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  1. I wouldn’t forsake the defense in the draft by any means and that is where a lot of our needs clearly are. But I am hoping we can fill some of those voids in free agency and would consider getting some young offensive play makers in the fold. Particularly at receiver and a future starting potential offensive lineman. I see some veterans out there that will not be on this roster much longer. Also, we need to really see year five what Baker can do with decent WRs, as we continue to see somewhat of a mash group. OBJ is also out the door and Jarvis’ future is somewhat an unknown.
  2. Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers are obvious upgrades where basically every team in the league would and should be interested. So you would be foolish not to want those guys. Probably not realistic though. Outside of that, I don’t see anyone that I would be willing to go hard after to replace a guy who has had more success here than anyone else in a long time. He has shown enough that giving up on him when he is playing with an injury would be pretty rash. Especially when there is no urgency and you can see what he can do when healthy, with year five control. I don’t get the fascinat
  3. Keenum is not a multi week viable solution. I am more interested in seeing what Mullens can give us if this is going to linger past week 7. If he was advised against going, I am struggling to see him suit up against Pittsburgh. I know he will want to. No bye week until week 13 is ludicrous. As much as it is going to hurt to watch, I do think the smartest move is to rest him until he can play unaffected or without long-term risk. Whenever that is. It’s going to be painful though, seeing Keenum “lead” the offense without our top two running backs and with offensive li
  4. I just think he has been dealt a really tough hand as far as offensive personnel the last couple weeks. Broncos will be a test given what we have.
  5. He creates these “look at me with my outrageous take) threads every year smh.
  6. I do hope he gets things worked out. We have seen that we can be effective with him at quarterback. And he is the best we have had since I can remember. So you still want to make it work but we also need to cautiously approach things knowing that there are still areas very much in question and needing improved. Part of that is finding a competent pass blocking unit. Another part is that while we should never forsake our ground game, strength of the team, we need to see what we can do airing the ball out a bit more and trying to see if he can establish some sort of rhythm and improvement. Let h
  7. Yeah, it has been something he has struggled with much of his NFL career. There were a few obvious examples on Sunday, and everyone has their moments, but it’s certainly become a long-term trend without a nexus to his health.
  8. I will wait until Mason Dixon weighs in on this to know the long-term ramifications of this move.
  9. I can really see a stunner, and the Badgers taking down the Top 25 Boilermakers.
  10. All I can say is we know which team draws the clicks and stirs up the conversation. Not one in-game comment last week in the thread GOTW. Let’s give the people what they want.
  11. Jarvis got hurt .. Beckham got healthy .. we started to suck throwing the ball as Baker also got hurt. Tbh I don’t know how to weigh these three factors.
  12. We are going to have to find some creative ways to score points on Thursday.
  13. 1. He’s an Akron guy 2. He likes multiple teams 3. People thinks he’s soft He’s … …wait for it … wait for it …
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