018 Season BOLD PREDICTIONS thread

    Coleman aint no Josh Gordon If Josh Gordon plays all 16 games on this team we go at worst 6-10 after QB no single player adds more wins to this team than Gordon
  3. Do Tua Tagovailoa's Comments Raise a Red Flag?

    You sure about that? and Kamara went in the 3rd
  4. Do Tua Tagovailoa's Comments Raise a Red Flag?

    No problem here the kid faced adversity he ended up staying and got better for it this is everything Nick Saban is about look at Alvin Kamara he transferred out of Bama ended up being ROY Saban runs the most competitive program in the last 20 years a lot of kids are going to have that go through their minds
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Exactly he’s my number 2 player in the draft he’s the Jayson Tatum of this draft at least in my opinion. If Bron leaves I’ve got to find a way to get him.
  6. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    And we got Myles Garrett, Ogbah, Larry O, and Brantley I think the value Oliver would add to help them is as equal if not more than what’s Davenport will bring to NO
  7. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    If Marcus Davenport if worth 2 first Ed Oliver is worth two first especially on our line
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    @MistaBohmbastic the scenario I’m talking about is a Lebronless Cavs team. I think Sexton would be the best realistic option at 8. He can defense and create his own shot. Can’t shoot the 3 but at least he can get to the basket
  9. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Yeah 8 is a legit spot for a PG Your guaraneteed Sexton or Young If we can do that trade of Love for 4 and Parsons you could come out with Bagley/Porter and Young/Sexton thats a nice young solid core
  10. see ya jamar

    nah no way BBC is a beast He may push Carrie for slot corner reps honestly. I don't think you can realistically ask for more out of a 4th corner.
  11. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Joe Burrow to LSU thats a program changing signing
  12. NBA lottery thread !!

  13. see ya jamar

    Isn’t that what we traded for him? lol addition by subtraction gets us outta his contract
  14. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Does anyone know if we can trade the 8th pick to move up? I know we can’t totally get rid of it because we traded our other first but can we trade it if we move up?
  15. NBA lottery thread !!

    Yeah Porter is the second best player in the draft as long as his back is ok I have no doubt about that even including Doncic I pray my Cavs are able to get him id be so much calmer losing Bron if we bring in Porter I need that 4 pick from Memphis bad