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  1. Bama has signed like 47 dudes this cycle and are probably going to get the Tennessee LB transfer also. Imagine they win a couple more titles the next four years at least.
  2. Trevor Bauer’s 2021 salary is $4M higher then the projected Indians 2021 payroll. MLB is just a dumb product at this point. I don’t mind an unequal balance of power at the collegiate level but if you are ‘professional’ don’t be semi-pro basically against a select group of actual professionals with endless pockets. I get the reasons for no salary cap but MLB has made it pretty uninteresting and disheartening for 75% of North America.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/fanbuzz.com/college-football/sec/alabama/nick-saban-recruiting-video/amp/
  4. 🤯Diamonds in the rough for sure due to COVID. Tom Brady type of finds in the 6th. I love the way you think, and I would have never thought of this independently.
  5. If they can manage to come up with an extension for him, the Browns trading for Lattimore is a no-brainer. He’s a solid CB1. We need corners. Don’t let some other team outbid you this time if he’s actually being shopped, unless you think he’s one and done here.
  6. Andrew Sendejo straight up for LAR 1st round pick 2030. Take it or leave it Rams. We don’t like him, and you don’t like 1st round draft picks. I’ll play the long game on this one.
  7. Jeez I suck today. Jeez I suck today.
  8. I forgot he just signed an extension.I forgot he just signed an extension. I just knew he was entering year five.
  9. We are not in a position to trade for Watson. Especially considering we had a good year from a 3rd year quarterback. He’s good enough to win, and for now he is on a rookie deal. Watson pretty much needs that long-term deal right away where are you are playing him at the end of his contract, as it stands. And he is going to break the market. I’m not changing course and also giving up a bunch of assets to put this team in a bind. Not even worth a phone call. Build on this playoff season, which we haven’t had in 18 years, by getting some help on defense and another weapon or two, keep your draft
  10. For the record I work 3rd shift so I propose, for my convenience, the games be aired live at my house at seven in the morning after I am done with work.
  11. If he does sign here, he’d be the 5th top 10 ranked guy in the class via the Top 247 Rankings. Something never done before.
  12. From what I read he’s waiting until at least April. He’s not enrolling early or anything so since he’s going to get visits back and he has a guaranteed spot anywhere in America I can’t blame him for waiting. Still like OSU there because they’ve led all the way even without a visit, and he’s visited elsewhere including Tuscaloosa. But Bama is of course always a threat.
  13. I wish I could live even just one day in your shoes Mike.
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