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  1. I’ve done what you’ve mentioned and had misked results on small areas. I’ll defer to mwil with his response there.
  2. Not always necessary but certainly helps, I would recommend some Scotts Turf builder Starter for New Grass. If you have a spreader on hand. It’s a specific product from Scott’s. New grass is hit or miss, and giving it a good feed and obviously watering it will help it’s chances.
  3. Just to jump in, I edged my landscaping this past week with some black edging staked into the ground. Last year’s mulch is currently in place, but new mulch is getting brought in on Monday. Eventually I am going to put a line of pavers inside the edging on top of quick dry concrete. Basically like a one row retaining wall. We planted mostly perennials last year after moving into the place so we don’t have much to plant this spring. Some of my effort is just going to go into keeping up with the grass. I have a couple acres, so it takes an hour and a half each week to get things cut, weed
  4. I was on Team Darnold all the way. I’m not sure of the trajectory from here but certainly there was a ton to like from 2020 and Buddy Boy made the right move at #1. I’m really, really interested to see how the next season or two goes with him, his future contract, and our roster makeup which could result. Success at QB is obviously a good problem to have.
  5. If nothing else, based on his 2019 film as a slot, positional versatility, and a projection as a solid free safety. If we are boxing him in as strictly an outside corner, yikes. Day 2 guy though I’d think.
  6. The dline should be a strength and I’d think the pass rush will be improved. The back seven is the definite question mark.
  7. Prob the one guy they’ll overpay market value for when it’s contract time.
  8. I just finished a 10 foot farmhouse table and a 9 foot bench for the table with a matched design. Fun job, pretty happy with it, but lots of steps so I’m also glad it’s done.
  9. Tonya Harding. Just forcing away the competition.
  10. They need to just trade Shane Bieber now since they aren’t going to re-sign him three years from now anyways and they will get pennies on the dollar when they trade him in his contract year. Save us all any further attachment.
  11. I’m 32 YOA and have 3 boys, 5 and under. Wouldn’t trade them for anything. Most of the time. My one year-old basically goes from smiling at me and being silly to screaming and banging on my bathroom door when I try to do my business. The almost 4-year old is super ornery but is the most passionate and competitive kid I know to a fault. He’s tough to parent. He really doesn’t listen to me 75% of the time. The oldest is the sweetest and most tender hearted kid I could imagine. He has his own set of challenges though. Each of ours honestly just have different types of challenges
  12. I’m @NudeTayne’s burner account. I’d never leave you. Even if I could ... . . .
  13. Pay the dude. He’s everything that’s good about our team.
  14. As @MWil23said I recently finished an acre of farm fencing and a double swing gate. The gate took a lot of time because I tried to be a perfectionist, and the 8x8 supports were probably overkill, but I also liked the character of having a gate with high character supports. The 4x4s were all spaced 6 feet apart so I used 12 foot deck boards. It was tricky to level everything when I didn’t have other hands but I found a system that worked. I buried the 4x4s typically about 3 feet deep and poured concrete. Honestly, the biggest blessing is with a year and a half old chocolate lab and three small
  15. Yankees fan LeBron James, who selectively roots for the Cleveland team is now part owner of the Red Sox. @malibuspeedrace
  16. Bama has signed like 47 dudes this cycle and are probably going to get the Tennessee LB transfer also. Imagine they win a couple more titles the next four years at least.
  17. Trevor Bauer’s 2021 salary is $4M higher then the projected Indians 2021 payroll. MLB is just a dumb product at this point. I don’t mind an unequal balance of power at the collegiate level but if you are ‘professional’ don’t be semi-pro basically against a select group of actual professionals with endless pockets. I get the reasons for no salary cap but MLB has made it pretty uninteresting and disheartening for 75% of North America.
  18. https://www.google.com/amp/s/fanbuzz.com/college-football/sec/alabama/nick-saban-recruiting-video/amp/
  19. 🤯Diamonds in the rough for sure due to COVID. Tom Brady type of finds in the 6th. I love the way you think, and I would have never thought of this independently.
  20. If they can manage to come up with an extension for him, the Browns trading for Lattimore is a no-brainer. He’s a solid CB1. We need corners. Don’t let some other team outbid you this time if he’s actually being shopped, unless you think he’s one and done here.
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