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  1. I'm sticking with the Samuel Jackson version. It works.
  2. They will. Adams will then hold out. Soo....franchise him and include him in the trade WITH Rodgers. Set the NFL on its ear. It'll be Denver for 2 #1s, a #2 and a #3 plus Chubb and Jeudy. We meet Denver in the Superb Owl, Chubb breaks Aaron's collarbone and the highest paid CB in the league shuts down Adams. Jeudy catches two TDs, Packers roll. Gute trolls!
  3. I saw an interview with Shannahan were he admitted they heard a rumor of how unhappy Rodgers was. Doing their due diligence, he gave his friend, MLF, a call and LaFluer said Rodgers was NOT available for trade. The Vikings' play by play announcer got a hold of that and declared that SF made an offer. They are so proud that they (vikings' peons) caused so much turmoil for GB. It's disgusting. Most of viking fandom would rather watch the Packers lose than the vikings win.
  4. You guys know that Paul Allen is the lead cheerleader and announcer for the vikings right? The guy is a horserace announcer who really knows little about football. (just listen to his show sometime) Shannahan called MLF to 'ask' if Rodgers was on the block, MLF said no way. Paul Allen reported, using the term loosely, that SF made an offer. It was all BS.
  5. He has had input. All of his points were when he voiced his opinion, but they went the otherway anyhow. Kumerow seems to stick in his craw because he had just expressed his OPINION on how much he liked a #5 or #6 WR but they went with a younger WR to hopefully develop over a journeyman. People see problems with the structure? It's not perfect but it has resulted in a regular season record of 26-6 over the last two years. I don't know that you can throw much shade at it right now. Our Diva's input is kind of like praying.....sometimes the answer is NO.
  6. Analysis paralysis! You're comparing apples and oranges. Lazard was also one of the BEST blocking WRs in the NFL. Cobb is a totally different position/receiver than Lazard. Far from pretty interchangable. Falls under 'damn lies and statistics'.
  7. Sounds more like you'd toss Cobb's salad!!
  8. Sorry I didn't mean to single her out. It seems to be happening more often across the sports world though. When you see someone struggle with it every.single.day. you get a little sensitive to it. It was the most humbling experience of my life, something I had no idea how to deal with. Nothing I could really effect to help, to be relegated to witness only. It might be an unfair assumption, but I agree that everyone's mental health is different. Mental exhaustion is not the same as mental illness, but they both have a connection with mental health. That would be my perspective.
  9. Thanks, I needed a good chuckle today. Ladders and sawsalls.
  10. Have a son who deals with the real stress/anxiety issue daily. I agree with you that people are now using it as an excuse when really they are taking the path of least resistance. Mental health is real, path of least resistance is a choice.
  11. Packers FO got what they wanted. They even let Rodgers save a little face. I am Gute!
  12. Hire a neighborhood kid. Spend your money on your boat. You'll help the economy AND spend more time doing what you love.
  13. Michael and Scottie WON 5 Championships! Aaron and Tae have one 0 championships together. To think they are anywhere near the 'Last Dance' is comical. I'm sure his future mother-in-law is all in. We should ask Stephen A. Smith?!?! I'll admit it, feeling a little salty this morning. Came back from the lake to find broken AC and a house at 88 degrees. Life...what a **** bowl.
  14. If you can stop defending the 'poor' QB of the Packers for a minute..... Tampa Bay going all in- BS, they had the unnatural luck of playing two teams that had catastrophic injuries to their OLs. They are NOT a franchise to be admired for anything but being incredibly fortunate (some would say lucky). They resigned a lot of their players because they had the cap space to do it. We didn't have much cap space, but Gute pretty much kept the crew together except for the Center position. You want to look at it from the players point of view? Make them watch the SF NFCCG from two years
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