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  1. I meant for the year we blitzed 39.6% not just a single game.
  2. This is the stat of the game for me- Pittsburgh blitzed on just two of 54 dropbacks (3.7%), the second-lowest rate by a Pitt defense since at least 2016 if we can generate that kind of pressure without blitzing it will help our secondary so much. I’m guessing half the reason our dbs looked good was us not having to blitz. For comparison sake, we blitzed 39.6% of the time last year.
  3. Desmond Trufant released by the Bears, looked like crap last year but was pretty decent in 2019. We need depth at CB, is he worth kicking the tires?
  4. Excited to see Haskins play and see if he’s matured and developed. If he somehow realizes some of his potential and can develop into a solid replacement for Ben this team steps forward so much. I can’t imagine a long term contract costing much and if Bens money comes off we’ll have so much cap to play with and reload for several runs. Probably wishful thinking but as a Buckeyes fan I’m hopeful he succeeds.
  5. I think the problem is we haven’t used him correctly, like a lot of things in Fichners offense. Use him correctly and the complaints disappear.
  6. Nice to have a little space sitting around for injury’s or if an unexpected cut happens from another team. I’m still nervous about our OL and CBS and if a better veteran becomes available and they think it improves the team I’d be all for it.
  7. I care less about analyzing than I do having an extra set of eyes watching the game and making adjustments. So sick of running same gameplan and sticking to it all game, and no halftime adjustments. Hopefully Canada can adjust on the fly so when we’re going nowhere we just don’t keep doing the same things.
  8. Quite honestly he could have said the Steelers were a pile of crap and I wouldn’t think any less of him. This is a man who served his country overseas, received a Bronze Star for saving the lives of his wounded soldiers, and then walked onto a team in the NFL and made himself into a pretty decent player. Sometimes we forget football is just a game. He has my respect. Also, just like most things in the media nowadays they don’t report the news, they create sensational stories- his interview wasn’t near as bad as what popped up on Twitter.
  9. How scared are we of Farleys back injury. Dude might be best db in the draft but comes with some risk.
  10. Epilepsy didn’t bother Faneca on the way to a HOF career, it’s something that can be managed. Just don’t stop taking your meds and you are good.
  11. I could see it happening: Bush- coming off injury Spillane- average to decent, had injury problems VW- slow, can’t cover, last year for him? Everyone else- more of a hybrid option and below average You have one injury to the top 3 guys or Bush still has lingering issues and you’re screwed. I really don’t think it’s a first round option, but if Parsons or JOK are there and could see it happen and I’d be happy with it. I don’t have a lot of confidence in our offense, we may need to depend on the D to be elite. Overall I think it’s a 3-7 option but if you love a guy an
  12. Connor signing with the Cardinals for only $1.25 million says how much we soured on him. For a 1 year contract like that I can’t believe we wouldn’t keep him for another year and see if he bounces back, especially if we can upgrade the OL. We’re paying Samuels $984k and the talent isn’t even close to Connor. Really wonder about our team management sometimes. Connor was never great, but Samuels has never done anything except for 1 game.
  13. I think Fields is worth what you suggested, and would be perfect for both the player and the team. He could sit behind Ben for a year, and if your OL is bad like ours having a guy that is mobile and a threat to run helps keep the DL honest. He’s got a few warts but the year learning will help correct his warts. Of course, Ben will probably stiff him and want to stay until he is in a wheelchair. Edit- I don’t think he slips anywhere close to what we would need him to and see him in a 49ers jersey next year but it’s nice to dream
  14. Bell is completely washed up. Might as well put a backup OL back there, neither one can run. Being sarcastic (a little) but I have absolutely no belief that Bell has anything left.
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