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  1. 2019 Draft Talk

    If you use the term "talent" in a very broad sense to include all the skills it takes to be an elite NFL QB then I would agree with this. Personally, I am not sold enough to say that I really believe he has all that though. It will be interesting to see what kind of job his agent does selling it. Without being 100% sure that he won't flip back to baseball there is no way I would consider him anywhere in the first round though.
  2. 2019 Playoffs

    Sure, if is comes to cutting him they can try to trade him first. They might have trouble finding a team willing to take on his current contract especially if they suspect he might be free later in the offseason.
  3. 2019 Sign, Draft or Promote: Starting SLB

    Just don't have money in the budget to spend like that on an OLB. Wilson showed he can competently handle the job. Hand it to him going into the draft. If there is a guy in the draft in the second round or later that the team feels can compete with Wilson for the starting job they should pull the trigger if that guy is the BPA at the time. If nothing else, the team'll need depth. It will be sad to see Barr go, but I simply can't justify spending on two high priced LBers given the needs other places on the team coupled with lack of alternative sources to fund the acquisitions to fill those holes. The team already was able to get Kendricks signed so that is who they should roll with along with the guys on rookie contracts and possibly a low-end free agent that comes in for less than $3M for the year.
  4. Nah, maybe just the unluckiest. I felt like I was blindly guessing on most of the questions. Even on the football questions it felt like informed guesses more than knowing. I got 13/20 a couple days ago when I took it. Having looked up nothing and learned nothing since I justs decided to take the same quiz again. My guesses didn't go as well this time. I only got 8/20. So, just go guess again and you'll probably get a different score.
  5. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    That is also a side effect of Mike Zimmer, along with Rick Spielman, being on the last year of their contract. They have to know that if things do not improve that they will be looking for a new job. If they are indeed desperate it may be rightfully so. An offensive mind likely does not see a mandate to call a run oriented offense fun. Also, an offensive mind that wants to improve their long-term job prospects likely will not see being the front man for a run first offense as an ideal resume builder. The offensive minds with options have good reason to prefer a different situation.
  6. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    I believe it is a mix of Mike Zimmer operating on the last year of his contract along with the lack of freedom an offensive coach will get under a Mike Zimmer led team -- offensive guys often don't align philosophically with Mike Zimmer's vision for the Vikings (which is why Norv Turner resigned iirc).
  7. I knew MN had a soccer team only because @Heimdallr keeps mentioning it. I see that he thinks they need a CB though. Do they have any extra OGs? I sense a possible trade opportunity.
  8. 2019 Draft Talk

    I agree. It isn't realistic to expect a 1 year turnaround on the offensive line. The Vikings are passed year 15 though since they were able to put together a line that has been above average for more than one year at a time. I do expect the offensive line to be fixed this season and if not I will be hoping for a new general manager. This is not a surprise problem. I have been calling for the offensive line to be prioritized higher for more years than I care to remember. Rick needs to fix the line NOW or take a hike. Maybe not likely but it is the corner he has painted himself into. Nothing is a guarantee so he might have already put himself in a situation that he'll lose no matter what he does this offseason. He should have been thinking about that for the last five years. His best shot is signing 2 free agent offensive linemen that have a proven ability to play above average and then working the draft to get the best offensive lineman practically available to him (anyone taken at pick 11 or later I consider reasonably attainable) with the Vikings first pick and then picking up another offensive linemen someone else in the first four rounds. If he doesn't sign the free agents before the draft I don't even need to wait to see what happens in the draft. Counting on the draft for a starter is so foolish that it alone warrants a general manager being fired. A team should never be relying on the draft for immediate help. The draft is for building towards the future of the team. A team should always have a Chester Taylor in place before drafting an Adrian Peterson; there is no way the team can be sure that will be getting Peterson or that the draft pick will ever pan out. The team is on year two-many of rebuilding the offensive line. It is not unreasonable to expect results this year. This is not year one.
  9. 2019 Sign, Draft or Promote - Starting TE

    I would rather use Morgan as the base TE and bring in a receiving TE than have Conklin as a base TE and bringing in a blocking TE. Morgan can catch. I have seen nothing from Conklin that would make me feel bad about the team cutting him all together. Turning to him to become the starting TE is not something that I would be excited about right now. I would rather not have a TE on the field that can't block. Pass protection and run blocking are more important than receiving ability and ability to get yards after the catch. I love me some Kleinsasser -- a TE that is one of the best blocking TEs in the game that can catch well enough to grab the wide open throws to him and then fall forward for a yard. Sure, a Gronkowski would be better but you just don't find those for what I would be willing to pay considering the other needs on the team.
  10. 2019 Sign, Draft or Promote - Starting TE

    I haven't thought much about how Stefanski might want to use the TE position but if the team can't get Rudolph to take a pay cut I would promote David Morgan before promoting Conklin to the starting job -- unless you are thinking a base offense with two TEs and already counted Morgan. So, I try to get Rudolph to take a couple million dollar a year pay cut. If he refuses, I cut him, promote Morgan, and look for a cheap free agent as a backup. I then draft a TE (for something like the fifth year in a row iirc) in the mid to late rounds hoping he beats out the free agent in camp. And, all of this might change after I learn more about what Stefanski wants out of the position.
  11. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    It would be worth interviewing him simply to try and get some insider knowledge on the pending free agent.
  12. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    That works? Why didn't I think of doing that? Is it too late after you are multiple decades into marriage?
  13. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    It would be great if the team was able to get Kubiak. He comes with the bonus of no ambition to be a head coach so the team will have the opportunity for continuity in the offensive coaching staff. Last time I felt the team had opportunity for continuity was when Turner was with the Vikings; things didn't work out with him though. Assuming the Vikings offense looks good next year there is a decent chance Stefanski will be snapped up be a team looking for a young offensive mind. Having Kubiak waiting in the wings to take over as offensive coordinator sounds very nice as it was when the team had Shurmur ready to jump in when Turner left. The difference is Kubiak wouldn't them be promoted away from the team unless his career ambitions change.
  14. 2019 Draft Talk

    Favoring one team or ruling out one college team as a source in the draft is not the best winning strategy. It is even poorer for your chances of success when the team you would blindly not accept a player from was the 15-0 national champion and the champion seven out of the last eight years. Of course, if winning isn't your primary goal... For my part, I wanted the Vikings to draft Dallas Goadert last year. He gave the Thundering Herd problems. I would be happy to accept any other good players that had the misfortune of playing for the Jackrabbits too.
  15. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    I know the history but the Browns kept Hue Jackson for way longer than any owner should have. Given the most recent history it seems the new coach will get at absolute minimum a couple years; they did not have a quick trigger with Hue at all. Odds of Kitchens doing worse than Jackson are very slim. That looks like a team on the upswing. Baker looks real.