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  1. MID - Combine MOCK

    But Alexander was Minnesota's 3rd Corner back guarding the other team's third receiver or Worse. King was a starter number two cornerback. I just saw too much of Alexander not making plays. I don't like any of Vikings on the team.
  2. Kyler Fackrell

    Thank you, it didn't succeed.
  3. Kyler Fackrell

    Gall bladder, umbilical hernia followed up with ERCP for good measure.
  4. Kyler Fackrell

    Sorry, painkillers after surgery.....can't even spell suttle..
  5. Kyler Fackrell

  6. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    This is soooo stupid I can't believe you hit 'submit' after you typed it.
  7. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    He is part of the Morning Show on their flagship radio station. He also travels with the team and has a specialty show that's on late Sunday night after the games.
  8. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Yes, he is that big of a head case. They have gone to Great extremes to keep it covered up. There's a guy who travels with the team and has a weekend show for them. He claims that he cannot believe the things Diggs has done on the team plane. That if it was up to him. He would have cut him. Anyway. Diggs is all the trash people think obj is.
  9. Packers Regression

    Hate to wade into this, but maybe it's because it was the whole offense's first year in a new scheme. Agree that he missed some wide open guys, but to blame him for the Debacle II in Frisco is a little stretched. When the other team runs you into the ground and you (not you personally) want to blame our QB? Seems like there is plenty of reasons we didn't compete. I'm thinking that Rodgers is doing a lot of self scouting and will come into next year with more command of the offense. We tend to compare him to himself when he was the very best QB in the league, fair or unfair that is a bar that nobody in the league can live up to right now.
  10. TCMD 2020 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    Not even saying I disagree with the trade. The risks involved, the value....I get it. I was just pointing out that counting on draft picks to replace proven NFL production is a risky business. It was a bold trade, I like it. It just tough to keep pouring resources into the defense when it is obvious that we need playmakers on offense.
  11. TCMD 2020 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    You land one of those three and all they have to do is learn blitz pick up AND Rodger's audibles AND it cost you a second round pick with so many other holes we need to fill. I just don't see any of those rookies replicating the production Jones provided, hell- I don't know if Jones could do it again.
  12. Superb Owl Discussion Thread

    IIRC, Jimmy G missed a wide open Emmanuel Sanders for a TD. Terrible call or terrible execution? I thought it was a great call, a game winning call if your $130M QB can make the play.
  13. Superb Owl Discussion Thread

    BB offered one big sloppy kiss from either Tommy or Giselle.
  14. TCMD 2020 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    +1 If you are trying to win the SB with Rodgers you are shooting yourself in the foot trading away Jones right now. You elevate the need for a RB into the top three rounds. It took Jones three years to get to this point, very few late round rookies are going to walk in and make any kind of impact. Whether you pay him or not, Jones was an impact player this year.
  15. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    I'm all for a late round flyer on Tanner Muse. He's 6'2" 225 right now playing safety. Ten pounds and he's our nickel backer.