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  1. Is Aaron then obligated to take Bronco FO to meet his family? Asking for a friend.
  2. He was inconsistent. His day inside at Minnesota was as bad as it gets. Shanks one for 24 yards and drills the other one 39 yards into the endzone. The board was tired of Scott's inconsistency, Bojo was only slightly better. Nothing more than minimum. Would be fine pulling in a new punter.
  3. Bojo is just JK Scott only harder to pronounce. Enjoyed the effort. Threw up a little when I read Colt McCoy. I don't think he's going to help anymore that Benkert will give us.
  4. So....using these numbers our offensive line up next year could be: WR- Adams TE-Deguara LT- Bak LG- Runyan C- Myers RG- Newman RT- Turner (4M for starting RT is cheap) WR-Lazard (him or MVS should be affordable) Slot- Rodgers RB- Jones AND Dillon QB- Rodgers Don't know or count on Jenkins next year, but that's an ace in our pocket too. Our defense would be minus the Smith boys, but we only had one this year anyway. Extend Amos and we are pretty solid on the back end. Gary and Clark are building blocks up front. Draft would have
  5. IDL- Devante Wyatt Georgia; Travis Jones UConn Edge- Cameron Thomas SDSU; Jermaine Johnson FSU WR- Greg (?) Bell Purdue; Alec Pierce Cincinati; Skyy Moore Western Michigan A short wish list so far for first three rounds.
  6. Rodgers should be forced to resign as Asst. GM, immediately after MLF fires ST coach.
  7. "It's not what he doesn't know that scares me; it's what he knows for sure that just ain't so" -Will Rogers
  8. Wonderful apologist post. Your Rodgers tattoo is skewing your perspective.
  9. He won't do that (I hope) because he is too sensitive and aware of what that would do to his LEGACY.
  10. But.....Rodgers isn't going to let GB gut young receiving talent from the team he is going to. We'd be lucky to see a couple high draft picks and Chubb.
  11. Though I believe Love will be a decent starter eventually, if he bombs or gets hurt? Give me CJ Stroud. I'd trade the whole draft for him ala Ditka.
  12. You're ignore list must be longer than mine!
  13. If all the chicken littles are done with the sky is falling...... There is plenty of talent to reload. Our OL is in good shape coming back next year with the same one-two punch out of the backfield. Might lose Adams, but might not. It's funny to watch people trash our WR corps all year and then cry that all our WRs are leaving! Ironic. If Adams stays we'll be fine, if he goes we probably will have money for a good WR moving forward. If Adams leaves, I want Tonyan back. The Great Diva raved about him all training camp, then ignored him on the field with Adams and Cobb back. You need
  14. You didn't watch this year! You don't know! I agree with your QB % of salary cap theory,but your evaluation of players is pure fiction.
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