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  1. If I ever get banned, I want it to be because I was super classless after the Browns won a Super Bowl and basically make every Fanbase in the NFL hate me. That will be quite the day. I will miss you guys.
  2. I did have someone in mind for the first (not you lol) but not the second. The in-fighting is necessary. Too much love feminizes the board. I want some edgy awards, darn it.
  3. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    Good but not elite player. Knows how to get open but not a guy that is going to consistently beat man coverage with his athleticism. Overpaid, which I don't care about because we have the money. He's not going to carry an offense though. What you'd hope for from him is reliability. I was actually disappointed with that this year, because I expected him to drop less passes. I'm happy to have him around but more as a long-term zone beater and second option and less as a true #1.
  4. Myles Garrett and Denzel ward make the pro bowl

    Quite fortunate addition there for Jarvis. Like the dude but PB should be for elite players. Good for him though.
  5. Is there an "I don't know him" award? Like, when you're around a group of people and you know someone but don't really want to be affiliated with them because of their conduct? So when you make a mistake and venture into NFL Gen, etc. and another Browns fan is making a fool of himself and making the rest of you look bad? I guess that can just be the Biggest Homer award. Also, can there be a "Most Overrated Poster" award too? Like, the guy everyone likes but you think he is not that good? Or would that cause too much dissension? I mostly think this applies to the NFL Draft forum with the wannabe film experts. Our forum is full of winners, so scrap that idea. @MWil23 shamelessly going after the gif award today.
  6. Tathan Martell transferring to Miami

    He’s not a championship QB. Just in his own mind maybe. Gimme Fields on the big stage over Tathan all day. He may actually do ok at Miami. Aside from Clemson there aren’t any great teams to compete against.
  7. 2019 Draft Prospects

    @buckeyesNut0623 Going to tag him in every Buckeye related prospect post henceforth, good or bad. Will be fun to see him either double down in agreeance or swoop in to defend the homeland.
  8. I had to venture in there out of curiosity. Go ahead and kamikaze the NFL Gen as you feel called. Maybe a little more subtly though so you can make the reactions last longer.
  9. Whoever smelt it dealt it. I nominate the Kiwi as tribute.
  10. Is it September 2019 yet???

    I’m ready to watch games but with as much as I’m expecting us to add talent via FA/trade and draft, things should be entertaining again by March.
  11. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Good info. Also, use this thread for Adam Gase memes/gifs. Not off-topic, irrelevant nonsense....
  12. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Stroke or Bird Box there? Good thing no sharp objects lying around.
  13. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I wouldn't be so sure. With his raw abilities, I'd hope, like you, he'd maximize it and play a role. If he doesn't take a step forward though, he could just as easily get lost in the weeds. This regime isn't messing around. If we add 1-2 roster caliber guys at his spot this off-season, he will have to ascend just to claim a roster spot. These guys are going out there to win. They aren't going to allow a guy to occupy a roster spot in year 2 if he doesn't have something to contribute towards the goal at hand. I do hope you're right and that he lives up to his abilities though. I'm just personally skeptical, because so far he has not struck me as someone who has the killer instinct to go 100% after football goals.
  14. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I’m not overly concerned with any 1st-2nd round guys at TE. 3rd and beyond, sure. I think we could use a little more balance at the position to fill out the group, but it’s hardly a spot I’d target near the top. It would have to be someone uniquely special.