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  1. What if you keep him and hire Zac Taylor as OC with the understanding that Philbin will step down in three years and ZT ascends to HC? Continuity AND something fresh.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I've watched him closely since he was a junior at Indiana. I've listened to what Palmy has said about him. On the way home from the game today I listened to what Tauscher had to say about him. Spriggs has the tools. He needs to be left in a position to settle in. He has improved since he was drafted. He has just become the new whipping boy of people who want to play Madden with the roster. It would be stupid to cut an OL on his rookie contract who has shown a little promise. I doubt you be thrilled to see him improve, because then you'd be wrong and I bet that doesn't happen in your ultimate judgements. Spriggs will be fine IF they let him focus on one position. He was passable today (i'll watch tape later)but we sure had trouble in the middle.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Sorry you have no confidence, I do. Leave him at RT and he'll be fine. Jerking him back and forth never helps develop OL. I think it's ridiculous that he's judged on two plays, he came in cold off the bench to LT and people really effing think that's a fair sample to judge him on? Most the posters passing judgement on Spriggs now are the ones who wanted Fackrell cut and Adams gone. Patience my 'chicken littles', Spriggs will be fine. He's improved his weight, footwork and his hand work. Let him settle in to a single position, he'll be fine.
  4. Jeezus man. Did I say that Rodgers would 'make up' plays? NO. Have you watched our offense all year? All that planning and preparation hasn't worked for ****! Discuss the parameters of the game plan. Discuss and breakdown the Falcon's defense. You still have the radio in the helmet. Let him run it. You've got nothing to lose. He would call plays they've practiced during the week. Do you really think I forgot this is a team game? C'mon, get outside the box for a minute. You have a unique situation that won't present itself for a while, if ever. Take advantage of it. Let AR run the damn offense. He either succeeds or falls on his face and is thoroughly humbled. We can't lose. Get it? To continue on the way we've been going is insane, same thing over and over getting the same results.
  5. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    A little less thoughtful and a little more emotional please. It fits the thread better.
  6. Imagine, for a moment that we are looking at this completely bazakwardz. Do you hook a thoroughbred up to a trotter buggy? No. A thin slice of the 'pie chart of possibilities' is that Philbin recognizes what MM's ego couldn't. Let Rodgers go. No huddle, complete control, run as many plays as you can get in. Just GO. Philbin's got nothing to lose and neither does the Pack. Let Rodgers put his money where his mouth is. It could be magical. Maybe not. Maybe.
  7. NFL News & Notes

    Jax is over the cap next year already and will need to drop some contracts. Time is ripe, what high priced defensive guy do you target on Jax?
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    It's a different year, a different coach, he's had more nicks and injuries. You try again. Whole new set of circumstances.
  9. True. It may have been simply respectful of his commitment and sacrifices. I also know that you can get people to give a standing ovation pretty easily. I know because we used to do it when we were young. If people start clapping just stand up and everyone else will too. It is 'herd' mentality.
  10. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Decent argument. Even provided the statistical chart. I still don't want to cut him. Maybe renegotiate, but definitely move him to RG. I think he might last longer there. Just a feeling.
  11. Art- you're killing me...... 1. He waited until it was a foregone conclusion that MM had run its course. 2. He had nothing to do with that. TT had total control over football operations. 3. Again, he waited until it was a foregone conclusion that TT had run his course. Maybe a year too late. 4. When did this happen? MM informed some of his assistants that he was done if Ball became GM.(no link available) Not sure if MM had any say about Gute.
  12. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.0

    Brees learned to be more Brady-like. Payton changed the emphasis of the Saints to more run oriented and Brees started taking what the defense gave him. Ego alteration. Rothlisberger doesn't play well on the road anymore and he has more talent around him than any QB in the league. (Bell notwithstanding) Brady plays within the system he's in and takes what the defense gives him. He's also got the best coaching staff in the league. Aaron hasn't been the same- agreed, but the injuries have played a big part of that. Next year, when he will be apparently healthy, he needs the Ego Alteration. Then we'll be hunting the Superb Owl. (Payton taking the coaching job would almost guarantee this)
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Besides my original joy when we traded up to get him, I'd like to lean on Palmy's comment that all Spriggs needs is time and reps. Leave him in one position and you'll see marked improvement. How many backup tackles have you seen who come in off the bench and shut down top speed rushers?
  14. Read between the lines. Everything Murphy's saying is pointing towards Philbin. Kind of like when Murphy wanted to name Ball as GM. Mac put his foot down and saved us from that. Murphy is overly conservative and only comes out of his rut when forced.
  15. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I'd like to keep Bulaga. Move him to RG and let Spriggs get his reps at RT. He'd be a better RT with Bulaga next to him.