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  1. That is not clear, but we do know that he wasn't a very good player. Fringe players are let go for somewhat trivial reasons. I personally thought he would have been worth keeping around as a swing backup. Perhaps the team thought that was his lot too and let him go only after he was let them know he wouldn't be okay with that demotion. Elflein did not deserve a starting job. That has been obvious for some years.
  2. There will always be false positives and false negatives. Anyone that derides you as a crack pot is delusional and not someone you should take seriously. Even the companies that makes the tests acknowledge false results. Beyond false results from the tests, there are false results caused by human error. Over time, you should expect to see the tests improved. Even then there will be false results. That is reality. I am sorry you were subjected to the mob mentality. I hope that I wasn't the fellow that derided you as a crackpot. I think you are a swell fellow. Real swell!
  3. I'll have you know that my desire for the team to move on from Rick Spielman was not near knee-jerk. I like a lot of the things that he has done so was very slow and deliberate in coming to the conclusion that I want Wilf to fire him.
  4. It'll be great to see Teddy playing. If the Panthers must score TDs, I hope those TDs will be Teddy TDs rather than their backup RBs running it in. I would be most happy to see Teddy throw for 300+ yards and a couple TDs enroute to a 14-28 Panthers loss.
  5. Without doubt the team can use another DT but I wouldn't put it near the level of priority of QB and the OL. Pierce and Hunter will help the defensive line more than any draft pick would. Looking for someone to play DT next to Pierce would be good for sure. There will be a gaping hole at safety to address but I would rather take a hole at safety than not improve the DT situation next to Pierce. My priorities would be QB, OL, DT, S in that order with depth at other positions also a concern to consider.
  6. "He will rate the players and, if there are equal grades, Frazier will make the call." makes it sound like Christian Ponder was at least tied for the best grade of players. If that is how Spielman graded the players, I don't blame Frazier for taking the QB. I blame Rick Spielman for giving Ponder that grade.
  7. Agreed 1000% Also, I don't think they gave a QB a three year fully guaranteed $84M contract if they didn't expect him to be QBOTF. However, if they were thinking that, they were wrong. Kirk Cousins is not the answer.
  8. Do you have any evidence at all to support the claim that Frazier had the ability to override the rest of the Triangle? That claim is unbelievable on the surface.
  9. Are you suggesting a career defensive coach should get more credit for the first round QB pick than Rick Spielman who was the Vice President of Football operations at the time with enough juice in the organization to shortly thereafter be promoted to GM? I have no problem assigning credit for Christian Ponder to Rick Spielman. I find that to be much more reasonable than giving Leslie Frazier credit.
  10. Cousins will be eating $45M of the cap if they don't trade him. I would way rather the Vikings eat $20M of cap space by paying $10M of his salary as part of the trade. Saving $25M would not defeat the purpose of having a young starter on a rookie contract. First, the team is still saving $25M. Also, lets not forget the the real reason to have a young starter is not to save money but to find a long-term QB of the future. Cousins presence should in no way detract from the teams search for a QBOTF. The only reason it should is if the team thinks that Cousins is the QBOTF. If they think that, I want them fired. Who am I kidding? I want Spielman fired regardless. A requirement of the job for any candidate should be a plan to find a QBOTF. If their plan is to stick with Kirk Cousins they should not be hired.
  11. There will be teams looking for a veteran QB to hold the position. There always are teams looking for that. I don't think the terms of the trade would be leaving that team paying Cousins $35. If a team would do that, it would be great for the Vikings. That is not a requirement at all.
  12. They were not wrong. Kirk Cousins and his contract is not a reason for the team to not draft a QB. I do not want anyone with that mentality running the Vikings. A rookie can learn behind Cousins for a year and then the Vikings can trade Cousins away with a year left on his contract if the rookie looks ready to start. It is okay if the team gets almost no return on the trade for Cousins. They would be trading away his contract.
  13. Not me either, but the NFL can set those rules if they want. It is what it is.
  14. We get to redraft with a half of an NFL season of information about these college players but the other teams all are forced to stay with their same picks? That is a sweet deal! Otherwise, I am not in favor of a redraft. Jefferson wouldn't be available to the team where they drafted nor will many of the other picks the Vikings made. I think I would rather keep the current group than roll the dice on a redraft.
  15. I don't think there are many people that put down hope for Pat Elflein before I put down all hope. I found going into last year with him being counted on as a starter was a horrible idea. I really, really didn't like Elflein as a starter. Even given that, I would have never suggested cutting the guy. What is the team gaining at this point? Around a million dollars if some other team claims him, I guess? Is the plan really Dru Samia if Dozier or Cleveland get hurt. He was far more awful than Pat Elflein. I would think that some team would have given Elflein a couple million dollars next year to serve as their backup. As Mr @SemperFeist mentioned, now the team will not get compensatory considerations for that. I would have kept Elflein around as a backup this year and for whatever compensatory considerations the team would have received. Sure, it might only be a seventh wound pick. Rick Spielman usually loves seventh round picks.
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