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  1. Garrett Billings/Wilson Togiai Clowney That would be a tuff front to run against 😤
  2. It will be interesting to see how things play out with the DT spots. I think there’s a legitimate chance that the two rookies we bought in both end up as starters at some point next season. A healthy and motivated Marvin Wilson should be able to at least push Billing for the starting spot at NT I don’t think the Browns signed Jackson to be a starter, makes more sense to use him as a rotational rusher and if Woods wants to play smaller faster players at the second level it makes a lot of sense to have some who’s stout at the POA like Togiai start at 3 tech
  3. Agree ethos except I strongly prefer McNeil to Onwuzurike
  4. Your correct that nothing has been confirmed but considering the nature of said accusation, it seems credible Considering the the seriousness of the the allegation, this is irrelevant. I’m not someone who believes the team has to be made up entirely of high character guys but I think the organization has to has some sort of standard for when it comes to who they bring in
  5. https://twitter.com/pff_mike/status/1384896093062901761?s=21 Those are some serious allegations, I mean that last one is literally rape. Parsons could fall ALOT farther than people anticipate, some teams including the Browns might have him off their draft board completely
  6. Nah Koby shouldn’t be let off hook for how poorly handled tat situation was. Its well known that Porter jr was a knucklehead before the draft, it’s the only reason he wasn’t a lottery pick. When it’s comes to players with character concerns you either have a some sort of plan or structure in place to deal with them or you remove them from your draft board.
  7. The Browns signed Anthony Walker to be their starting mike next season. Barmore, an edge or CB will most likely be the pick at 26
  8. I make this trade without hesitation. A late 1st, 5th, replacement level LB, and backup OG for an elite CB
  9. I hope that’s not the plan, if they don’t sign a capable vet, they have to draft one early who they believe could start sooner than later. No way you can go into the season confident that Greedy will stay healthy
  10. Based on FA I think that the Brown first pick whether they stay at 26 or trade back is going to be a CB assuming that Surtain, Farley, and Horn are off the board how would you rank the rest of the class.
  11. JOK would play a safety hybrid role for the Browns, so I doubt they would take one in round 2. Id probably grab a WR with some speed like Wallace or Brown
  12. Don’t like either version for the Browns. Rather take a DB or edge at 26
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