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  1. No trade: 1. Christian Barmore DT 2. Aaron Robinson CB/slot 3. Quin Meinerz C 4a. Cameron McGrone LB 4b. Simi Fehoko WR The rest of the draft can stay the way it is.
  2. And our STs sucked. You could've been our best STs player last year. Nobody on our STs earned any rights heading into this year.
  3. Neutered? Bruss is okay, but Logan Brown is going to be a star at LT.
  4. I like incognito's, intriguing and entertaining. 'Ray's is more realistic, but I hate it because it still has m***er f***ing REDMOND on it. Sorry- it just want him gone.
  5. With the 32nd pick of the First round of the 2022 NFL draft the Green Bay Packers select OT Logan Brown of the Wisconsin Badgers.
  6. Please cite one post that declared this. I spent the summer of 2019 being told about how super stars like Jmon Moore, MVS and ESB were being held back from stardom because of our ****ty QB. That should be easy if it happened as much as you say. Unless you're exaggerating again. Extreme claims that nullify any point you're trying to make. You might have a point, but your outlandish statements cancel out any reasonable argument.
  7. WTF does this mean? We, the Packers, lost the NFCCG because we had multiple players have their worst game of the year (according to PFF scores). We could have easily come out on top. This would mean that we had a Super Bowl worthy team. In the off season with a reduced salary cap our GM was able to keep the majority of the team together. Multiple players agreed to salary manipulations to free up money, but not Aaron. He absolutely would not unless it involved a raise. He was apparently telling teammates, all the way back to September, that he wasn't going to be here next year. Th
  8. I still think there is a better than 50-50 chance Runyan is our RT. Turner fills in at LT (which he did ok with until NFCCG) until Bak is ready then Turner goes back to RG. Turner-Jenkins-Myers-Patrick-Runyan until Bak returns, then: Bak-Jenkins-Myers-Turner-Runyan. Runyan showed well in limited time as a rookie, he had a RAS around 8.7 and has a year in the NFL training room. The kid has bloodlines, a surprisingly good coach and the athletic ability to play RT.
  9. Put down the crack pipe and slowly back away.... Dorsey was shown the door in KC because he is unable to keep an office working together. He was shown the door in Cleveland for the same purpose, he walked into a boatload of picks put together by the previous GM and was asked to leave after two years? Is Gute a good GM? He hired a young coach and the team he manages has gone 26-6 over the last two years. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Draft classes are judged after three years (you can get immediate judgement if you pick who the media tells you too!) so that jury is st
  10. THIS! I would be worried under McCarthy, but not MLF. His system is for the QB to succeed. Rodgers will be severly humbled when Love gets more MVP votes than the new Bronco's QB.
  11. C'mon man. Does it have to be either extreme? Rodgers play in 2018 was nothing to write home about. That's what brought on the talk of successor. 2019 still saw him struggling with a new system. To deny that there is a decent amount of talent on this team is ludicrous. Aaron didn't carry this team alone. We have some damn good players and we won't be a 'bottom' 3 or 4 team in the league without him.
  12. Denver for: CB Surtain, TE Fant and two first round picks.
  13. IF Rodgers is as smart as he likes to think he is....he should understand the logic of getting a QB on the bench when he was starting to slide in his performance, especially at his age. He should understand that going to bat for a 4th or 5th WR doesn't really carry that much weight, wouldn't you rather have a developmental WR at that spot? Does he realize that every time he signed a new deal after his rookie contract he was the highest paid player in the league? He realistically believes the Packers should market-correct that every year? He has read his own press clippings to
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