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  1. Dante Fowler Jr. traded to the Rams

    So you are thinking with Fournette back and the way easier half of the schedule coming up we go 2-6 or 3-5? Show some faith dude
  2. Dante Fowler Jr. traded to the Rams

    Exactly. I hate this trade. We are essentially getting a 5th rd 2020 pick to lose him for the second half of the season and now we don’t have two respectable edge rushers to come off the edge in pass rushing situations. Meanwhile the rich get richer
  3. Trade for Bridgewater and move Bortles to TE

    Being down two games to the Texans is not a death sentence. Bridgewater would make teams respect the pass and drastically change the effectiveness of this offense. Also I really think Bortles would improve the offense by moving to tight end. I know that sounds dumb but it’s very possible. We’ve seen Pryor make the switch to wr and be effective and I think Bortles could do the blocking that is asked out of tight ends. We could even run jet sweeps and tight end passes with him. Plus I think there’s a chance Bortles would welcome this role with what he said about being a scapegoat as the qb. Let him finish this year on this contract and rework it afterwards or cut him. Our window is now because this teams stength is defense and we are losing key pieces next year. If we continue trotting Bortles out or Kessler then the season is most certainly done and we are in for several more miserable seasons barring a great draft class next year. On the flip side making this move sends a message to everyone that the time is still now and it will light some fires under peoples *****. To me mortgage the future now and give the fans a chance at the Super Bowl they deserve. Also I don’t agree with trading Fowler because the value he gives us is for this one year is worth more than he would return in trade value. Don’t forget we still get a compensatory pick if/when we lose him in free agency
  4. Trade for Bridgewater and move Bortles to TE

    I think he gives us the best chance. Obviously with the o-line issues and the hole we have dug ourselves into record wise it will be hard no matter what. But I don’t think it would be that hard for Teddy to learn the playbook and build chemistry with the team. I’m sure the concepts we are running aren’t that foreign to him or any qb it’s just a matter of learning the terminology.
  5. I’m not even joking. If I were gm I wouldn’t hesitate to give up a 2nd round pick in next years draft for Teddy. The thing is Bortles is an awesome person and a great team mate. It just sucks when TJ Yeldon consistently is our top receiving threat and I think it may be an indication of Bortles being gun shy. There was a pass too Moncrief today where he had nothing but green in front of him but Bortles just overthrew him probably because he was scared of underthrowing it and making it a contested ball. Same thing to the end zone pass that Chark dropped. Bortles doesn’t want to let this team down and knows he doesn’t have to do a lot to get this team wins and we saw that last year. But he’s turning into Alex Smith with bad luck and questionable throwing mechanics. The dude is so athletic though and played TE in high school and started out at UCF as a tight end. I know there is a huge learning curve switching positions in the nfl but I honestly think he would be an immediate upgrade over anyone we are currently trotting out there at TE. Bridgewater is just a gamer who I have always been a huge fan of and I was surprised Minnesota gave up on him. I think New Orleans knows what they’ve got though and the might want a steep price but I think you gotta make a move for this season while we still have all them alphas on the d line.
  6. Jaguars trading for Carlos Hyde

    Hey a reactionary trade worked out good last year when we grabbed Dareus to shore up our run defense. Love me some Hyde
  7. The Allen Robinson Thread

    I just remembered reading Caldwell considered a Watkins and Carr combo for the first two rounds of the draft as opposed to Bortles and Lee (they didn’t think A-Rob would be there in the second). If this is true, maybe they just want too keep all the starters from last year (Bortles , Lee, Colvin) and pursue Watkins for cheaper than A-rob and get Bridgewater too. Then draft mike gesecki
  8. I felt the same way that some of you guys felt after the loss. This was our year, our team was so healthy, the road will be much tougher next year But then I remembered how I felt at the very beginning of year, before week 1 at the Texans when Bortles looked terrible and the defense looked bad in the preseason. Who knew Cooks toasting our team in the preaseason was gonna happen again on one of the biggest stages this year? Or slightly after A-Rob got hurt and the Titans made us look bad in week 2. The team has grown a lot since then. I was thinking this team has the makings of a contender year in year out watching the game against New England second quarter. I loved seeing the fans greeting of the players after the game. Even though it was a loss it was a well played game. One thing I want to know is why did we stop getting the ball to Corey Grant? He was explosive in space in the first half and I didn’t notice him on offense second half. Cant wait to see our team field the same defense with a healthy A-Rob out there and a healthy Leonard Fournette.
  9. Love that I saw this team play against Cincinnati and Buffalo
  10. Mickens is a baller too. Wish for him he didn’t drop the first td
  11. So awesome. This is what a super bowl team looks like. Literally everyone balling out lol