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  1. I wouldn’t be against replacing Jarvis with a burner, my bigger point was that a passing game that heavily relies on taking shots of PA probably shouldn’t have two limited athletes at WR. My ideal WR core OBJ Jarvis OR Higgins Deep threat
  2. He isn’t nearly as good after the catch and doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of attention from a defense that Jarvis does. I think hodge is a cheaper version of Higgins TBH Sure but when the Browns line up in3 WR sets and two of those guys are Landry and Higgins, their lack of speed limits what a defense has to worry about
  3. This may be a hot take but I wouldn’t bring back Higgins, I know he and Baker have good chemistry but this WR core has to get faster and I don’t like the idea of relying solely on OBJ to take the top off a defense. Browns desperately need a burner at WR
  4. If NO decides to trade Lattimore, I’d give a 3rd for him. He complements Ward well because he can guard bigger more physical WRs and he later been relatively healthy so far. Had an elite rookie campaign, but his PFF grade has dropped every season. I think partially because he’s left on an island to often.
  5. I’ve seen a number of people who cover the Browns state that the Browns FO/Coaching staff don’t really value LB. Most likely going to be a DB or edge in RD1. Guys I like personally are Asante Samuels jr, Trevon Moehrig, and Jaelan Phillips
  6. If the saints go on a fire sale than my top target would Cameron Jordan, (doubt they would trade Lattimore) his game compliments Garrett’s extremely well
  7. I think the biggest priority this off-season for Berry Will be overhauling the D-line. Larry O needs to be replaced with a true NT that can hold up at the POA against double teams. Also expect them to add a veteran pass rusher like JJ Watt or Von Miller and also draft a high upside guy early.
  8. Hopefully the Browns at a least one big splash FA signing, I really like Leonard Williams
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