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  1. Todd Bowles just wrote the blue print to beating the Pack. We should be able to counter that scheme with the return of swervin' Ervin. Too bad we abandoned a lot of the motion we use with Ervin, but the first quarter we did fine. Then it seemed like we quit trying and ARodg reverted to playing like last year.
  2. Diggs' team is in playoff contention and Jefferson's team is tanking for Trevor. Jefferson maybe good, but most of his yards are coming after they are down two or three touchdowns....YOU LIKE THAT? Cracks me up. We're bitching that we're 4-1 and the Vikings are 1-5.
  3. IIRC, Gute will wait until the season starts because then the contract is not guaranteed. Signing them before the start of the season and them making the roster guarantees the contract. True, this could be off-set with game by game bonuses, but patience by Gute will serve us well in the long run.
  4. Three MVPs in a row is impressive, but that doesn't negate the traitor/perve fact. Sorry, I know you love him, but I live in Minnesota and the crap he talked for two solid years up here.....just can't forget. He was one of the most exciting guys to watch because you never knew if he would throw a TD or an INT. His last pass for every team he played for was an INT. He could have retired a God, but he didn't, he retired wearing purple because he wanted to. He'll never be on my Packer Rushmore. Hutson is disqualified because he wasn't known nationally? I don't care. He was maybe the most dominant player at his position for the first 50 years of the NFL and it wasn't close.
  5. You can't really compare different eras of football to each other. You can compare the dominance of your team in its era. You all get a 'feel good' about Favre, but his teams weren't dominant. Favre never won a Super Bowl without the #1 defense in the league- an uncomfortable truth. Plus, the guy turned traitor late in his career. You don't build monuments to traitors (or dik-pik takers). I'd vote for Lambeau, Hutson, Lombardi and Starr.
  6. I would say you missed one of the very best players- LB John Anderson - A native of Waukesha, Wisconsin, Anderson played 12 seasons in the National Football League as a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers from 1978 to 1989. He was selected as the Packers' most valuable defensive player three consecutive years.
  7. https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2019/08/20/packers-camp-notes-equanimeous-st-brown-produces-really-nice-camp/ Don't judge him on one preseason game. He was having an unspectacular, but solid camp.
  8. Sorry, I meant to type 'appeared' not appears. Past tense, still stick with: the shine really came off......
  9. Agree. It is not a consensus. Lamar can really spin the ball and has a better arm. Mayfield appears to be more of a leader, but the shine really came off of him last year. While Lamar seems to be improving.
  10. Octopi Haiku: Grace and Subtleness Darwinian Ancestry connection unfound
  11. NO WRs in the first round of a supplemental draft. Only 1st round worthy IMO is OT Leatherwood. Otherwise don't give up a 1st rounder. If you pass in the first then target LB Moses in the 2nd. If you pass in the first two rounds then think about OT A Jackson in the third (coming off injury) Please only use ONE pick in the first three rounds. 4th-7th? go ahead, shoot the moon.
  12. This^^. He was incredibly underpaid for last year. Sign him up for 3-4 years, reward him for last year with a front loaded contract that gives us the ability to release him in two years. This is a contract we need to get done because of the Covid scenario. Little to no training camp, will be extra tough for rookies to contribute. His familiarity with the new offense is crucial for the offense to hit the ground running (pun intended). I personally believe we are NOT going to see a huge increase in running plays....the difference is that we are NOT going to abandon the run like we did over the last years of the previous regime (I don't care who was calling the plays- we abandoned the run). So: sign him, that way we achieve continuity on an offense that (complain all you want) went 13-3 last year. The offense will have ONE new starter at RT. Let's GO!
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