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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Robinson_(American_football) What about this guy? We can say Vrabel had no idea about coaching rub off on him during his time with the Patriots, which is in its own right a little far fetched, but how about Robinson. He has been great for them. Turned that franchise around. I live here and have watched it. He absolutely came through the patriot way. I see the sentiment you anti patriot folks are coming through with and share the concerns, but let’s not make it bleaker than we need to. Self care y’all.
  2. Yeah it’s going to be tough making up for Philon’s absence considering how he was playing.
  3. Agreed, I’m a fan of the pickup. We know he can at least clog the run.
  4. Same. He was an absolute terror on Sunday and has had great flashes all year.
  5. Yeah we did. He cleared waivers also so he can play Saturday.
  6. Lol looks like it’s done them a ton of good with that division hahahahahaha. Glad your boy Lamar had a great year 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Where is your Stafford one little child?
  8. Exactly what I said. Thank you for proving my point bb.
  9. Everyone already has and I’m not wasting my time. You’re purposefully obtuse. Try to open your mind more and actually listen and maybe people will care what you have to say. What happened to you becoming a Rams fan? Thought we were going to luck out on that one.
  10. Don’t even bother man. If you quit engaging maybe he goes away.
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