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  1. This isn’t true. An extremely high number of the suspects currently committing violent crimes are out on a low bonds. A number of them have had very reduced sentences also. When there are no consequences for one’s actions, there are criminals out on the street and also no fear of committing crime. There are more layers to it but it’s a real issue. Over the past year, there have been a number of policy related issues within the City of Columbus as well as judicial decisions that have made things much easier on the criminal and much more difficult on the crime-fighter. It’s a sad reality f
  2. The further from the big city bureaucrats and prosecutors that don’t prosecute the better. My family and I have loved moving to a smaller town in the country, but to each his and her own. Homicide numbers in Columbus are nearly double what the previous record was, at this time of the year. Same for most violent crimes as a whole. It’s not getting better under this current city leadership that makes things easier on the criminals, trust me. I hate to see it.
  3. I think you need to tread carefully here particularly in light of the fact that she and another guy are bringing a baby into the world. Jmo. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but there are a lot of layers to a situation like that.
  4. I call BS unless you have the stones to snitchtag #1 and 2 here ... ...
  5. Really interesting seeing Jameson Williams head to Alabama. He was the #3 receiver last year for OSU and was out there maybe half the time. He is a burner and had a couple long touchdowns, including late against Clemson. He has the speed you are kind of used to seeing from some of those Alabama receivers. With that said, he was a back up this spring and saw the writing on the wall with young guys possibly passing him. He was looking at being the #5–6 WR option outside of Ruckert at TE, after catching 9 balls as the #3. So, he left because of opportunity, which might honestly have been a good m
  6. Great pick just on its face, but you have to like how an addition like this assists in matching up with Baltimore twice a year also. We have not had the athleticism to stop plays that we knew were coming. That needs to change. On paper at least, our defense looks exponentially better after this off-season.
  7. The difference between Jaycee Horn and Greg Newsome should not have been the difference of pick 8 to pick 26. I also like the way he compliments Ward on the other side. If he can stay healthy and be reliable, he is really going to make a difference on this defense.
  8. I sold a house in Hilliard last year, and yes, the market is hot in the Columbus area. We bought 45 minutes from the city on a fixer upper with some land but it probably would have run $100k more in a Columbus suburb. To be frank, the further from Columbus the better these days, crime and bureaucracy are out of control, and I am happy to have my kids in a nice, smaller school district with the first in Kindergarten next year. I also hate traffic. I had looked to redo the deck but I’ll be holding off until something happens with the lumber cost. I did put the stimulus money towards buildi
  9. Ideally, it’s an impact defender. Realistically, I don’t really care as long as it’s a good player. A great offensive player is a better pick than a defensive guy that doesn’t move the needle. If the board falls that the best player is on defense though, I’d be happy with a dude on all 3 levels of the defense.
  10. He’s good enough any school will hold a spot for him and wait on him. He didn’t early enroll, so being on campus somewhere is a non-issue as far as decision timeline. He will play a factor wherever he shows up in the fall. Whether it’s Alabama, Ohio State, or Oregon. It does sound like he is going to make visits in June though and make a decision sometime after that. If you are as good as he is, there really isn’t any incentive here and making a decision before you make those visits.
  11. Stroud will start from all indications. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Kyle McCord jump ahead of Jack Miller and see Miller transfer at some point. All three of these kids can play. I think if you see a transfer, it will be a situation where these guys are all successful here or somewhere else. Assuming he plays well, I am going to say that Stroud starts this year and next year and jumps for the NFL after that. Then you have a Kyle McCord/Quinn Ewers battle from there. If CJ Stroud is not good enough to leave after three years, he will not have been good enough to hold off Kyle McCord or Quinn E
  12. These high school kids that are getting division I offers are the big-name kids in the area and have always been the best growing up. So they assume they could come right in at a school like Alabama and start as a freshman. Doesn’t matter if they are ranked as the 639th best player in the class. They don’t see the big picture. “For the next 3-4 years, I will be taking my talents to...” -#47 ranked dual threat QB
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