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  1. Packers Board Preseason Practice Meetup!?!?

    That picket fence is sharply pointed!
  2. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Jeezus man, stop it. These 'uncomfortable truths' are getting in the way of the hate train...... Fack will make the team, but will see his value mostly on special teams.
  3. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Careful! Fack's a designated whipping boy here! He does provide flexibility that Pettine seems to value though. See if he can realize his potential under someone who will use his strengths. Agree that a preseason performance like last years could spell the end though.
  4. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    Sorry, but HZ is not alone. If Rodgers would take the dump off sometimes and just take the first down, our defense wouldn't have to be on the field so much. Since our offense is so much better than our defense it only makes sense to control the ball more. So, how about dump offs in the first half and go for the throat in the second half?
  5. Thoughts on the Offseason

    The bolded is the dumbest, cherry picked stat I've seen in a long time. You're a better poster than that. Seriously. You really think a declining WR can baseball slide his way to 19 TDs?
  6. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Bart was 200th overall, which would put him 7 picks before ESB this year. (6th round)
  7. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    What's with the 'lack' of athleticism? He played college basketball for four years and was such a good athlete he walked on and played football. Lack of football IQ- I get that, but he's a very good athlete. Whether he can come back from the achilles tear is the question.
  8. ...everybody funny, now you funny too.........
  9. Jimmy Graham and Tight End Alignment

    C'mon man. Jordy was NOT going to give you that this year. He didn't come close last year. You're living in the past if you think Jordy was going to duplicate his numbers from 2-3 years ago. Adams might come pretty close to those numbers. BTW- Sterling Sharpe is available, his last year with #4 was 94- 1110 yds and 18 TDs.
  10. Random Packer News & Notes

    But only if he is 100%. This collarbone was his throwing arm and his premature comeback vs Carolina wasn't successful. I think @Scoremore is right. The team will sign him as soon as they're assured he is 100%.
  11. Jimmy Graham and Tight End Alignment

    I get it that some can understand the reasons behind letting Jordy go and some thought he was worth keeping, albeit at a reduce Cap number. But if you read some of the lower points of this thread (which is Graham and the TE alignment) The most aggressive posts keep touting Jordy's 2016 season.....well if we were getting 2016 version of Jordy I think we all would agree that we keep him, BUT that was two years ago! Watching him last season, no matter who the QB was, he looked slower and he did baseball slide a LOT more. Even in his first 5 games. Both sides have exhausted their arguments and are only repeating themselves. It's not 2016 and will we keep 4 TEs now so MM can run his 12 personnel?
  12. Jimmy Graham and Tight End Alignment

    This is why the Packers are moving on without him. No more YAC. It's like when a RB stops going up the middle and wants to 'bounce' everything outside- it's a sign that they are done.
  13. Except that he is hurt all the time. He hasn't given any reason to think he can hold up at RB. It's too bad he bulked up so much, but with the lack of experience at WR I don't think MM can ignore thinking about Monty filling in there.
  14. I think it comes down to health and development. For a D&D organization we haven't had enough development recently. From our 2015-2017 drafts these are left: Quinten Rollins DB Miami (OH) Ty Montgomery WR Stanford Jake Ryan LB Michigan Brett Hundley QB UCLA Aaron Ripkowski FB Oklahoma Out of the five picks remaining I don't see one of them that isn't in danger of being cut if the don't UP their game. Ryan, Monty and Rip are just a little safer than the other two, but Monty has to stay healthy or what's the use in keeping him around? Is there a chance he would move back to WR? 2016 Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana Kyler Fackrell, OLB, Utah State Blake Martinez, ILB, Stanford Dean Lowry, DE, Northwestern Trevor Davis, WR, California Kyle Murphy, OT, Stanford Clark seems to be on the verge of something special. Martinez is the best ILB on the team. The rest need to step up in the crucial third year arc. Spriggs, Fack, Davis and Murphy are facing dire consequences if they don't step up NOW. If they do? Then our depth questions are answered and the roster looks better. Davis (WR6) and Fack (ER5) won't be starters, but they could play important roles on STs 2017 CB Kevin King, Washington S Josh Jones, NC State DT Montravius Adams, Auburn OLB Vince Biegel, Wisconsin RB Jamaal Williams, BYU WR DeAngelo Yancey, Purdue RB Aaron Jones, UTEP OL Kofi Amichia, USF Adams and Biegel are key for the pass rush. One or both need to contribute now. Yancey needs to surprise, but I think he's gone. Amichia was horrible last year, but his SPARQ numbers were awesome. Can he compete at IOL? These are all TTs picks and don't have his roster protection going for them anymore. If even half of these 20 guys take a step up things look better. Sometimes it seems like we expect other teams picks to always improve while we spend our time deciding that our picks suck. Sorry, but I think Campen, Philbin and Pettine will have a positive effect with what they have to work with and along with a little luck??
  15. Camp Battles

    Wow. I just believe that Spriggs might be alright in the long run and you lay a line of crap like that? So if we don't buy into your negativity about everything we are automatically in the rainbows and butterflies? You like to imply things that were never said: I never said Adams had a 'bad, wasted rookie year' did I? I also don't watch Packer games through green and gold glasses. Never said nor implied that the Packers don't have a flaw. Those are all YOUR words. I would like to believe you might be kidding at some point, but you haven't expressed anything identifiable as a sense of humor- so that can't be it.