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  1. I think you can say they wanted it more because their team is full of upperclassmen who have never beat us in their 3 years. we are a really young team still
  2. I love our team but I don’t see us or anyone for that matter beating Georgia they’re just so loaded and experienced their defense is full of seniors at every position I’m going to enjoy this Michigan game and really soak that in
  3. Maybe that was the thinking. Loss this to keep Nagy in division that’s the only thing I can think
  4. Absolutely I couldn’t believe how wide open the receivers were on that third down. That’s on the coaching. They should’ve had an opportunity at least to get back on offense.
  5. Just gotta continue developing him he’s only what 21?
  6. Yo baker skipped the press conference wtf no real franchise qb is going to do that I’m not cool with that. You played like **** don’t hide wtf Thats weak
  7. When you have a small QB like Baker you gotta solidify that interior. Draft a center this year and groom him for the future. With these extensions you’d have to imagine we focus Hudson’s growth at grooming him to play RT
  8. Absolutely I’m all about bringing him in. That would be another blue collar move in the right direction
  9. Andrew Berry 🧙🏽‍♂️
  10. Andrew just keeps shinning 🤩 now it’s just Baker Ward and Clowney. if Clowney takes a discount I think it’s possible
  11. Yeah it’ll be interesting to see the starters without Sexton. I hope this gives him a new take on being a potential 6th man on the team. Hope for a speedy recovery the kid is definitely a baller.
  12. What a game man. I don’t know if we’re getting better or getting lucky but I can say they’re definitely playing with heart MOBLEY he’s the real deal. I see it. He needs about 12-18 more pounds. But he’s got it
  13. I like go through progressions Baker. He can get a contract. that other version I’m not really trying to see him again
  14. Allen is looking like he’s absolutely worth that contract so far. we probably won’t be able to get a small forward till the draft I love the way the guys are shooting. If they can keep this up we can get an accurate judge on Garland as a distributor
  15. Crazy how much we sound like Giants fans in 2018 😂 I hope he signs with Green Bay. He needs an established QB.
  16. He should’ve been gone by now
  17. I’d take him on the Browns but I don’t want to waste anymore receiver talent
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