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  1. Hopefully he matures because he’s definitely got big time talent. I know OBJ and Jarvis aren’t absolute perfect role models but one thing you can’t question is their work ethic. Hopefully DPJ picks up on that
  2. I think a lot of teams may have been turned off by his personality. I get the impression that he believes that his college career being underwhelming all the fault of his college coaching staff and QB. I could be wrong but he seems to lack some personal accountability.
  3. Isaiah Coulter is my sleeper pick at WR, hope we get him in rd5
  4. I want Muti in rd4, our O line would be insane similar to the cowboys a couple years ago
  5. So basically we traded our 3rd and 7th for a later 3rd this year and a 3 next year. That’s tremendous value
  6. I disagree with the bolded. The expectations for for our DTs was to be a B+ or A- group I don’t think that’s how it played out. Richardson was good but he probably is gone after this season, Ogunjobi was disappointing and so was the guy who looked awesome in the preseason and ended being cut can’t think of his name right now. Long term a disruptive 3tech is as much of a need as the other slots listed. The only question I have about resource allocation is can we pay him big money and still pay the guys already on the roster that will be looking for an extension
  7. I’ve heard rumors that Chris Jones could be available, if the Browns feel like they could sign him long term and still be able pay guys like Baker, Myles etc... that’s what I would do with 41
  8. If we somehow get Winfield jr at 41 tomorrow I would consider this draft a success regardless of what happens the rest of the way
  9. If he falls to 10 hopefully NE or someone else is willing to trade the farm to come for him
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