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  1. Despite saving our offense last year by shifting away from a vertical passing attack to a more ball control offense, Freddy inexplicably came into this season with the same offensive philosophy that got Hue/Haley fired and didn’t make adjustments until about week 10. Not only the team has had discipline issues all season but Freedy’s in game coaching has been bad ie..... challenges, clock management, play calling etc... He needs to go
  2. Freddie ain’t Ready

  3. Week 13 GDT: Browns-Steelers II. and the Depodesta Code

    This coaching staff is 💩
  4. Week 13 GDT: Browns-Steelers II. and the Depodesta Code

    Have we had one successful shovel pass play this season?
  5. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Has anyone watched Netane Muti? PFF has him ranked as their #1 interior O line player. I’ve looked at a lot of mocks/big boards and don’t remember coming across this name
  6. https://youtu.be/aFkPNC25CKc Baker is starting to show flashes of 2018 Baker.
  7. TNF: Steelers at Browns

  8. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    The Browns online was bad tonight Baker was running for his life most of the game Steelers defense definitely fell victim to the offensive struggles, gave up a couple big plays but that defense is legit Don’t who been saying positive things about Rudolph that boy is straight up trash Steelers should sign Kaepernick ASAP Browns D played well but considering how awful Rudolph is not that impressive and as far as Myles goes he sure Rudolph a helluva beating tonight
  9. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Myles is probably deserve a season ending suspension. Glad Rudolph is ok. Hopefully he learned a valuable lesson tonight 🤷‍♂️
  10. I’m not a Freddie supporter at all but this incident can’t be put on him this is all on Myles and Rudolph
  11. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    I didn’t see and it doesn’t excuse Myles actions but I don’t like how Rudolph is being betrayed as some poor innocent victim
  12. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    What Myles was terrible but I don’t remember Steelers fans being upset when Harrison tried to end Colt’s career
  13. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    How long is Vernon out?
  14. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    Rudolph is bad
  15. Prioritize Positions We Need to Address this Off-Season

    I’d prefer to sign a RT like Conklin or Bulaga and as far as Adams I’d have to no, the Jets apparently want a Mack type deal and no Safety is worth that price especially one that doesn’t take the ball away.