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  1. I selected to promote from within but I would love to have Hill back if the price was right.
  2. When Wilson is cut I would consider bringing him in for a tryout and maybe signing him to the offseason roster if he looked decent. He would have to fight his way onto the practice squad from there and ideally some day prove to be reliable enough to trust with a spot on the 53 man roster.
  3. Heck Yeah! That looks like stealing to me. Getting a young QB that is on the trajectory that Watson is on should cost way more than what the Vikings would be giving up there.
  4. Right on! I am with you all the way on that. It is impossible who will be available in the draft. Even if it was, it is impossible to know how anyone in the draft will work out in the NFL. The team needs to bring in veterans for all of the starting positions. Given that the team doesn't have cap space to sign blue chip free agents they need to be looking at low-rent players that wouldn't be embarrassing to start while they try to find answers for the future from the draft. If the team can scrounge together cap dollars for one free agent of moderate cost, safety is not the position that I
  5. I don't have a strong enough opinion on this one to cast a ballot. My knee-jerk inclination would be to promote from within and draft a DE in the third or fourth round. Wonnum might grow into a useful player and he isn't the only option. I still have hope for Willekes. However, if Odenigbo's price isn't too high I wouldn't have a problem with bringing him back. If Odenigbo gets signed to another team in the first couple weeks of free agency I would accept the compensatory considerations. If he isn't signed in the first couple weeks I would assume the compensatory considerations would be l
  6. The only alternative I would entertain to signing a free agent is trading for a player that has proven to be decent in the league. Until we see what the cap is for the next year I don't buy that the team can't afford to sign a decent guard. When it comes down to it, I would rather have an unproven LB than an unproven OG so I would cut Anthony Barr if needed to bring in a decent guard. That assumes Barr is left standing after the cuts to get under the cap. If he is not, then you have guys like Kyle Rudolph that are less important than the starting five offensive linemen. After filling
  7. Expecting any of the backups that couldn't beat out Dozier to be solid starters this coming season reminds me of last season when some people thought that Dru Samia might suddenly be worth starting even though he never was able to beat out the team's dreck. People often get expectations this time of year that are way out of line with the evidence. You have to guard against that. I have been burned by that too many times myself. Samia, Isidora, Elflein, Yankey, OT moved to G of the year... Anyone that couldn't beat out Dozier will be doing well if they can prove to be a good backup to who
  8. I picked other. The team ought to sign a free agent and also draft a LG. It would be great if the Vikings were able to use their first round pick on a G, but there is no way to know that nor is there a way to know how any draft pick will work out. As such, they have to sign someone in free agency can can provide competent play -- someone a lot better than Dakota Dozier.
  9. Too funny! I get what you are saying, but I wouldn't compare Zygi to Brown. Cincinnati has a known problem at the top. I still cling to hope for Wilf; he is the best owner the Vikings have had since I have paid attention to the team.
  10. That blasted game against the Niners! It is also a primary cause of my (since then) lifelong affliction as a fan of the Vikings. Without that, who knows how much more productive I would have ended up being in life? I certainly fritter away more than my fair share of time paying attention to the Vikings, and the 1987 playoffs is really what got me hooked. Still being a beginner in those years, I was sadly stoked about the Herschel Walker trade when it was announced. In spite of how that blew up, that excitement further set the hook that I bit into in 1987.
  11. That is interesting. It contradicts previous reports that I read.
  12. That shows extreme era bias. Given Jefferson's age his selections aren't surprising at all but his choices lack perspective.
  13. It is hard to imagine a price that would be too high for any young QB that is on a hall of fame trajectory. I think it was on this board that I said last month that I would give up three first round picks for Watson. I know some disagreed and thought that was too much, but we'll see what he ends up fetching.
  14. Not sure how it works in the NFL, but when I was in charge of a lady that was married to my bosses boss I hated it enough to go find another job. I had some problems with the lady since she wasn't good at her job, but it was hard complaining to my boss about her since his boss was in bed with her every night. I complained to my boss one time and he basically told me that he wasn't going to do anything about it. It got old real quick trying to deal with her.
  15. I was hoping my lesson would come from Mr VikesBolts as I consider him to have the highest sarcasm skill on the board. Since he didn't see me as a being a worthwhile student I appreciate your advice. I'll have to admit, my inability to use or understand the smileys goes far beyond the sarcasm smiley. Now if I can remember that one I'll know it is sarcasm next time I see the wink smiley. But then I am not sure what to think about your post since you ended it with another smiley that I don't understand. I am old and I know all the whippersnappers can communicate almost exclusively with tho
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