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  1. The next year or two is big as far as extending contracts, building our roster, and a big quarterback decision obviously ahead. We have some good players that we have to make some decisions about it, and Nick Chubb only has a year left on his deal. We also have some holes that we clearly need to fill out there. We are 7-3. This isn’t a 7-3 team that’s a real contender. We have over achieved. I can see us winning 10-11 games and having really high expectations for 2021. If we don’t improve this roster, we are not going to win as many games next year. We are fortunate to be where we are.
  2. Thursday games just aren’t necessary as far as squeezing games in, so it seems like a no brainer that they should at least push that game until Sunday. It’s hard enough to play with that kind of turnaround without the Covid factor.
  3. If they win the division though that doesn’t help us. Then we are duking it out with the Titans. May not matter but a loss by them would have been better.
  4. Time to just cut Njoku tbh.
  5. They let me down today when we needed em.
  6. Well Green Bay likely just fumbled the game away.
  7. This is disappointing to read. 6 wins? I always rely on you as my source for credible information. I am sure you will do better next time though. Aim high Mike.
  8. A tie in the Baltimore/Tennessee game would actually be the best thing.
  9. He was just playing spin the bottle with the fans out there. #cheesecakeandnetflix
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