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  1. Week 12: VIKINGS (8-3) vs. Bye (28-0)

    I don't know. There is an argument to make that if you're the players on the team to burn it mentally. If you're a coach on the team you might have specific plays that you want to show to the players. The Players should've executed certain things better and when the same mistake was made multiple times the coaches should have mentioned it to them. If the players still need clarity, showing them the tape of those plays could help. However the coaches handle it, I agree that it is a fortuitous time for the bye.
  2. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    I am starting to think that Cousins has done plenty well to warrant more faith from the coaches. I excused the coaches seemingly trying to work around Cousins earlier as I saw plenty decent reasons for them to do that. By now, I can no longer excuse that. When they call games like they did against Chicago it is no longer excusable by saying they were limited by what they were working with (not just perceived Cousins' limitations mind you). Cousins with this offense has shown enough. It is time for the coaches to let Cousins either sink or swim. I am starting to think that he'll swim perfectly fine. I still am not 100% convinced that Cousins will be much better than the average QB that I have thought of him as but if he hasn't shown enough to warrant the coaches allowing him to sling it, I don't know what else he can do. He deserves the chance. He really showed something in the second half of that game on Sunday.
  3. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Are you kidding? He didn't vote? I have always thought that was bare minimum table stakes and a civic duty. I guess nobody needs to vote but I do have trouble taking them seriously if they can't even bother themselves to do that.
  4. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    There is no way I would consider signing Kaepernick right now. I loved watching him when he was in the league. He did great things for my fantasy team. Kaepernick simply does not fit in the NFL right now. Like anyone else without supreme talent in a job that is a privilege, the choice is to try and fit in or not have the job. My job is the same way. I have to adhere to the "organization's culture" or I wouldn't have a job. I am pretty good at what I do but far from irreplaceable so I honor the desired culture. Kaep has a similar choice to most of the rest of it. If he is not happy with his choice and its outcome he just doesn't get it and that is not a guy to bring into a team of any sort. It is great that Kaepernick has something that he cares about more than football. He should be applauded for that and he has been applauded greatly. That is awesome. I don't know why he isn't happy with that. If he ever decided that he cared more about football, that is fine too but by this point even if he made that change it would be a steep uphill climb for him to get back into the league IMO. With the proper attitude, it could be done. I agree 100% that Kaepernick was not a very good QB when he last played in the league. However, I also agree that he has loads of talent and I believe that with the right attitude and lots of hard work he could get back into the league. Until I see that right attitude, considering him as an option to sign would be a complete nonstarter for me.
  5. Second favorite teams?

    Favorite team: Minnesota Vikings Second: North Dakota State Bison Third: Whoever is playing the Packers Fourth: Whoever is playing the Cowboys Fifth: Whoever is playing the Bears Sixth: Pittsburgh Steelers Seventh: Denver Broncos The sixth and seventh have somewhat flip flopped through time while everything else has been mostly constant going back into the 80s. In the 80s my favorite team was the Bison. They were followed by the Vikings, and then whoever was playing the Sioux. after that, whoever was playing the Bears, 'boys, and the Packers in that order. Nowadays, when it comes to college ball I don't have a need to root against any other team as the Bison haven't been consistently challenged by anyone for years. I do like rooting for Sam Houston as I know I can count on them to lay down in the playoffs for the Bison.
  6. 2020 Draft Talk

