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  1. Forbath vs. Carlson

    They would likely bring in another leg just for practices so cutting Kai just means using a roster spot on some other kicker that would be less useful if something goes poorly with the rookie. I don't see cutting Forbath before the deadline to be beneficial unless he is tanking his career by being an annoyance to the team? There is nothing recently that suggests he is behaving unprofessionally. That draft day tweet was a fleeting emotion that I can easily excuse.
  2. Thanks. It had a lot to do with time zone. I am seven hours ahead of MN time at the moment and I had to be awake at 7:00am. But here I am awake already before 5:00 so I'll go ahead and read what I can about what has happened so far before heading out for the day. I'll look into whether NFL GamePass allows me to watch a replay when I get the time. If not, I'll have the game on my DVR waiting for me back home.
  3. The game isn't televised where I am so -- overreaction or not -- I'll be looking forward to reading the analysis here in the morning here. Thanks, guys, for all reactions. Until I can watch the game when I get home next week this is going to be a key source of information for me.
  4. I agree with this to an extent. Most linemen on most teams are asked to do both. Good linemen can do both. When teams are said to run a zone blocking scheme the information being conveyed is that they are predominantly zone blocking. There will be plays when they are man blocking. Good lineman need to be proficient at both. However, some linemen are better at one than the other. There is a reason that teams look for different physical characteristics when targeting one over the other. For example, size is less important to teams that run a ZBS.
  5. Yeah, I don't even think it is worth having a discussion if you think that Bradford is a smart decision maker. You are entitled to your opinion. Mine is that his awful decision making and unbelievably poor situational awareness that feeds into the terrible decisions are amongst his most glaring weaknesses. If he was even mediocre in those areas he may be a top half of the league starting QB when healthy. As far as areas of agreement, I agree that Bradford has above average arm strength, excellant accuracy, and can make every throw. He can make every throw but often he doesn't make them owing to his poor decision making.
  6. Rick Spielman's error wasn't in drafting Hughes over Hernandez or any other offensive lineman if Hughes is the better player. The mistake was not in addressing the offensive line more effectively in the time before the '18 draft going back to when he first was given GM control. The draft should not be counted on for immediate needs.
  7. Glad to see that I am not the only one on this board with some of these opinions. People get enamored with Bradford's excellant throwing skills and lose track of the fact that he is a below average QB. I was very glad to see the team let him walk. Even if there was a 100% guarantee of him being healthy for all 16 games I would have been disappointed if the team chose him over alternatives this year. So glad they did not. Given the contracts that the guys ended up with, I would have went with Keenum, Bridgewater, and the extra cash to upgrade the offensive line. Its too late now so I'll be rooting for Cousins and hoping that he doesn't get killed behind the line that Spielman consistently fails to fix. If he gets hurt, hopefully the two QBs they got from the Broncos work out for however many games they are needed.
  8. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    Just left Gdansk, Poland today after a few day trip. Vehicles on sidewalks was pretty normal. Glad I didn't attempt to drive. The transit system works well but not knowing Polish is a severe problem since there isn't information or announcements in English. I missed at least one train every time I tried to ride the SKM. Missed two on the way to the airport at my only transfer but still made the flight since I learned to plan on failing at least once at every transfer. The roads are pretty bad in most of Europe compared to US cities IMO. However, the public transit systems are far superior. This is probably because driving is so painful it is easier for them to get enough ridership to make it worthwhile to have the route come by every 10 minutes. Maybe MSP should trim all their roads to single lanes each way and put buildings hugging up agains those single lanes. Triple the price of gas too. Then they'll be setup to have a pretty kick butt public transportation system succeed.
  9. Barr V Richardson?

    I wouldn't make that decision right now and the assumptions given are not enough to make the decision either. I would wait to see what happens this season. Trae Waynes should be part of the discussion too. There are scenarios where the team may go with him over both Barr and Richardson. All that said, if Richardson plays to his full potential it would be hard for me to sign either Barr or Waynes over Richardson if I was the one pulling the strings. It does depend on how much Richardson is asking for as well as what the DT alternatives look to be. If free agency opens next year with Aaron Donald available -- kind of like the choice between Teddy, Keenum, and Bradford -- I would be considering none of the above and talking to Donald during the legal tampering period before locking the team up to Sheldon Richardson, Anthony Barr, or Trae Waynes .
  10. Strongly disagree. The guy isn't a very good QB even when healthy. He sure can throw a pretty pass but he has never been better than average as a QB even when healthy. His situational awareness is terrible and for whatever reason it never improved.
  11. So now that Easton's playing center in minicamp has turned into Easton starting training camp at center do you have a better idea why I had concern? The Vikings under Zimmer have been tight lipped about injuries and owing to this have a record of players coming back as soon as others hope. Shariff Floyd, Mike Harris, etc... Going back a bit further John Sullivan and Phil Loadholt the team was also overly optimistic about their ability to return and be effective. Could say the same about Kalil; while he played the games he was not effective. I remain concerned about the line and the injuries from last year are still a part of it. At this point, even if Elflein starts practicing tomorrow his injury has had a negative impact on the '18 offensive line. They need to be practicing together and building cohesion.
  12. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    I assume you mean about their sarcasm and not about my trip. I don't have any stories that interesting but I can't ever tell when they are being serious or when they are joking. Sometimes I think they are just trying to get a reaction...but I'm not sure. I've been visiting Norway regularly for years and it has always been the same. I don't get to other countries so often but try to visit one or two other countries in Europe each time I'm over on this side of the pond. Most of my interactions in other European countries are less personal and therefore professionalism dictates the people that I (try to) communicate with put up with my lack of understanding of their native language.
  13. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Ah, thanks for the heads up so that I can know that I have to recalibrate my sarcasm meter (again). I've been over in Norway for a bit of time and popping around Denmark now. These people have a different kind of sarcasm; it always messes with my meter.
  14. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Speak for yourself. I am guessing that you are quite a bit younger then me. Just wait a few years. Soon enough you'll have a first hand counter example to your statement.
  15. The Zim-Zam Flim-Flam: All Things Zimmer

    I don't know that comparing winning percentages of coaches from different eras is a sound analysis. There is far more parity in the NFL today than there was before the 90's, free agency, current revenue sharing models, etc... A decent statistical analysis would be considering something like standard deviations from the norm for the time rather than raw records. That said, I am firmly in the camp of Bud Grant being the superior coach between the two. Green did some things really well but he did other things that drove me nuts. I suppose the same is true of any coach that is good enough to hang around for more than a few years. Still, @SemperFeist said, "The only thing separating him from Green is the 4 trips to the Super Bowl." With all due respect to Mr Disaacs argument against, I can get on board with that statement with that qualifier. If Green took his teams to the Super Bowl four times I would rank him right up there with Grant. As far as the debate about whether a single Super Bowl would be enough to rank Zimmer ahead of Grant, for me it would even if Zimmer won it this year and immediately retired. Championships are important to me. No matter how small a competition I want to win. I always want to win anything and everything. Likewise, I want the team's I root for -- the teams that I live vicariously though because I wasn't a fraction of the player it takes to sniff the NFL -- to win. Just win! Anything at the level of head coach or above I am happy to rank all-time according to the number of times they win theSuper Bowl with ties broken by the number of times the team won a conference championship. Further ties can be broken by the regular season performance relative to peers of the time. I wouldn't make the same argument for positions below head coach. This includes starting QBs.