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  1. Again, a little bit of context would enlighten. Two INT 80 yards away from the end zone. One of them might have been considered a punt.
  2. You're just stuck on the 30+ number out of context. That included a blown defensive call that should have never happened AND Jones fumble that resulted in a 7 yard TD drive. When you turn the ball over inside your own 10 you shouldn't blame the defense? We could've won this year with literally a couple breaks. Heart breaking, but the defense actually played decent.
  3. That's why it's hard to watch us. Packers don't tackle well and very few forced fumbles.
  4. The hindsighters who think we should of taken Winfield in the second round? C'mon, you guys would have lost your sh** if we took a safety in the second round. I laugh that some of the posters really do think they know more than Gute. Winfield would have had trouble seeing the field on this team his rookie year. Thank God Gute is stumbling in the dark, because even with the expected subtractions on our roster, we are still odds on favorites to make it back to the NFCCG. Some of the things the GuteAnon group believes is entertaining/incredible.
  5. This just doesn't hold water. How did it work for Brees? You need to be fortunate/lucky AND very good. Brady took less money because he knew he couldn't carry a team. He always needed the supporting cast, plus, face it- he is one of the most fortunate QBs ever. Rodgers is arguably the most talented QB ever. We've been to four NFCCGs, two of them we were snake bitten and the other two we were ONLY there because Rodgers carried us there. Posted this before, but feel it is relevant to the conversation: Packers Defense in Playoffs with ARodg at QB (excluding 2010)-- 16 games - 456 poi
  6. Wish we knew the progress of Nijman, Stepaniak and Runyon. Stepaniak was graded higher than Runyon coming out of college, but lasted later in the draft because of injury. Wouldn't shock me if he is the starting LG next year with Runyon again an inside back up. Nijman....RAS scores were impressive, diamond in the rough, Covid really hurt his progress. If we take an OT in the first or second I would expect him to start. If Bak is available to start the season we can develop a later round pick at OT. Possible line up of: Bak-Stepaniak-Jenkins-Patrick-Turner.
  7. Agreed. I'd rather pay Williams (up to $3M). Then you roll with Dillon, Williams and Taylor. You're RB room is relatively cheap and experienced. Keeps the offense rolling without the learning curve a rookie would need. Plus, Dillon and Williams probably have ARod's trust, you know that just isn't handed out to anyone.
  8. No disrespect, but this thread is stupid. The goal every year is the Super Bowl. It's hard to do. We've been good enough for two of the four NFCCGs, we just haven't been lucky enough. Yes, luck plays a big part of it. Like getting to play teams that are missing players at premium positions. (Like LTs) Aaron and the offense are just fine. The defense's brain farts sabotaged us this year.
  9. Can't remember where I got this but..... Packers Defense in Playoffs with ARodg at QB (excluding 2010)-- 16 games - 456 points allowed 2020 New York Jets Defense -- 16 games - 457 points allowed. (28.5 ppg) I hope this perspective helps folks understand just how bad our defense has played when the chips are down. It answers the question of why we've only won one Lombardi with Aaron. I'll take some defensive help over WR early in the drafts.
  10. +1, he was a top 15 pick for a while. This year is going to be a bigger crap shoot than last with the Covid curveball. Already saw that in the Senior Bowl measuring, quite a few guys came in inches shorter than their football programs listed them. Random, but RB Jefferson from Oregon State is my 5th round crush right now.
  11. Really? He's been on the losing side four times. Two of those losses were games we were over our head in. He was the only reason we even made it to the Atlanta game- look at the defense we rolled out that game. You can argue that the Seattle meltdown and the Tampa misfire were TEAM meltdowns. If Will Redmond doesn't close his eyes and makes that simple interception before half, none of this nonsense is happening. His legacy is playing the hardest position in the NFL at a higher level than anyone in history.
  12. Are we allowed to acknowledge positives? How about that we're 20-6 in the regular season over the last two years? We could have won the Colts game many different ways, but choked it off with two fumbles late in the game? Our roster is much improved from 4 years ago, our defensive scheme????….not so much. 2020 seems to be the year of the tantrum, so keep going haters. This isn't like buying groceries, you don't just make a list and go buy it.
  13. x10. Settle down chicken littles. Covid/election tension. R-E-L-A-X. We're 18-5 in the regular season so far under MLF and people are going nuts. I trust in Gute.
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