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  1. I am so happy they fired Spielman. Wasn't sure it was going to happen, but that they did it gives me a little faith in the Wilf's. I was starting to doubt them.
  2. The article I referenced is more believable than the "fact check" you mention here. The article cites sources. Meanwhile, the "fact check" is either debunking something that was not said in the article or providing no evidence that what was said in the article is wrong. A "fact checker" that doesn't see evidence someone was inoculated is not evidence that they were not jabbed. I find it more likely that the "fact checker" is wrong than the writers of the article. "Fact checkers" have a terrible track record; anyone that believes them does so at their own detriment.
  3. It is better to miss a game, which happened to vaccinated players too btw, than it is to suffer some of the adverse effects from the shots that end careers. I am glad that he wasn't willing to risk that for the sake to the dangerous experimental gene therapy injection. 375 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 214 Dead, After COVID Shot https://goodsciencing.com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/ Everything is a risk, but for a young healthy athlete he took the less risky side of the equation. He should be congratulated for being able to discern which
  4. It would be cool if the Vikings went on a nice run, but that should be irrelevant to Griffen returning. Football games simply are not that important. That is true no matter how many of them the team wins.
  5. When I answered the poll that I thought Smith was worth a top 5 pick, I didn't consider who else was in that particular draft. I suppose it is only fair though that I am drafting Smith there with the benefit of hindsight that the other players should get that same benefit. I did not give that same benefit to them. Given that a current safety coming into the draft doesn't come with the benefit of hindsight, it would be very unlikely that I would take a safety in the top five.
  6. If it was only two first rounders I would be happy about it assuming Watson signed a long-term deal with the Vikings. If it was three first rounders I wouldn't be mad.
  7. I am firmly in the camp that believes it's primarily Rick Spielman's fault. Examples of players leaving the team and becoming very good under any other coaching are too few and too far between. It does look like coaching may be the issue with CBs based on Rhodes and Hughes both playing batter on other teams, but overall Rick Spielman appears to be a below average GM. He hits big on a few picks, but for the most part he does a really poor job of bringing in talent. He also is responsible for the fact that Mike Zimmer is still the head coach. He made a huge blunder by sticking with Zimmer.
  8. I have doubts that he'll be back anytime soon. Maybe not this year. If the team thought it was just a week or two I would think that they would simply replace Darrisaw with Hill. The drastic change they made doesn't seem likely to be because they thought they would undo it in a couple weeks. The Vikings under coach Zimmer have a history of pretending injuries are much more mild than they really are. Sometimes, it is something that ends a guys career like Shareef Floyd that the Vikings will call week-to-week. I hope Darrisaw's career isn't over. I don't think that it is, but the way thin
  9. The Vikings really miss Jerry Gray. I am not sure what he does in his passing game coordinator role nowadays, but he could have coordinated something in the second half better than what the Vikings showed. But mostly, the Vikings CBs have been garbage after he left.
  10. I worry about how many times he'll fumble if he plays. And there is the risk of reinjury too, but I assume the Vikings medical staff has that under control.
  11. I am going to have to disagree with the statement that they Vikings have been one of the best run franchises in the last 16 years. I'll give you that they aren't one of the worst run. I am not sure why the team needs to wait until after the season to look at Spielman. I would fire him without hesitation right now and get started rounding up a list of GM candidates to interview. Some interviews could be completed before the season ends. Some candidates won't be free to interview until after the season, but the team can still start putting their list together and analyzing potential candida
  12. Mental health is tough. He was the best DE left on the team.
  13. No, I want all the players to be available. I expect the coaches to make the right decisions on which players to put into the game in different situations. If the coaches can't do that, then I want new coaches.
  14. How can I watch the trials? Anything streaming on the Internet for free?
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