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  1. Offseason Discussion

    My thoughts are that there is nothing to talk about on the radio with sports not really going on so they have to come up with stories. At least the lead on Mike and Mike at 6 AM isn’t a documentary series right now, but it’s definitely slim pickens. I don’t know how many straight days you can talk about a Michael Jordan documentary for four hours. A lot, I guess is the answer.
  2. Hypothetical #1 Overall Pick 2021

    I think there is a real chance that we don’t have football this season. I hate to say it. When Trevor Lawrence plays in the NFL it’s possible that his last experience would have been what we saw in the playoffs, which was pretty spotty and nowhere near NFL ready. The tools are there, sure. There isn’t much patience in the NFL though anymore. At least for coaches and general managers. For those making decisions, unless ownership is pressing the issue, you need to be winning within a year or two. Based on self interest I don’t think it makes sense to start over when you can be competitive with what you have. If we do have football this season though, obviously I think a lot of the decisions are based on what kind of progression we have out of our quarterback in a big year 3.
  3. Hypothetical #1 Overall Pick 2021

    Trade down. I have no more reason to think that Trevor Lawrence is a franchise quarterback then Baker Mayfield. We have seen Mayfield have success. Lawrence has the traits obviously, but is not a finished product. There will definitely be a bidding war for him though, so I would definitely trade back.
  4. Offseason Discussion

    Mayfield playing himself into conversation for a contract extension after this season would be a good problem to have.
  5. Columbus people have lost their minds.
  6. Offseason Discussion

    So you demand a trade from the Jets and then think you will only accept a trade from seven different destinations out of 31? Gimme a break.
  7. 2027/28 home and home scheduled with ‘Bama. I’ll believe Bama comes north of the Mason Dixie when I see it. 😆 Them and UGA currently both on the docket for now though.
  8. Offseason Discussion

    Those are probably all good teammates, who don't feel the need to slander someone publicly even when it's the truth. It never accomplishes anything and just makes both sides look bad.
  9. I like Gundy and his mullet. These kids need to drop the entitlement and belief that you can't have different beliefs then them. Free speech be welcome on both ends.
  10. Relationship Advice Thread

    ^^^ just walk away bro, it ain’t worth it. All these games for some hookup? Move on.
  11. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Based on the reactions from most sports, it’s clear that almost all of these guys do not actually do it for the love of the game at this point. They are far past that point. If they aren’t getting the bag they think they deserve, they sulk, throw a fit, and present themselves as victims to the other 99% of society.
  12. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    @kyrieirving then quit basketball because dudes aren’t making real money in that job and hit the coal mine or something where you will be less oppressed, like the other 99% of society. Make some real money. Forget these dudes man. They’re just entertainers. Most of them aren’t good for much else.
  13. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Players are entitled and ownership is greedy. Nobody cares about the nations unemployment, to include the grounds crew or concession workers for these MLB teams, where they could use baseball being played. Both sides are using the other as a scapegoat and they have equal fault. In this case I would argue the players might be more at fault, considering there are legitimate arguments that ownership will lose money if baseball is played without much capacity seating. Players aren’t going to lose any money. As far as I’m concerned, if players want to sit out and not want to play with big concessions, bring up the minor leaguers to fill the void. I’m ready to have baseball on in the background. Forget these dudes.
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Not a bad suggestion. I definitely need a rotation to keep things fresh. Especially with no sports going on right now, I don’t have that outlet. Yeah, he usually comes in with the “Drop this discussion now or you will all receive a warning” bit. He must hate you bro.
  15. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    There are a number of reasons I am totally against canceling Paw Patrol; none of which I’m listing violate forum rules. 1. My 3 and 4 YOA boys leave me alone when it’s on. Sometimes I need space. 2. I bought tickets to the live show for one of my boys for his birthday. He would have fun and also I hate wasting money. 3. I told my kids I would dress up like Mayor Humdinger for Halloween. Other things they talk about these days include dinosaurs and the coronavirus. We’ve already been down the dinosaur train, I’m not dressing up like a virus. I’m not even going to say anything about our fragile society. Those reasons are good enough. Also, who unplugged webby on June 1? Next time I get warned that a warning is coming for stepping out of line, I am just going to quote his emoji post back at him to test the waters.