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  1. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Can Wills Jr play LT or is he strictly a RT, if it’s the latter I’d rather trade up for Thomas because LT will probably be the harder position to fill
  2. If the Browns sign Scherff in FA I doubt they would take a guard in rd2, a Tackle like Isaiah Wilson at 41 would be great
  3. Stefanski’s staff

    What has Saleh accomplished besides having a great defense for 1season? There are people in SF that believe Kris Kocurek is more responsible for their success than Saleh. Bieniemy doesn’t even call plays , so he hasn’t accomplished much so far Pettine is great D coordinator but it that doesn’t necessarily translate to being a good HC Marvin Lewis is the definition of mediocre
  4. After watching Epenesa have his way with Jackson doubt if he still goes in rd1 and speaking of Epenesa he’d be my ideal pick at 10 in this scenario
  5. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I rather see Porter start at guard next to Garland with Sexton being the 6th man
  6. Freddie ain’t Ready

    Freddie’s play designs are terrible
  7. Freddie ain’t Ready

  8. Freddie ain’t Ready

    The problem is Freddie doesn’t get it he needs to go
  9. GDT: Browns @ House of Cards

    Getting blown out by a 3 win team this coaching staff is 💩
  10. GDT: Browns @ House of Cards

    Odell was wide open
  11. GDT: Browns @ House of Cards

    I hate this shotgun offense
  12. GDT: Browns @ House of Cards

    I was the fat boy would quit trying to be cute
  13. GDT: Browns @ House of Cards

    Freddie is far worst than hue and that isn’t hyperbole
  14. GDT: Browns @ House of Cards

    Fire Freddie
  15. Fix the Browns

    Step 1: Fire the entire offensive coaching staff including Freddie Step 2: Hire EXPERIENCED play caller with offensive philosophy that fits our personnel Step 3: fix o line Step 4: find a box safety that can make plays against the run and cover TEs