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  1. Ben needs to quit forcing the ball in. Should have been dpi though
  2. Can’t imagine a better first quarter against a good team. Controlled the clock, gave up 1 yard total offense guys are pumped up today
  3. Seems every time we develop a great mlb something bad happens. Hope he can return better than ever next year.
  4. Horribly stupid play there by Washington going out of bounds. Those mental dumps always piss me off when fans know what to do and players dont
  5. OMG! Is that a holding call?? Haven’t seen one of those all year I thought they got rid of that rule lol
  6. Lol, right! Let’s hope we can finally find that killer instinct and just put them away but history shows we’ll find some way to keep them in it
  7. Ben seems a little off today except for that first pass
  8. Up for the run D also- yes they gave up a long TD run but take that 1 play away and they only gave up 9yds on 11 runs for the RBs. And Wentz was contained too.
  9. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This team has no killer instinct to put teams away
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