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  1. Yeah I was thinking with Clowney now who would be the DT next to him on third downs. Either Jackson or Sheldon would have to sit. I think if they believe in Jordan Elliot as the future of the 3 tech this also makes sense. much cheaper and it’s a lot easier to find a NT than a starting 3 tech. we will definitely need a DT at some point in the draft. I love Tommy from OSU. He could be the NT of the future sad to see Richardson go. Great player his time here he’ll help a team out for sure
  2. Sorry I’m late please delete this or whatever is best 😂
  3. I wouldn’t have done it DT has to be addressed by round 3 now.
  4. Really excited to see how the draft unfolds. We can really go BPA at 26 which would get crazy does anyone have the time to look up how much adding or second rounder or third rounder would move us up?
  5. See Greedy is the biggest question mark on the team at least with Delpit an Achilles is more straightforward but nerve damage we literally have no idea how this is going to turn out either he’s going to be able to play and if he does he should bring a starting level of ability or hes absolutely done we won’t know until we start playing so corner honestly could be our number 1 need right now. Or it could be 5th. We’re in such a subjective position. you always want as many corners as you can get, but going corner in the first vs the 4th round is
  6. Can you make a poll for the QB selection? 1. I’m taking Fields 2. Keep Jimmy at least until the deadline if you feel Fields is ready and you get a good offer then you trade Jimmy 3. a 3rd 4. Yes if he can stay healthy 5. Not year one 6. two 7. I would make the same trade but you’ve got to get something for Jimmy to balance it out
  7. Pitts. im not as high on Lance and Jones if Fields is there I’m taking Fields Surtain or Parsons would be great too bit Pitts can help now and help a future younger QB down the road
  8. Idk with Oweh if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then.... I mean zero sacks cmon he doesn’t get sacks from what I see on tape because he just doesn’t have those natural pass rush body movements that you can’t teach. he’s an athlete playing D end. I think there will be a number of better pass rushers out of this draft than Oweh.
  9. Man I’m just now getting a chance to watch film I think my ideal first 3 rounds would be something like Round 1. Gregory Rosseau Round 2. Nick Bolton 3a. Shaun Wade 3b. Tutu Atwell
  10. I think both teams benefit from this You guys were behind the 8 ball trading up for Sam. You were going to have to hit on basically every move to make it work after losing out on that draft capital. Bad GM moves and coaching did you in, but now you are in a much better position with a lot more capital to build around your QB. You get Wilson on a full rookie deal as well. Gotta get some more receivers Davis and Crowder are ok. At least for now they’re serviceable.
  11. I think Darnold will be much better in Carolina. I hope they get Sewell
  12. Yeah I like Terry a lot too. I think he’s going to end up going earlier than where I want to spend a pick at receiver at the end of the day. for my Browns we don’t need much. I’m looking for the deep ball skill set at the best value. I’m just thinking with our second third rounder Tutu would be perfect. I think Terry is going second round. Tutu looks faster than both Gabriel and Sinorice Moss. I think he’s got some D Jax type speed to him.
  13. This draft is going to have 6–8 baller receivers when we look back at it this class is loaded And if you include Pitts it’s just dumb Does anyone have an opinion on Tutu Atwell!? I want a deep threat for my browns and he seems like a great field stretcher
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