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  1. Around the league discussion

    Should I be concerned Gardner Minshew looks better than Baker....
  2. Around the league discussion

    Yeah idk why Taco got caught but I’m all for it. Better prospect than Chad Thomas was coming out
  3. Around the league discussion

  4. I think he will. People are going to miss out on potentially another Riley QB.
  5. Around the league discussion

    We’d have to get him. I’d spend a first and for a third back
  6. I wish Darnold was playing We got lucky. We’re going to win this week start feeling ourselves again then get smacked by the Rams next week, and then smacked by the Ravens the next week.
  7. Fantasy Football

    I’m pissed I took Desean out at the last minute. Sutton did will though. I’m hoping Gordon does something he’d make my team legit lethal
  8. I was excited like everyone else for sure. But I really wanted Devin White if it was up to me I would’ve traded up for him. Odell is cool I’m glad it’s not Kenny Britt for sure, but we don’t need Odell to win a Super Bowl we just really needed a deep threat this past offseason. It’s showing off. That’s the only reason you do it. And Richard Mille doesn’t need Odell to sell watches they’re fine. Football players have been just fine playing without watches to this point. Why does he need one now? To show off. We too busy worried about the wrong things.
  9. Odell wears 350k watch during game. Stupid or not?

    I thought it was stupid as soon as I saw it in pregame.
  10. If the watch was really doing it’s job he would’ve ran outta bounds end of the 2nd instead of letting the clock run out we’re still stupid
  11. I think it is one of the top 3 dumbest things I’ve seen on an NFL field. I think it’s pointless and disrespectful to your opponent and the game in general. But other Browns fans don’t mind it. I wanted to get the general thoughts on it.
  12. It’s a football game what value is the watch adding to his performance. With you a watch at least helps you tell time. For Odell he’s using it to show off. His mind isn’t focused on the right things. When Tom Brady starts wearing luxury watches during the game I’ll come around to it. Till then it’s pointless and disrespectful to your opponent. Which is part of the reason we got smacked
  13. Yo boy Odell too worried about watches I was a fan of the trade till that. Its honestly disrespectful to the other team. You wearing a 350k watch for what? So we can show off while we get smacked. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while. We don’t have our priorities right. We too busy smelling our own ****. The Jets are going to want this game. G Williams is going to get them ready for us and it’s a home game for them. I’m taking the Jets
  14. I think we lose the next 4 games. We too worried about watches we’re literally dumber than we were last year Jets want it more than we do Rams want it more than we do Ravens will want it more than we will 49ers will be more disciplined we’re going to lose these next 4 I see it already. We’re still stupid
  15. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I’m thinking about dropping Will Fuller for John Ross. Am I crazy?