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  1. Just watched it again. Thought the Oline held up rather well. Seems most of the failed runs were from TE/WR fails in blocking. Carson is not an NFL RB either. None of our RBs showed enough quickness to bounce outside in the outside zone scheme. We NEED Jones bad. Kizer looked like Kizer. Moved the ball a little, but always throws that one 'WTF' ball. Luckily it wasn't intercepted. He's going to be our back up, but he shouldn't be. If we're going to keep both MVS and EQ then I think, in the spirit of developing, we should trade Trevor Davis to Baltimore for RB K Dixon. Davis hasn't been able to stay healthy and can be replaced by Shepherd. Dixon also has had an injury history, but we need help at RB badly. Calm down a little on our defense. The only thing I don't like is that we don't tackle at a playoff level. We've faced two incredibly mobile (as in FAST) QBs and that's been the only thing done consistantly against us. Cousins, Stafford and Tubinski can't move like Jackson. Our punter was awesome. Crosby looks dialed in. LaFleur looks pissed. On to next week- eh?
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    IIRC the stat that really sticks in my mind was that the defense led the league in '3 and outs'. It allowed Brett to maintain his gunslinger style and kept the damage to a bare minimum. Butler and Robinson operating behind Reggie and company was lethal.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    BUT.......maybe if Favre would've won one or two more SuperBowls there would've been more HOFers elected from those years. One and done is not going to get the recognition of a team that won 5 in 7? Kind of chicken vs egg ..... sort of.
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    Dating myself, but Starr over Favre or Rodgers. Favre and Rodgers were both better athletes, but Favre was a knucklehead who didn't know what a dime defense was four years into his career. Starr was a true field general who Called his own plays. I know nobody gets to do that anymore (Rodgers came close the last couple years). Not to rain on the Favre parade, but he would've never won a Super Bowl without the #1 defense in the NFL led by Reggie White. Brett just turned the ball over too much. I'll give him credit for being the most entertaining of the three. Fans were rejuvinated and his 'good ol' boy' personna was a blast of fresh air after the long winter of the '70s and '80s. But, Bart is the Starr!
  5. 2019 WR Corps

    We're showcasing Kumerow so we can trade him for a bubble ILB after the third week of PS games. You don't keep a 4th or 5th WR with a limited ceiling when you have this much young (unproven) talent on the roster. My gut feeling is that Lazard just passed him by with this last game. Special teams rules those last few WR spots.
  6. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Back to the OP..... 2- QB Rodgers, Boyle 4- RB Jones, Williams, Williams, Grant 1-FB Vitale 3- TE Graham, Tonyon, Sternberger 7- WR Adams, Allison, MVS, EQ, Davis, Moore. Shepherd 9- OL Bak, Taylor, Linsley, Turner, Bulaga, Light, Jenkins, Lucas, Madison 26-Offense (Davis ,always injured, and Moore are first cut possibilities) 6- DL Clark, Lowry, Lancaster, Adams, Brown, Keke 4- Edge/OLB Smith, Smith, Gary, Fackrell 4- ILB Martinez, Burks, Crawford, Summers 6- CB Alexander, King, Williams, Brown, Hollman, Jackson 4- S Amos, Savage, Greene, Jones 24- Defense P- Scott K- Ficken LS- Bradley I know the chances of cutting Crosby are thin, but I just couldn’t put him on the roster again. 7 WRs has a small chance, but the talent is better there than keeping TE Lewis just so he can block. Plus, I can change my mind later. Like tomorrow after the Texan game tonight!
  7. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    BINGO!! The Pack, under TT, was D&D all the way. TT had to keep those rookies on their initial deals because he was overly reluctant to use FA to fill holes. That might be changing. So the phrase 'you don't cut players on their rookie deal' was the SOP for a long time. Gute's willingness to jump into FA opens up the draft to more gambles on talent than TT would've been comfortable with. Let's see how that works out. Gary and Savage will be the litmus test.
  8. Packers Training Camp 2019

    I'm with you there. He had the tools and wasn't over drafted. He just never developed. With the new scheme I thought he'd do better because it seemed to fit his athletic tools. You can't impress new coaching when you're 'in the tub'. Too bad, had high hopes for him.
  9. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    He was waived/injured. How does that effect his availability to the rest of the league.
  10. Why I bet GB for the SB (Offense edition)

    I was trying to address the back up QB deal and made a bad example by referencing Rodgers. MM's offense hasn't been able to operate with a back up QB for years. MM seemed to refuse to modify his calls to accentuate the QBs skills. We've seen some of the worst QB play in years whenever Rodgers went down. It 'seemed' like they were trying to address it with the Kizer trade, but he just turned into 'Hundley part II'.
  11. Why I bet GB for the SB (Offense edition)

    That's when a back up QB became irrelevant. Nobody else could make it work. Last year we saw that ARod couldn't even make it work unless he was close to 100%.
  12. Why I bet GB for the SB (Offense edition)

    But they don't go there for Brady. They go to play for the best coach in the NFL. Brady is in a great situation. He does nothing special, just does his job, but under BB that's all he has to do. How many SBs do you think Tom Terrific would have won under McCarthy? Give you a clue....rhyme's with Nero. It took a QB with incredible play making ability to make MM's offense work.
  13. Packers Family Night Scrimmage GDT

    Kaep. If you're interested in competing until ARod heals.
  14. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    The last half of this thread is unbelievably stupid. This has been hashed, re-hashed and microwaved to death. If you need an ego boost and have to resort to the bad trade over a year ago?- then go back and post it in that thread. You guys are obsessing over crap that ain't gonna change, it's history. Kizer doesn't make the 53. New coach new direction. Boyle will be #2 and Wilkins is on the PS.
  15. Mike Daniels released

    WINNER! Sorry guys but all this lamentation over losing Daniels is misplaced. He played some fine football over the years, but he has crossed a couple of lines that made him extremely expendable. He's over 30, has suffered a foot injury (which is very tough to come back from when you're 300 lbs) and hasn't played up to his current contract. Remind you of other defensive stalwarts over the last couple of years? If you feel he still could've contributed , well that's a viable opinion. I seriously doubt Daniels at 8+M a year would be considered a good value. Our D Line still looks fine. If you want to point to Detroit signing him for more than he was scheduled to make in GB this year, well.......look at Detroit's recent history with signing vets 30+ years old.