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  1. Camp Battles

    Wow. I just believe that Spriggs might be alright in the long run and you lay a line of crap like that? So if we don't buy into your negativity about everything we are automatically in the rainbows and butterflies? You like to imply things that were never said: I never said Adams had a 'bad, wasted rookie year' did I? I also don't watch Packer games through green and gold glasses. Never said nor implied that the Packers don't have a flaw. Those are all YOUR words. I would like to believe you might be kidding at some point, but you haven't expressed anything identifiable as a sense of humor- so that can't be it.
  2. Camp Battles

    Well, in 12 of 16 regular season games in Adams rookie year he had 2 or less catches. He did have a big game in the playoffs vs Dallas. When an OL does his job there aren't stats to really show it. Spriggs 'entirety' career is two seasons. I'm sorry, I know my optimism offends you.
  3. Camp Battles

    His pro arc is very similar to D Adams first two years. Injuries and trying to play through injuries totally skewed his perceived progress. Hang tight. Spriggs' upside was enough to get TT to trade up for him, that in itself is earth shattering. If Spriggs is healthy he will be fine. He is very athletic for a OL.
  4. I miss Jordy too, but he was NOT the guy people are remembering. You all watched him the last half of the year. He was not even mediocre. Without Aaron throwing him open he was not very good. Here's another stat (I hate stats) that paints a picture of what Jordy was last year: Interesting note from PFF on a former Packers wide out: The worst catch rates in contested situations among all WRs with at least 14 opportunities in 2017: 1. Jordy Nelson (13.3%) 2. Amari Cooper (14.3%) 3. Seth Roberts (21.4%) — Mike Renner (@PFF_Mike) May 15, 2018 It was time for him to go.
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    That just means that Cheeseheads are more honest about imbibing. Drinking doesn't lessen as you cross the border going west- denial rises.
  6. Actually this is a apple/oranges comparison. The two WRs from 2017 were not that talented. They were classic TT draft picks. This year's 3rd day WR picks were all bigger and more explosive. Moore and ESB dropped because of character question marks. Those two are definitely more talented than last years picks. I'm not mentioning MVS because I'm just not that familiar with him. So, it is NOT a similar investment. Gute is rolling the dice on higher risk/more talented options. Throwing three picks at more talent increases the odds that one or two will turn out.
  7. Golf- you are right on with this. He didn't even get snaps at safety he was so bad his rookie year. They used him a little at CB. Then someone reads a book of stats and tells you you're wrong. Unbelievable. Collins was a big head scratcher when he was drafted, took a couple years for him to get it. I laugh when people call Jones an abomination and other such superlatives. He has better stats as a rookie than other guys we took in Packer history. I agree that keeping him at one position will accelerate his growth and we will hopefully see a big jump this year in his performance.
  8. Camp Battles

    IDK. If you look at all the UDFAs we signed along with the hub bub about CMIII maybe seeing more ILB reps? I think Ryan is far from a lock. It seems like we're looking at more run and chase ILBs. I'd also like the perspective that the draft picks over the last two years are all in competition with themselves. Spriggs, King, Biegel, M Adams, J Jones, Davis. They all need to step up or they might be collateral damage that the new regime will just flush as they rebuild the roster. Granted, King and a few others are probably safe, but they still need to step up. I do think Spriggs, Davis, Fackrell, Murphy and Davis are is serious contention for surprise cuts. Would like to know how invested Gute was on all our 2nd and 3rd year guys.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    Kind of like the idea of Raekwon Davis and Josh Allen in the first round next year. Just throwing it out there. Davis is just coming into his own and has produced in big games already. Allen might've been a first round pick this year if he didn't return to school. Then we launch into the offensive side of the ball for the rest of the draft. Really like Oliver and Bosa, but barring a trade we can't touch them.
  10. Random Packer News & Notes

    We would've stopped them on their two point.
  11. Random Packer News & Notes

    Have watched this a couple of times. It brings up interesting points on Vogel and Jordy. Vogel wasn't just our punter, he was our holder and in this game Crosby missed consecutive xtra point tries. You all might remember that it was an issue early on before Hundley distracted us with his level of QB play. JK Scott, I believe, is an experienced holder. On Jordy- He didn't even get on the field for the winning TD drive. Was it an injury? The next game ARod went down with injury and Jordy kind of disappeared for the rest of the year. One other question specific to this game. After Randall's interception return for a TD, why did MM go for two leading 28-24? If he just kicks the extra point we lead 29-24 and a FG wins it even if Dallas scores. There were still almost 10 minutes left in the game. That's always bugged me.
  12. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    Nice rant. Pull your undies out of your butt now. The only thing I compared them about was that it sometimes takes 3 years for a WR to show. I admitted Davis didn't have Adams talent, but I think you were more interested in complaining again. Davis was a 4th round pick and IF he is going to show anything worth keeping it'll be this year.
  13. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    True, but...there is an axiom that says, especially WRs, the third year is when they either step up or step out. I've seen Davis and Allison get a little better and now it's time emerge. The three 3rd day picks were for competition and that ploy will work, but I only see one or two of them making the 53 with the others on PS. Remember how many wanted D Adams gone after two years and then he busted through. Davis isn't quite that talented, but he does have some raw talent. Like Kevin Greene would say, "now is the time".
  14. Mike Pettine Defense

    That's true so far....He did exactly what his coach asked of him- gap control. If he's allowed to create havoc he will.
  15. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    Jordy just wasn't in the plan moving forward, just wasn't. He's such a part of the Raiders plan that after signing him they have traded for M Bryant and Switzer from Dallas. Maybe they finally watched some film from last year. Or Gruden has just been playing Madden for a few years. Davis is coming into his third year. He still has something that can't be taught- speed. I look for him to take a step up. I don't know that Yancey has shown anything yet and it is also Allison's third year. Looking for him to be more polished this year also. Clark excited the staff about what a big body type could do, so they went out and drafted three big bodies that really were WRs. Clark is gone. Adams, Cobb, Allison, Davis, Moore and St Brown with VS going to practice squad with Yancey.