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  1. Unfortunately, I agree with you. The team was still starting Pat Elflein when the season opened last year. By that point they had plenty games to see that Elflein should not have been starting for them. It would be great if the third rounder takes a starting spot from week 1, but I see that as a long shot.
  2. I wonder if the Vikings will need to pay some of Cousins' salary as part of the terms of a trade. If so, I wonder how much of it they would have to pay. Assuming Cousins has another year similar to what a team should expect from him, which is good enough to gather good stats while leading a team to around an 8-9 or 9-8 season, I don't think the team would have to kick in more than $10M of his salary. If Cousins has a really good year they might not have to kick in anything at all, but then would they still really want to trade him? It would be great of Mond is looking good enough to
  3. No argument about LB and DT. He wasn't working out at those positions. I do think that he looked decent at DE. I wouldn't have a problem with him being DE depth that rotates onto the field. Given the stable of guys the team has, it will be tough for him to win that job. That's not a bad thing. If the team has someone that can do that better that would be great.
  4. If I was a roster fringe guy I would love to see a bunch of the competition not showing up to train with the team. I get that the workouts are voluntary, but any player that doesn't have a firm grip on a roster spot is foolish to not show up for the voluntary workouts. Even the guys with a firm grip on the roster spot have to deal with the risk of losing that spot to an injury as we just saw. I hope that we have some young guys that take advantage of the opportunity given to them by veterans that prioritize something other than being the best player they can be. I am sure staying home wou
  5. Sure would be nice, but I wouldn't hold your breath. The team still only has 1 out of 5 offensive line positions filled with a player that has proven he can do it in the league at an above average level.
  6. Legal proceedings to take time. That is why the commissioner's exempt list is such a big threat. He'll sit on that list for as long as it takes the legal proceedings to play out if the commissioner decides to park him there. I believe that is Gladney's most immediate threat of not playing. Whatever suspension he ends up getting, if any, is likely much shorter than the time on the exempt list.
  7. I am not really sure what to make of that stat. It feels meaningless to me. More important is how many players are eligible for the draft that teams have draftable grades on. I don't know that there is any correlation between than and the number of draft eligible players. The number of draft eligible players is more a statement of how many players became ineligible for NCAA play.
  8. Ideally Dozier doesn't make the team. Neither Bradbury or Cole have been very good centers in the league so keeping eyes open for an upgrade there makes sense. Neither Davis or Cleveland have shown that the Vikings can count on them to be a strong starting guard either. Having something better behind them than Dozier Cole should be a requirement. My guess at the current depth chart for the guard and center positions would be something like this: Dozier, Cleveland Bradbury, Cole Cole, Davis There is reason for hope and some optimism there, but it is still a lot of unanswered
  9. What's the problem with people being critical of draft picks? We'll see more when they play, but right now we are talking about the draft. It is okay to think critically; it should be encouraged. I appreciate the posters that are willing to think critically. Thank you @Eric dunn. Sorry if you've had enough for the day. I bet that some of the Vikings picks will not work out. I like hearing people's opinions on which picks they think that will be. I think that the RB was a terrible pick. He doesn't look like much of a RB to me and I disagree with taking a returner at that point in the
  10. You and me both. But now the team needs to get these guys to produce. Can't assume you are done just because you have spent draft picks.
  11. The primary position group that I would target with a trade up is the interior of the offensive line. Safety may be a target too. I wouldn't trade up for edge or WR. There isn't the need there that exists on the offensive line or safety. LB may be a position worth moving up for too but I wouldn't move up as far as for offensive line.
  12. Are you saying that you would rather hit on 2 picks than hit on 4? I ask because that doesn't make any sense to me but it seems to be what you are saying. What am I misunderstanding?
  13. Best of luck. If you can't stay up to see the Vikings pick, you'll find out about it whenever you get around to it. There are some things that make the Vikings small and a particular pick of the team even smaller. I'll pray things go well for you.
  14. If you mention at the time of the draft that you preferred someone else you get labeled as a complainer. If you don't mention your feelings at the time, you'll get accused of using hindsight later when the offensive line still stinks. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Personally, I would rather be labeled a complainer and maintain credibility. It is better then being unreasonably optimistic in guys like Dru Samia and losing credibility when it becomes clear that the guy wasn't ready....just like the "complainers" suggested. Had I not been saying at this time last year that the t
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