    As sure as one can be. I am still not clear on the Sendejo situation but that won't effect the pick for Richardson.
  7. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    It would take me far more than a few sentences to explain why I think Rick Spielman was fired. And, talking about that wasn't the point I was trying to make so that is why I wasn't restating it. As far as your synopsis on why you think I want Rick Spielman fired, some of that is wrong and some of it is miscommunication. Reading the rest of your post I see a significant miscommunication caused by me when something I wrote has the exact opposite meaning of what I meant. That isn't your fault for understanding that wrong. Assuming you quoted me right, I it is fair to assume you did so I am not going to go verify, this is what I wrote, "Until the offseason there is no reason for me to now enjoy watching Cousins and the team." That is a very yikers typo. This is what I meant to write in that sentence: ""Until the offseason there is no reason for me to not enjoy watching Cousins and the team." It is reasonable to think that some of the other misunderstandings are related to me typing things flat out wrong. I didn't proofread what I wrote and I am not going to do that now either. It doesn't matter that much right now. I can get into it more later. As for now, today was the last day of a conference I was attending in Vegas and I have Vegas things to do tonight. Probably some of the other things I said were related to my being in Vegas too. I'll discuss it more next week. I'll admit that I only skimmed through the rest of what you wrote in this thread. I'll read through it completely next week to give it the thought that it deserves. Other than that, I apologize for whatever stupid things I said. I plead Vegas. Sorry.
  8. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Gross. That is just gross. I disagree that the non elite starting QBs are not overpaid. I said it before Cousins was signed by the Vikings and before Case Keenum was signed by the Broncos. I would prefer Keenum at $10M less than Cousins. That is even on this forum. In actuality, Keenum is getting $3.5M this year. I know why you decided to cherry pick 2018 Keenum instead of going with what Keenum is actually getting paid when I made the present tense statement. The other QB I mentioned was Fitzpatrick. His cap number is more than $20M less than Kirk Cousins too. More generally, I mentioned draft picks. That is even a greater savings. It is twisted that you injected Joe Flacco into your argument as if he is an alternative that I would have considered. I would never take Joe Flacco on his contract. I mean, if the Broncos wanted me to take on Flacco they would have to give me a decent draft pick too. He is decent value this year for the Broncos at just $4.9M cap dollars but the problem is that the rest of the contract would come with him and he is a liability as a starter. To not mince words: I think John Elway is an idiot for bringing in Flacco and most of his other QB moves also support that thought. It appears to me that either you do not understand numbers very well or you understand them very well and you are intentionally trying to use that in a manipulative way. I think the latter. The cap savings between Kirk Cousins and the alternatives I was mentioning is nowhere near the $6M you conjured with your -- in my opinion, manipulative use of stats. But like I said, the market is what it is. The team can choose to either pay market value for a Cousins level QB or go in a different direction. They chose to pay market price. That is fine. I don't have a problem with overpaying for the QB position. It is the most important position on the field.
  9. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    This is neither the time nor place to get into that but I'll be really happy to talk at length about it immediately following the season. I am sorry that what I wrote led you to believe that failure to consistently win in the playoffs is why I want Rick Spielman fired. It was even more of a lack or clarity from me to leave you believing that would be the only reason. I wasn't concentrating on clarifying that much as it wasn't a point I was trying to make. For now, I'll just leave it at this: your question tells me that you have grossly misunderstood my perspective. I am not going to read what I wrote back now to try and understand how such a gross misunderstanding happened. I'll clarify further at the appropriate time and have retrospective looks on the topic at that time if I am misunderstood to try and determine the cause and whether there is anything that I can do to prevent a recurrence. For now, I just assume it is because it wasn't a the main topic I was discussing so I probably had a lack of care in the exact words used with respect to my feelings on why Rick Spielman should be fired. I wasn't trying at all to explain that. Late Add: Since I am not one of the ones that is grandfathered in to the program that allows off topic content in a thread I need to write something in here about Kirk Cousins. I think he is beyond the point where much improvement can be reasonably expected, but I hope he improves anyway. There are cases of QBs improving as they age. Look at what Tom Brady did before he was 30 and after. He was darn impressive before 30 and even being at that point on the diminishing returns curve he improved after 30. Couple Brady's story with where Cousins is on the diminishing returns curve and while I wouldn't reasonably expect much improvement I can't rule it out either.
