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  1. Hunter Henry

    I think you guys are dreaming if you think Dobbins lasts until 49. I don’t see him lasting past San Diego at 37, Gordon isn’t the future there. RB isn’t going as high as in the past but he’s super talented and a threat to score every time he touches the ball. If he is there and we don’t take him I would be extremely upset, with him and Connor rotating and Samuel as our 3rd down back we would be set for a while. It’s not our biggest need by far but would give us a real threat on every play.
  2. Congrats Troy

    Congrats to Troy on being a first ballot HOF! It was an honor watching him from draft day to retirement and if he wouldn’t have gotten in this year it would have been an outrage. Truly one of my favorite Steelers as much for his demeanor and who he was as the player he was, he was always total class.
  3. Offseason Work to do

    What makes me nervous about signing Bud isn’t signing him, it’s the dollar amount I expect us to sign him for. I only hope he can justify the price we’ll pay and not go back to his past play. Having the support around him should help but he’s not the guy you’re going to build your D around. With the other guys coming up I want to make sure we have enough money to sign them (like TJ and Minkah) because you CAN build around them.
  4. IF?

    I have a feeling CJ Anderson has gained 30 lbs or something, not a team sniffed him all year after Detroit cut him. Detroit also lost their RB during the season and didn’t even bring him back. At this stage I just stay where we’re at and see how it rolls, I don’t think there’s anybody sitting at home that is going to come in and help us now.
  5. The last 30 seconds has been a huge break, bad penalty and bad punt
  6. That pass needs to be rifled, not lofted. Not sure Duck has the arm for that though
  7. Pretty sure that was Barrons man that he just dropped
  8. Why did Barron stop on the coverage there?? He’s been horrible
  9. Did the cameras just catch Tomlin saying MF after that 15 yd run? I think I can read lips lol
  10. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    Of all the dumb play calls this year that may take the cake
  11. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    No he wouldn’t. He would have caught it, danced around, and got his famous 2 td return
  12. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    I’m guessing mentally he was still in the college frame of mind that the play was over when the defender went to the ground, much like Burress (?) spiked the ball when the play was still live many years ago because he went to the ground.
  13. The Duck Hodges thread

    I honestly haven’t given up on Mason. I do think he needs another year or so to learn, and that the concussion has really brought him down as a QB. His decision making has drastically changed, he seems lost in the pocket and doesn’t deserve to be on the field, but his preparation is top notch according to everyone.
  14. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    How do you miss that face mask??
  15. Kaepernick

    I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. He’s almost at AB level with some of his actions lately, including moving the workout 60 miles away an hour before it was supposed to start with some team reps already in the building. Says he wants the media to cover it so it’s “transparent“. NFL gave him a chance it’s never given any other player and the guy doesn’t even appreciate the opportunity and still thinks the NFL is screwing him. If I was a team at the practice center and he moved it I’d just go to the airport and go home