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  1. Can’t remember seeing a QB worst than Boyle and as a Browns fan that’s saying something
  2. Defense First and foremost Joe Woods need to go. No excuse for this defense to be this poor. Garrett and Johnson’s comments are extremely telling about how the players feel about him and his game plans. As far as secondary, Ronnie Harrison shouldn’t be brought back and JJ needs to be in the box more, he’s not a single high deep safety. If Delpit can’t FS than Browns have to draft one. The CB room is fine IMO. JOK have proven he fully capable of playing in the box and I would love for the Browns to go find a dynamic MIKE but doesn’t seem likely. Other Walker possibly replaced wit
  3. Offense There are serious issues with the passing game and I think it has way more than to do with the players than it does with play calling. Baker seems to be regressing to the indecisive happy feet QB we saw under Freddy. It certainly doesn’t help that our WR core is mediocre. Unfortunately we going to head into next season still unsure if Baker is the guy. Baker seems to be taking a similar career path to Dak, who struggled in year 4 until they added Cooper. Didn’t work with OBJ but Baker needs a true #1 to be fairly evaluated IMO
  4. Garland saved us after Sexton tried to play hero ball at the end.
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