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  1. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    With Easton off the market it is continually looking less likely that our current GM is going to be able to cobble anything respectable together on the offensive line before the draft. I am unwilling to wait any longer than that. There comes a point when a decision needs to be made by the guy above him. After the draft is the perfect time to change GMs. If the we make it to the draft and we don't look like we have an offensive line that has even a reasonable chance of being in the top 20 of the league I will no longer blame the GM for the failure. When the draft starts, I will be blaming the owner for continuing to employee what would be an obvious failure of a GM. The current GM has literally had years to work on the problem and looks completely incapable. I wholeheartedly disagree with his approach to solving the obvious problem. Ultimately, the GM is responsible for hiring the coaches too; if the coaches being unable to develop players is the problem the buck still stops with the GM.
  2. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    This is true. But, I don't think any available guard being signed would be the thing that stops him from drafting a guard in the first round. What would stop him is how (low) he values the importance of offensive line.
  3. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I don't think that Cousins has been a colossal failure at all like the offensive line. In fact, with a decent offensive line I am confident that Cousins would be a decent QB. I do think that the team is paying Cousins more than he is worth. I think I mentioned on this board before that I also think that QB is a good choice of position for where you allocate overpay dollars. With Cousins and his overinflated salary locked up, I believe the Vikings ought to be looking at QB in the draft and be willing to take one in the first round if a guy they would like to hand the offense over to next year falls to their pick. Similarly, I think the Vikings should have overpaid for an offensive linemen this year to hold the fort while looking towards the draft to find the guy to take over after a year or two of paying the overinflated contract. I am good with Reiff at LT for the year. LT and QB are two of the positions that I see as great fits to be the Vikings first round draft pick. TE is a pretty good fit as well other than the fact I have hesitations about TE being a position to invest a first round pick into. I do think that the evolution of offenses in the NFL does point towards the value of the TE position increasing so I am more open to using a high pick on that position now than I ever have been before. When Rudolph was drafted I still thought a team shouldn't be considering TE as a position to draft anywhere in the first two rounds. Offenses are changing and today I wouldn't have that same reservation of drafting a TE in the second round. Similarly, five years ago I would have been against drafting a guard in the first round. Things change and in the current environment of scarcity a guard in the first round makes perfect sense. However, the Vikings still need a starter for this year and the draft should not be relied upon for starters needed this year. The drafts is a tool to fill imminent needs like QB and LT, not immediate needs. Immediate needs should be filled via free agency. And yes, to fill a hole through free agency means overpaying. That is the price of failing to secure a talent through the draft when the need was merely an imminent need.
  4. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    If Rick Spielman thinks that the draft should be used for immediate needs like the offensive line I want him fired ASAP. The draft should not be counted on to fill immediate needs.
  5. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    It is better to have tried and failed then to have not tried at all.
  6. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    As far as rehashing old mistakes, I am not the one that brought up Boone, Remmers, and company. Others brought previous FA failures up iirc. I just agreed with them that the failures are solid evidence of Spielman's inability to resolve the problem. As far as sour grapes, I am still holding out a sliver of hope that Rick will make a trade before I start calling for his firing next month. I do not believe that the Vikings cannot have a good offensive line. The cost does go up as options diminish. It was definitely possible to fix the offensive line this year a week ago. It may still be possible but the odds have gotten longer. For me talking about failures of previous years is an explanation why excuses for a single case this year is not an excuse for the total failure. I don't blame Spielman for any single screw up but for the continual pattern of incompetence related to fixing the offensive line. Reflecting on the broader picture is to show that I was never expecting a one year fix or expecting any single move to solve the problem but this was the last chance I am willing to give him before I want to move onto a different man for the job. In the grand scheme, the excuses for this decision or that decision matter not. The results are what they are. And what they are is a damning indictment on Rick Spielman's inability to fix the offensive line. I agree 100% with Mr @PrplChilPill when he says that an at least average offensive line is almost a requirement, but not the only requirement, to field a team able to win a championship. An inability to deal with the prerequisite is grounds for being declared unfit for the job and I am very close to determining that Spielman is unfit. He has another month though so I'll wait and see if he can make magic happen. Straight up, if the Vikings go into the draft without an offensive line that looks like it even has a reasonable chance of being top 20 in the league I will want to see Rick Spielman fired. There are no excuses for that when offensive line has been costing the Vikings chances at winning a championship for years already. If you have more patience than me, that is great. At some point a man being paid millions of dollars needs to be held accountable. How long you are willing to watch failure for the same reason with no signs of improvement is a personal decision. You probably have more years left than me. Only you can decide how long you are willing to be okay with someone running the show that has both continually failed at a key prerequisite and also shows no signs of even improving on their weakness.