  10. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Oh, I have seen all his games with the Vikings and a lot of his work with the Redskins. None of his struggles have been anything that has surprised me too much. I don't care as much if others think Cousins is a top ten QB. That is their prerogative. Being a longtime Vikings fan, I have absorbed enough years ending in that punched in the gut feeling that I don't feel too badly when some of the younger fans have to take those same lumps. They'll be okay. I don't feel as strong of a need to try and sway them to agree with me as you seem to have. They'll be seeing it and saying it soon enough. Just as they did with Laquan Treadwell within a year after they ripped me for wanting to trade him away for a bag a Cheetos. I was foolish because he was primed for a breakout. But then Treadwell proved me right. Cousins will likely validate my feelings of him within a couple years too. If not, I am even happier about the outcome. I am confident the younger Vikings fans will build up their own defense mechanisms in time. It is a learned behavior. If they are lucky, they'll be proven right and won't have the need. That is great for them.
  11. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    I personally agree. The elite truly elite QBs are underpaid but they have driven the market up enough to where the good QBs are overpaid. Before we signed Cousins I was for offering Brees a two year $70M deal. Given that, I can't say that I have a problem with the Vikings spending $28M a year on Cousins. Still, I feel that the value Cousins adds to the team does not match the value of his contract. It is what it is though. The Vikings don't have that level of control over the market. They can only choose to pay market price or build the team a different way by going with a cheaper option. Personally, I would be drafting QBs more often than the Vikings draft them and starting a combination of journeyman (think Keenum or Fitzpatrick) and the draft picks until I found an elite QB. In the meantime, I would be pouring the savings from the QB position into building an elite offensive line. For I believe than an elite offensive line can make a very solid offense with a Dalton line level QB, which is always about the level that I have felt Kirk Cousins is. Rick Spielman's team building philosophy is very much different than mine. I sat and watched it for several years and bit my tongue before I started saying earlier this year that I want him fired. I was open to the possibility that his team building philosophy would work until it was proven several times over again that it wasn't. He stuck with it this year and now I want him gone. Kirk Cousins is a decent NFL QB IMO. I do think that a team can win with him. But I think that will only happen with an elite offensive line. His contract makes it hard for the Vikings to have an elite offensive line. They don't have enough money to sign the premium free agents that are needed, especially when priority is continually given to other non-QB positions over OL. Until the offseason there is no reason for me to now enjoy watching Cousins and the team. It beats the alternative. I do not believe that the current constitution of the Vikings, Kirk Cousins and all, has what it takes to consistently win in the playoffs. But, almost no NFL team can consistently win in the Playoffs. That is a very hard thing to do. Getting a first round bye is super important because winning two games in a row with at least one being a home game is a lot more likely than winning three mostly road games in a row for any NFL team. However, anything can happen so if the team can't get a bye then just getting into the playoffs is the next best thing that I am going to root for. I am not a subscriber to the tanking mentality. I do not believe that Kirk Cousins can consistently win against playoff competition with the current Vikings team but all it takes is a few games. So sure, Kirk Cousins is overpaid IMO. I do not disagree with that at all. So are the other non-elite QBs that helped built up the market. There is nothing that I can do about that now. I do not blindly support Kirk Cousins but I also don't go overboard when he has one of his trash games. Even then I see him as a Dalton line level QB. I do not believe Kirk Cousins is the main problem with the Vikings right now. He is fine. I hope that it is okay to see it that way even while agreeing that the market for QBs of that level is grossly out of whack with the value those QBs bring to teams.
  12. Something brewing with Diggs?

    Beautiful indeed. I don't care who you are; you'll like watching Diggs. Diggs is fun to to watch. Wish the TVs showed the full WR routes more often.
  13. Other countries do not have high school sports just like they don't have college sports. I think it is great for kids to have extracurricular activities to give them something to do and keep them out of trouble. Whether the school system should be involved could be grounds for debate but I have no problem with it being through the schools in both school and college. Education ought to include more than math and science.
  14. Week 10: Non Vikings Games

    Remember, the Vikings were beating the Chiefs. They were driving to take a two score lead when a very questionable illegal man downfield was called on our rookie center to stall the drive. Instead of getting at least a FG the team had to punt. Then Williams ran 91 yards for a TD. That bogus call changed the whole game situation and likely changed the outcome of the game. The Vikings were in control. I didn't watch the Chiefs game this week but perhaps they didn't have refs on their side this week.
  15. Jockeying for the Playoffs

    Gah, don't remind me of Bradford. It is sad that disaster ever happened. Ponder was terrible but at least it was a rookie contract. That was a waste of some good teams though. I can say the same about Jackson though he wasn't quite as terrible. I was happy with Teddy. The injury was too bad. Glad to see he successfully fought through that rehab and played well this year. Without his great attitude, I don't think he would still be in the league.