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  1. I'm going to have to bow out this year guys. Sorry, but work is just too much to try and keep it up.

    Wow, can we draft Pat McAfee?

    Of course, I am largely going off reading reports and not actually watching these guys. Seems like Spags plays a lot less press man than what we have the past 5 years or so, and both Love and Amani rate well in off coverage.

    Julian Love keeps falling and think he'd fit well, and same can be said Amani Oruwariye.

    Good on Thornhill. Gotta get a CB next though
  6. Bob Sutton

    I agree with Chris Hewitt. Guys with DB coaching experience have done better of recent years, and I think it has a lot to do with the emphasis of that in general in today's NFL. Aaron Glenn from the Saints is another one I like. Payton thinks he'll be a HC some day, and he's got their secondary playing really well overall the past few years.
  7. GDT - Divisional Round vs. Indianapolis

    I'll feel comfortable when we have 3 times as many points as minutes to play.
  8. Week 16 GDT: KC@Sea

    I was very surprised to see Scandrick not play. Sounds like Reid made the call to push Ward and Smith into the starting lineup, and get Lucas back out there some. Reid was also apparently working with the defense on the sidelines in this game, which doesn't happen. Arrowhead Pride suggested this was so unique a confluence of events that it suggests Reid doesn't trust Sutton anymore. All in all, I agree with everyone here in that it is a combination of Sutton's inability AND some bad players. If we had say Belichick as DC (historically great defensive coach) maybe we'd never notice, but with Sutton all players are who they are. He's not elevating anyone, so great players have some great performances, and the terrible ones have some terrible performances, but seeing as this is a team game and that trumps individual performances to result in a cumulatively bad team performance. As for the future of this season, we need Mahomes to be red hot again. Just really good from him won't be enough to overcome the defense. We must play with at least a two score lead early to have a chance to simplify our defense enough to hang on. Trying to scheme for all possiblities from an opponents offense will result in another early playoff exit.
  9. Sorry I've been ghosting. Have we picked a new date and time for the draft yet?
  10. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    As for compensation, it's still not out, which is odd in today's world of instant news. I've seen some say the Rams 1st this year is not involved, which would instantly make this move bad, unless we get their 2019 first and 2nd this year. I think we might not have heard compensation yet as it is contingent on Peters signing an extension for the Rams. I know there's 2 years left on his deal, but could see the Rams wanting more certainty than that to give up top compensation. I also could believe Peters might have threatened to sit out this year due to being underpaid.
  11. 2018 KC Chiefs Roster

    So we're hiring lower level Defensive coaches and no word on Sutton yet. Not a great sign he's out. I suppose it's possible we're waiting for some potential replacement to be available for an interview before making a move, but need to hear something this week on Sutton's future.
  12. 2018 Offseason Predictions/Plans

    I've been thinking on who we should target as DC, and am thinking Jack Del Rio is the guy I want. He's been an outstanding DC in previous stints both times earning him an HC shot. He played for KC at one time, he's very familiar with the division, and after two shots at HC I think he's going to be relegated to DC from here on. Could be a solid long term solution.
  13. Wild Card Playoff vs Titans

    Didn't realize Chris Jones is OUT. That really stinks especially without RNR. Surprised they're not running more.
  14. Wild Card Playoff vs Titans

    Man, offense stalling. Defense needs to make a stop
  15. Wild Card Playoff vs Titans

    I think DJ is excited to be in the playoffs again.