  7. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    “The trouble with excuses is that they become inevitably difficult to believe after they’ve been used a couple of times.” ―Scott Spencer There is always a price. Saffold would have come here for a good enough offer and I think that price is less than what the Vikings paid Anthony Barr. But that is just one case. Maybe it isn't true in this one case. However, we have years of data. Rick Spielman hasn't been able to take care of the obvious problem. “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” ―George Washington Carver “If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses.” —Bruce Nauman “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” —Benjamin Franklin
  8. I suppose whether it is correct to call soccer a major sport int he USA depends on ones definition of a major sport. I don't consider nascar or gold major sports in the USA either. Maybe I have a stricter definition than you. Rather than using my definition or your definition perhaps the fairest decision would be whether at least 50% of the population considers it to be a major sport. I haven't done any studies, but I would guess that the percentage of the population that considers it a major sport is far less than 50%. Similarly, I would guess that the percentage of the population that considers MLB a major sport would be much greater than 50%. Some other sports probably depend on the region. Hockey was and is a major sport up north where I grew up. Down here in southern MN I don't feel like it is a major sport. I went to a high school hockey game last year down here. The attendance was embarrassingly low. Almost as low as the high school soccer games that I have seen the empty seats for when I drive by. Then again, there seems to be almost no school pride for any sport down here. Basketball draws a bit more than hockey. High school football has a reasonable draw but the kids seem to have no team spirit. They hardly taunt the other team's fans of intercity rivals with chants. They don't even try to suggest they have more spirit than the other team's fans. The fans of the other teams also seem uninterested in showing team spirit. The generation in high school cares more about staring at their phone than any sport. What happened to chants like: Elevator, elevator, elevator shaft. You got the elevator. We got the Shaft! So, maybe instead of soccer becoming a major sport what will really happen is no physical sports will be major anymore. Esports for the win. Pacman champion of the world will be a bigger deal than heavyweight champion of the world. Remember when boxing used to be something people blocked off time for to watch weekly? My old man used to block off time for that like I block off Sunday for football. Everything has its time. I don't believe soccer's time is yet nor do I believe football will be major forever. Who is the heavyweight champ of the world right now anyway?
  9. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Yes, anyone that age is a placeholder except maybe at kicker and QB. And if Rick would have tried selling the job to Saffold like that he is a marketing idiot. I am personally insulted that you suggest that is how I would have marketed the position. The Rams paid Suh more than $11M to be a placeholder. Paying $11M for a couple year placeholder of that level is an easy decision. If Rick wouldn't consider it that gives us insight into why he has been unable to fix the problem.
  10. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Right, Spielman made has made poor choices to this point regarding building up the offensive line. I make no bones about that. As far as Saffold, his age doesn't bother me much because I never viewed him as anything more than a placeholder while the team looked to the draft for longer term solutions. As far as letting Barr go to get Osemele, that wouldn't have held me back. The team would have received third round level compensatory considerations. Fixing the offensive line is a far higher priority than LB. But if we are talking about Osemele I would have just signed him when he was a free agent instead of signing Boone. But Spielman was unwilling to pay as much as the Raiders were willing to pay Osemele. You see, you have to be careful when paying guys. Giving the money to Boone was a poor choice. Giving the money to Osemele would have been a good choice and I was beating the table for Osemele (somewhere else on the Internet) when he was a free agent. I was not beating the table for the consolation prize. That is why I am saying Rick needs to solve the problem via trade now. I am not going to beat the table for any of the remaining free agents. Rick already blew that. He shoudln't pay for the consolation prizes.
