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  1. I'm thinking this would be true except....the 'All in' attitude this year. That and the fact that you have a DC in waiting on the staff already in Gray. If we keep seeing Barry imitate Pettine in the softness of coverages? I think a change could be made.
  2. Yes, the R-E-L-A-X year. Our offense WILL come around. They are NOT 99% of the story. The Packers story this year is Barry and the defense. If the other team scores everytime they have the ball... we are in deep shmit. Folks are already dreading the SanFran game, why? Because our defense looks like it did two years ago. Listless and soft.
  3. Rodgers and the offense are not the story this week. It's if we can stop Jamal Williams and the Lions run game. We can't score if we don't have the ball. The Saints game was demoralizing because we had to sit and watch long, time consuming drives. Confidence was eroding as the Saints took their time matriculating the ball down the field. We lose if Williams gets 100 yards. Lions aren't good, but they are better than people give them credit for.
  4. At that time will you reveal how we really WON that game? They just counted up the points wrong.
  5. I'm impressed with how 'High' the horses are in the Hindsight gang! Keep it going guys, you sound like the whine line after a viking game. We sucked this game, it happens. Cascade, nothing went right and when we needed a play we self-sabotaged. When the other team runs the ball well AND sticks with the run game it even makes middling QBs look good. It was almost (and I mean almost) enjoyable to watch Mr. Perfect look like his old self when he knows better than whoever is calling plays and holds the ball, doesn't throw on time and it turns into a schitt show. His two INTs were
  6. FWIW- Myers. He's the one that's gotta come through. Otherwise we're looking at a constant juggling of the OL. The other picks are window dressing, hoping they work out and maybe more interesting stories, but....Josh Myers.
  7. I am Norm! https://thebaffler.com/salvos/the-long-con https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0bhucn0u?share_id=eyJ1c2VyaWQiOjE2MDI1OTQxMywiZG9jX2lkIjoiMGJodWNuMHUiLCJ0aW1lc3RhbXAiOjE2MzA2MDI5OTA2MzN9&s=a3&pd=0AqQnFq1&hl=en_US&lp=control
  8. You're a troll. Go ahead and listen to your Facebook pharmacists and take your horse de-wormer. Just because you've listened to politicos decry EVERYTHING doesn't mean scientists aren't working for the betterment of society. Unlike your favorite pod cast hosts. For the record I am married to an RN who has to take care of all the anti-vaxxers who clog up our hospital beds through their own selfish decisions. I have a daughter who is a scientist and has been working with COVID for over two years- you know like charting, testing and tracking all that SCIENCE kind of stuff? Corpo
  9. The first bolded part is not true. The second bolded is true, but shouldn't be. There is more information and SCIENTIFIC data almost everyday. To decide and bury your head in the sand is sad. We should all be learning every day. Science is our friend. Facebook is not science.
  10. No Uphoff? QB Kurt Benkert G Ben Braden G/T Jacob Capra G/T Cole Van Lanen TE Bronson Kaufusi WR Equanimeous St. Brown WR Juwann Winfree WR Chris Blair RB Patrick Taylor DL Abdullah Anderson DL Willington Previlon LB Tipa Galeai LB Ray Wilborn CB Kabion Ento S Innis Gaines K JJ Molson
  11. The last thing I heard on their flagship station was 'meniscus' and he'd be back in a few weeks. That they were looking for TEs anyway because they are so thin there. https://www.vikings.com/news/irv-smith-injury-surgery-anthony-barr-2021-season
  12. I didn't intend to be the defender of JK Scott, but I don't think that just changing punters clears up the problems we were having with special teams. And I found this snippet: According to PFF, the 45.5 yards per punt that Scott averaged in 2020 ranked 22nd while his 4.57 second average hang time ranked first. But...we still didn't cover very well. If you can't cover the highest average hang time....changing punters isn't the cure. Yes, JK was inconsistent. Most young punters are. I wish him the best.
  13. But I don't remember him actually losing a game for us. Those rankings for punters are separated by tenths of yards. IIRC His average last year was 0.1 less than Hekker.
  14. JK Scott was inconsistent?
  15. I think our defense has all the ingredients. Playmakers at each level (maybe not ILB). A lot of guys in their prime. All they need to do is learn how to tackle! Lots of kamikaze attempts this pre season that ended up total whiffs. Stick your nose in there and wrap up!
  16. NO, not Z. He'll be on the wrong side of 30 with a tricky back. He will never earn the money he's asking for. Hard Pass.
  17. You pull ONE stat out and think that makes your argument? Apples and oranges. Targets in a succesful offense compared to targets in the hot mess of Houston's offense. You're funny!
  18. They are not wrong yet. Insane? It's the thing now. Reasonable folks don't get likes!
  19. Two highpoints, 1972 Central Champs with Brockington and Mac Lane and the 1983 Monday night game versus the Redskins. The early 80s with Dickey/Lofton/Jefferson/Coffman were entertaining. Jefferson wasn't the same after he left San Diego. But going to the games was an absolute riot. The fans then are the same ones sitting on their hands now.
  20. NO.....no.....no. Can we get back to American football? Make a f**king thread for Soccer if you want. It's boring.
  21. FWIW- football isn't the only head injury worry. Three kids, all played hockey and all three got concussions in baseball and softball along with hockey. They all recovered quite well. What I learned was that we used to call it 'getting your bell wrung', coach would give you smelling salts and send you out on the field. Why were we able to recover 'back in the day' and there is so much lasting effect today? Did we not track it as well? Or.....is it the incredible increase in refined sugar in the diet these days? I know, people will poo-poo that argument, but after heading down that
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