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  1. I look at it like you’re playing poker. You have a pair of 3’s and can get 5-1 odds by calling. 99% of the time your going to lose, but sometimes the flop comes up 3-3-ace. If you don’t take the shot you have no chance. We have absolutely no risk in this signing. If he wakes up and decides he wants to become a pro, you probably have a pretty good backup that’s young, not contract intensive, and gives you a chance to win if the starter is hurt. Can he grow into a starter, maybe. He’s got arm strength, if he can develop awareness and game management who knows.
  2. I’m hoping the shock of being cut woke him up. Sometimes when you think you’re at the top of the world the only thing to bring reality back is getting the rug yanked out from underneath you. Hopefully he understands this MAY be his only chance to get back where he wants to be, grows up, and works hard to get it back.
  3. Not me, I want to see us in the same cap situation since we have Watson and JJ Watts contracts still on the books lol. In reality I think he’s got to be on at least a warm seat, yes he’s been forced to deal with the cap but he’s had some extremely talented rosters and he has often disappointed. During his tenure we also had a bunch of higher picks that haven’t lived up to their expectations. That may fall more on the coaching underneath him, but when you’re the boss you need to push for the right talent in position coaching. I don’t think it’s time to move on from him but he should be feeling
  4. There’s absolutely no difference between down 12 or 13. Get down 11 and you only need one TD
  5. Yep- when your coach doesn’t want to go down fighting how do you expect your team to.
  6. Absolutely ball-less decision there. You had all the momentum and you kick it away. Even if you stop them 3 and out they burn time and it slows the game down. Horrible decisions
  7. Down 13, isn’t the right play to go for 2? If you go down 11 then you’re a td/2 pt conversation and a FG away. Down 12 you need 2 TD. Sometimes I shake my head at our “experienced” coach’s stupid decisions.
  8. Pull Ben for the rest of the half to send a message. Whole team looks like they don’t give a damn
  9. Collinsworth says Pouncey never does that he’s such a putz happens every third game with some type of bad snap
  10. No Dobbs or McFarland probably going to be same old offense. Let’s hope they mix it up like they did with Mason.
  11. I’d do it in a heartbeat. QB is so essential in today’s game to go from one Franchise guy to another can save so much work and time. If it cost us a couple of guys and picks, over the long haul it’s a lot easier to find other positions than a franchise QB. We’ve been spoiled by hitting on Ben and forget what it’s like to find a real guy. How long has Cleveland been looking? Anyone remember the time between Bradshaw and Ben? Unfortunately it’s never going to happen, but having a potential 10-12 years with another franchise guy is a lot better than having a good team and a crap QB.
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