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  1. Njoku Hit

    5th year option decision coming up this off-season. When Njoku is back healthy, he has an important stretch ahead of him.
  2. Week 4 Game Day Thread

    I am hearing that Zach Charbonnet is going to miss some time for Michigan. That would not be good news, I think they already have their hands full this week.
  3. OL Situation

    *evil kermit meme: entire OL injured; Corbett still a healthy scratch*
  4. We're Fine!

    Can confirm. Lots of optimism within the building.
  5. {Poll} Should We Trade for Jalen Ramsey?

    I’m not scared of him being a head case here. The reason I voted no is that it just means we are giving out the assets to improve in areas that strengthens our weak areas far more prominently. I would imagine the price will be two first round picks or a first and a second depending on what the trade competition is. I don’t think we can afford to do that given that our quarterback position is actually pretty solid where it is. Our OL is not, and we have other positions that are really in question.
  6. Take a deep breath

    Unlike most years, we can say with reasonable certainty that the AFCN is down. Bengals and Steelers are neither one good. No clue what Baltimore is. They’ve played Miami and Arizona. We just need to focus on getting better and I think things will turn out alright.
  7. I don’t know what day it is in New Zealand but here in ‘merica, it’s Tuesday, my fridge is stocked with cold drinks, and there’s no week 3 GDT. @Kiwibrown
  8. I think if that is the 20th or 25th pick of the draft, that’s tremendous and immediate value for the Steelers. Unfortunately for them, I think their trajectory this season is headed towards the top 10. Perhaps Rudolph is the long term answer. Or, perhaps where they will pick, there isn’t a franchise QB option they will like anyhow. However, with the unknowns and a 38 year old QB recovering from injury, this seems risky to me. Not saying it can’t or won’t pay off, but there is a definite downside.
  9. Week 4 Game Day Thread

    GOTW across the country is Notre Dame v. UGA. UM/Wisky is big too, but I don’t think it will ultimately have the same playoff implications. Auburn v. A&M is pretty meh to me. I am really not impressed with Texas A&M, and I don’t really view Auburn as a team that will compete too much for an SEC title as the season goes either. I do think the Irish/UGA and UM/Wisky games would maintain steady interest in threads though.
  10. If we are without Njoku and Higgins this week, that certainly won't help us. We can use all the playmakers we can get against the Rams. I'm also interested to see how Kareem Hunt eventually changes this offense with what he can do underneath.
  11. I'm very happy with a win tonight so I don't want my opinion to be confused. Looking ahead towards next week, I have some real concerns about what I think we could see. We've really not had the best game-plan on offense, and I think I expected more of an adjustment from last week to this week. Baker isn't being put in a consistent position to be successful with the passing play-calling. He has never really done great against inside pressure, and the Rams have that in bunches, led by Donald. Baker has seemed confused or uncomfortable in the pocket more than I expected so far. To have a chance of winning or avoiding serious injury to Mayfield next week, the recipe needs to be 3-step drops, rollouts, and screen passes to go with the ground game.
  12. All in all, it's good to get a win. I think we have our hands full though. I'm not as thrilled as I'd like to be with our offense as a whole. Have to love what the defense did today though. Granted, not the best offense. Next week will be a real test.
  13. Around the league discussion

    Steelers traded a 1st for Minkah. On the one hand I don't like dealing with him in black and gold. On the other, that could be a top 10 pick this year, which could be the future QB for Pittsburgh if Rudolph doesn't pan out.
  14. I never doubted you Seibert.
  15. What the heck is wrong with you Myles.