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  1. Yeah we can get to 14 Shanny wouldn’t wait 2 seconds to turn the card in **** he’s who they made the trade up here to get 😂
  2. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

  3. Lamb Jeudy Murray Jeudy is higher on my board but in the wco I think Lambs RAC will be the better fit
  4. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    All the clubs bettter be doing this the Nfl should have it set up where the calls are timed and players sign into a network where the talks can be monitored. Teams are given a certain amout of talks and they’re all timed and enforced. I can’t believe the league won’t set something like that up
  5. I went Becton Jeudy Lamb i love Sam and know he needs weapons but you gotta protect him. Take advantage of the receiver class get some later
  6. Free Agency Discussion

    Yeah I’d love to trade up for Young I’d trade our first next year to do it but at 10 if we trade for Trent and Simmons isn’t there I’m trading down and targeting Henry Ruggs that speed in this offense with that running game would complete us. Play action would be insane
  7. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    @Mind Character i think your just preparing yourself for a worst case scenario that’s not going to happen the Chargers are going to draft a QB and a Jacksonville won’t take a tackle no way in hell Chargers go into 2020 with just Tyrod that’s not going to happen
  8. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    Not obsessed but if I can get San Frans pick at 13 for him I’d do it in a heart beat. Just too many problems he’s a distraction and can’t stay healthy. I’d take a Jeudy or Lamb over Odell today yes I would. But if I’m not getting either of them I’ll keep him I do believe we overpaid When we traded for him originally I would’ve been happy with Metcalf last year. y’all just salty you got a player who doesn’t want to play for you but is too valuable to just give up so you’ll get a comp pick, waste an asset, and waste the opportunity to actually help your young QB in the present because of Greed. And y’all keep dissing third round picks. Your best player on the whole team just came from the third round IN LAST YEARS DRAFT. Like just LAST YEAR but your going to be too greedy to miss out on a potential player who can help you. And your asset is just going to be wasted and you’ll get that fifth round comp pick. Congratulations 🎊🍾🎈
  9. Free Agency Discussion

    Give him a 3 year extension front loaded just like Conklin weve got enough cap room for two teams
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    The more I think about it We should trade for Trent Williams if we can get him for Houston’s third. then at 10 think about all the possibilities if we trade down we can make that pick back up and more while still solving our immediate tackle problem. We can still draft a developmental guy later and get more assests for example trade Houston’s pick for Williams at 10 trade down to New Orleans for Jordan Love for Pick 24 2nd rounder 5th rounder 2021 second rounder just for example. We could really get some value out of pick 10. Still get a tackle, and have a stud LT at least for a few years
  11. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    I don’t think I’m being a troll this is a legit situation. The browns are the most logical fit. Everyone knows that. We have the assets and more cash than everyone and a huge need. I just find it concerning you all are willing to lose value on a DEPRECIATING asset for spite. It’s not like your going to get more value later he’s only getting older and teams will be more unsure of if he still has it the longer he sits out. Operating out of spite won’t get you guys far. You gotta understand what fair value is for him. Don’t let those Bill o Brien trades effect your thinking.
  12. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    There are just so many of you all in this thread alone that seem to have no understanding of value. Like there is nothing about this situation at all that should ever make you think you should get a second rounder it just boggles my mind that y’all have actually been thinking that. It’s pretty funny 😂 which is why I’m reading in here. Plus we have Houston’s third which I think it’s perfect fair value for Trent. so until he’s traded I’m gonna keep tabs on it. with that news Of a 5th round comp pick that’s freaking crazy I’m super interested to see how this is going to turn out
  13. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    Lmaooooooooooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 yeah good luck with that second if this is true lmao
  14. Post Free Agency Coronavirus-WFH Mock

    Man solid job. But I’d definitely like to find some way to get a receiver earlier. There are going to be some really talented guys in the middle of the draft
  15. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    All or them 😂 I don’t get why you all won’t do a third. Even if you get a comp pick it’s going to be at the bottom of the round. any third rounder you get from a team is higher than a comp third rounder. So it doesn’t make sense to wait for a comp pick that’s going to be lower and an entire year later if you could have a teams regular third this year. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 There is no benefit to passing up a third rounder unless you actually think you can keep him. Which you won’t man y’all FO makes us look high class 😂 I bet y’all trade him for a third