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  1. The Jon Gruden Thread: 10yr/100mil

    Didn't sound good for Marshawn
  2. Sean Smith Arrested on felony battery charge.

    I would think the team knew about the possibility of this already. Would think they wait till things are more concrete before an actual cut. Don't want to end up in a Lucky Whitehead situation.
  3. Raiders Training Camp MegaThread 2017

    Nice hahahaha
  4. Raiders Training Camp MegaThread 2017

    Wonder why Mack is being held out.
  5. Yeah I am no stranger to them myself. Tough injury to deal with but I'm sure he'll be good to go soon. Ready to see him in action!
  6. Amari Cooper expectations

    I agree 100%. Cooper is obviously in a level of his own. He's amazing. Love seeing someone else be high on what Patterson brings to the team. This could be a very fun season for us. With a QB like Carr he has the ability to be a slot weapon that is very rare in the NFL.
  7. The Raider Offense Prediction Thread

    He's still there. Hasn't developed ideally due to injuries (missed camp last year due to a leg injury from an ATV accident) and whatnot but if he's gonna make a case for staying with the team this is the season to do it.
  8. Amari Cooper expectations

    We are lucky to have them both. Crabs is awesome for a #2 receiver, but yes Cooper definitely makes his life easier. Will be interested to see what kind of year Crabtree has with the upgrades as well. I think the addition of Patterson will be huge for the offense as well and is one most people are sleeping on.
  9. Already on the PUP too.
  10. Donald Penn Holding Out

    Would hate to see them give him a new contract. He's played well for us but he is old and when the decline starts it is going to happen rapidly IMO. I hope they can just throw him some extra bonus money but if for some reason if they have to go about giving him a new contract I'd give him no more than one additional year. And yes, drafting a tackle in the first next year would be perfect. Was hoping for one this year but the value just wasn't there.
  11. First raider forum post

    I like the new look!