  11. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Do you think the Steelers would have signed him and then cut him before the season? If so, the full first year was as a practical matter guaranteed. Once he is on the roster week 1 his full salary for the year is guaranteed. If they gave him $10M to cut him before he had to play he should have been happier than taking nothing to not play. Similarly, the second year of the contract was guaranteed as a practical matter. If not, the team would have been giving him $20M to play for a year -- a great deal for him that would have allowed him to get another dip into the guaranteed money bucket this year. So yeah, he could of had a career ending injury last year and only gotten $20M from the NFL by the end of this year. Instead, he'll get $25M from if he has a career ending injury this year. However, he is sacrificing $8M of NFL earnings in the two years. Don't you think he could have bought a pretty good insurance policy for less than $8M?
  12. Agreed. But that doesn't change the fact that soccer is nowhere near being a major sport in the USA right now. It has a solid niche and is growing. The logic applies too football too, but football is a major sport in the USA. Soccer will never be a major sport the segment of the population over 50 years old. The good news for soccer is us old guys will die off eventually; my understanding is that soccer is popular with many in the up and coming generation. I could see soccer being a major sport in two generations (~40 years). But that doesn't make it close to a major sport right now. But its niche is larger than the Iditarod, which I found myself following closer than ever this year even though dog sled racing will never ever be a major sport.
  13. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    If money was his motive, Bell made a terrible mistake. He would have had $33M by the end of this year if he signed the deal the Steelers offered. As a practical matter, the first two years were guaranteed. If they cut him before year two, he would have made something like $20M for a single year and been able to sign somewhere else to make more this year.
  14. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I would have been happy to give Saffold the contract that he ended up signing with the Titans. I would have even increased it a little if that was required to pry him away. Other than that, I would have been willing to beat the package the Raiders received in the trade for Osemele. Rick Spielman just isn't willing in invest market cost into direly needed improvements on something (O-Line) that has been an immediate need for a long, long time. He may be out of options and if so he should be out of time in Minnesota. He better be on the horn seeing who else is available in trade.
  15. I mostly agree with this. Soccer isn't even close to being a major sport in this country. When I go to my wife's country to visit her family soccer is huge. My father-in-law follows his local team just as closely as I follow the Vikings. American football wasn't part of anything to him until I married his daughter. Even then he was only barely conscious of its existence. It was only after he wanted to connect with his grand kids that he saw value in following the Minnesota Vikings. Now he follows American Football a little and even wears Vikings gear over in his country. He occasionally runs into someone over there that has an idea that the jersey he is wearing is an NFL team's jersey. I have went to soccer games in my wife's country with my father-in-law. The fans all seem to have a great time. It is a fun atmosphere. However, like you, I find the sport itself painful to watch. I think fans are showing up for the atmosphere more than for the sport. They mostly kick the ball around in the back court. They need to implement an over and back rule along with a shot clock to make it at all watchable. As painful as it is to watch for most of the game, there are occasional moments of excitement. If they increase the pace of those it might be more compelling to an American audience. Fans of soccer teams are every bit as much emotionally attached to their soccer team as anyone here is attached to their team and sport of choice. That said, I wouldn't go as far as saying that soccer will never catch my attention. There are things they can do with the sport to make it less boring. If not, there is a realistic chance that I'll one day follow a soccer team in order to have a common interest that allows me to connect with one of my grandchildren. I would emotionally invest in a team just so the grandchild has fun memories of their time with me. After all, I go to dance shows for that reason. Soccer can't be much worse, can it?