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  1. Supposedly the players in the Big Ten have a pretty good case regardless of whether they hired an agent, based on Kevin Warren emphatically stating that the fall season was canceled and the topic would not be readdressed. Basically Kevin Warren’s ****ty handling of everything might end up benefiting the players in this area.
  2. Ohio State fans tried to warn Miami fans not to get excited about that transfer. He is a quitter and had to be talked out of quitting at Ohio State multiple times before he ended up eventually leaving. Maybe he heads back home to Vegas area and tries to finish out at a small school? Truthfully I’m not sure he’s good enough to get meaningful reps at any division 1 program.
  3. You hate to see Dobbins leave but the offense should be even better than last season. The defense is where you lost a few guys. Going to be a hard team to stop. In a really exciting offense to watch, it stinks it’s a shortened season because this team has the chance to be so fun to watch. At least we get a season.
  4. I can individualize everything but the thing I was happiest about was seeing Kevin Stefanski and the offense work so in tandem. Tremendous balance and playcalling, the running backs were used exactly as they should be, and our quarterback was used appropriately also. Nick Chubb is so fun to watch. I remember a time when he was averaging three carries a game and going for a hundo under Hueball. Dude just puts his nose down and produces. He’s been my favorite player since he arrived.
  5. Is there a draft in the past decade where trading down would not have been your first choice? 😆 I love the “after tonight” stipulation.
  6. I wish we were just table this thread until week eight. Two weeks into the season, the one thing we do know is that he is going to have good weeks and bad weeks. And good and bad lumped into a single performance too. One week you were going to see one side of the coin saying I told you so he sucks. The next week you were going to see the other side of the coin saying I told you so he’s a franchise quarterback. Maybe if we get to the halfway point in the season and he is acclimated with what our coaching staff is doing, we will see more consistency and progression in mechanics and reads? That’s the hope at least. The bad isn’t just going to go away overnight, it’s going to pop up again. Let’s just see how things look down the stretch.
  7. This is no fun. I don’t like the in between hedging. Browns fans are supposed to over react, when Baker played well last night I expected it to be that he is the best quarterback in the league again to equal out last week where he was the worst in the league. Forums are only fun when it’s hot 🔥.
  8. Really nice balanced attack tonight. I know it’s Cinci so it’s hard to get excited but good gameplan and execution.
  9. Baker looks good tonight. I like the way they are using him also.
  10. Big Ben is like the Prince Fielder/John Daly type though. He’s a guy that you just look at and understand that he is going to be fine fat and sloppy or whatever reason.
  11. It’s a new week boys. Who’s with me. Browns 34-Bengals 20
  12. Shaun ‘Lebron’ Wade making an announcement on ESPN at 5 on whether he’s staying or going. Imaging he stays, as it would make no sense to declare again when he’s already declared once.
  13. Iowa was on the original slate with the full season, so I imagine they will be one of them. Guessing beyond that but gonna say it’s another school they were scheduled to play this season from the jump. Originally Ohio State was going to kick off on a Friday night I believe. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case now also and they play on the 23rd.
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