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  1. I already laid out my position that they are neither great nor bad but somewhere in the middle. Bad defense, back and forth QB play, etc. We are beating and playing well against bad teams. With that said, in past years, we play those bad teams and find ways to lose. Or in many cases simply get outplayed and look like the a clearly worse team than the bad one. Definite progress. If they make the playoffs I don't expect them to do much damage. It's hard to go from a really bad team to a really good team overnight. 2020 has been good progress for them. Ways to go, but the best they've been in quite sometime, despite a litany of injuries.
  2. ^^^ the angle this topic is going could snowball into a topic of awful draft trades involving just the Browns.
  3. He's a great player but not a guy I'm mortgaging my franchise for. Character concerns have been a question for him at times even leading up to before he enrolled at PSU. He has two good years of film but is not the perfect prospect. Personally, I wouldn't take the guy top 10. Too many questions and at a position you don't necessarily have to take super high. He has a lot of potential though. As for the question at hand, I have him right there with those names you mentioned. He's nowhere near as clean of a prospect as a Devin White or a Roquan coming out.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just Lawrence trying to draw more intrigue and attention to the decision he makes after the season. He already said prior to the year that this would be his last one. Maybe this is him trying to reclaim some of the limelight? I don't care who picks 1st, staying another year is stupid for him. He's a guaranteed top 3 pick, almost indefinitely #1 this season. Nothing good can come from returning, for his long-term. If it's the Jets, and he is 100% confident he doesn't want to go there, pull an Eli Manning if they pick you even after you made it clear in the draft process you wouldn't play there. Besides, who is to say that the team picking #1 next year will be any better? Typically the #1 pick goes to an unstable and bad franchise.
  5. I don't think Jarvis is a vital enough long-term cog in the engine to be able to dictate our roster decisions. Beyond that, I think his morale would be less influenced if he knew OBJ didn't want to be here. If we traded Beckham and he wanted traded, you'd think Landry would be fine with that (though disappointed obviously). Beyond that, I'm not sure if OBJ is going to be back next year or not. I am fine either way depending on how the last part of this season goes and also how much he wants to be here.
  6. We aren't good enough yet to say no to good players at various positions. If the price is cheap.
  7. I would be cool with Adam Thielen if the price is right. He’s 30 years old. I think they would only be interested in him know if they saw an end to either Landry or OBJ here. TBH his skill set is most similar to Jarvis. Pretty clearly they would not have all three of those guys on the roster next season.
  8. I’m suggesting that I have heard a number of people say that after this they are always going to wear a mask.
  9. Yes, I don’t equate wearing masks to living in fear right now… Just when all of this is in hand. I’m saying when we have our every day life, I don’t expect my kids to wear masks at school growing up, etc. Obviously higher risk situations like right now are different.
  10. I just looked at a mock that had Waddle going 26th. Personally I think this is definitely too low. He's electric. Is he a shoe-in to declare for the draft? I can see him seeing Devonta Smith improving his stock this year and thinking he would be fine to come back, have a huge season as a #1, and go even higher in 2022.
  11. The Buckeye homer in me thinks that Shaun Wade would be an excellent pick when we pick in the 20 range.
  12. They have an above average offense (when healthy) and a bad defense. With a young quarterback, current injuries, etc., I'd say they're average. Nick Chubb and Myles Garrett are alphas, flat out. Offensive line is solid also. Beyond that, they still have a lot of work to do. We saw how they faired against Baltimore and Pittsburgh. They'll have opportunities to play both again and possibly look better, but you can't really take a team too seriously until they go toe to toe with a good team. They haven't done that yet. I do like Stefanski though. We'll see if they can add some pieces to their defense after this season and also if Mayfield develops.
  13. I’m not arguing for or against vaccination. I've gotten vaccinations, my kids do, my wife has, etc. I am just explaining what is already widely accepted, that a large chunk of our country is not doing this vaccination for various reasons. At least not at the early stages. Not sure what you're arguing here … I'm not arguing for or against the vaccine. Just that there's a high level of scrutiny towards this thing and many adamantly against getting it. I'm pointing out the holes in the plan that the vaccination is going to make everything right once it’s approved. Well, because a lot of people aren’t getting it. Not at the beginning, and some never will. This isn’t some hot take on my end, this is topic widely discussed.
  14. Just from the people that I interact with, and I understand that’s a small sample size when you compare it to the rest of the country, but most do not want to get the vaccination even when it comes out. If this sample size at least demonstrates that a sizable portion of our country is in the same boat, we need a better long-term solution then what the current plan is. Stalling until there’s a vaccination is not the permanent answer.
  15. Chase Wolf tested positive for corona. Wisconsin running out of quarterbacks. With as rigid as the Big Ten is compared to some other conferences, I can see this game being in jeopardy if things snowball a bit more. I do not believe they align with the SEC, where you can test out of a positive result. These dudes are gone for three weeks from what I understand.
  16. Best thing we can do for our QB and for our offense in general is to not be playing from behind. So, draft defense. Supplement with some dudes on offense obviously, and we're probably going to need another WR, but absolutely defense has to be priority #1.
  17. Since you already have the concrete in place, things should be pretty easy for you. I'm not sure how big you are thinking for the shed though? You should be able to get some 4x4 brackets and your 4x4s obviously, get out the hammer drill, pilot holes, and attach the brackets to the concrete and 4x4s just like that. Some people just do that on 4 cinder blocks if it's a small shed, level and all. Shouldn't even need to do that since you have concrete in place. Get your 4x4s anchored in then you can attach the other supports from there. So, as far as whether you need a Ramset or not, I'm not sure what your tool chest looks like. I have a Dewalt drill that has the hammer feature, so it fulfills both uses. So Tapcon screws using the hammer feature would go right into the concrete after the pilot holes. I'm not super familiar with the Ramset. If it can be used to secure larger fasteners to concrete, you should be fine.
  18. If all this stuff eventually gets under control, sorry, but I'm not having my kids grow up thinking they have to wear masks everywhere or scared to death of getting sick if they go out and are around people. I definitely get the paranoia right now, and to each his or her own if that's how you want to live your life if/when we have a hold on this thing.
  19. John St. Clair and Kevin Shaeffer were all-time bad as swinging gate pass blocking starters for us. I'd put JSC right there with Sendejo and at a position that risked the health of whoever our bad QB was at the time.
  20. Wisconsin vs. Nebraska has a chance to be a bit of a sleeper game this week with Wisconsin going to like their #3 QB. I imagine they'll still win though. Beyond the PSU-OSU matchup, not many good ones. I can see Texas maybe putting up a fight against Oklahoma State. Before the year the Auburn/LSU one looked pretty good on paper. Texas Tech could give OU a decent game.
  21. Clemson- they play no one and they are also a great team OSU-Biggest tests on the schedule appear to be Michigan and a potential conference championship game Bama- best in the SEC. Even if they slip up once I still expect them to win the conference and be there There won’t be a deserving a fourth team. Just give Clemson a first round bye and save viewers from watching a repeat of the LSU-OU matchup from last year
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