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  1. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    Yeah, we need to dominate this game to get my arrow pointing up for this team. Really looking for the secondary to show improvement. I hope Mitchell goes over Acker, and reclaims a role in nickel.
  2. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    No, 10 second runoff only happens on a play that doesn't stop the clock. Since that play without the penalty would have stopped the clock, it's not a runoff.
  3. FF Fantasy Football League II --- Discussion!

    So looks like we're two short. Do we just kill their teams, or find replacements?
  4. FF Fantasy Football League II --- Discussion!

    I can stay or step aside if another wants to step in. I will commit to participate, but will let another take my spot if there's interest.
  5. Do we already have a forum mod here?

    Sorry for being AWOL guys, I have just been fairly slammed with work for years now. I had tried to find another person to take over as Mod a while back, but had no takers. I usually read all new posts every day, but don't have time to do much more than that. I am more than willing to step aside if someone wants to take the reigns.