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  1. Nah I don’t think they were. I think that was smoke Warriors and Hawks running circles around us Hawks getting Johnson where they did is an absolute steal what the hell is our plan at small forward
  2. If Kuminga is better on the Warriors than Mobley is for us I’m going to be sick for a long time
  3. That’s what I’m hoping it the case with Cade. Detroit says they’re selecting him, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they plan on keeping him. lol I never didn’t not like Mobley. I definitely think he’s a great player. I just think his best position is at the 5. I think he can be great there. I just think Allen is good enough. We’ll all see tonight. But if we could somehow move Sexton to get back up and take Kuminga that’d be my ideal scenario
  4. If we can get either Green or Mobley and trade back up for Kuminga 🤤
  5. They’re really different players. I think it just depends on what you need. I definitely feel that Cade makes the players around him better Moreso than Green
  6. I think you could have your own thread bro. You’ve got good opinions and you definitely care about ball. A few guys have their own in the NFL draft thread. I definitely think there’s room for one in basketball.
  7. The fact we can get out of Loves contract would be amazing. if Kuminga is there at 6 I’m definitely doing that.
  8. See I think he adds value in being able to lock up the opposing teams 2 guard. He might not be able to hang with wings like KD or Tatum consistently but I love him guarding 2 guards like Bradley Beal, James Harden, Zach Lavine, Jaylen Brown. And that’s just Eastern conference that’s not even adding guys like Devin Booker or Donovan Mitchell. there is a ton of value in being able to slow those guys down. That’s why I love the idea of Kuminga he’s got that length and size to keep with the with Tatums and KDs and Kawhis. Keep Collin as your 6th man to give you that scoring a
  9. 359% and 369% to me is good from a SF who’s game isn’t being a shooter im not saying the boy is Klay but for a player with an all around skill set who is going to be a good player on both sides I think that’s a fine range to be at the 297% is low but 359-369 is great for a wing like Siakim who is doing so much for team defensively and rebounding as well as scoring like he does
  10. Yeah from my center. From a wing player you want someone who is at least a threat to make a 3 that way you have to guard the entire court which creates more spacing and opportunities for more scoring. Ben Simmons for example. No threat at a 3 point shooter. That hurts them a lot because at that position your expecting a shooter. Kuminga is a willing shooter hopefully you can get him to 335-350 from 3. You get him there then he’s got a complete offensive game. Siakim shot 369% in 2018 and 359% in 2019 after shooting 220% in 2017 Significant improvement
  11. Never said he was a great 3 point shooter. But he did make a lot of threes. Look at Siakims stats his first two years in the league. Horrible 3 point shooter by statistics. Look at him now. Very solid. Not saying Kuminga will or will not improve to that degree, but he’s definitely farther along as a shooter than Siakim was at the same age. Ive seen Kuminga make all the shots he’ll need to be to successful. He just has to improve is consistency. It’s not like he’s a Ben Simmons where it’s just not happening. He’s taking shots with confidence he’s just missing too m
  12. I’d pay it because he’s already jelled with the culture, been a great teammate from all accounts, and is still ascending. Mobley ain’t Bosh or AD though lol Bosh was an absolute bucket mid range. He literally had a lethal jumper. Mobley is not lethal. What makes Mobley so special is his athleticism at this size. Really Ayton is the only comparable guy that is as skilled at that size. Mobley isn’t quite as powerful but he’s more nimble. Play him at the 5 and your basically at an advantage every game. That’s where he’s special to me. Even like a AD you can play
  13. But hopefully we can trade up for Cade And it’ll all make sense
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